Watch: Bruce Jenner Speaks for First Time in New Diane Sawyer Interview Promo

Bruce Jenner speaks for the first time in the second promo for Diane Sawyer’s interview with the former Olympian, released by ABC News on Tuesday.

“My whole life has been getting me ready for this,” Jenner says in the new trailer, which features him chatting and walking through the snow with Sawyer.

While ABC has kept topics and details under wraps, only describing the interview as “far-ranging and exclusive” and teasing Jenner’s one-on-one as “the journey, the decisions, the future,” the former husband to Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner has long been subject to rumors that he is ready to reveal his transition to become a woman, following heavy speculation from the tabloid press, largely due to his appearance.

The first trailer for the interview, released last week, mysteriously did not show Jenner’s face, nor did it feature him speaking.

Jenner’s interview with Sawyer will air Friday, April 24, as a special edition of “20/20.”

Watch the new promo above.

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  1. He has been preparing his entire life to become a Famous Transsexual? How on Earth do you prepare for something like that? It’s not like he’s trying to become a Woman or anything that makes SENSE. No, he wants to be Famous for being Transsexual.
    There’s not going to be any money in it for you, Brucie. Sorry man.

  2. Tasha:) says:

    I honestly don’t think he’s transitioning but whether it’s true or not at least the rumors can finally be put to rest. Looks interesting and Bruce is a great person no matter what his gender is.

    • Coco says:

      you “honestly don’t think he is transitioning”—-what rigorously would translate to the” Bruce is a Liar “definition…..what then in your opinion makes him a great person(character)…you negate your own acceptance.

  3. DW says:

    Diane, if you notice her facial expression and body language, looks so put off by all this as they are strolling.

  4. Katalin says:

    I just can not understand when he said I have been planning this my whole life. Ifeel that he never took into consideration the feeling of his wives ,children.Actually you should not have had wife and children. Thank goodness your children ara older now.But its not fair for you to start something new at this time.It should have been earlier in your life. I do not even know how your wives can deal with this., Is this all for more money really. So many people would lobved to have a life as you have had………….EVERTHING

    • c4r0 says:

      what he probably meant by planning this my whole life was maybe planning to finally be who he really is and be open about it. its none of your business what he chose to do with his life. actually, people like YOU should not exist anymore, so ignorant and judgemental. he can marry whoever he wants and he should be able to have children if HE wants to, WHO ARE YOU to say what he should or should not have or do in his life? hes a good person and he deserves everything that he has in his life and that includes his family and friends. the reason it took him this long to ”start something new” is probably because of people like you! im pretty sure its hard for him right now and its hard to keep this from everyone for this long. and you still can be attracted to women if you see yourself as a woman. so pull your head out of your ass, grow up and get over yourself.

  5. Let him do what he thinks is the right thing for him. It takes a lot of courage and bless him for going thru with this. I am sure he thinks the Kar family did well as girls, may be can do the same. Just hope he doesn’t follow them and go for all black guys. Nothing wrong with black guys, but those girls mother has pushed them toward black men forever and now she is trying to find one that will “fit”.

    • Vandy says:

      What a strong response to something so complicated. It’s not FAIR to start something new at this time. Why the heck not? Fair to who? If his family loves him they’ll find a way to accept him. If he IS transitioning – because it’s all really vague and shadowy – he shouldn’t base such a decision on other people. But if he’s been working things out with his family, perhaps that’s why it’s been so vague. To give them time. He grew up in a time when he probably couldn’t even put a name to what he was feeling. It wasn’t like it was in the news or spoken about as open as it is today. He was an AMAZING athlete – which opened a lot of doors. So being famous for something so masculine at the time would have been harder. Lastly – gender identity doesn’t have anything to do with sex. He could identify as a woman and still be attracted to women. Get over yourself. He had everything because he earned it. Nothing changes that fact.

  6. Kim says:

    I really give him a lot of credit to do what he truly believes in; he’s a good person, why bash him? I think it’s fascinating

  7. Jeff Madruga says:

    How appropriate to set this steaming piece of marketing tease crap in the snow! It’s a snow job throughout.

  8. occultology says:

    So, Diane is talking with Bruce about “the journey”…you mean the one that begins at the tip of a Peninsula and ends in the bottom of a Canyon? Freaks walk among us.

    • Bill B. says:

      Man, I hate people like you who think everyone should be the same. There are all walks of life and there always has been, but they no longer are in the shadows fearful of people like you. Those days are gone. Get used to it.

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