Could Constantine Come to ‘Arrow’ Next Season?

Arrow Constantine
Courtesy of CW/NBC

DC Comics fans are still mourning the recent cancellation of NBC’s “Constantine, which starred Matt Ryan as the titular occult detective — but could the character live on through another DC television series, like The CW’s “Arrow”?

The supernatural drama is produced by Warner Bros. Television — the studio behind The CW’s “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “iZombie” and newly picked up “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” (not to mention CBS’ “Supergirl,” and Fox’s “Gotham” and “Lucifer“) which could pave the way for a potential crossover. However, WBTV is currently trying to find a new network home for “Constantine,” which would stymie any cameo plans.

“Arrow” showrunner Marc Guggenheim admitted that “there’s a lot of desire on everyone’s part” to bring the character into the shared DC TV universe he created with Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, telling Variety, “It would be wonderful and we certainly have a million ideas — it’s hard for me to say mainly because A: it’s not my decision to make and B: with ‘Constantine’ being shopped around to other networks… it’s really hard to make plans when a show’s kind of in limbo.”

Even The Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, was seemingly eager for a crossover between the two properties before NBC swung the ax. During a recent panel at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con, Amell spoke about the interconnected nature of the DC TV universe.

“‘Constantine’ was an NBC show. I’m on The CW. I had had discussions with DC — so not NBC, not CW — but with DC Entertainment about guest starring on ‘Constantine’ when it was still on the air. And that was and is still on the table,” Amell said, according to “The reason that I was going to guest star on ‘Constantine,’ at least the idea that we were throwing around, was he’s an expert when it comes to the Lazarus Pit, which is now something that is a part of and will continue to be a part of ‘Arrow.'”

While John Constantine would arguably be a natural addition to the “Arrow” universe given the comic book character’s familiarity with supernatural phenomena, Guggenheim cautioned, “a lot of the pieces are in place, except for that one final piece, which is: what’s the fate of ‘Constantine’? That’s the tricky thing. But it comes up in the writers’ room constantly — we have a number of ideas; one idea that’s particularly exciting to me. We’re in a little bit of a wait-and-see mode, like you guys are.”

Would you like to see Constantine cross over with “Arrow” or one of the other DC TV series, or are you hoping the series finds a new home on another network? Weigh in below, and come back to Variety on Wednesday for more on the “Arrow” season three finale.

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  1. TJ says:

    Just saw John on Arrow.. Made me look to see when season 2 was starting… Now I see it’s been canceled by nbc and no one has picked it up yet.. Total bummer… Would be nice to see it picked up on Hulu.. I’d sit through a few extra commercials if it would bring the show back (I recently upgraded so I don’t have to sit through as many commercials)

  2. Joshua Tucker says:

    I believe Constantine would be a great cross over character for the Arrow and other CW shows but I was sad to see it go and I believe it should be a stand alone show as well. GIVE THE SHOW CONSTANTINE A REAL CHANCE!

  3. William Stetler says:

    Constantine would be a perfect fit for the CW they would be idiots not to get it should be right at home on the CW network I also agree that it should be a stand alone show but have crossovers with the others occasionally

  4. William Stetler says:

    Constantine would be a perfect fit for the CW they would be idiots not to get it should be right at home on the CW network

  5. FreeJack says:

    The problem with Constantine is that it’s a show that needed to be on A&E and not network television. It needed to be dark, scary, violent…this version felt watered-down and weak, to me. The guy they had playing Constantine looked the part, but I wasn’t sold on his portrayal. I gave it about 4-5 episodes and gave up on it.

    The biggest problem with the DC television universe is that it’s on the traditional networks, which are hamstrung when it comes to content…either language, violence, sex, you name it. Constantine needs to go to Netflix and get as dark as it should have been, to begin with. THEN it’ll find an audience.

  6. Brenda says:

    Thanks for telling us that Constantine was cancelled NOT that I wanted that to happen cause I really did like the show. Why is it that the shows I like don’t seem to last, but they keep stupid shows on for years and I won’t watch them. At least Arrow, the Flash, Supernatural are still on and stay on for years to come I hope.

  7. granchingon says:

    Edit my “true” comment @Allen. I meant it in response to Paula Stiles’ comment that “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Others obviously still enjoy it, which is why it got an 11th season.”

  8. Angelous says:

    I want both… matt ryan on arrow/Flash/Legends of tommarrow, and the constantine show to get picked up again.. nbc doesnt deserve constantine . GRIMM is awesome but… fuck nbc. the show they put on in Constantines place will blow ass #Saveconstantine

  9. Nicholas says:

    absoulutely cross these two characters over… in at least a two hour special if they can’t find a home for Constantine. The world of the supernatural and DC heroes have always been wrapped together. I could easily see The Arrow, or The Flash having difficulties dealing with Constantine’s methods and attitude. It could bring a fresh new aspect to any of the series coming out. Just don’t take things too far with trying to add too much. A little bit here and there goes a long way

  10. Sandra Brown says:

    Definitely add John Constantine to the arrow cast

  11. CRS says:

    I’m hoping it finds a different home other than the flash and arrow
    Crossover episode is fine I just won’t watch it but if he is on there permanently I will have to say goodbye to my favorite shows. Arrow is awesome the way it is and so is flash that is why I watch them. I don’t watch Constantine because of the occult stuff. Just can’t watch that.

  12. Chris Bernardez says:

    Please, PLEAAAAAAASEEEE let it happen!! And please, PLEEAAAASEEEE bring back Matt Ryan and the supporting cast from Constantine over to the CW! PLEEEAASEEE do not recast! If the only way to gain more viewers for Constantine is by incorporating him into the CW, BY ALL MEANS DO SO!! And hell, CW, if you’re willing to pick it up for a 2nd season, PLEASE DO SO!! No-one handles DC heroes like you guys do :). PLEASE pick up Constantine for a 2nd season and include him in the Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow-verse.
    All fingers crossed…

  13. DG says:

    Mstt Ryan IS Old ConJob

  14. Matt Ryan plays it so well, I hope whatever network picks it up does justice to it. Also, a DCW universe crossover won’t be so bad!

  15. dman6015 says:

    If no one else picks up Constantine, then guest stints on Arrow, and other DC shows, is better than nothing.

  16. Peyton says:

    I don’t care how we get him, I just want more, much more, of Matt Ryan’s John Constantine.

  17. come and join the arrow family

  18. Constantine is a large, self-contained world, a universe, in and of itself. It comes with an extensive store of storyline and arcs left to explore since the shows creators began the series after the Newcastle incident. 30 years of comics are still available for exploration in this franchise! That makes Constantine a money maker for any party willing to pick it up and make it into the truly hard-core story it is . True Hellblazer! NBC wanted a watered down version. I think that consertave stance turned potential viewers off. The “crime of the week” format, with the main characters constantly being absent from episodes. That was a very bad thing to even loyal viewers. John’s companions need to be together, building bonds with each other and the viewers. I know how wrong it felt having main characters popping in and if THEY were making appearances.. on their own show. That could work after the show had become established, but in the series’ beginnings? No. That brings me to the subject at hand. Existing only to make appearances on other shows. I say “no”. Hellblazers want Constantine as a series. A show on a network or somewhere like Netflix. Constantine and Arrow, (and other DC shows), should be seperate, with crossover guest appearances between their own respective shows. That would be what Hellblazers truly want.

    • Tydeus says:

      ” Constantine and Arrow, (and other DC shows), should be seperate, with crossover guest appearances between their own respective shows.”

      Well, seeing as how that is what they meant and not him as a member of Team Arrow, I dont see the problem.

  19. Separate shows but the stars doing cameos back and forth.

  20. Patrick Maloney says:

    This would be absolutely amazing and this should have been the plan from the very beginning. Plus it’s really heartening seeing so many people support the show!

  21. Ian Barber says:

    Yes! I would love to see this happen!

  22. Are you okay, Troy? You seem tense.

  23. Not a big fan of what little I’ve seen of Arrow, so definitely hoping Constantine finds a new home. But if Constantine ever did show up on Arrow, that’d be cool. Kinda hoping for both.

  24. Joel says:

    If Constantine goes to CW, it won’t be the same Constantine or the one from the comics. It will be a watered-down version (do you people really think the CW would even allow him to smoke?) So no, I am one that hopes the show returns…but NOT on the CW. It should be on a network that would allow the freedom for the character (and show) to be closer to the source material. Constantine can build its own DCU with DR FATE, SPECTRE, PHANTOM STRANGER, DEADMAN, and even SWAMP THING

    • Allen says:

      while it would to see john interact with oliver and Barry in the flarrowverse I agree the cw would most likely turn into a supernatural clone. Plus supernatural has become garbage.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      While I am not that concerned with whether or not John Constantine can smoke on television, I would be very disappointed if we don’t get to see Dr. Fate and Swamp Thing realized on television

  25. I want both to happen!

  26. William says:

    Ollie would be going to Zantanna. Much more history between these two characters. As much as I like #Constantine it would be wrong for Ollie not to go to #Zantanna first.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      Arrow has done a lot worse to change Oliver’s character from his comic book counterpart (ahem Felicity ahem), essentially turning him into a Batman clone.

  27. Absolutely! #Constantine was my gateway into both #Arrow and #TheFlash. I’d love to see some cross-over – it’s a shared universe – and for the CW to pick up Constantine. I live in Canada, and as far as I know we don’t get CW, but we do get Arrow and The Flash on CTV. Hopefully they would pick up Constantine, if Global didn’t continue to carry it.

    • Big Daddy D says:

      I’m in Canada too..and i get CW..go online to watch all of those shows. It’s readily available.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      I would love to see Constantine bring the idea of multiple universes into Arrow and The Flash, with it all culminating in a big Crisis level event that could potentially so many more characters.

  28. Larry says:

    Constantine was/is a great show with very compelling characters and interesting as hell (sorry) story lines. It needs is own home somewhere fast! It’s too good to let go.

  29. Tony Jackson says:

    Yes if the story is well written and finds well with the DC Tv Universe then cross them over plz

  30. Paula Stiles says:

    Warner Bros. seems really motivated to keep Constantine. I’ve read that it’s because they were getting a good share of the much-desired younger demo. I’d be unsurprised if they bring the show to the CW, if they can’t find another home for it. It would be a good match for Supernatural, though I’m not sure those two shows would do each other a lot of favors right now with ratings.

  31. Yes I would love for Matt Ryan to reprise his role as John on Arrow and maybe develop into a recurring character if his show does not get picked up by another network. If there is a pick-up, then at least a guest star role on Arrow would be great!

  32. E;lizabeth Smith says:

    Would love to see Constantine on The CW Network, and Arrow would be a perfect fit for the character. Need his “skills” to flesh out Arrow. Come on writers, use your incredible imaginations! Save Constantine!

  33. Edward says:

    Warner would be very smart to save this show. Put some of the shows together on the CW and you don’t just create shows anymore – you create a movement!

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