Charlie Sheen to Reportedly Announce He’s HIV Positive on ‘Today’ Show

According to multiple reports, Charlie Sheen will reveal that he is HIV positive on the “Today” show Tuesday morning.

Sheen is set to make a “revealing personal announcement” on the “Today” show Tuesday morning, the NBC morning show announced in a Monday press release, stating that the “Two and a Half Men” alum will sit down with Matt Lauer for an exclusive interview, live from Studio 1A in New York City. Following the Tuesday morning broadcast, Sheen’s revealing interview will be available on

Though NBC did not specify what Sheen’s announcement would entail, the National Enquirer reports the actor is HIV positive. TMZ also reports that sources close to “Today” say Sheen will reveal that he is HIV positive, as does People.

“It’s been going on for quite awhile. He’s not necessarily comfortable talking about it. It was very hard to get up the courage for him to talk about it,” publicist and crisis manager Howard Bragman told People, adding that Sheen is getting treatment and many people close to him know about the diagnosis.

Sheen’s ex-wife, actress Denise Richards, has known about his disease for a “number of years,” according to Access Hollywood, whose sources say Richards — and her two daughters with Sheen — are not infected, as the actor reportedly contracted HIV after the couple’s divorce in 2006.

Posted Monday morning, the Enquirer printed Sheen’s name on their website, though the tabloid first “exposed how a notorious Hollywood womanizer was hiding a deadly health crisis” last month in an anonymous story titled, “Hollywood Superstar’s Desperate Battle With AIDS!” which did not reveal Sheen’s identity. Now, the Enquirer is set to publish the full story in its Nov. 18 issue, which — according to the outlet — will expose a “multi-million dollar cover-up that will rock Tinseltown.”

Variety reached out to Sheen’s longtime publicist Jeff Ballard, who confirmed he is no longer working with the actor, after a disagreement on how to handle a situation. Ballard also worked with Sheen, as a co-exec producer on his FX series “Anger Management.”

Variety has also reached out to “Today” for comment on the multiple reports.

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  1. dan74 says:

    hiv is no more the disease it once was. you can have a full and long life with it and, more importantly with current drugs and an undetectable viral load, you’ re no more infectious. recent studies have demonstrated this. i find it quite disgusting how people react to this. he has an illness but we shouldn’t judge him for this. we all make mistakes. hey charlie, stay cool and take care. you can make it. no worries, you will be fine. much love.

  2. Spider says:

    Keep your chin up, Charlie!

  3. BillUSA says:

    Got what you played for Chuck. There ain’t a piece of — worth contracting HIV. Think of the money you spent to get it.

  4. Joe says:

    Hollywood is so depressing. I was thinking about something that happened around 91 or 92 and realized how many of the performers that were big in that era had either fallen on hard times or were just dead. Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain (poor guy didn’t last long), Chris Farley, Phil Hartmann, and Lane Staley. All dead.

    I’m sure it’s my thought process and it’s the perspective of an older audience member who see people just do stupid things and die or get killed in some horrible manner at no fault of their own. Charlie Sheen got stupid and didn’t clean up his act soon enough. I’m not sure what ‘soon enough’ would be, but he didn’t make it. It’s sad.

  5. TOM says:

    I haven’t watched the Today Show since they f-ed over Ann Curry.

    • Well, who says you get to keep your job forever? It went poorly, but she was a long time on-air personality, and has lived the life of a Manhattan socialite for almost two decades. Your pity is misplaced.

  6. 85wzen says:

    Wow! Hope he stays healthy… Magic Johnson looks healthy and he still has it!

  7. elements says:

    Poor Charlie what was he thinking?
    Prayers go out to his children and family.
    People tried to stop his reckless behavior, addiction.
    Perhaps, now he’ll get healthy and become an advocate.
    The sh*t just got real!

  8. Lorri Slover says:

    Love & Light to you Mr. Sheen.

    • Jim says:

      He danced with the devil, and is gonna pay for it. There is zero reason to have caught HIV. It’s common knowledge how it’s spread. So he knew, caught it, and very possibly spread it to others.
      He is no victim. It is sad he has caught it, but sympathy for him? Not from me

  9. Jerry says:

    Sadly, if this is true, Charlie Sheen has made some bad choices during his life and now has to deal with the consequences of his actions. Do I feel for him? No. he made these choices on his own.

  10. Jacques Strappe says:

    So, that’s what’s been lurking in that tiger blood of his. Winning…not so much nowadays. Hope he had the decency to alert all of his sexual partners and fellow drug users as soon as he found out about his HIV status. To say this dude is a mess on so many levels, is an understatement.

    • Zero Smith says:

      He has a lot of alerting to do. He’s supposedly had more than 5000 sexual partners. This guy really needs to get his friction on.

  11. I too will NOT be watching the Today Show tomorrow. How despicable they are to even give him air time. Anything for ratings, I guess.

  12. Sylvia says:

    He has truly reaped what he’s sown in life. Sorry to hear but not surprising given his history. Not since Rock Hudson has Hollywood had such a wake up call.

  13. Lisa says:

    Thank you for telling us ahead of time. Now I don’t have to watch the Today show!!!
    Perhaps Charlie has finally hit his rock bottom, or maybe not.

  14. Argos Wolf says:

    I feel cheated. The way the media was handling this whole thing you would’ve thought it was someone higher up the ranks in Hollywood… if it’s Charlie Sheen, it’s meh… not surprising at all.

    • Alex says:

      Before Sheen’s name was released I thought this whole thing was a hoax, now I can’t say I’m shocked to learn that it’s him.

  15. fatalreview says:

    this what Hollyweird does to it’s favorite sons-The Lost Angel is a cruel gaurdian-very sad cause ya want to like Charlie-but he has become a vile beast of his excesses and is a danger to all around him-nothing good ever comes of hanging with pornnn scum and druggies no matter how privileged you might be

  16. If it’s so, his bad boy lifestyle had finally caught up with him.

  17. Vince Winstanley says:

    The level of selfishness is astounding.

  18. Kimberly says:

    Is this true…

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