‘Dancing with the Stars’ Crowns Winner of Season 21

dancing with the stars finale
Courtesy of ABC

Spoiler warning: This post contains results for the Season 21 finale of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” has crowned Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough as the winners of Season 21, beating Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess to take home the Mirror Ball trophy.

A tearful Irwin was clearly overwhelmed by the victory, squealing, “Thank you so much — I can’t believe I’m here, thank you for changing my life” after host Tom Bergeron announced the results. This marks Hough’s sixth win on the show to date.

“This experience was a bonding experience, it was something I will always remember,” Carter said after receiving the news that he’d come in second. “Bindi deserved it, she kicked butt.”

The third place finalist was Alek Skarlatos, who was partnered with Lindsay Arnold.

The episode also featured performances from Chaka Khan and Andy Grammer, and former contestants returned to strut their stuff one last time, including “Real Housewives” star Kim Zolciak, who was forced to withdraw from the competition earlier this season due to a health issue. She and partner Tony Dovolani performed a section of their “I Dream of Jeannie” dance. Carlos PenaVega also recreated his “Magic Mike” routine, much to the approval of co-host Erin Andrews.

Do you think the right winner was crowned on “DWTS”? Weigh in below!

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  1. YES!!! She has always been a great dancer and truly appreciated comments made by the Judges. Her last couple of dances with her partner was AWESOME!!!! She was always happy.🎉😊🎉

  2. pretty inez says:

    I got notting against bindi winning season 21 I’m just sick and tire of Derek hough winning and mark ballad getting screw every season binding should have been mark’s partner not Derek but some how Derek always get better partners and that’s not right at all but bindi deserve it.

    • Kerry says:

      Sour grapes??? Bindi is a teenager with no dancing experience at all. How can you say Derek always gets the best dancers?

      • Bri says:

        You say bindi is a teenager with no experience at all but she does have that annoying cheery attitude and the judges show favoritism and let’s not forget the fact that her dad died which gives her a lot of sympathy I could call it from the beginning that bindi was the fix to win because even when she had mistakes they still gave her a prefect score

  3. PaulaMWatson says:

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  4. Bindi is so talented and innocent that she had to win — her dancing was amazing and just perfect !!! She is a beautiful young lady who her mom and brother are very proud . Such talent reminds me of Shirley Temple :-)). Bindi is the real deal and if he were alive her dad would be bursting with pride … CONGRATULATIONS BINDI AND DEREK !!!

  5. Louise says:

    BINDI IRWIN ……… Is EXACTLY what the show DANCING WITH THE STARS is all about !! She deserved this trophy from the 3rd week. She seemed to be soooooooo dedicated and so HUMBLE during and after EVERY practice and dance. She and her brother were so lucky to have been raised by such amazing parents. Tonight ….. Steve Irwin has got to be the HAPPIEST ‘DAD’ in HEAVEN !!!
    Way to go BINDI !!!

  6. Sonia Delgado says:

    Bindi was wonderful from the beginning, with no prior experience s h e kicked ass. She is a special young lady that has a great future. Derek is a great chorigrapher(sp ck) and knew how to give the rights instructions for Bindi to follow, learn an dance. Yes, the both deserved to win!

  7. Leslie says:

    Congratulations to Bindi & Dereck…a win truly deserved!!
    Judge Julianne you need to go sit down with that foolishness you’re talking..no one on that run…just read the comments here and on Youtube under each of their dances, watch them unbiasly, and you will see they DESERVED to WIN!!! Bindi put her work in, week after week after week, even with her feet badly sore and her toe nails dropping off! She scored perfect 10’s in most of her dances…so for you to say otherwise is unfair! Are you really a judge? DWTS you got this one RIGHT!! Thank you for a special season…Bindi truly inspired me! Again CONGRATULATIONS Bindi & Dereck!!!

  8. Tina says:

    Bindi deserves this. I felt like she should have gotten 10’s after very first performance. I for one did not expect what we got from Bindi every week. Bindi you are so amazing. Thank you Bindi and Derek, for this season. I loved it. All the best for your future.

  9. Tina says:

    After reading some of the comments I apologize for not mentioning Derek. I have seen him teacher, mentor and learn from his partner every season. He gives more than he gets from his partners, most seasons. I see how much he cares. He wins because he is dedicated to his partner and his craft. The love and compassion to all the dancers show me that he will make an awesome parent one day. Derek keep dancing. You and Bindi deserve this.

  10. Judge Julianne says:

    It’s hard to tell what was the biggest fail this season; ALEX SKARLOTOS getting top 3 over the amazingly talented CARLOS PENAVEGA, HAYES GRIER getting shafted out of the finale, the racist lowlifes at DWTS using the black star, TAMAR BRAXTON, and best dancer, yet again as the pariah and punching bag, or the DWTS J brown noses feeling once again obligated to kiss Derek’s ass and hand him another trophy.

  11. PRhea says:

    Season 16 w/ Kellie & Derek was the last time I was this emotionally involved w each & every performance. Bindi is a dancing natural & a truly radiant being; Derek is a sensitive teacher and fearless choreographer. Congrats on your well-deserved victory!!!

  12. I meant to spell choreographed correctly.

  13. The results were perfect; all season Bindi demonstrated the talent and personality to win the Mirror Ball trophy. She beat runner up Nick in every category. Also, kudos to Derek Hough who corriagraphed
    brilliant dances, to win his sixth mirror ball.

    • Mark Kennedy says:

      Not a dancer…but it was so obvious that she should win. Her grace and ability to give everything…to overcome self consciousness. Her lines…..she’s not one of the anorexic ‘pros’ on the show, yet she looked as graceful and completely involved in every dance. I think back at being a 17 year old….to be so trusting, open at that awkward age, I think she showed us all how to open up and just love life.
      And Hough should get credit for coaxing her out, for winning her trust.

  14. Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Moran says:

    My wife and I watched every show this season and without a shadow of doubt, Bindi was magnificent! And to think that she is only 17!! Derek is a phenomenal teacher and choreographer! My wife and I would have “screamed” foul had Bindi and Derek not won the mirror ball!

  15. Sandra Matthews says:

    Bindi was awesome from week 1! Derek is an amazing teacher AND a great choreographer. Bindi put her heart and sole (and feet–her toenails were falling off from working so hard) and most certainly deserved the win! She touched everyone with her dancing, and several times put everyone in tears. Congratulations Bindi!

  16. Maryann Card says:

    Derek and Bindy made an amazing performance week after week they deserved to win. People get upset cause Derek wins wins wins when your good that’s what happens. They were a beautiful couple

  17. I find it hard to believe that people resent Derek Hough winning so many mirrorballs.. He deserves it. He has been paired with women that by all accounts should not have even come close but he has either won or came in second place with them. He is an excellent dancer & an excellent teacher he deserves to win as much as Sonja Heini deserved to win with her skating.

  18. Darlene says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes hooray for Bindi. Her dad is smiling down with love for his daughter. She is an inspiration to young girls, that you can do anything if you try.

  19. Jim says:

    Congrats to her!

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