Charlie Sheen Rips NBC, Calls Brian Williams a ‘Hero’ in Open Letter

Charlie Sheen Ashton Kutcher Twitter Battle
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Brian Williams’ suspension from NBC News has ignited a firestorm of opinions on both TV and the Web. Now, Charlie Sheen, who was famously kicked off CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” for unruly behavior, has weighed in on the Iraq controversy, calling the news anchor a “victim of a transparent and vile witch hunt” and blasting the “cowards” at NBC for benching him in a new letter posted to Twitter.

Read the full letter below:

Dear Mr. Williams,
Sorry to bother you during this most surreal, unjust and mercurial moment in your awesome life.

First off, THANK YOU, for 24 years of inimitable professionalism and top shelf brilliance, as a stone cold passion driven and (PERFECTLY) fact based journalist.

Secondly, Thank you “squared” for delivering not only the news on a nightly basis, (PERFECTLY) to myself and my family.
But for every other person alive, (with a TV) who relied and still do,on your poetic, insightfuland NOBLE sacrifices,that made our longest nights shorter,and our shortest nights safer.
You good sir, are a hero in my “Entire Library”

Lastly; you are clearly the victim of a transparent and vile witch hunt! Erroneously “staged” by hooligans, non coms, cowards and oligarchs, who’s only desperate and hideous goal is to discredit the genius that they relied on for almost 3 decades!

Now and forever you are a true Patriot and a Hero of mine until the day i leave this star crossed imperfect Rock we call Earth…

Mr W: respect love hi 5’s and refuge! (if you need it!) I remain humbly and on dangerous standby at your service….

I am;
the MaSheen….

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  1. Lucero Z says:

    Two things in common between Williams and Sheen: “Their deceiving charismatic smiles and lack of values and principles”

  2. Bud Stone says:

    Normally, a reference is of value due to the integrity and good works of the speaker. It appears Charlie did not know this.

  3. Jim Cee says:

    Charlie Sheen who claimed that the 9/11 attacks was a controlled demolition by the U.S. government. Now there’s a reliable mouthpiece. Cue the cuckoo clock.

  4. Mark says:

    Shortly after posting his letter Charlie was committed to rehab again.

  5. Ed says:

    MaSheen, the show was you getting wasted every episode and your Anger Management show has evolved into the same format which everyone knew would happen. Two and a half men is funnier with Aston.If you want to help Brian Williams keep your mouth shut!

  6. Ed says:

    Sorry folks, but with Brian Williams lying or embellishing the news OR his role in making it he mis-uses the trust placed in him by NBC and all of the veiwers of his broadcast. If you cannot trust a news agency to just give us the truth then who can be trusted? This has been the problem for many years with the liberal press not telling America the truth but telling us what they want us to hear. They protected Bill Clinton and now Hillary Clinton and paved the way for this poor excuse for a President, Barack Hussien Obama. The liberal press cannot be trusted because they hide and shape the truth. THANK GOD for the FOX News network. At least they tell us like it is and let US decide. Fair and Balanced. I am sure many will not agree with this post but too bad. We still have some rights left and free speech is still one of them! (For now!)

  7. Wini says:

    I too want to thank Brian Williams for the great job he has done all of these years! Too bad it was for such a thankless network! All of these people who think they know it all and keep criticizing Brian Williams! What have you done in your life that you are such an expert on other peoples mistakes? As far as I am concerned, Brian Williams is more of a gentleman than a lot of people could ever try to be! Thank you Brian! You can do better than NBC!! WINI

  8. Norman Saleet says:

    Rena, I want you to think about how devastating the decision to go to war against Saddam Hussein was! That administration was so ignorant of the fact of just how vital of the role Saddam Hussein the CREATURE played in the puzzle of the bigger picture! Once the 4 WMDs extracted this creature’s vital piece of the puzzle, the picture collapsed Leaving the pieces strewn everywhere! The saddest part? That administration’s Intel was so pathetically flaccid, & unaware of how critical of a role this creature played in holding that puzzle together! Even after being informed!, warned!, & made fully aware of the FACTUAL Intel supplied by the brightest and most informed minds on this earth that NOTHING prompted this war! The 4 WMD’s still declared war fully aware of the most vital factual Intel staring @ them! Rena, the four WMDs absolutely knew! In hindsight, none of this! I repeat none of this would be happening had we controlled the creature as you control a puppet! That, to me? would have been the most intelligent move that now has gone down in history as the biggest blunder EVER! This could’ve all been prevented had brighter more aware minds prevailed? simply translated? intellect over ideology!
    Too late now:( they’re everywhere!

    • Rena Moretti says:

      But part of what you’re saying, which is well thought-out and perfectly defensible argument (albeit post-hoc but you probably had the same one at the time), is very far from saying “Bush lied”.

      Saying “fill-in-the-blank” lied, unless it’s true (as in the case of Brian Williams) doesn’t help make a convincing argument.

  9. grandmal006 says:

    Do we really care what he thinks? Haven’t heard much from him or about him, since he got kicked off Two and Half men. No small lose

  10. Eric says:

    Brian Williams isn’t the only problem NBC is faced with recently. Dr. Nancy Snyderman breaking her voluntary Ebola quarantine, and we’re not sure if she’s coming back anytime soon. Ann Curry getting booted from The Today Show almost 3 years ago, which ran off a lot of viewers, and many still believing that Matt Lauer had a hand in Curry’s ouster. Curry has since left NBC. Some may still remember the Dateline exploding fuel tank story from more than 20 years ago. POLITICO ran a story about Turness’ boss Pat Fili-Krushel.

    We see the same thing with CBS and ABC as well. Examples that come to mind. Lara Logan being forced to retract a 60 Minutes story, and begin suspended. Sharyl Attkisson quitting CBS last year, citing frustrations with CBS management, and her being a victim of computer hacking. Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather did an unflattering 60 Minutes II piece about former President George W. Bush, which he retracted and apologized, and later resigned. Some may remember David Brinkley making an unfortunate mistake of saying some unflattering things about former President Clinton when he won re-election, and retired soon after the incident.

    Honest and decent journalist are hard to find these days. Newer generations are not familiar with names like Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Max Robinson, Chet Huntley, Robert McNeil, David Brinkley, and Dorothy Fuldheim, who were legends in the journalism business, and set such high standards.

    • Charlie Sheen & Eric are correct about NBC and their shabby treatment of Brian Williams.I hope Brian finds a new platform. NBC should be ashamed; Brian was a jewel in their lineup, From now on, it’s CBS for me & good wishes and thanks to Brian

  11. Bill B. says:

    The MaSheen (?!) speaks again and it’s just as wacko as it always was.

  12. Sullivan says:

    Nice to have a cocaine and sex addict come out and support a serial liar. Two birds of a feather flock together.

  13. Jim Herbst says:

    Brian, I agree that your suspension was male bovine excrement. I emailed both Deborah ( and Steve ( to tell them so and let them know they lost me as a viewer. Steve didn’t reply (duh) but Deborah did basically saying it was better than firing you! I hope they both get fired and you are brought back quickly. If not and you choose to do something else I’ve got your six.

  14. GKN says:

    Totally agree with the kudos, and though the rest sounds over the top, I must admit I was already beginning to wonder about all these honest non-right wingers suddenly retiring, being forced off the air or getting killed like the 60 Minutes guy. It starting to make for a great deal of coincidences…

  15. cadavra says:

    Williams wrote back, “You’re not helping.”

    • Robert says:

      You know Carlie Sheen I am 47 years old and grew up with all your movies and you have always been my hero… Even when you had the Melt Down deal…. Brian Williams has never been a patriot and fought for the American People… He made a statement several years ago that was not true while covering a War that our Military Men have to deal with on a regular daily basis… You Celebrity/Media dumb asses spread propaganda on a daily basis and try and impress the American people… We know that you all full of shit… You bastards need not to try and brain wash a society that is more intelligent than you are… Brian Williams needs to apologize to all our Veterans and those Family’s who have lost LOVED ONES…. Brian Williams has never fought for this country, however, he has spread propaganda.. Charlie, you made movie about American Soldiers — Navy Seals — ETC… I had a lot of Respect for you Charlie Sheen… At one time…

  16. Drake L.A. says:

    who knew Charlie Sheen was still having his meltdown? As for Brian Williams, the complete list of people supporting him is now: Dan Rather, Bill O’Reilly, and Charlie Sheen.

  17. NPR through WNYC Radio aired a segment on Feb 6th on the Brian Lehrer show that would vindicate and clear Brian Williams for good and give the man peace of mind and his job back in 6 months. The piece was called “When You Misremember” and discusses a phenomenon in the brain that we have all fallen prey to in a smaller or larger way. I called WNYC to see if I could get someone over there to pull a string or two and get this segment to him. To no avail. I hope someone will read this and take a bold step to save the rest of this man’s professional life. After all, 30 years should count for something, don’t you think?

  18. deb says:

    We love Brian Williams he is a favorite of ours shame on NBC I hope you lose viewers.

  19. Rena Moretti says:

    Oh Dear, Charlie started drinking again… :(

    Also what’s a “non com” and why are they evil in Charlie’s eyes? Can’t imagine he meant non-commissioned officers. Or maybe he was THAT drunk… :(

  20. mcfeagle says:

    Hahahahaha! It’s like the kettle calling the pot black! Hahahaha!

    This sort of makes me feel sorry for Brian Williams. Hahahaha!

  21. Sue Karr says:

    Well, I expect poor Mr. Williams’ embarrassment is now complete.
    And, by the way Charlie, it’s “whose”, not “who’s”.

  22. cardmarc58 says:

    Charlie sure pulled out the thesaurus on that one, but clearly jaded as a friend & just Charlie being Charlie.

  23. Norman Saleet says:

    Dear Brian, from my heart to yours and your families! I must apologize for the ignorant, idealog members of our species! All of “US” have to deal with their ignorance every single day! Truth be told, Once upon a time not so long ago, 4 criminals fabricated, & grossly lied to the world by selling their malignant stories which started a War that to this day continuously delivered our children home in body bags! Since that fateful day, history has clearly exposed their truth was a blatant lie! As the only WMDs that existed then, exist now! All four of them! & they’re doing just fine hiding out of site! Brian, U sir, Deliver the news, and you’re the best, absolute! And the story you tell sir, is totally benign and will heal just fine! the stories manufactured by the four WMDs has metastasized so critically that it will never heal! It will never replace the sons and the daughters who were brutally slaughtered! And will never make any of their families sleep any better at night! Brian, “We The People” DEMAND you get your ass back behind UR/OUR NEWS DESK Tomorrow! The ideologues, they need Fox?¿ that’s their speed! The intellects “We The People” NEED YOU as that’s our speed! The 4 WMD’s will go down in history exposed to be no “Less” then they always were:( Brian, we all love you man! Now get back to your news desk where you belong :-) Norman Saleet HitSongWriter!

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Only an ideologue could talk about imaginary lies that they can’t prove (and yes, if you can’t prove them outside of your head, they’re not lies, no matter how you hate those people and their policies and no matter how truly misguided or not they may have been) in a story about a journalist who actually lied in a documented fashion…

      Just sick of people not knowing the difference between a disagreement and a lie…

  24. Maddie says:

    Well, my only response is, the source of this letter truly is an example of a true fan. However, reading these comments proves B.W. has indeed a need for proving himself in the future. How could anyone truly take serious, a man like Charlie Sheen.

    • Norman Saleet says:

      Rena my love :-) Some of my best friends are Republicans :-) I’m trying to digest what I just read in your comment? Rena, why do you have such a hard time believing the truth? Rena, that administration that you blindly follow “Gutted” our Country! Polarized our relationships, Globally! There were No! None! Nada! weapons of mass destruction EVER! That FACT was proven! Time and Time again! Rena, this should clear everything up :-) Just trust me:) listen and watch :-) This is an example of what we, as a species, has become:( This will answer any questions that were ever in need of answers! This will one day be the biggest charitable organization on the Planet! Rena, stay well! LoveAlways, Norman Saleet
      “Man, Lost and Found”
      by: 1 Man 4 All Man

      • Rena Moretti says:

        You theory only works if you make the assumption that President Bush was all-seeing and all-knowing, an assumption I think you’ll agree with me is rather far-fetched.

        Occam’s razor tells us that he was wrong, not lying, especially that these days a conspiracy of that magnitude is just impossible to keep secret (see the recent non-scandal about our current President lying about his position on Gay Marriage just to get elected – not that I disagree with the position he “discovered” once he got in office…)

  25. Christal says:

    Right on Charlie…I agree, leave the man alone…what a bunch of Coconuts! BW is a good guy…

  26. sue says:

    Charlie, you are right. Everything is listed online is unfair until they know the PERSON themselves. ..

  27. georgew444 says:

    Brian Williams wasn’t lying, just conflating memories. Who among us hasn’t remembered something only to find out it wasn’t exactly like that. Williams had nothing to gain by lying. Doesn’t seem in his character. NBC, on the other hand, fueled the fire by suspending him. Pretty tacky

    • Rena Moretti says:

      If Charlie Sheen had “conflated memories”, nobody would care.

      A journalist, if he or she is to be trusted can’t do that. Their business is facts, and imagining you were fired upon when you weren’t and that you saw a dead body floating from the windown of your hotel where none could have been floating is not something you’d ‘conflate” anyway.

      They were lies from a person who was not happy enough being grossly overpaid as a news reader (at least when he was on-site he was really reporting) and being invited to all the right parties. He also had to try and be interesting and cool…

    • Bill says:

      Nothing to gain other than personal aggrandizement.

      Most of us don’t have the job of being impeccably trustworthy day in and day out, though we should be; Williams specifically did.

  28. PETER says:

    Charlie Sheen is an idiot with a drug fried brain! And he looks like shit besides.

    • steve says:

      Peter seems to have captured the reality of this non-event, penned by one who could be graciously described as a vapid,irrelevant, degenerate – essentially a left-wing role model.

  29. Charlie Sheen showed an appreciation for Brian Williams work and contributions. I applaud Mr. Sheenan for having the grace to write his letter.

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