Chuck Todd Expected to Host New Show on MSNBC

Chuck Todd: 'Meet the Press' Anchor

Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd is expected to return to MSNBC to host a one-hour program, a person familiar with the situation confirmed to Variety.

Todd, who used to host a late-morning program on the network, would continue to anchor the NBC Sunday public-affairs program he took over from David Gregory in the fall of 2014. An announcement about the new program could come as soon as today, this person said, with its time to be determined. Reports published Thursday suggested the new Todd program could air in the late afternoon or early evening.

News of the program was reported previously by Mediaite and Politico.

Announcement of the new program comes as MSNBC executives have been working to stem a ratings slide at the network. Over several months, shows based on hosts who offer a progressive or liberal view on issues have lost traction. In daytime, MSNBC has focused more heavily on breaking-news reportage, placing host Thomas Roberts in a two-hour block covering stories of the day. That show replaced two one-hour programs anchored by Joy Reid and Ronan Farrow, respectively, that hinged more on the views of the hosts.

Brian Williams, the former anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” is expected to join MSNBC as a breaking-news anchor in August, a move executives hope will bolster the programming strategy. Whether viewers respond to Williams remains to be seen. He left NBC over a disclosure that he falsified accounts of past reporting and has been serving a six-month suspension.

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  1. Jack Zerkoff says:

    I think you guys are way too jumpy and are killing your actual appeal that got your recent high ratings spike. Like the stock market, there are peaks and valleys, so ride it out. But no, you think changing qualified people around or out solves the slump. Trump built your appeal, and if it drops, no doubt he will offer you a chance to beat out Faux News again. Stay the course!

  2. Bob lee says:

    What’s the show called Spreading Lies and False Rumors. These so called reporters turn everything around. Should be tried for treason. How about a new b.s. war story. And you wonder why your ratings are slipping! People are realizing how fake these so called anal-ists stories are. Especially after listening to Comey and Sessions testify.

  3. Bloom says:

    Chuck Todd is the most biased news show commentator on Sunday. Every Sunday rants against the Republicans where Democratic panel members are always more then the Republicans, and bias comments by Todd are a joke. Can’t watch anymore. Sad!

  4. Lois Smith says:

    When talking about the health care plan why not ask Paul Ryan why he doesn’t simply expand the health care program in place for Congress. Simple and clearly it is popular on the Hill. Or maybe it shold be mandated that Congress must be covered under whatefer is agreed on.

  5. Sandra Stewart says:

    Chuck, why don’t you pick up your marbles and go home
    You are one of the rudest anchors and worst looser I have ever seen. Refuse to watch msnbc because of you and your other cry babies.

  6. Polly Preston says:

    Hello Chuck,

    Why isn’t anyone talking about what is going on in the Ukraine? I understand the mayhem going on at home, and it is important, but what happens when the world starts to cave in, and we have to make real decisions?
    Polly Preston

  7. Frank Billie Jones says:

    Mr. Todd I first would like to THANK YOU for the wonderful job you do reporting the news but today 1/29/17 I found myself getting angry with you because when that chief of staff raised his voice at you it was allowed the POTUS has told the lie something is wrong with the press you lie his people are beginning to disrespect any news person they talk with I beg you please continue to report the news so the truth will be told the first time a POTUS cannot tell the truth just about everything he says is a lie PLEASE continue to report the truth PLEASE NBC and MSNBC has the best news coverage Thank You again Frank Billie Jones

  8. John DePolis says:

    Just watched the Sunday morning news shows, and of all shows, you are the most bias. Your obviously left leaning, and arrogant. A horrible interviewer.
    What’s with the hair?

  9. Rowena Flank says:

    I just listened to your rip on the Academy Award movies. It was brilliant as well as funny.

  10. Krystyna Barron says:

    Thank you for pressing on Conway about alternate facts (lies). Today, I listened to Spicer. He made remarks about the Women’s March that I have not heard discussed today on MSNBC or CNN. His answer to when asked what trump thought of the Women’s March … he said it wasn’t a march against anything but for different issues. My take away was trump didn’t get that we were also protesting him and he obviously disregarded this historic event and solidarity.

    I marched and we were also marching against trumps agendas, the repeal of ACA; his pro life agenda; his belief woman should be punished for abortions; his bigotry; his pussy grabbing denigration and disrespect of women; and all the other foul and disgusting things he said during the campaign. Please give this some coverage.
    Krystyna Barron, FL

  11. Kathy B. says:

    Chuck Todd, you call yourself at journalist? I watched the interview with Kelly Anne Conway and you were spouting opinion all over the place. It was so obvious how biased and disrespectful you and NBC are. That is why your at a 14% approval rating with the public. You just don’t get it yet that the public has had it with you supposed journalists and your slanted liberal bias.

  12. Ruth Sugerman says:

    Stop interviewing Kellyann. She can outtakj anyone with all her Trump garbage so you lose and she’s really annoying.

  13. Ruth Avery says:

    Please just report the news and stop trying to create it. You have a huge responsibility to our Nation and the Attitude of the world’s nations towards the US. Why inflame and divide? Aren’t you part of US?!

  14. Glenn Waldrep says:

    To Chuck Todd,
    Saw you (on 30 for 30 Catholics vs Convicts) almost come to tears over a tee-shirt, grow a pair; think how your duplicitous liberal lies have misinformed and damaged our country!!
    PS Trump Won!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Tammy Brennan says:

    I only watch MSNBC to watch Chuck Todd. Seems everyone else on that program is always talking long pauses when they speak. Idk if it’s their age, maybe they are running out of oxygen? And it seems that everyone else pauses to much. Maybe they are trying to remember what they are speaking about. I think Brian Williams is very annoying to watch. So, I think Chuck Todd should have more air time then the extremely older hosts of MSNBC Watching from Michigan

  16. Emily Head says:

    Please do something about Chuck Todd. He is so slanted toward Trump and is on the air too often. He lacks the stature to moderate Meet the Press. Brian Williams is the only person you have with the gravitas to anchor such a prestigious show! With a Chuck Todd, he eye rolls or interrupts whenever he doesn’t like what some someone says! Another excellent choice for MTP anchor would be Rachel Maddow. For the most part, I am a it fan of MSNBC!

  17. Sherry Gray says:

    Being partial to the Dems has definitely not served U. Don’t U too be sucked in. :-(

  18. Marvel Hall says:


  19. kaleo says:

    Chuck you are an idiot who suck up to obama n hillary,your no different then the democratic liberals,why dont you asked the tough questions to the democratics the way you do with the Republicans

  20. Autumn moore says:

    Dear Mr Todd why don’t you do the chalk boards like Tim Russert would DO???? So Cool!!! Miss him!!! Thank Y Autumn Moore🦁🦁🦁

  21. cdc says:

    Brian Williams needs to be BANNED from all Newscasts simply because he lied!

  22. Randy Williams says:

    I stayed up to listen again, all but one Repub even seemingly listened to and understood your simple question, ( Is this country cutting the term of all Presidents down to 3 years?) It was the farmer looking guy, I know it is politics as usual, even with the Dems. I have for the past 7 years heard people say Obama is a socialist,,, NOW, we are being asked to accept or vote for a Socialist??? What gives? As lost as he is,, I will probably vote for Trump, just because he hasn’t learned how to do the “Politician Lie Talk”…
    Thank you for your time….. Enough with all the sound bites of lies


    Mr. Sharpton & Jackson by no means is representitive of the African American community,, the press should wake up and find the pulse of the public and not ,,,,,,,those types.

  23. James troiano says:

    Chuck you are a moron, I saw Muslims celebrate 911 in the cess pools of the Mid East,and right here in the USA. You,your cronies and brainwashed liberals have been at war with America for too long

  24. Frank Manganaro says:

    Mo Brooks fooled your producers in getting on the air AND Kornacki was played like a fiddle, very naive. You owe,loyal listeners an apology. MSNBC has been naive in allowing anti- Hillary folks on air ( UNCHALLENGED with facts). AND having pegorative language used by MSNBC reporters . MSNBC does not understand its audience.

  25. Mae Day says:

    Please drop Armey she adds nothing valuables to the show.. bring on Joy Reid or Crystal Ball—your programs are just I hate to dull…I am a long time listener and I don’t want to go to

  26. J Marcello says:

    I never watch your show but thought since you had both Hillary and Carlly on it would be an interesting program. Boy was I wrong. You sucked up to Hillary and apparently you made some kind of deal to protect her by not asking questions to Carly that would hurt Hillary. Your questions to Carly were not only rude but extremely partisan. So much for expecting a fair interview from you. I can get a better interview from George S.

  27. Mae Day says:

    You are not my Chfavorite commenter uck –but thank you for being civil –you don’t have to act like a rabid animal to interview someone…you don’t have to be disrespectable to make your point…Hilary is still the one I am voting for. I am not concerned about her email account–I have 4 myself and I have nothing to hide— most people have at least 2— so what in the big deal??

  28. Kathleen sweeney says:

    Your Grammar hurts my ears. “If they would have ‘did’ what you had did …”

    Please grill the inflexible republicans they way you went after Hillary. Give them follow up questions.
    You always let the white guys get away with the usual jargon and it is ok.

    Try to be smart. Stay in your English 101 class. God- you’re on tv saying ‘had did’

  29. Pierre says:

    Chuck you went easy on Hillary, too bad she was not Republican, you would have destroyed her.

    • Mae Day says:

      Carly is lying.. If she has seen the tape— to clear the issue she should show the tape or say where they can see it also. She has that crazy position my way or no way look in her eyes…she is fake like Vanilla ICE and need to be called out on it!!! She did not work her way up she got it from her rich parents—-she is another Donald Trump!!! she is Carly Trump— look at me see what I have done nothing…..

  30. Ann says:


  31. Ted Giesen says:

    I think Chuck should read the papers and see who is killing tens of thousands of innocent people all over the world under all kinds of different named radical groups….the one common element is that they are all radical Muslims. To pose such a stupid question to such a fine man as Dr. Carson is outrages and totally irresponsible. It is obvious Chuck Todd must be struggling to get attention in the media.

    I have several close friends who are Muslims and there are many millions of Muslims who are peaceful,… but to pose such a stupid question at a time when the world is on fire is totally a cry for media attention.

    He should ask Hillary the same question…


  32. ” The news media is no longer in the business of reporting the news, it is in the business of making the news.”
    This mornings “Meet the Press” is a prime example. Normally, I do not watch the program but they advertised that they were going to be interviewing 3 Republican Candidates that were running for President…Donald Trump…Ben Carson…and John Kasish. I thought I would tune in to see if I could learn anything about what were their plans on solving the problems facing our country.
    First up was Donald Trump. The entire 5 minutes spent with him Chuck Todd (the moderator) talked only about why didn’t Trump defend Obama when some one said that Obama was a Muslim. There was no other topic brought up in spite of Trump saying, “It is not my job to defend Obama” and “I would like to talk about something else like how to deal with China, and the 3rd rate way in which we treat our veterans.”
    But it did not stop there, When it came to Carson it continued with Todd asking Carson if he agreed with Trump and would he support a Muslim for president. (Carson said no as their values are not in keeping with our values of freedom) They did ask Carson about his wanting to commit ground forces in Iraq which he had to correct them saying that he did not say that, He did say you do not take your options off the table and after ISIS was back in Syria to let them and Assad go after one another.
    Then it was Kasish’s turn. Once again Chuck Todd hammered away at the Muslim issue and if he thought that Trump should have defended Obama.
    Out of the 18 minutes in which all 3 candidates were on the air, 15 minutes were spent on Donald Trump not defending Obama !!!
    We learned absolutely Nothing about how they would solve our nation’s problems and their differences. BTW Obama is not running for president.
    This is pathetic. If the American Public depends upon the news media for information about the candidates, they will once again be voting blind.
    I only hope that the American People have the good sense to tune out these talking heads and spend the time reading to find out what they are voting for. I have the feeling that our news media is counting on them not doing it.

  33. CJ Scott says:

    Chuck Todd is interviewing Donald Trump as I write this…….He should be fired for the low level of journalism he provides. I am shocked that he let this racist get away with the pure crap he was espousing…..Todd agrees that someone wishing to occupy the Oval office has no moral obligation
    to speak a KNOWABLE TRUTH?……..but why are you people (NBC) not smart enough to bring
    up the simple fact that an American need not PROVE what his religion is…..An Atheist can be President according to our Constitution. This lack of clarity is appalling…..I have watched Meet the Press
    since I was a freshman in college if not before…and I am 78 years old….Well, I am finished……
    then again what could we expect from a mere pollster…….that should give everyone a clue as
    to what this non-journalist’s major concerns are………..SICKENING

  34. Marlene says:

    I am so disappointed in MSNBC, I have been a loyal listener from 6 in the morning to 11 at night and all of a sudden I see this horrible disgusting change in Morning Joe where they couldn’t say anything nice about Hillary Clinton especially Meka who loves when someone they interview says such horrible things about Hillary, she couldn’t hide her feelings of happiness when it happens!! All I can say is that your going in the wrong direction, Fox I hate and I am sad that MSNBC is worse then they are now!!

  35. Tim Long says:

    Love Chuck Todd! He’s the best! (I’m going to miss Ed Schultz a lot and hope he gets a platform to express his opinion on the upcoming election!)

    • Tim Long says:

      Listening to some of these moronic comments would make a weaker man question his faith in some or our progressive (what the weak-minded call my LIBERAL philosophy) supporters.

  36. Smart move. Though Todd is kind of a lightweight he still is more credible than Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton. At least he listens to both sides. Schultz just started booking CONservatives and Sharpton is a complete, one-side hour of pure ignorance and grammatical stupidity.

    Sometimes, even as a tried and true liberal, I like to hear the opposite side of an issue. Not all one sided as the above two shows do or what I have to endure over at FOX News.

  37. georgia johnston says:

    Chuck Todd, really?? He’s an apologist for the republican party and doesn’t ask the tough questions. I feel betrayed by MSNBC. I will miss the Ed Shultz show. Shame on you for dropping Ed and replacing him with an impotent, wishey-washy newscaster. I am so angry and disappointed. SHAME on you.

  38. William says:

    Maybe they ought to hire the liars and goons from FOX and Rush to raise their ratings. This country loves those buttheads. Chuck Todd vacillates back and forth between a fake liberal and a true conservative.

  39. Oh no. Not more! C.T. redux “all over again?” Hadn’t they caused enough damage when they thrust that liberal-killing, FOX-tailed, knife of theirs into the hearts all of us liberal, intelligent, loyal MSNBC watchers, when they slid that DINO, Chuck Todd where he never belonged…into the honored “Russert Chair” on Meet the Press? Having no idea what his new show will be like, I can only expect it to be another interview show throwing softballs at republicans.

  40. Bob Maestri says:

    Lose Nicole Wallace on Morning Joe, she is just embarrassing every time they have her
    and can;t MSNBC find anything to replace “caught on camera”, “lockup extended stay”
    just unbelievable they continue such dreck

  41. Carl Culver says:

    Chucky ol’ boy, it’s time to let go of the goatee thing. Seriously, this is 2015 now. dude, in word – MAKEOVER!!

  42. Ruben Byron says:

    Please DO NOT bring back Chuck Todd, he is lousy, DO NOT bring Brian Williams, the liar on MSNBC, two losers, please STOP all the idiot republicans on the MSNBC show, that is why the ratings are lowering all the time, MSNBC needs to bring back Martin Bashir, HE made MSNBC, he was excellent, listen to the listeners, we are voicing our honest opinions. FOX news, which isn’t really a newsworthy station, it is a propaganda, full of lies station, they always have the idiot republicans, if we wanted to watch republicans we would watch FOX the full of lies station, but we want MSNBC the more progressive station that has real news and the truth, please listen to us, the listeners. Thank you

    • Couldn’t agree more! Excellent post!

      • Gloria A. Daughtry says:

        Was away on vacation. Missed usual viewing of MSNBC day time line up. Had to Google the where about of the shows. So disappointed @ the cancellations. Seems that there will soon be no opposing views to FOX.G.Daughtry

    • Sam Brees says:

      I agree MSNBC needs to bring back Martin Bashir. I don’t understand why these people keep trying to force Chuck Todd on us. As Trump would say –“he’s a dummy”.

      Dear NBC if you really want to improve your network all you have to do is beg and I mean beg Norah O’Donnell to come moderate Meet the Press. And yes you will have to pay her a boat load of money to leave CBS and return NBC

    • Silence Dogood says:

      There’s more truth broadcast in 10 minutes on Fox than there is all day on BSDNC. You sound like a drooling ObamaBot. Refrain from embarrassing yourself.

      • Tim Long says:

        Don’t you just love Fox White trash “News”!

      • sammyglick says:

        Sure, Fox News has ‘ten minutes of truth’ if you’re talking about the commercials for cars and reverse mortgages.

        Otherwise, it’s Fox & Friends heaping idiotic praise on Trump, The Five kissing Trump’s butt for an hour, O’Reilly lying about his journalism record as he rants about cultural issues, Bair’s softball questions for Republicans, Greta’s nonsensical legal arguments and fawning over failed politicians like Sarah Palin (without disclosing her husband’s ties to the former governor) and Hannity acting as ‘kingmaker’ by putting GOP candidates on for ‘exclusive’ post announcement interviews that serve as nothing more than a free campaign commercial.

        The rest of the ‘news programs’ are basically dictated by Ailes himself through his minions. Fox News might be the most successful, but they are far from actually being ‘fair and balanced’.

  43. Mark Felder says:

    MSNBC’s non-stop daily schedule is extremely dull. The same stories are regurgitated for every show, the same “experts” or commentators rotate through these shows. The host’s opinion is provided, which basically adds nothing. Ed Schultz is a windbag, Al Sharpton’s schtick has been tired for years, one note. Lawrence O’Donnell comes off as a shrill preacher. No wonder that the ratings suck. Morning Joe is good, as well as Chris Matthews.

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