‘Castle’: Will Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic Return for Season 8?


With “Castle” on the bubble, fans are anxiously awaiting a renewal. Variety has learned that the ABC drama has yet to be handed an eighth season — however, if it does return, Nathan Fillion is set to come back.

But what about Stana Katic?

A spokesperson for ABC tells Variety that while Fillion’s deal is done, Katic has yet to sign a new contract for a new season. Both leads’ existing contracts are up at the end of this season, which is still a solid performer for the network.

“Castle” will also see a showrunner shift, in the event that the procedural is renewed for the 2015-16 season, which seems likely now that Fillion is locked in.

ABC confirmed David Amann will exit the crime drama, and the search for a new showrunner is on.

Sources tell Variety that series creator Andrew Marlowe will also step away. Marlowe passed down the showrunner title to Amann at the end of Season 6, but has been actively attached to Season 7, serving as an exec producer.

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  1. dbx says:

    I t is clear bu what is not being said that ABC agan is Scrooge. Stana Katic was the show along with Nathan Fillion, only ABC would remove the glue that holds it all together away.

  2. KDR says:

    This year I just lost interest in Castle.. But with so much crap on the aire and it seems so much more crap coming.. It might be a good thing to keep it going.. But without Katic returning who would care….

  3. Castle fan says:

    no Stana no show! you can’t have a love story with just one half! sorry it just doesn’t work. I hope all works out but for me no Stana no show, you lost not only a great actress but the whole point of your show. It’s all sad. ABC ect poorly handled this mess with the contracts, made both lead actors look bad! Anyway congrats if things work out, just hope that they will. And we will see what the future holds for you and “castle”. Hang with it fans!

  4. ep says:

    Kate already stated that she felt she wanted to go on to something else artistically back in November, as I recall. Fillion “made” her by picking her originally from others soit is the proverbial of “biting the hand that feeds you” so the heck with her. Write her out and she will, find out if she is honest that this role was made for her and she will never do as well again. She will disappear like many others who tried that and got “too big for their britches”. If this is not the reason and it is just money, are you kidding?? They will never interact as a married couple again and I had 54 years of practice. So let her go. Look at how many people she is putting out of work.

  5. Ken says:

    Forever is how long I wish I could boycott all ABC shows, but I’ll have to settle for as long as I live. I will never, ever, watch ABC again. Forever was a great show. They should at least have tried it in another time slot. Damn you ABC. Don’t you ever just look at the artistic merit of your programming?

  6. Tamara says:

    I have to say that I am very upset by all the changes coming to ABC this next season. I absolutely love the story and characters of Forever and really looked forward to what would happen When Jo heard about Henry’s scret. I am also so going to miss Revenge . It seems like I should just stop watching new shows, because they always get cancelled on me ugh. Seriously upset Tammy P

  7. Bob Price says:

    Too much screwing around by Stana. You have the whole cast wondering if they
    will have a job. Very inconsiderate of you. You should be ashamed of your self.

  8. Carrie Gaspard says:

    Come on Stana you have to come back. You and Castle need to start a family and then you can take off. Me and my girls loves your show and we would be lost on Monday nights without ya’lls show. We love the chemistry between you and Nathan. I have been reading the books by Richard Castle and I can picture you and Castle in all of them.

  9. Debra says:

    Come on Stania. Shit or get off the pot

  10. Linda says:

    I, too, agree – no Stana – no Castle! Without Beckett the show isn’t what it is suppose to be – I know the show is about Castle but more than that I believe that it is the interaction of Beckett and Castle (and then you add Esposito and Ryan) that make the show. Take out Beckett and there are other shows like that and I can say I won’t be watching Castle without Beckett and Castle! I even think that the interaction of the mother and daughter are also a part of the show even though it is minimal. It is the characters that make the show – we don’t need another who-dunit. Castle and Beckett still have so much to give to the audience – please keep them both! The current cast works so well together – the main reason I watch is because of the interaction between them all.

  11. anonemis says:

    Who are the actors show names?

  12. gene says:

    I agree with you Gary…..No Stana…..No Castle. I know the show is supposed to be about him, but without her there is no show……and she’s worth looking at….

  13. Gary says:

    No Stana….No Castle….it may have his name but without her I’M NOT WATCHING!!!

  14. Salome Beal says:

    Tom Haikin, we already know what happened with Kate’s case so it wouldn’t a ” great ” end.. But it ‘ll be great if all our questions about the disappearance of Rick would be resolved, no ?

  15. Tom Haikin says:

    I’ve always been a fan of what Molly Quinn and Susan Sullivan do to make the character of Rick Castle tolerable. The concept was probably pitched as a devil-may-care mystery novelist links up to solve crimes with a no-nonsense police detective. Now that the novelist is less devil-may-care, and the police detective is more tolerant, that angle has lost its edge.

    If the show is going to continue it has to find a new edge. One or both of them have to leave their comfort zones, and I’m not sure the audience will accept that. A great final season could be Castle, Ryan and Esposito solving Kate’s murder, but Alexis, Martha, and even Dad would have to be heavily involved.

  16. Only watch CASTLE on TV ….. But if SK walks, my TV is off as well !!!

  17. The whole family really enjoys the show. hope they all come back it is one of the few shows that all the family is able to watch and actually enjoy….

  18. mascleta says:

    No Beckett no “Castle”. But I don’t think ABC cares about this. I bet they will do another season without one of the lead characters! What a way to ruin the end of the show.
    I hope there is a miracle yet and Stana renews being paid the same as Nathan in case that’s the problem.
    Either way, we are gonna get a bad season or series finales. There is no way to write a proper goodbye to Beckett in 2 episodes if they already knew by then.

  19. Paulette says:

    Someone has handled this badly. Not sure if its ABC or Fillions people. But whoever leaked his signing instead of waiting to see if both leads sign has just created bad feeling among the fanbase! The show may be called “Castle” but if it were to try to go ahead without Beckett the show would crash and burn. This way it looks like either ABC is trying to pressure Stana Katic to re-sign or Fillion is throwing his co-star under the bus.Either way it’s bound to make fans especially women furious that the guy seems to think he is the whole show! There is a great cast here, not just one guy! One hopes they all come back or cancel the show altogether.

  20. JImN says:

    No Caskett, no Castle. The interaction between Fillion and Katic carries this show. The rest of it is so, so. Fillion has lots of fans who are women. If Katic doesn’t get a package comparable to his – no necessarily the same money per episode – there could be some serious negativity over that sort of deal. His team should be fighting for a deal where the public see pay parity for both he and Katic.

  21. Buddy says:

    With a change in series direction based on the marriage, bucket lists by Beckett and Castle and Beckett’s new plans for advancement and success it would seem appropriate to find replacements for David and Andrew to champion the series’ new direction. Best of luck and success to David and Andrew in whatever projects they undertake. The cleansing of Beckett’s and Castle’s mythology during the next 4 episodes should provide a new sterile base upon which to rebuild the series’ remaining seasons.

  22. Softcoated says:

    If she really loved him she make him go to the gym. He looks more and more like Lou Costello
    than the ruggedly handsome Richard Castle of season one.

    • roger says:

      Usually I don’t like it when people make weight an issue. But goodness Nathan just looks bad and puffy.
      How does a person age 10 year in the span of about 1 or 2 years.
      Weight or no weight (and over sized jackets) if there is no Stana, I am out. This woman has carried this show for 6 years. Marlowe/Terri gone also. Nothing remains. What’s your fate Bowman? Castle’s best director.
      Does ABC actually think that people tuned in for silly Nathan.
      Honestly, Stana ‘s talents are so greater than what this show has become. Leave Stana. Enter that competitive world of entertainment and take your chances.
      If you leave and cannot find me, I will be glued in front of my new favorite show, Empire.
      Word to ABC. However did you manage to mess up a good show, Castle. The show that had the good fortune to find Stana Katic. Without that find, I would have given the show 9 or 10 episodes, tops.
      People couldn’t take their eyes off her. And I am not talking exclusively about her beauty, it was her essence that made her standout.

  23. EK says:

    Nick & Norah Charles anyone? Needs that level of sophistication to off-set the demise of the sexual tension angle. Can survive with a new showrunner who’s got the imagination to preserve the charm of the characters while putting them in challenging situations the audience can relate to and continue to have a reason to root for them. Two likeable actors who need to up their game a bit to sustain the show in the more competitive environment it will now find itself. Otherwise it’s Moonlighting all over again. Bones has managed to make the same marriage scenario work.

    • Jill A. Hector says:

      Have thought Beckett and Castle as the new Nick and Nora Charles is a great idea! Love the whole ensemble cast. A baby is a great idea. I think this show could go on and on, just keep the plots lively and the delightfully warm and funny characters as they are. We need edge of the seat drama but with a heart and a sense of humor. I’m getting very sick of all these melodramatic shows with no heart or humor. We need more like “Castle!”

    • helllo says:

      Nathan sophisticated? Please. Don’t go there.

  24. Erin says:

    This show needs to end, the last couple of seasons have been a snoozefest. Time for the cast to move on to something better.

    • Buddy says:

      Though ABC continues to try to find something with which to replace Castle, the truth is that they have not been successful. There is now an ideal opportunity to proceed in a new direction with new leadership that has high likelihood for fan interest and success.

  25. Niallerz1992 says:

    When they got together in Season 5 I thought that the show would crash but the two getting together actually reinvented the show. Season 5 is by far the best season of the show and with the two of them together it added new life to the show.

    Season 6 with them engaged and planning their wedding was fun to see and added nicely to the show.

    Season 7 has been a bit rocky but still just as good. When they married I felt that the season began to get back on track again and kept it fresh. The PI storyline was a nice change of things and changed the dynamic of Beckett and Castle and I really enjoyed it.

    The show can definitely run for another season at least. Castle and Beckett starting a family is the next step in their relationship and the fans have to see that, and once they have kids then thats their journey finished and possibly the series. But yeah an eighth and final season would be satisfying for the fans. We get closure to this great series and a season to prepare for the end.

  26. Nikki says:

    I see the show continuing for 2 more years. Where both Rick and Kate become private eyes and they have a set of twins. Show is set 5 years later. Current Characters will become part of their company due to NYC budget problems as the police dept will lay off employees and they will always need
    babysitters and other PI’s perhaps Magnum PI makes several appearances when a case takes them to Oahu.

  27. Charlie says:

    Love Castle but it’s time for it to end. Nothing new happening. Lost something when they got married.

    • Alex Prieto says:

      It didn’t lose anything when they got married, the stories just are not captivating. Seeing Rick and Beckett together and even married is still a joy, the show just didn’t re-invent itself as well as it should have. Their relationship is not the culprit of that, a new show runner most certainly had an effect on it.

    • Nikki says:

      I am not ready for it to end.

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