‘Cosby: The Women Speak’ to Air on A&E

Bill Cosby
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

A&E will be giving a network outlet to the women who have come out to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, with one-hour special “Cosby: The Women Speak” set to air this Thursday on the channel, it announced Monday.

The cabler promises intimate interviews with the accusers, detailing Cosby’s rise to fame and his recent, rapid professional decline after sexual assault allegations re-surfaced. New and past accusers will appear on the special to tell their stories.

The special will include interviews with more than one dozen women, including actress Louisa Moritz, publicist Joan Tarshis and model Beverly Johnson.

“I think a lie always sees the light,” says Johnson in a 30-second preview A&E released Monday.

More than 50 women have now come forward with accusations against Cosby of sexual assault throughout the decades. The accusations saw little action until last year, when comedian Hannibal Buress brought them up in a stand-up bit, shining a new light on the allegations and causing more women to speak out.

The Cosby special is produced for A&E by Lincoln Square Productions. Jeanmarie Condon serves as senior executive producer and Melia Patria exec produces. Executive producers for A&E are Shelly Tatro and Brad Abramson.

“Cosby: The Women Speak” will air on A&E at 9 p.m. on Thursday on A&E.

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  1. Penny Thatcher says:

    My question is about the stewardess. She said that in the end of her story a car driver dropped her off & she apologized. He replied ” don’t, worry you’re not the first.” Did I miss it? Did they find this chauffeur & interview him & did he corroborate this?

  2. Bridget says:

    Does anyone know the background music playing?

  3. kamx says:

    Definitely, “Bill Cosby Scandal” is much like what happened to Michael Jackson on 90 charges of pedophilia (that after his death it turned out that everything was a “trick” to “get money”) seems …
    If women who say they were victims of sexual abuse Cosby, not denounced in his time and waited “40 and over” to proceed with the charges (arguing that gave them “shame” and “humiliation” doing at the time ) … it be that at the time Cosby was an “unknown” and now it is famous want to get money, as they did with Michael Jackson ???

  4. Colin says:

    Has your country finally got to the stage where Hollywood acts as Judge and Jury?
    This is so wrong on many levels and although I fully support these women in being brave enough after all these years of torment to finally make these accusations at the end of the day, that’s all they are accusations. Accusations of criminal acts should and only be dealt with in a court of law and not be some part of entertainment whilst sitting down in front of the TV. We don’t know all of the details and that’s what law courts are for to find out the truth. Already I see comments on here of opposing sides taking their own stance from a TV programme – it really is a sad reflection on us as people that we love to see a scandal and make entertainment out of it.
    If he is guilty after a due diligence court hearing then that is the time to rip the alleged degenerate to pieces, not now.

  5. Carole Doyle says:

    When will this show be on again??

  6. david grigg says:

    When will this be repeated???

  7. Spirit says:

    This is such a POWERFUL piece…and I would like to thank those women for being so courageous to tell your stories. I believe all of you. Predators are very good at MASKING theirtheir TRUE SELVES…and he is such a complete hypocrite. Not wanting “Foul language” as a condition for comedians- speaking on teen pregnancies.. Bill Cosby-you are a foul disgusting human being with the perfect game plan, cover, and excuse…but you are a RAPIST…Your money and name have kept you safe thus far..but I hope you are thrown in jail with men who will show you what raped is all about- bastard! He is not a PLAYBOY.. HE IS A RAPIST…AND ALL THAT FORGIVE STUFF CAN GO OUT THE WINDOW!

  8. Pastor Flora Dukes says:

    Forgive, that you may be forgiven. He was a playboy, you at that time needed money you shouldn’t have been drinking alone with him. It wasn’t all his fault, he was married, you shouldn’t been alone with him. He helped you up why try and pull him down? Forgive yourself, forgive him. You should have come forth when it happen.

  9. Dear A & E Please make this interview available to everyone. Everyone should be able to view these women telling their stories, not just people that are able to afford cable or satellite television. Thank you!

  10. Mercedes Barreto says:

    You women are sorry!!!!!!!

  11. Mercedes Barreto says:

    This is rediculus to do this 20 yrs later. Dont tell me that this is affecting you 20 yrs later. 20 yrs ago you were looking for fame yourself hanging out with Cosby but you didnt get it. Now someone comes up with Oh my goodness what he did to me was horrible .. you knew then what he did, you just excepted it to try go gain fame but you didnt or maybe you did. Now you are trying to gain this fame that you didnt then, trying to get it now with all this bullshit ,.. oh of how it has effected me .. if it had effected you it would have been 20 yrs ago not now .. you’re too old to even care unless you think that now I can use the money.

  12. B B says:

    I believe all these women myself; not having seen the show but only the commercials, the first thought that came to mind is how this is such a flagrant show of bullying. Cosby has not been indicted, and probably never will, but this is so slanderous and even more, bullying. In this age, I would think this type program could not be aired without several consequences.

  13. Paula says:

    I believe the women.

  14. malice420dotcom says:

    I didn’t even notice Bill Clinton made the vine

  15. malice420dotcom says:

    Gee, Cosby sounds like Bill Clinton in the 90’s. All those women ol Bill assaulted & raped never got this publicity.

  16. danny rose says:

    Well, you see, one Bill is a political whre Democrat loved by the media, and the other Bill is an actor who has demanded that blacks take responsibility for themselves (a conservative theme). The media’s decision was made long before the politicians “encouraged” this witch hunt. What ever happened to “everyone does it”, and “He said, she said”. Look, for every star in hollywood, there are a hundred wanna bees begging for it. Believe it. He didn’t have to beg.

  17. jona says:

    Just sue him or not. We’re all tired of hearing about it. You’re starting to look like you need attention.

  18. styrgwillidar says:

    Solid legal strategy, ratchet up the pressure, heat, light and noise on the target of the lawsuit to make a payoff far more attractive than a fight. Particularly with a large number of plaintiffs with varying levels of credibility and evidence. Don’t risk trying it in court– get that out of court settlement by pressuring the individual to pay to end the misery.

    Of course in this case, Cosby’s reputation is so damaged almost the only way to salvage it will be to take it to trial and win.

  19. leeuniverse says:

    Amazing….. Liberal women who Party with someone, drinking and taking drugs thus in a “daze”, is now the same as “secretly drugging” a person and raping them. This is so utterly transparent it’s amazing people don’t see it.

    I have a room-mate who is a partier. He has a party mostly drinking almost every week, and about every two weeks is having sex with someone, usually someone different every time. When drunk these women don’t know entirely what’s happening. As an example, this friend had a girlfriend at one point, she brought a friend to one party. She told my roommate to go sleep with her girl friend. His girlfriend didn’t remember saying that, and so she broke up with him when she realized it.

    These claims are completely false, and clearly an organized effort by liberals to destroy the likely only “famous” Conservative black man. Clearly Cosby had no problem getting with women… needing to “drug” and “rape” them is a complete joke.

  20. elHombre says:

    Cosby’s already done his months as “worst person on the planet.” Time to move on.

  21. Jig-B-Gone says:

    These women made some bad choices to further their careers and the coon took advantage of it by being a predator.

  22. Always said this was all about the money. I guess it’s officail now that they are Whores.

  23. GlennM says:

    Bill, if only your last name was Clinton, you would elected president for this.

  24. Sam America says:

    This is absurd! now the bias media is taking allegations against another person and having them
    ‘testify’ on TV without having the other person there to defend themselves! how far the liberal sick
    media will take their political correctness crap! what if this goes to trial? then millions will have been
    exposed to details and even LIES by some of these witnesses! how can he get a fair trial? but in
    the fake racism liberal crap made up by Obombo and demoncraps and other groups isn’t the bias
    media being guilty of RACISM by convicting COSBY BEFORE HE HAS HIS DAY IN COURT???

    • elHombre says:

      This is the media capitalizing on the black male stereotype meme. Remember Herman Cain? He and Cosby wandered off the Democrat reservation.

  25. joeyb says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why what Bill Cosby has done is so much worse then what the left’s favorite playboy, Bill Clinton, did. Did Bill Cosby bloody any of his victims as was done to Kathleen Willey by Clinton, or did he tell anybody to lie about his actions under oath, as Clinton did with his secretary? Does the left even know the meaning of the word hypocrite?

    • billrow says:

      He did and paid out 9million t 14 victims in civil court.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I don’t believe he raped or drug all 50 woman why don’t they just leave his family alone and another thing why did half these woman that are telling truth or lying wait so long to go the police.

  26. Franco says:

    Maybe Cosby abused Damon Wayans and he liked it!
    What are the probabilities that each and every one of these women is lying and St. Bill Cosby is the only one telling the truth?
    After all there is a living girl in jail who ST. Bill sired with a woman outside his marriage to Camille.
    That woman who gave up willingly states that St. Bill also drugged her and she does not know why he did this because she was willing to give it up willingly?

    • KDarrow says:

      Autumn Jackson is not Cosby’s daughter, nor is she still in jail.

    • Kimberly says:

      I believe Bill did it. Do I care NO. Why i don’t care is because these woman who are coming forward now should have spoke out then Bill Cosby being a black man would have been thrown under the jail for rape especially doing times when this took place, but they put their careers and ambitions first. in the 60’s 70’s all a white woman had to say he raped me he went jail. Now that their old and gray, at the end of theirs careers time for him to pay. Bill Cosby is a changed person from who he was then, besides that had they came forward then Bill Cosby would not have been a house whole name it would have went Bill Cosby charged with rape and prosecuted.

    • Sam America says:

      the left liberals are all hippocrites in the demoncrap party in the bias media in the black groups and
      progressive party groups that have taken over the media schools and govts etc….all hippocrites.

  27. WGM says:

    I find this truly amazing. These woman waited some 30+ years to make these allegations. Why did they not go to the police 30 years ago when he could have been charged with a crime. It is all about ruining a mans career and extorting him for money. Where we all these people boycotting Cosby and demanding justice back when the same allegations were made about good old boy slick Willy. Those woman were not herald as heroes or victims. No those woman were dragged through the mud and called every name in the book. They we personally vilified and attacked by Hillary. Typical Liberal/Democrat double standard. There should be a law in the books that would solve a lot of this. If you want to accuse someone of these type of allegations and take them to court for money you need to file criminal charges against them first then you can file a lawsuit against them.

    • billrow says:

      Many of them went to the police but were rebuffed. Attitudes 40 years ago were, if you are a woman and go to a man’s hotel or dressing room, you get what you get.

      • KDarrow says:

        Actually, “many” did not go to the police. I think we’re at four, Constand, Goins, Huth, and Covington. Constand had a two year friendship/relationship with Cosby. Covington reported attempted groping and the D.A. declined to prosecute because there was nothing to charge him with. Goins is the 2008 case, and she can’t say when it happened, and Huth’s case has been a total farce and shakedown from the beginning.

  28. KDarrow says:

    #11 in progress…

    1. The alleged victims don’t contact the police or report the assault because they are traumatized.

    2. They don’t get medical exams or tox screens because doing so will further traumatize them.

    3. Police reports and medical exams are pointless because they can’t prove lack of consent. No one will believe them anyway.

    4. If a report is made, questions posed by police investigators are disrespectful of sexual assault victims.

    5. Challenging the statements made by those alleging sexual assault is victim-blaming and shaming.

    6. Investigating an accuser’s honesty, trustworthiness, character, behavior, etc. is victim-blaming and shaming. and further traumatizes the alleged victim.

    7. Extending the SOL will provide relief for #1-6.

    8. Rape victims rarely lie, so no investigation is required.

    9. Publicize the name of the alleged perpetrator, try to get the courts to cooperate, and throw the guilty predator/rapist in jail.

    10. If #9 fails, employ Public Square Justice. Publish the name of the alleged perpetrator all over social media, the college campus, his place of employment, and utterly ruin his life.

    11. If the accused is a celebrity, publish the Public Square’s guilty verdict on every media site. Permit the accusers unfettered access to every venue and repeat their unchallenged allegations daily.

    12. Demand that the condemned celebrity prove himself innocent. Doesn’t he have an alibi for each of the last 18,250 days of his life?

    13. Demand the accused file a defamation lawsuit against every accuser/ venue/blog site owner/commenter as further proof of his innocence.

    • skane1014 says:

      As you effectively point out, all persons accused of a crime are entitled to due process and a trial. Cosby could get trials by waiving the statute of limitations, but he has not done that. Also, I presume that there is a lot of money to be made from media events like the one described in this article. As such, the television extravaganza is certainly not the best way to prove Cosby’s guilt or innocence. We have statutes of limitations in order to protect accused persons from stale charges made years after it is possible to locate evidence to refute the claims. Media “trials” inherently deny the accused due process rights guaranteed by our Constitution as a protection for all of us. Cosby may, or may not, be a rapist, but although a media roasting may generate big ratings, make lots of money for the promoters and help the careers of the participants, it will not prove whether or not Cosby raped these women. It is a dangerous road to travel if justice rather than big ratings is being sought. The “hang the rat then try him” approach may provide emotional satisfaction, but the price is too high in the end.

  29. Deuce says:

    You have to watch the show
    and then draw your own conclusions.
    If this show allows the women some understanding, closure
    then so be it.
    It is truly bizarre for any adult to support this conduct.

  30. Chick Naylor says:

    Scumbag Bills – The Sequel. “The Menace Goes Black”.

  31. Donald Welch says:

    why did billy bob get a pass from these idiots? oh wait i think i know…

  32. joeschmoe says:

    Strange how the attacks on Bill began when he started talking about running for president tried to buy nbc from GE….next think you know, his son is randomly killed and 20 year old stories of him drugging women come out that never existed before.

  33. KDarrow says:

    The women accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them waited decades to come forward until the statute of limitations expired. None of them appear to have reported the alleged crimes to the police or went for physical exams or tox screens. No one denied them justice. Their stories are devoid of key details, rendering them implausible and illogical. Many only give a specific year or a decade that the alleged assault occurred (is he supposed to be able to account for his whereabouts for each of the 18,250 days of the last five decades?). They refuse to answer further questions and regard any challenge to their stories to be victim-blaming or shaming. Their supporters have provided reasons for their failure to report the alleged crimes in a timely manner, such as they were too traumatized and fearful, Cosby was too powerful (in the 1960s and ’70s?), and no one would have believed them anyway (were they clairvoyant?). Therefore, the public is simply expected to condemn Mr. Cosby based on their statements alone. And with the help of biased media coverage, the public has complied. A predictable rush to judgment unleashed a firestorm of fury resulting in efforts to scrub his presence from society. He is faulted for not defending himself in the media (why won’t he proclaim his innocence?), yet when he does, he is sued for defamation. His words in the deposition from the Constand lawsuit, which both parties settled, have been taken out of context and twisted to mean something different (no, he did not admit or confess to drugging women to rape them). With no charges and no convictions, the vehement demands for condemnation are premature and contrary to our system of justice. Strident proclamations that he is a rapist are unjust and defamatory. But there are two more recent cases; what about those? Chloe Goins alleges that Bill Cosby assaulted her on a specific date, August 9, 2008, the night of the Midsummer Night’s Dream party at the Playboy Mansion. Yet there is evidence that he was on the East coast at the time [update: as expected, her attorney “misspoke” when he said that]. Should she be allowed to just keep picking dates from “the Summer of 2008” until she finds one for which he has no alibi? Judy Huth’s suit has similar factual flaws. If her story doesn’t fly, how many times will she revise it? Does this matter to anyone? In this country, I believe it should. There are many unanswered questions. The accusers waited decades; why the rush to condemn him and ruin his career and legacy before verified evidence has been produced?

  34. Hello…. Afro-American Community??
    Have you nothing to say about Mr Cosby and the 35+ women who have accused him of assault??
    …Knowing the CLOWNS you hold high and follow LIKE SHEEP it’s NO WONDER you have NOTHING TO SAY.
    Just calling it how I SEE IT and don’t forget to double down on your IGNORANCE and VOTE for Hitllary in 2016. She has already guaranteed to delivery to The Promised Land. She & Bill build it all by themselves.
    …Al Sharpton?? And YOU want RESPECT??…Might as well put on some Aretha Franklin.

  35. Robert harrington says:

    I am disgusted by the victim blaming morons below. One of the unfortunate consequences of the internet is idiots can now publish their hateful opinions in otherwise respectable forums. These are the same cretins who spew all manner of vile abuse on these women then wonder aloud in an orgy of arrogance and irony why those same women are reluctant to come forward. In a universe of true karma one day they will be disbelieved and reviled victims themselves. One can only hope.

  36. jasonn13 says:

    Are those women being paid for that gig?

  37. Gato says:

    Ever notice they didn’t say word until Bill told the black community that they need to reform.

  38. G. Dunn says:

    When are these low life whores every going to STF up. I mean really. What do they want from the public??? For us to bow down and worship their vaginas??? I’m so sick of this crap. They need to get back to life. Do something usual, read a child a book, clean up a littered park. What rape victim would want this kind of artention!!! Disgusting pigs is what they are!

  39. Oak Nymph says:

    I’ve heard all the disgusting details I can stomach on this matter. Cosby’s star has plummeted never to rise again. Unless a woman comes forward (within the statute of limitations) and takes him to court this should be the end of the matter. Hollywood has been a cesspool forever. What kind of people want to see a TV show like this? Don’t these people have lives? Shame on A&E. Sorry these women were abused, at this point they should take it up in group therapy, or with their own doctors.

  40. If I had my way, and or money like Mr. Cosby, just for the fun of it. I would hire a private investigator to research the past of all these ladies, and bring it all out for the public to see, that these ladies were not holy nuns, and or virgins like they are portraying to the public, but something much worse. I don’t think it is right, and I am saying this as a rape victim myself, that we are only hearing just one side of the story. I will not be watching the live castration.

  41. Here’s my questions to these ladies if I had a chance to ask them, it would be this. How many of you ladies had sex under the influence before and after Mr. Cosby? How many of you slept with men to further you careers, and or receive something after the act? How many times have you passed out under the influence of something and woke up with a man you did not remember going home with?

  42. Today I did something I normally don’t do, and that is watch a talk show. The one I ended up watching was this story of this woman, where she experienced having her stomach cut open literally by a person, and knowing in the experience that this was a big big test of her faith in the lord. The reason I am mentioning this is because as hard as it was for me to hear the story, God was in it, and this woman recognized it. she also recognized, which I have stated in my story about my rape is this, which is really profound, and should be considered, when you feel you are a victim. She said something similar to this. “She should have listened to her intuition. She was given warning signs before the actual situation occurred. She took full responsibility for not listening to her instinct, had she done so, she would not have put herself in that situation. So ladies, stop putting the blame on someone else, take responsibilities for the part you played in the act itself.

  43. Karrie Brown says:

    Where are the Bill Clinton accusers? They range in age from 15 to 70.

  44. veronica says:

    Woah, Bill Cosbys on a cross???? Sooo sad. Guess I missed that masterfully crafted press release.

  45. Without a doubt, these women are frauds and liars. Not so much in whether they had sex with the man…that, I cannot disagree with…but to their claim of rape? Please. No one who actually has a conscience about this would go an make a profit off an event that is supposed to be horrendous.

    I hate liberalism and its hypocrisy…no shame…as they attempt to steal fame (and money) for themselves while under the guise of being a “victim”.

    • When you’re raped by your mentor that is world-famous and that you look up to, and you feel guilty for trusting him and putting him in any position to take advantage of you like that, and when you’re a young woman in the late 1960s, where people like you presume them to be “sluts” and “whores”, let me know how it goes for you. Since you’re such an expert on it.

      • Im an “expert” on how time distorts memories and agendas are best done by others.

        You know, in economics there two kinds of statements: positive and normative statements. Positive is a biased claim, about something you believe should happen and normative describes something.
        I dont pretend to know the facts, and i dont defend scums, whether they have fame or are just a pretty face looking for a good time. You’ve already assumed by virtue of power and being a female that all the women are telling the full story, and not hiding facts to defend their image as victims.

        And frankly, sexism is itself rather rude. Do you care about truth and healing? Or just crucifying a man who already put himself on a cross not enough? How heartless and i am glad personal opinion is not the same as a jury hearing…

    • spooz says:

      They are not making a “profit”. The statute of limitations is protecting Cosby. This isn’t about “liberalism”, this is about MORALS. These women felt a moral duty to join each other in an “unwelcome sisterhood” to offer support against people like you, who are so ready to tear apart reputations and slut shame victims of sexual assault.

      • spooz says:

        Its pretty common for victims of rape trauma to wait years to come forward, and only then when they see other victims coming forward, like the Catholic priests or Jerry Sandusky. Most assault victims are ashamed and humiliated, and try to bury their trauma instead of subjecting themselves to being further traumatized by a slew of highly paid lawyers and publicists that protect a rich and powerful rapist.
        And, yes, coming together, in whatever way they can, to get their stories heard is very understandable. Together, they give each other the strength to expose the monster who assaulted them and so many others. It is most likely cathartic for them, many of them cry when they tell their stories.
        And comparing one victim in a legal case where you happened to be on the jury to dozens of victims who still can recall being assaulted, because burying a traumatic event doesn’t make it go away, is ridiculous. The boys who were abused by Catholic priests didn’t forget, and neither did Jerry Sandusky’s victims.

      • False. Not that I think it will matter, you already have one man crucified for the “saints” who are congregating together, but what reputation?

        Was it always known these women were sluts and whores for people like Cosby (notice, how I never exonerated Cosby once)? Nope. Instead, they come out and claim stuff. Now, who is in charge of humiliating them? Certainly their humiliation was limited to their mind all these years.

        Now, ask yourself…suppose you were raped…would you wait 30 years to say anything? and supposing no one close to you could ever help you until then (which I can empathize), why would you go on a show made exclusively for you and others to make a claim against the man? Normally people write op-eds, not whole TV programs devoted to destroying what vestiges of self-respect the target person has left.

        So it can’t be about freeing themselves from these bonds…they only existed in their own minds these many years…so why not confront the man? Why talk amongst a host of people and decide delectably…and selectively…to talk about the favorite or memorable things you hate about the pig as if you are having your morning tea?

        When does this A) help the attacker repent? B) Free the women from their bondage? I thought rape was so hideous that speaking about it so frankly was considered a private intrusion into one’s personal life?

        Lastly, since you quickly resorted to slamming me as if I was just another monster around the corner, can I remind you that a few years ago I served on a jury where spousal abuse happened. The scum of a husband was convicted, but not on felony charges because at the day of the trial the woman decided to make up stuff on the day of the trial. She was entirely convinced of her “facts”, but since she had hardly mulled over the scenario she distorted and (in this case) exaggerated facts so much all 12 of us on the jury couldn’t use her testimony in the trial. AND THE EVENTS OF THAT TRIAL HAPPENED ABOUT 2 YEARS BEFORE THE TRIAL…God only knows how much distortion 10, 15, 30 years can do to your memory.

        Honestly, there is a reason for the statute of limitations because bitterness can do amazing things to your memory.

  46. William says:

    There is good that will come out of this and that is that women sexing there way to the top is over. Men’s equaliy !!!.

  47. Mitch says:

    How is this POS not in jail?

    • spooz says:

      robertsides, Dozens of women coming forward with similar stories is evidence, as is Cosby’s deposition from the Constand trial, where 13 Jane Doe witnesses offering similar stories, along with Cosby’s admission that he gave powerful sedatives to women he wanted to have sex with compelled an out of court settlement. Cosby can sue them for defamation if he wants to see what other witnesses can support the women’s stories. Many of them told family, friends, agents or roommates. For now, the court of public opinion is satisfied. He can’t even find an agent and everybody in and out of the entertainment world has cut ties.

    • robertsides says:


      Too many inconvenient things are missing: proof, evidence, facts, timely police reports.

      Also, too many inconvenient things are present: laws, the Constitution, due process, justice.

  48. robertsides says:

    How many women did Mick Jaguar give quaaludes to, the “love drug” of choice in the 1970s?

    Oh, right: Mick never suggested that morals mattered. Cosby did. So Jagger is spared while Mr. Huxtable is pilloried.

    Bill is being dogged because he’s a conservative. Period. He told minorities to get their act together. That is verboten. The other Bill, Bubba, didn’t care. He was the first “black president” and felt free to have sex with groupies. Feminists said that was harassment due to power imbalances. But since the perp was a liberal, Clinton got a pass.

    All these “wounded” women sought sex and companionhip when younger…with a married man. How ethical!

    Plus I’m sure none ever ingested alcohol, pot, or pills to enhance sex before or after ‘Cos…right? Just like young men swore they bought Playboy to read the articles, these women assert they only sought out young, rich, attractive Cosby to learn how to imitate Fat Albert’s voice.

    None will be cross-examined under oath. Instead, they will be flown, fed, feted, and financed to participate in a witch hunt. They will glory in victimhood, getting their “woman scorned” merit badges. Their 15 minutes of fame will make their otherwise unremarkable lives flame for an instant.

    Bill must pay for not divorcing Camille!.

    Inquistions empower the mean-spirited. Thankfully none of these ladies create our laws. Nor do their enablers. They prefer trials by innuendo, false witness, and misandry.

    • Lacie says:

      Cosby is not a conservative. He gave the pound cake speech which should have been given by any black person with common sense. The guy is a dirt bag and he has been a dirt bag since the 1960s when he was on iSpy TV show. I hope these women sue him for every penny he has.

      • robertsides says:

        “which should have been given by any black person with common sense”

        Like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Those race-baiters get rich by demonizing anyone who, like Dr. Cosby, pushed personal responsibility.

        Is he a “dirt bag” like Hillary… someone you don’t fancy? I hope Bill takes Allred and the women for all the money they have.

        Good thing people wait for verdicts. Otherwise, who knows: we might be calling women sluts for acting like sluts, right?

    • Mems says:

      You are a nut job. Good thing your mom wasn’t one of the women he drugged and raped.

  49. davidkachel says:

    What a disgrace. It is nothing more than a “He must be guilty because women said so”, parade down the main street.
    Jerry Springer is happy, though. Because he is officially no longer the sleaziest, most disgusting person(s) to ever step in front of a television camera.

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