CW Renews ‘Arrow,’ ‘Flash,’ ‘Jane’ and Five More for 2015-2016 Season

Jane the Virgin, The Flash Renewed

The CW has handed early renewals for the 2015-16 season to all eight of its current scripted series, in a show of confidence and a sign of its improving primetime fortunes.

Renewed are “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Jane the Virgin,” “Reign,” “Supernatural,” “The 100,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals.”

“Each of these series have helped define what the CW is today, a network that is home to smart, provocative, quality programming, targeting a savvy, adult audience,” said CW prexy Mark Pedowitz. “By picking up these shows now, our executive producers can start planning next season’s storylines, and rolling these shows out throughout next season guarantees the CW will have more proven original series for our fall, midseason and summer 2016 lineups.”


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  1. Janat K says:

    I am so very happy that CW has renewed “Supernatural”. What an absolutely amazing show! I have been a fan since it began….the stories, actors/actresses, directors have all been top notch. This type of television genre may be very misleading to a lot of folk, but believe me, it is very special indeed. Also, where are the awards for this show?!?!? Mr. Jensen Ackles, you are a phenomenal actor and I am looking forward to your future movie roles. There are awards waiting for you….you just need the right role. Keep ’em coming….as long as you create these wonderful stories, I will be watching them.

  2. Melly says:

    So glad they renewed The 100! Undoubtedly the best show on the CW right now. The CW has a very young adult audience which limits the viewership and ratings but The 100 is excellent and would surely be getting a wider viewership and ratings on other network channels. Kudos to CW for keeping it. My only hope is that they will promote the show more and generate more awareness for it. I live in NYC and I never see The 100 advertisements in subway stations and such, though I have seen ones for Reign and so forth. I think if they spend more money promoting it, the ratings will improve. It has a great concept, storylines and characters.

  3. cheicheibasset says:

    True that! You can’t help but fall in love with every character on The 100, even as they murder each other! A hidden gem. Every other show on the CW is annoyingly cliché and not bold at all. I fall asleep during most of them! The 100 has me crying screaming, laughing screaming, happy screaming, angry screaming, fear screaming, anxious screaming, basically just a lot of screaming. And I LOVE IT. v

  4. Chris Hawthorne says:

    God, I could care less that any of these other shows got renewed, though I am glad fellow fans are happy! The reason I’m not attacking the CW at this very minute is thanks to the renewal of The 100. A show like that full of powerful women and POC, amazing storyline, fantastic cast, passionate fanbase, brilliant cinematography and fast, down to business episodes full of action HAD to be renewed. All of those vampire ridden shows revolving around relationships, predictable events, and boring storyline need to go. The 100 makes daring choices and realistic characters that you really feel for. I suppose the cheesy pilot episode throws everyone off, but watch past it and it shows that this is no ordinary glittery CW teen drama, but a dark, gritty, raw show. Of course all of the characters are shockingly attractive, it’s the CW, but does it really matter when they’re covered in dirt, blood and badassery? Bravo CW, for airing such an amazing, underrated show. I mean, it has an adorable teen girl slicing off Grounder heads with a katana and extremely creepy but incredibly morally grey, good intentioned villians, not to mention an interesting power struggle between the young criminals and the clueless adults. Plus, it has snarky, sassy young Murphy. Oh, Richard Harmon, bringing some light onto a shockingly dark show. It’s captivating, daring and dangerous. It’s sure to blow up soon, I know it.

  5. Sarah Jane says:

    Why are they not stopping Vampire Diaries. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the show, but they need to end it on a high note, which should be ending it this season I think!

    • 5654funny says:


      if you don’t like TVD don’t watch it period if TVD ends The Originals will go to

      Mark pedowitz has no desire on canceling tvd or the Orginals cw network is keeping I love TVD keep renewing TVD and The Originals people actually love all the cw shows

      • Bill Dennis says:

        5654funny you are probably right about JTV but keep in mind the golden rule that if they renew for 3rd season, its an automatic at least partial 4th season for syndication prospects. If Jane is at 0.2 by then, it really depends on how well it is doing internationally or if they find an alternate funding source like Amazon or Netflix. BATB was saved due to 3 things: it was doing well internationally, CBS which owns CW makes the show and they planned to run it in the summer and add a summer schedule. There is also the 2016 contract renewal that looms so CW wants as many shows in syndication or prepared for syndication by then to show that they have revenue lined up.

      • 5654funny says:

        Bill Dennis
        I am pretty sure cw will renew JTV for
        third season

      • Bill Dennis says:

        Well, Jane won’t be cancelled at least until next year, so don’t worry about that. They are still OK in the demo but if CW moved it to Friday, it would sink and probably do 0.2-0,3. And, its only in its first season. If they started speaking English and subscripting Spanish, they might get more viewers. Of the Spanish languages, there are many dialects, even here in the U.S. I live in Florida so I know that culture but it really aggravates me when we are out in public and they won’t speak English even though they know English. I think it is rude. I had my daughter learn Spanish for this very reason so that other girls can’t talk about her to her face and think she can’t understand. It would be like me doing braille exclusively with my friends and refusing to speak to anyone but the blind. Believe me, there are blind people who’d love nothing more but I’m not one of them. What you do n your own home is one thing. What do you do in public is something different. America seems all about diversity these days but no one is talking about making TV shows easier for the visually impaired and blind but they’ll speak in Spanish and write subtitles in English that the blind can’t see…

      • 5654funny says:

        Bill Dennis I love JTV do you want to see JTV get 0.2 in the demos do you want to see JTV get canceled

      • Bill Dennis says:

        I agree. I love TVD and watch it with my teenaged daughter. Sadly, The Originals isn’t doing so well but it does take some getting used to and when you take THE bad guy of TVD and try to make him more likeable to give him his own show, that is challenging. Rebecca was the one I really liked but she left so I think some fans left with her. I only watched about 3 episodes this season but hope to catch up soon.

  6. they cancelled The Tomorrow People too early, should have given it a second season. Heck, at least put out the DVD.

  7. Denise says:

    TVD needs to be staked through the heart – ASAP. The writing is crap and the viewing numbers reflect this.

    • 5654funny says:

      Denise let me remind you cw network is not canceling TVD because people love watching TVD and The Originals theyre amazing shows people have their differences on what shows they like or don’t like

      • Bill Dennis says:

        The only CW scripted show I don’t watch is Jane and that’s because of all of the subscripting in English because they speak in Spanish. I’m visually impaired and can’t keep up with the subtexts. My favorite over it, though, is HOD but I fear that it is over after two more episodes.

  8. Chal says:

    Yea! I watch all of those but Reign. I’m a happy camper.

  9. Dawn says:

    I love Reign!! Amongst all your other shows;) TVD Originals Supernatural. Flash & Arrow…I hope Reign is renewed…the CW is the channel to watch…btw. What’s going on with Beauty & Beast??

  10. Sam Gamgi says:


  11. ADodson says:

    Why didn’t you renew Beauty & the Beast?!!!!!

  12. Chelsea says:

    This is why I love the CW, they make their viewers happy. :)

  13. CMarks says:

    A pleasant change from the piece meal, add an episode, early cancellation, arbitrary schedule shifting of the “big 4”. Live or die with your programming, but at least provide enough support that it’s given a fair chance to find an audience and succeed. Early renewals should provide lots of good future scripting opportunities (and hopefully some good season ending cliffhangers).

  14. Laura says:

    YESS. THANK YOU CW. YEYYYYYYYYYYYY. If you can’t tell I am very happy with this news YEYYYYY

  15. Maggie Roso says:

    So where is Beauty And The Beast? When are we getting our season 3?

  16. Saving people, hunting things – in Depends. Or Supernatural: The Next Generation – give Cass a younger bod or explain his aging ’cause Misha is Castiel and the show needs a holdover.

    • Jeanette says:

      Or hbu go watch some Disney XD. I’m sure they have some ghost fighting kids/super young adult for you to watch. And fyi, Jared and Jensen (aka Sam and Dean) are only 32 and 36 years old!!

  17. dji says:

    love the 100. it’s a good show. but that’s all i watch.

  18. 5654funny says:

    These shows are the highest hopes for renewals because people are watching them HOD is canceled and maybe BATB

  19. Bill Dennis says:

    I hope this is true… but if it is… what happens if one of these sink to 0.2-0.3 by May and one of the midseason shows does really well? I can see CW giving early renewals to their strongest shows but not all of them…

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