Congressional Hispanic Caucus Opposes Donald Trump Appearance on NBC’s ‘SNL’

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Opposes Donald Trump
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The Congressional Hispanic Caucus urged NBCUniversal and “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels to “disinvite” Donald Trump from hosting this weekend’s broadcast of the program due to the real-estate mogul and Presidential candidate’s recent remarks about Mexicans and Latinos.

The Caucus’ “Statement of Opposition” was approved by two-thirds of its 26 members., who serve in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. The group cited a range of factors, including NBCU parent Comcast’s assurances during hearings on its now-defunct efforts to merge with Time Warner Cable that it was committed to diversity and the idea that Trump’s remarks have made Latinos and Hispanics fearful, as reasons for its stance.

At issue are comments Trump made early in his campaign about his ideas that people of Latino origin were responsible for rapes and the importation of drugs to the United States. Other parties have made clear a desire to see “Saturday Night Live” drop Trump as a host, the latest example of how the controversy he has sparked over the course of his campaign can be a double-edged sword for TV networks that want to cover him. Trump brings ratings, to be sure, but he also brings disapproval from certain segments of viewership.

“When a TV personality calls Mexicans and Latinos criminals and rapists, a corporate network should not give him 90-minutes of free air time in an entertainment venue without his first apologizing to the American people,” said Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez, the Illinos Democrat.  “Did I miss an apology?  Did Trump do what Paula Deen or any other TV personality has to do after they make racist comments in public in order to get back on the air?”

Other groups have expressed concern about Trump’s on-air turn as host of the show, but NBC has not given any indication it is having second thoughts. His appearance  is likely to generate robust viewership for the venerable late-night series, and the network has cut ties with Trump in other venues. Trump had been the central figure in the long-running reality series “The Apprentice,” and was also NBCU’s partner in the Miss Universe Organization, which supervises the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants.

The majority of “SNL” hosts do not spur backlash, and the show has had its share of politicians and Presidential candidates on the air. Hillary Clinton,  a leading Democratic candidate, appeared on the program earlier this season and Sarah Palin and John McCain, Republican candidates for Vice President and President, respectively, had time on the show in 2008. The most controversy the show has ever generated about a host likely came in 1990, when Andrew “Dice” Clay, at the time a comedian famous for off-color rants, hosted the second-to-last episode of the program’s 15th season, Nora Dunn, a member of the cast known for roles as one of “The Sweeney Sisters” and as model “Pat Stevens,” decided to boycott the episode due to the comic’s jokes about women.



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  1. Cindy Ralph says:

    Thank you SNL for having the Trump!

  2. I think it is great that NBC realized that ratings and serving the interest of their shareholders was more important that indulging in the dishonest attempts by the forces on the Left to dishonestly portray Trump as an anti-Hispanic racist.

    Trump’s not anti-Hispanic. He’s not anti-Immigrant. He’s not a racist.

    What Trump is: Anti – ILLEGAL immigration. Difference. Difference. And he should be applauded for that, not denigrated.

    The more the Left conflates “immigrant” with “illegal immigrant” the more desperate and dishonest they seem.

  3. Miriam Mata says:

    I wonder when the 2/3 of those Hispanics congressmen will vote against Fusion a web site owned by Univision that published the information Trump spoke about on June 16, 2015?
    “Before they can reach the American Dream, many migrant women have to survive a Mexican nightmare. A staggering 80 percent of Central American girls and women crossing Mexico en route to the United States are raped along the way, according to directors of migrant shelters interviewed by Fusion.”

  4. Mary says:

    Donald Trump for President 2016, Luis Gutierrez Congressman defender of all illegal aliens and mainly one of his favorite Elivira Arrellano who is now here in Chicago with a work permit and a new baby born in Mexico. Stop enticing illegal aliens to come from around Central American and mexico and let Donald Trump keep the huge ratings on every program he appears he speaks only the truth..Luis Gutierrez is only spending taxpayers monies on his so call workshops for illegal aliens on his so call dapa and daca traveling at our expense. SNL would be fair if they listen to all this idiots i am latina and I have no use for all the distorted news about Trumps comments on illegal aliens

  5. bpster says:

    AND Americans will be tuned in. We do not care about illegals.

  6. Trump’s comments were pretty obviously about the dangers of a porous border (delivered in his hyperbolic low-information style). The claims that his intent was to be anti-immigrant or anti-Mexican, etc. are totally fabricated. You’d have to be pretty stupid to think otherwise. To then go on to think it’s important to stop his appearance on a comedy show is just idiotic.

  7. ggmissm says:

    Jesus H. Christ. Do NBC and Lorne Michaels have no sense of integrity? SNL may be a late night comedy show, but the best comedy is built on/with integrity. SNL has lots it’s way and has come a long distance from satirizing political madness to celebrating it. And now, dead from New York…

  8. Sam Valley says:

    Well what does the Congressional White Caucus have to say about all this?

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