Bruce Jenner Called Brave, Inspirational by Transgender Equality Leaders

Bruce Jenner ABC
Courtesy of ABC

Bruce Jenner’s decision to speak candidly and come out as transgender during his interview with Diane Sawyer on “20/20” has been well-received by transgender equality advocates.

“In one of the most profound displays of bravery and courage I’ve seen, Bruce Jenner has finally stepped out into the world for real,” said National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling. “Stories like Jenner’s help change the narrative about who transgender people are. Millions of Americans now have a bridge to understanding the truth behind the struggles of being transgender in 2015 America. To Jenner, welcome. To Jenner’s family, thank you for your touching and compassionate support. And to America, let’s all push past this trans tipping point together and change the world. We extend our deepest thanks and welcome to him.”

Keisling went on to cheer “20/20” for broadcasting the interview, saying, “The ABC News 20/20 team should also be applauded for their touching profile of Jenner. This is what responsible reporting on transgender lives looks like— thorough while kind, deep yet patient.”

LGBT-focused organization GLAAD also celebrated the event.

“Today, millions of people learned that someone they know is transgender,” GLAAD president & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement. “By sharing this story, Bruce Jenner has shined a light on what it means to be transgender and live authentically in the face of unimaginable public scrutiny. Though Jenner’s journey is one that is deeply personal, it is also one that will impact and inspire countless people around the world.”

The interview comes weeks after GLAAD released a study showing that there were no transgender characters in films in 2014. That is not the case for television, which is seeing a boom in transgender life stories.

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  1. jaimy says:

    Sick, perverted, degenerate, and shameful….and that’s just refering to Mr Bruce Jenner

  2. Natalie says:

    A beautifully presented interview, displaying excellent insight and education.

  3. My only problem with the whole scene, is why the f*ck would they consider it brave? Being a fire fighter is brave. Being a soldier is brave (regardless of corrupt govt). Being transsexual? Something that is private and should be left that way.

    Why the f*ck are we celebrating these guys? Just because some pansexual hollywood higher ups have money and want to pander their perversions acting like its perfectly normal, doesnt mean we have to tolerate this behavior. Keep it in the f*cking closet.

    • jaimy says:

      Are you for real?? Sexual deviants should NEVER be applauded or encouraged. This is very disturbing behavior that does not bode well for this country, much less a terrible and tragic example for the children growing up in this twisted mentally ill behavior. Shameful

  4. Atomic Fury says:

    I think the word “brave” is so often mis-used that it means nothing anymore. If he (and Bruce is still a male) pulled this stunt back in the 1950’s or over in Russia today then that would be what I call brave.

    But in that insulated sphere of perversion known as rich Hollywood, he is protected and encouraged by other like-minded deviants who are too scared to be anywhere but around their own kind because they know that despite all the clamor, they are still freaks who won’t be welcomed everywhere. That is why legislation is passed from time to time to force normal people to accept them into their places of business.

    Too often the counter-argument is raised that this was the same reaction to racial equality. Yes, it was a similar reaction and it was wrong in that case. To be racially divided in a supposedly civilized society is hypocritical. But the area of sexuality is different than racism. They aren’t nearly related. People can’t pretend to be of a particular race despite their native heritage any more than a lion can claim to be a fish. The religious beliefs of any American cannot be trampled upon for the sake of an individuals’ sexual lifestyle choices, even though it is becoming more difficult to believe these days. But it’s in the Constitution. It’s also fundamentally immoral to influence the sexual development of children. Perhaps that’s part of their plan. Perhaps not, because I think the sexually deviant part of society is so selfish, they care not one iota how anyone else is affected by their incessant effort to make it illegal for people to react normally to their repulsive lifestyle.

    Don’t get me wrong. If people choose to have that sort of life than so be it. But I can do without the force-fed hyperbole about it being normal. Got news for you – it isn’t. Normal is what produces offspring in the name of propagating the species. With all this encouragement from media sources – especially Hollywood – impressionable kids are going to start wanting to go trans-sexual because it’s the fashionable thing to do.

    This is usually where the subject of being “born that way” is thrust into the discussion to serve the argument that media has no such effect. And that’s just it. Why then, are the media so hell-bent on pushing homosexuality and trans-genderism and the like if children can’t be encouraged? Or is it simply an effort to make such lifestyles “seem” normal and acceptable?

    Copied and pasted to Word in case this comment is dispatched to the censored file.

    • Atomic Fury, I could not have said it better. We may have grown enough as a society that we don’t stone these types of people any more, and rightly so. We each have to live our own lives and must be accountable for the content of our lives. Live and let live. However, just because they aren’t stoned anymore, doesn’t make it any more normal today than it was 2000 years ago.

      And you’re right about being “born that way”. They want society to feel that this behavior is beyond their control, that God made them that way. Well, one’s actions, whether involving the act of sex or not, is what’s called a choice, free will. If being “born that way” legitimizes behavior, then what about child molesters? Shouldn’t they have the same claim as homosexuals since they too were “born that way”? And why stop there, serial killers, rapists, you name it, all those that exhibit perverse or criminal behavior can justify their actions since they were all “born that way”. If it applies to one, it applies to all.

      To recognize Bruce as not being brave, but rather being deviant and perverted is not homophobia or bigotry, it’s called having your moral compass pointed in the right direction.

  5. DaniBoo says:

    I watch Bruce and his family. I don’t generally watch reality TV but I watch his family. I don’t even know what caught my attention. Maybe curiosity hearing so much about them. Mostly I find a lot of it to be superficial and not necessary .But what keeps me watching is that I see the love of their family. Subtract the loads of money and the members who seem a bit too obsessed with them selves , strip all the excess away and I enjoy seeing how much of a truly loving family they are. Even after their divorce. Bruce I’ve come to recognize on that show as a wonderful father. A truly loving , down to earth family focused person. Filled with warmth , smart& kind. I have thought watching him for a few years now that he may be transitioning. I believed that his family probably knew and supported him and that they were waiting for the right time. This is a prediction that my family have made about them for years. And we have been rooting them on secretly for this to happen. Bruce is our favorite reality star on the Kardashian show. He is why we kept watching. I doubt we are the only fans of the show who watch because we love Bruce’s spirit and enjoy seeing him ground some of his flighty ,less grouned family. I also doubt that we are the only fans who recognized what he may have been , and now confirmed , going through. Thinking he was brave and one hell of a father , waiting to do this until his youngest child was grown and they all had a chance to understand and be okay with it. So man , woman …Bruce we think you’re a great human being. Are so happy to see you being you and think you are still an American hero -more so now you are doing something so personal -out in the open -to be an even grater role model. This interview was not a surprise to all watching it and you should know that there are people on the other side of the TV screen who have already accepted you for who you are and take joy seeing you happy and fulfilled.

  6. M.Madden says:

    Watch your special and cried. this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have a family member whose has made this change She is a beautiful women. You being a famous person, please be very careful now. There are many people who are very predujice and ignorant. They will try to harm you.
    Please be careful and don’t trust to many people,Our family so the ugly part of this . Myprayers and hope for much peace in your life finally.

    • Janice says:

      He is strange and mentally ill. He is being viewed as a sideshow freak. It’s tragic that he cannot get mental help because the gay agenda is using him as some sort of “hero” to try to further their agenda. Actually, this seems to be a significant step backwards. This man is obviously mentally ill.

  7. Decyzja Prezesa ULC ma zaś charakter wyłącznie deklaratoryjny i nie wpływa na zakres zwolnienia
    z podatku od nieruchomości.

  8. Detestable! Too few suffer from hormonal imbalances to pollute the public with this extinction level disease. Homosexuality.

  9. AA Jabrams says:

    Damn Bruce what did Kris Jenner do to you? lol. You might as well have married Lorena Bobbit you sick freak.

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