Bruce Jenner Comes Out as Transgender: ‘I Am A Woman’

Bruce Jenner Transgender
Courtesy of ABC

Bruce Jenner has come out as transgender, Friday night on ABC News’ “20/20” interview with Diane Sawyer.

After much speculation, the former Olympian who was previously married to Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner confirmed, “I am a woman.”

“My whole life has been getting me ready for this. It’s not just the last few years, as they’ve been treating me, as a joke,” Jenner said, referring to the heavy tabloid press, which has surrounded him. “My whole life has prepared me for this moment so I want to take advantage of it and do the right thing.”

Jenner assured Sawyer that the interview is not a publicity stunt.

The Friday night sit-down is the final TV spot Jenner will appear as “Bruce.” He said from now on, he will continue his life as “myself.” Wiping away his tears, he said, “Bruce lives a lie…she is not a lie. I can’t do it anymore.”

Note: Upon announcement of Bruce Jenner’s E! docuseries, which premieres this summer, the cable network released a statement — “at this time, Bruce Jenner is choosing to not live publicly in the media as a woman and will be referred to as Bruce Jenner and with male pronouns” — which Variety has respected in this story.

Bruce Jenner: ‘No, I Am Not Gay’

Jenner explained that he still is, and always has been, attracted to women.

“No, I am not gay,” he said, adding that he has never been attracted to men. “I am, as far as I know, heterosexual. I’ve never been with a guy. I’ve always been married, raising kids.”

By the end of the two-hour interview, he concluded he will identify as “asexual.”

Sawyer also prodded Jenner about whether he will get sexual reassignment surgery, to which Jenner disclosed the decision will come “down the line,” and if he goes forward with the procedure, it would be done very quietly so that no one would know. Jenner has been taking hormones for the past year and a half, which he said, more than altering physical attributes, greatly assists in balancing his emotions.

Jenner also chose not to reveal his chosen female name — a deliberate decision to avoid another media storm.

How Did Bruce Jenner Tell His Wives & Family?

Revealing that first person he told his secret to was his first wife Chrystie Crownover, Jenner said, “sexuality was totally different than what my issues were. I always felt heterosexual.” He told Crownover that he was cross-dressing, recalling, “I had bigger issues than just cross-dressing.”

His second marriage to actress Linda Thompson, whose previous partner was Elvis Presley, dissolved because of his issues and pain. “My gender was a big part of the breakup.”

Jenner confessed that he began to take hormones in the ’80s, and continued to do so for five years. Then, he started to get facial reconstructive surgery.

In the ’80s, Jenner also confided in his sister, who sat down with Sawyer during the interview. “I never told a soul for 30+ years,” she said, explaining that she was waiting for him to bring up the conversation again. “I thought maybe it was just a passing phase…you don’t get over this.”

When he told his mother, Jenner said that he assured her she did not do anything wrong. It’s just how he was born. He’s always been this way, and everything will be fine.

Why didn’t Jenner come out as transgender earlier in life? He explained he could not bear to tell his children, or face the media firestorm. (Jenner has six biological children, plus the four Kardashians, whom he parented for more than 20 years, and still identifies as their father.)

“‘You’ve just got no guts'” is what Jenner would tell himself for years, as he had not come out as his true self. He continued to cross-dress, and admits he would wear dresses and walk around in public because he felt trapped in the wrong body.

Did Kris Jenner Know?

When Jenner met Kris Kardashian, she knew.

The Olympian said he had been taking hormones for years so he had a “good 36B,” referring to his breasts. He was also cross-dressing, and the Kardashian mogul knew of the habit — but was not aware of the deep-rooted extent of his torment.

“I loved Kris. I had a wonderful life with her. I learned a lot from her,” Jenner said of his ex-wife, who declined to comment to ABC News. “I thought we had a pretty good sex life.”

Bruce Jenner Talks ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Series: ‘I Had The Story’

Sawyer asked Jenner about the “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” craze, curious if he regrets doing the E! series, which follows the famous family — Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendall and Kylie.

“I had the story,” Bruce coyly said, bursting into laughter.

“The entire run, I kept thinking to myself, ‘Oh my god, this whole thing, the one real true story in the family was the one I was hiding and nobody knew about it.’ The one thing that could really make a difference in people’s lives was right here in my soul, and I could not tell that story.”

Bruce Jenner Reveals He Contemplated Suicide

With his attachment to the Kardashian family, paparazzi began to follow Jenner’s every move — especially with his changing appearance.

He recalled when he had his trachea shaved to reduce the size of his Adam’s apple, and someone leaked the story and there was a photographer waiting outside his appointment with a camera.

After that moment, Jenner considered suicide. “I thought, ‘it’s like over.'”

How Bruce Jenner Told His Children: ‘They All Cried’

The first child Jenner told was his middle son, Brandon, whose mother is Thompson. “You could tell it was very difficult for him,” his son said, realizing that the moment was harder for his father than for him. “It’s tragic.”

“The first thing I thought was, ‘Oh, it finally makes sense,'” said Brody, who starred on MTV’s “The Hills.” Jenner’s youngest son, his mother is also Thompson.

His oldest son, Burt, whose mother is Crownover, recalled thinking when he was younger that he would never see his father again. But his daughter with Crownover, Casey, reminisced on the time when Jenner assured her he would never go away and would always be her dad.

Jenner revealed Kim was the first he told of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, after she found him wearing a dress.

“Kimberly has been by far the most accepting and the easiest to talk to about it,” Jenner said, sharing a story from a surprising source: Kardashian West’s husband, rapper Kanye West, who helped his wife understand that Jenner is finally coming into himself, which is nothing but positive.

“They all cried,” Jenner said of the famous siblings. “Mainly because they don’t want anyone to hurt dad. They’re very protective of me, especially Kendall and Kylie.”

In a statement to ABC News, the two Jenner sisters said, “We love our dad very much, he has the biggest heart and all we want is for him to be happy. If he’s happy, we’re happy.”

Khloe took the news the harshest, Jenner said. “She’s had a lot of losses in her life.” He added she fears she will lose him, as her father. “I can’t argue that point, but I’m not going anyway. I’m still going to be here for you,” he’s tried to explain to her.

Kourtney, the eldest of the three Kardashian sisters, took the news well, but is concerned about her children — she has three with her partner Scott Disick, who is another “KUWTK” cast member.

“All of the girls, it’s tough on them,” Jenner disclosed to Sawyer.

Bruce Jenner: Coming Out As Transgender Gives Me Courage

“I would like to work with this community to get this message out,” Jenner said, shedding light on suicide, murder and race issues arising in the transgender community.

As for religion, Jenner admitted that as a Christian, he did struggle with coming out earlier in life. “I would sit in church, I would always wonder, in God’s eyes, how does he see me?”

Looking hopeful, Jenner already appears to be taking on the role of a spokesperson for the trans community, though he said he is not.

“If this is the only problem I have in life, I’ve got it made,” he said, finally looking happy and carefree. “I’ve got my health, I’ve got my children, I have family, I have seven grandchildren now. I’m excited about the future to do some real good in the world.”

He concluded, “This is my cause in life. This is why God put me on this earth — to deal with this issue.”

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  1. Rich Murphy says:

    He says he is not attracted to men . I don’t think any men will be attracted to him

  2. Cecelia A Huffman says:

    Bruce Jenner, will always be a Transgender: Not A Woman,’ Until He has his Transmission Changed.
    Fact’ Sincerely Yours,
    Cecelia C Ya

  3. Cait Jenner, has implants has not developed breasts with hormones and still has all of her male organs. How does that make her a transgender Her voice is also the same. She obviously is producing male hormones. Why is she considered so brave. She can change back to a man at any time? I am confused, please explain.

  4. sally says:

    I am for getting to the core of transgendering! Why are some people experiencing this and many, if not most, at a very young age? I wonder about the following influences that may have affected these people: I have read about “hidden twins.” Some people are born with a twin buried inside of them and some have not found out until late in life. Could a “hidden twin’s” spirit be haunting the “live twin” making them want to be a different gender (if applicable)? I feel transgenders should be thoroughly checked for “hidden twins”–different gender. This needs to be “expanded upon” with more info than can be provided here. (check out hidden twins on various websites.)
    Also, is it possible that “enticing spirits” (as depicted in the Holy Bible) have attached themselves to these people to make them dissatisfied with their gender–perhaps the spirits of deceased people who have died untimely deaths but somehow inhabit the bodies of the living-especially vulnerable young children as mentioned above?

  5. Bruce looks like an ugly old man with straggly hair

  6. says:

    i am so proud of Caitlyn for coming out i know it was very hard because she have children and i know it is hard to tell your children that your turning into a women and second of all waiting after 65 years to come out and tell everyone that u are transitioning into a women is very very very hard so i know that there are people out here saying negative things about Caitlyn but this is u and no one can change that so i call that hatting just do u boo and dont pay attention to the people who don’t support u pay attention to the ones who do and even though Im sorry im typing this late but just know i support u all the way and im looking forward to getting to know the new Caitlyn more and more

  7. The ASPCA should get him to do ads reminding people to get their dog’s neutered.

  8. John mcguire says:

    The person is what they are leave it alone who are we. Just humans that live on this planet we don’t have the wright to put people in boxes. Bruce is what he wants and needs to be

  9. Bruce Jenner isn’t the only person to have gone through this watch

  10. This Is Crap says:

    By the way, from this day forward… “I Am a Unicorn”

    Sorry Mom. But I’ve got to be true to myself.

  11. This Is Crap says:

    HE-SHE’s always been a bit sickening… but now HE-SHE’s truly is “Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s” !!!

  12. John says:

    what is it’s new name ?

  13. Dan says:

    it’s the soul that counts …..not their gender or who the person Is having sex with …… plus we are only here on earth as witnesses, NOT JUDGES!!

  14. outlawedsin says:

    I wish him the very best on his journey. It’s incredibly brave to step back and think about who you really are, deep down, and it’s something that a lot of us can’t, or won’t do. Good luck, Bruce.

  15. Cole says:

    This is disgusting I almost couldn’t eat my cupcake. he’s female now but he wants to be a lesbian what a prevented freak. Hahaha honestly step back and think about how insane and twisted his state of mind is; and I can’t even imagine how incredibly ranpid his hormones are during this science project of a transition. Either Hollywood is wicked and a demon possessed him bc he was weak in that cesspool of plastic super-divas or he is mentally ill and really struggling with a mental disease from living with those Kardashians. Poor man

    • Turney says:

      Funny how nobody seems to make these types of arguments when discussing, say, Pamela Anderson and her cosmetically enhanced chest, or other “superficial” people, like the Kardashians, who are regularly nipping, tucking, and injecting every inch of their body to appease their intellectual idea of beauty.

      Because, apparently Jordan James Parke is mentally unwell, but Bruce Jenner is a “hero.” Not even remotely hypocritical or profoundly alarming that there are people in society that find a man electing for cosmetic surgery to be their hero…

    • Tawnie says:

      Are u saying being a lesbian is being a perverted freak (not pretended dumb ass, and it rampant not ranpid) you really are an idiot. In my opinion Bruce is the this best thing that could’ve happened to this family, Kris certainly doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body!!

      • Cole says:

        Sorry I was high. And no, lesbians aren’t perverted freaks, but Bruce Jenner is not a lesbian. He’s a man. And if course you think this is a beautiful miracle. America thinks it too. This country is so brainwashed it’s crazy. Media only promotes this nonsense for financial gain and political control. But it’s cool, keep rooting for corruption.

  16. Reina Croce says:


  17. Michael says:

    They aren’t Kendall sisters, they are Jenner sisters. Get it together Variety. You hiring?

  18. bkbeach4x4 says:

    A woman she may be two shades past looking pretty even after a fifth of Scotch and a Bill Clinton pair of beer goggles. Yet she could still find her soul mate, that’s what a great world and country we have. As for me I’m cursed to forever be a heterosexual male who finds immense beauty in women eyes, smile and tender touch. Sorry but as long as there is a Sandra Bullock in the world, I’m all beef, potatoes and gentle bear hugs while watching the sun set on the Gulf of Mexico.

  19. Chuck E Blackwell says:

    I thought Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer was Truthful , Real , And Unique my Roommate and I had different Opinions Like why now or why get Married 3 Times.I’ve ALWAYS Thought Mr Jenner made in part the Kardashians he will be missed until his Show Premiers…GOD BLESS All the Jenner’s Past Wives Brilliant Talented Kids, As Well As the Kardashian’s. GODSPEED

  20. Loretta Sterling says:

    I think people are afraid of things they don’t understand. I feel to each his own! And if you let people’s negative comments affect them, you are wasting time. Time you could be used making yourself happy. Don’t let negative comments bring you down, IGNORE THEM AND BE INTERNALLY HAPPY. BE YOURSELF AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY……an understanding human!♥♥♥♥

  21. Annie says:

    Get your pronouns right, Variety. *She *Her

  22. Good for her, and shame on the transphobic people in the comments. You are a part of the problem. Your attitude is responsible for the suicide and murder of human beings.

  23. tlsnyder42 says:

    No such thing. This is just a made up story. It’s physically impossible to really change your sex; you’re just mutilating your body. Feelings can change. . .

  24. Smiles says:

    I no longer feel like a human … from this day forward I will be known as a frog.

    Buckle up … it’s about to get crazy up in here.

  25. justsayNOtopervs says:

    wonder how many guys are going to line up to tap that a$$

  26. jose says:

    her* she*
    start the change, variety

  27. George Clowney says:

    Good for her.

  28. Gary says:

    “The Friday night interview is the last TV spot Jenner will appear as “Bruce.” He says from now on, he’s going to continue as “myself.”’

    Seems like you should do Jenner the respect of abiding by her wishes and referring to her as “her” and “she”.

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