The Secret Mastermind Behind Caitlyn Jenner’s Transformation

Caitlin Jenner Media Strategy
Getty Images/Vanity Fair

The media campaign surrounding Bruce Jenner’s public transformation into Caitlyn Jenner has been nothing short of masterful, from the substance of Diane Sawyer’s two-hour “20/20” interview special in April to the sizzle of this week’s Vanity Fair cover reveal of Caitlyn in a bustier.

The person guiding the strategy behind the scenes has been Alan Nierob, a seasoned showbiz publicist and longtime exec at Rogers & Cowan. Last fall Jenner hired Nierob, who has handled crisis PR for some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson, for help in guiding her through a storm of media attention as she came out as transgender. Nierob declined to comment on this story.

Sources close to the situation said Jenner turned to Nierob for a very specific reason — one that is poignant in light of the turns in Jenner’s life today. In the mid-1980s, Nierob helped Jenner at a moment of crisis when a reporter for the New York Times was pursuing a story about Jenner being a cross-dresser.

At the time, Jenner was on the rebound from a career downturn and was enjoying a new round of endorsement deals and media gigs. In the mid-1980s, a story about the Olympic decathlon star dressing in women’s clothing would have severely damaged, if not destroyed, Jenner’s public image.

Jenner had previously been repped by Rogers & Cowan around the time of his 1976 Olympic triumph but never by Nierob. The two knew each other through mutual associates. In the early 1980s Jenner worked for ABC and NBC covering auto racing at a time when Nierob represented star driver Danny Sullivan.

When Jenner was approached by the Times with questions about cross-dressing, Jenner confided in Nierob about her gender dysphoria condition. Nierob was never formally hired as Jenner’s rep — he helped her out as a friend. Nierob worked briefly but intensely with Jenner’s then-manager and attorney to dissuade the Times reporter from pursuing the story. He used all the PR pressure tricks: strenuous denials, questioning the motives of his sources and emphasizing the ramifications of such a story for Jenner and his family. No story ever ran.

Thirty-odd years later, Jenner turned to Nierob for help on the journey to becoming Caitlyn because of the level of trust between them. Jenner felt Nierob never betrayed the confidence and never gossiped in Hollywood circles about the incident.

Work on the campaign to explain Jenner’s transformation began late last fall when Nierob reached out to Diane Sawyer for what he knew would be a landmark TV moment for public awareness of the transgender community. He knew it had to be serious and substantive to dispel any suggestion that the emergence of Caitlyn was a publicity stunt.

Sawyer’s work on the Jenner interview began at an emotional time for the ABC News anchor, following the November death of her husband, director Mike Nichols.

After the April 24 “20/20” interview generated rave reviews and 17 million viewers, the first promotion for Jenner’s upcoming E! docu-series, which was officially announced during Sawyer’s interview, began to hit.

The June 1 release of the Vanity Fair cover, which revealed Jenner’s new name and look, coincided with the launch of her @Caitlyn_Jenner twitter account. Jenner racked up more than 1 million followers in a few hours, a new Twitter record, and had more than 2 million as of Friday.

On Tuesday ESPN announced that Jenner would receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the July 15 ESPY Awards. That will be followed by the July 26 premiere of E!’s “I Am Cait,” which runs eight episodes. The series will chronicle Jenner’s transformation over the past few months and also show her on a new mission to be an advocate for public understanding and tolerance of transgender community concerns.

In fact, sources said Jenner has been on the road this week shooting material for “I Am Cait” and hasn’t had much time to catch up with the latest round of coverage.

“She’s doing it,” a source close to Jenner says. “She’s not sitting at home reading her own press. She’s on a mission to save lives and make a difference.”

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  1. alan says:

    I do not understand how what this man has done can be viewed as brave……What is the matter with people today especially the media? This man is not brave! I personally feel sorry for him as he clearly suffers from mental illness. When a man can look at himself in a mirror and see that he has male body parts, but feels that he is a woman is obviously ill. What he needed was help to overcome his illness. Society is so quick to label people these days with mental illness over just about anything that is not defined as normal behaviour, yet we make a hero of this guy……..As my mother used to say, “It’s a crazy world.”

    • 4Justice says:

      THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Someone here is making absolute sense! I totally agree with you! For me “Caitlyn Jenner” is a perfect picture in 3Ds: Dysfunctional, Disgraceful and Disgusting! Have a great day!

  2. S. S. Baker says:

    I am saddened by Bruce Jenner’s transformation into a woman at this time. Why did he wait so long… after having children for goodness sake. He/she says they support him, but at the big awards show where the whole clan was there, they entire family looked moritified and embarrassed – not happy or proud in the least. And the younger daughters are the worst victims of his selfish need to be a woman at the end of his life. I realize he had to sit around and watch the Kardashian women getting all that money and attention for their fashion sense, etc., but did he have to become a woman as well. Hell no. I love Bruce Jenner, the man, who made us proud. I do not hate Caitlan, but I believe he waited too late after too many marriages and children to do this crazy selfish thing. I believe after the initial excitement is over and he has to deal with his kids as a woman when they miss and hunger for their dad will become the real story and he will finally have the time to sit down and think about how he has ruined so many lives. I have empathy for people with this issue, but it should be figured out and settled long before children become involved. I’m one of five children. My daddy was a saint and we loved him immensely and he would NEVER have done this to us. Thankyou.

  3. janet lee says:

    E spend your time on more important issues for real. To much going on in the world than to cover a person who doesnt even have a identity. My suggestion weak person live with who you are . You see wrong attempt to make it right. Move to the positive. Please tell me that you guys at e have another plan. One that all humanity cares about and to make a difference in a humans or animals life. I. Think your stratgery stinks just to get viewers. Amen

  4. janet lee says:

    Sorry dont feel it there is something wrong with this man. The same with the family. You must love what god has given you. Please spend your money in a better way. For really if i was rich i would be more concerned about the downtroden in this nation as well as the poor animals that suffer abuse. I certainley would not be concerned with my shell but the issues that need severe help. It would never be about me. What a waste. Help who ou can if you are blessed to have money. Your plastic surgery costs could have helped alot of people and animals, No kudos to you.

  5. Phillip x bass says:

    He Bruce jenner is a cross dresser

    • LGBT+ says:

      you trans phobic piece of trash

      • 4Justice says:

        Why does everybody have to agree with you people? No matter what you may think, you have to respect other people’s opinions if you want yours to be respected! Stop being rude, stop insulting! At least show some class by not calling people by names other than their own!

  6. Steve says:

    “She’s doing it,” a source close to Jenner says. “She’s not sitting at home reading her own press. She’s on a mission to save lives and make a difference.” she also killed a women and injured another person wild driving down PCH, what an insult?

  7. J Benoit says:

    dude, you still look like a man. no amount of paint, powder, hair extensions, addtions, etc, are gonna cover up that you are a man. That photo in May with the pony tail is a man to the hilt. If you’ve gotta take harmones and have surgery, then you were a man, youu had 10 kids for goodness sakes.

  8. Rihty says:

    This is truly the definition of “ABOMINATION.”

  9. recorddeal says:

    How is this news? Put it in the circus where it belongs!

    • LGBT+ says:

      You trans phobic piece of trash.

    • raleigh says:

      that is ignorant and a flippant brush-off of how important this story is. caitlyn jenner is one of few public transgender figures and is helping to pave the way for a safer, more accepting world.

      • J Benoit says:

        this is for money. if he was a woman, he would not need all the harmones he says he took. why, they aren’t working anyway, still looks like a man. he needs mental help, and a bit of God and I am not a crazy fundamentalist

  10. Self-identify, or gender issues are a serious matter. No one wants to go through their life (nor should they) not being who they truly are, and not only should change be accepted, but it should embraced. BUT, it’s this liberalized “hacked” perspective on the story which really troubles me. Day in, day out both women and men face ( sometimes at very early ages even) difficult-to-do, rip-families-apart kinda choices, in order for that person to live a happy life- but they sure as hell don’t get interviewed on 20/20! The here-today Caitlyn, gone-again, Bruce, made this spotlight for two reason alone, 1) “He” was recognized as one of the single greatest US gold-medalist ever, and 2) “He” was married to Kris Kardashian- who by chance spit out some of the most supper-bad bitches ever- who married “him” because, well, you only need to revert back to 1). So while hacks wanna roll this ‪#‎LivingOurTruth‬ agenda, just remember, while Caitlyn, is (and should) do and be whatever her heart desires, please, please, just remember: the media can only capitalize on said story, because of who “He” used to be- not who “She” is now, and (personally) I think the LGBT should be pretty damn offended by this whole over-blown story, while so many other struggles within the community get ignored. ‪#‎ThatsLivingTheTruth

  11. Brian Taylor says:

    Bruce Jenner is a man. Caitlin Jenner is a man…a fame starved, money hungry exhibitionist with feminine tendencies does not a woman make.

    If I were a woman I’d be insulted; as a man I’m just disgusted.

    I suppose he now has what he really wanted…money and fame like he had in the “good ol’ days”

  12. Peter says:

    Bruce Jenner ıs not a woman. He can never be a
    woman. He doesnt have the slıghtest ıdea of what
    ıt takes to be a woman. It goes beyond an ınverted
    penıs, boobs! Waxıng and all what not. It goes
    beyond the glıtz and glamour. We have bad haır
    days, mood swıngs, menopause, equal work for
    less pay. Motherhood, wıfe dutıes, and dont even
    get me started wıth mornıng sıckness, spıttıng,
    vomıttıng food cravıngs for nıne months, and
    ultımately havıng to push out an object as bıg as a
    water melon out through a hole the sıze of a lemon,
    ın a room full of people. The ındescrıbable
    excrucıatıng paın, the blood and water. Thıs man
    has no ıdea. Oh and breastfeedıng? Its not all
    sunshıne and raınbows. Its lıke an endurance trek.
    Someone sucks and chews your nıpples at wıll for
    sıx months, exclusıvely then some more.Stop
    trıvıslızıng womanhood abeg. Bruce Jenner, park
    well jare. Monı mıss roadProudwomanrantıng .

    • Nico says:

      Yes you’re right Bruce Jenner isn’t a women (we already knew it) but Caitlyn is (I think you miss that part)

    • Kevein says:

      Oh and by the way, Bruce has not had a sex change. Man, period.
      If I think I am a camel, does that make me a camel? Not so fast.
      Transgendered folks don’t need Bruce as spokemodel. He is not one of them.
      He is a pill poppin fraud, like the rest of the Kardashian, West, Jenner tribe.

    • clearlydemented says:

      So no women who hasn’t carried a child can be considered a ‘woman’ by your standards? Sounds like you hate being a woman and are jealous Jenner chose differently than you would. There are people who trans from woman -> man; you may want to look into it. Women putting down other women for not staying at home or working with children or not having children at all or not sacrificing herself the way you have chosen to is really a disservice to all women. You don’t like your life? Then don’t judge others for making different choices; be happy that they are happy. No one’s done anything to you by having different experiences.

  13. Andrea says:

    I think what Bruce Jenner is doing is incredibly selfish. He is in his 60’s, what’s the point now, and it would have been more admirable for him to suppress his desire to become a women for the sake of his family.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who the fuck are you to judge his life?
      You comment on the fact that you don’t know why he would even bother a transformation at this age, but it’s never too late to be true to who you are.
      Many people later in life decide to take up new hobbies, go new places etc, all because they never had the courage, means, or whatever reason to do so.
      Regardless, his life should be respected, as should everyone for the right to live their lives the way they see fit, especially so when they are doing nothing to harm anyone, including themselves.
      And come on, does Bruce Jenner really play any kind of role in your life???
      Just some food for thought.

      • Andrea says:

        This is a rebuttal to anonymous. You ask: who am I? I state my name unlike you, that chose to remain anonymous. As far as judging people, everyone judges everyone, you’re judging me by my comment right now. You’re right I don’t personally understand what he’s going through but I do understand we are not perfect and we all have desires & choices. Many people struggle with the same desires to change gender but they choose to stay in their gender because they do not want to hurt their family and they prefer to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of others, that was my point. Simple. Your comparison to taking up a hobby, well if you don’t understand that it’s quite different from changing your sex, then there’s not much to be said there. As for what role does Bruce Jenner play in my life, well what role does he play in your life. I could ask, but I think it’s better to state he’s in everyone’s life right now because you can’t turn on the TV or the news radio without hearing about this so it up for debate. If you or him do not want anyone commentating then this should’ve been made private because when it becomes public people will comment. This is just my opinion, you certainly don’t have to agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we don’t all have to share one brain and think exactly alike. PS there’s no need to use profanity.

      • Andrea is right , Bruce is a selfish person , the smell of money made him go public. He is a disgrace to his 6 children

  14. It is my opinion Bruce Jenner did a great job in tandem with plastic surgeons to assure that Caitlyn would look as amazing as possible (not to mention the mega talented photographers who did a whole lot of air brushing….) I am hoping that whomever that inner being is that dwells inside the human body of that Olympic athlete that had the whole world watching in ’76 is finally happy and can pursue living the remainder of his/her life in complete happiness now that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent…

    I only wish that now that the unveiling has taken place, the rest of the world can go back to their merry happy lives and not have this shoved down our throats ever corner we turn.

    • Deril Stubenrod says:

      I agree, the grand-standing hype is more than just a little annoying. Bruce Jenner decided that becoming Caitlyn was the next chapter in his life. Now Ms Jenner can help the TG community and that’s good also. I wish Ms. Jenner well. But can we move on now? (No disrespect intended or implied)

  15. Bunny says:

    Good for u miss Jenner whatever it takes. Be who u are comfortable being,living and embrace life bcus tomorrow isn’t promised.I’ve followed u for decades.U are an amazing person & ppl just need to accept the new time day & age. All be grateful/ relieved Jenner didn’t commit suicide over identity shielding/ crisis.I’m very old school yet believe let ppl live and be as happy as they can no matter how taboo many feel this still is,its not anymore.Guys turn to girls, girls turn to guys.They are being comfortable in the bodies they feel should have been theirs since day one & it’s not affecting us or our lives as individuals so no bashing on this person Pls or many like her.The suicide rate keeps going up every year bcus of our social media as w Michael Jackson a lot of former fans turned on him most his life tho never convicted,tho alleged victims came forward after money spent damage done & after his death came forward and admitted it was about money! A lil too late.Suddenly he’s gone and Jackson haters only saw the good now many filled w regret bcus he lived with shame & sadness that wasn’t deserved, wasn’t earned or needed. Point being,Miss Jenner may save many lives & serve her purpose in life not as a major gold medalist but humanity paving the way for others to choose coming out not ending their lives Foundation for a better world! Less bashing & Killings,social media slander & so much hatred in our world.What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger!” Live but let live.Sry if I offended anyone but Caitlin Jenner deserves to be accepted, respected & honored for being brave enuf to not give up b4 God takes her! Bruce or Caitlin is Gods child as we all are!!

    • Deril Stubenrod says:

      Comparing Jenner to Jackson is like comparing a classic car like a Chevy Camaro to an Edsle. Jenner: someone who dealt with some challenges and went to change the course of his life in a way that made sense. Jackson: a pedophile that got caught. See my point here folks? Jenner is just a good person that had to change the course of his life. To compare Jenner to Jackson is rude and shouldn’t be done, period. If being Caitlyn is what makes sense for Jenner, more power to Jenner for doing so. Ms. Jenner, I won’t compare you to Jackson – ever. The comparison doesn’t make any sense and is frankly, rude in my opinion. Best wishes on this new chapter of your life.

  16. Sally says:

    I think its brilliant the transgender people can finally live in a body that represents their true identify, personality and gender. However I am shocked that Bruce caused the vehicular death of a woman not too long ago and he is still being dubbbed a hero. I think its a little insensitive. Poor timing.

  17. Tonina Johnson says:

    I am concerned about th isstory and its message to transgender youth in particular. It reminfant me of when Magic Johnson went public with his HIV status. Magic went on to have children with his wife Cookie, who blessedly did not contract the virus. He now has an undetectable viral load. However it was not explained enough that Magic and his wife had the latest and best care money could buy, and that HIV and AIDS can stil cause extreme health problems and death. Not everyone reacts wel to the meds, etc. And having babies when you have HIV was still dangerous. Well, hormone treatment and surgery for transgender people is expensive and carries many health risks for everyone who undergoes it. Also, gender identity isn’t just about how you look on the outside, or it shouldn’t be. As with earlier HIV/AIDS treatments, These doctors aren’t always informing these people what the risks and longterm consequences of these surgeries and drugs are, nor has any comprehensive long term study been done on post treatment transgender people. Food for thought.

  18. leila says:

    If she is so altruistic and doing it for others then she should donate her proceeds to people that cannot afford the transformation process… I’m just sayin’!

  19. Liz Favreau says:

    In 1976 I loved Bruce Jenner’s courage as an Olympian. In 2015 I love Caitlyn’s bravery and courage for becoming who she has always been inside!

  20. God says:

    Lol at this comments section…

  21. FAIRTV says:

    Okay, the chest is different, the genitals are different. Somebody ask Caitlyn what he DNA is.

  22. louise says:

    GOD doesnt judge…..thats human
    nature…God is not human….he created all and loves all….be whatever u are….caitlyn or bruce…..God doesnt love u by name…or look……he loves u by soul….just love God and he will always love u….never ever wil God judge u….never!!!!now little stupid humans lets stop judging God!!!!cause judging another is judging God…

  23. God bless CAITLYN. Her story transcends ALL races!

  24. Eli says:

    Caitlyn, you are a hero. You are brave. You weren’t afraid to show the true you to the world (maybe you were afraid – but you DID it). You inspire our community. Even more so, I think you open eyes of older folks like my dad (70 yrs old)
    Who saw you become the worlds greatest athlete. If Bruce can become Caitlyn, then we can all live our lives as ourselves.

    You are just amazing. Thank you!

    • Stacey says:

      Sorry, no, there is nothing brave about this depravity. Bravery is not chopping up your body and dressing up in costumes because you hate and are ashamed who you truly are. That is true cowardice,

  25. A. Daniels says:

    I really really love all you’ve said(written)….it all makes lots of sense

  26. po'd in cali says:

    no one wants to discuss how this person got away with manslaughter on PCH due to his/her celebrity status, because he/she wasn’t speeding. so clearly wasn’t watching the the traffic light either, this is the real story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. God makes no mistakes and he still loves Bruce Jenner, the person he created. I’m sure he is grieving when he looks down and sees Bruce telling the world “God made a mistake” This nation has already turned their hearts from God. More important just think of all the minds he has affected. He is not saving lives but destroying lives. He obviously has too much free time and money and already enjoyed his fame once and that was not enough for him. We are called to bless the poor and feed the homeless…I don’t see that Bruce or the Kardashians have done this. We are all to put God first in our lives, not just some of us. Jesus didn’t take that beating and hang on the cross for some of us he did it so that we might all have an abundant life. We should allhave the mind of Christ. Did Jesus have breasts when he hung on the cross?

    If Bruce isn’t doing this for publicity then why was it necessary to have a 2 hr interview, photo shoots and now a reality series. I don’t believe christians are being judgmental, they are speaking the truth because they know the truth. God is the ultimate judge.

  28. Brad says:

    I travel to Third World Countries and try to help the poorest of the poor. I normally don’t watch much Hollywood news. I can say this: I’m amazed at the time people and the media is giving this. Who has the time for this? Plastic surgeries, sex change operations, interviews… Wow! Bruce/Caitlyn needs to be stuck in the Congo or in the paddies of Vietnam and figure out how to feed himself and his family! I think that would cure him of his gender confusion! The guy/gal obviously has way too much time in his/her hands! 99 % of the world has no time for this! Crazy! Get a life!

    • Eli says:

      Wow brad, in case you didn’t realize – we aren’t in the Congo or Vietnam. We are right here in the USA.

      You may define yourself by another’s standards. I don’t. Nor should any of us.

      American philosophy – free to be you n me.
      Take your bigotry back to a third world country. We don’t need you here.

    • Debra says:

      You are so rood! You wouldn’t think it was crazy if you were going to have the same thing happen to you.

  29. Matt says:

    This is s sad and disgusting saga. A mentally-ill person unable to get needed help because it would be supporting an agenda. Truly disgusting on many levels.

  30. Duke Herald says:

    i really like the fact that jenner has undergone the transformation as this has brought out a new being in her, a confident personality and joyous mood, i truly advocate for transgender as long as ones innerself advocates for it and would bring a great personality

  31. jona says:

    When will this be over?

    • Marie says:

      I have been wondering the same thing since these Kardashian snakes crawled out from under their rock.

  32. qwertyphile says:

    I feel sorry for Caitlyn Jenner. That transition seemed to go at lightning speed. (Not to mention moving to a new house at the same time.) Kris and Kim are said to have given fashion advice to Caitlyn for her debut. A bitter ex-wife, and a stepdaughter who sees having an ex-stepfather who is transgendered as being edgy and cool for Kim and Kanye’s brand, are not ones to be relied upon. Kim was “literally so excited” after seeing Caitlyn being photographed. And KUWTK is another revenue stream for the Kardashians, so if this keeps that going, then why not? Okay, so Caitlyn liked to cross-dress. That didn’t mean that she had to have the Squadron of the Kardashian’s Plastic Surgeons on speed-dial, and hurried along with professional coordination, that was lining their pockets at the same time. Before, Caitlyn always seemed like the low-maintenance, high energy one, who was up for a hike or a game of golf or whatever. And now he’s going to build a glam room… I feel that Caitlyn was failed and exploited by those around her. I just hope that this is what Caitlyn really wanted and that she is happy.

  33. Rhemi says:

    I am so happy for Caitlyn, I’m glad she gets to be who she wants and isn’t afraid to do it. In my opinion she’s prettier than Kris. Caitlyn is working it.

  34. Scandalous says:

    ‘Saving Live’-my tuchus! If he were in fact trying to save lives, he would be donating all or even SOME of his proceeds to the LGBT and affording other ‘transgenders’ the opportunity to not look like ‘a man dressed up as a woman’ as he calls it. But they won’t see a dime of his millions. He just destroyed his whole family, his poor mother, his tortured young girls, I even feel bad for the Kardashians and Kris! He is a demented, self-centered, narcissistic multiple personality disorder freak!

  35. mary says:

    Knew he cross dressed. No big deal. At this point I feel bad for his ex wives. The 2 younger kids. Really that would be hard on the whole family. He/she does look good, but who wouldnt with makeup artists?

  36. Denise Backus says:

    Why lie to your family? That would hurt so bad to know a 20 year marriage was a lie! Be yourself don’t hurt your whole family with lies !

  37. christal wernhard from south africa says:

    Be all u can be we only live once much love from all of us in cape town

  38. PutriAyu237 says:

    “She’s on mission to save lives and make difference..” What a liar..!! the truth is ” Bruce Jenner is on mission to make a living (shamelessly) on transgender issue and make money-fame”

    I knew it.. From the very first time i heard about all media had some interests with the way Bruce Jenner dressed up, and then only two months later it was revealed that he would have a special interview session with Diane Sawyer (plus some “rumors next deal” with E, ESPN, and “sudden appearence” in Vanity Fair cover, I KNEW that there was something fishy here..

    i’ve already written my suspicion on comment section in some online news about my theory of how this ” Bruce-Jenner-transition-things’ are staged..

    Having experience in PR for showbizz in Indonesia, i already saw a pattern and reason why some publications and media were chosen to “tell public” about Bruce Jenner’s transition.. Having read this article, i am so joyful that I AM 100% RIGHT.. since after i posted my comments in Buzzfeed-THR-DEADLINE, i received some backlash from readers who think that They Know It All, but sadly they were fooled by the what came to surface.

    in PR-ing thing, it’s so common things when PR practitioners are employed to cover-up something; to make something belieavable; or to hide the lies to be something acceptable.

    That’s why i believe Bruce Jenner’s hidden agenda of his transitioning is Fame and Money.. Since his gold-medal-things are long gone and He chose to separate from Kris Jenner, he needs some way to re-gain his source of money..

    His history as someone who loves being in the spotlight, is the main reason why i don’t believe in him.. Plus his association with Kar-trash-ians family.. Not so long before this, his youngest daughter-Kylie- has lied about her lips.. Well, it runs in a family, right?

    There are other things that feel not right about his transition.. He said in Diane Sawyer’s interview or Vanity Fair, that ” he had felt that he is a woman for so long”.. but his actions never implicated his statement. If he was ” a woman inside” and ” had a woman instinct”, he would not abandon his children and chose to live with Kris..

    and if he had received hormon treatment since 80’s, the way he acted in behaviour never reflected that way.. Hormones treatment will affect someone’s behaviour, and this didn’t happen to Bruce.

    Someone like Bruce and the rest of his Kar-trash-ians family will do anything to gain a fame and money. They have and always been manipulative persons, and persons that we cannot trust in to.. Some extreme ways to gain popularity will not be obstacles for persons like them.. Just read/watch GONE GIRL novel/movie, because it reflects the correct psychology for fame-whore-manipulative-persons like Bruce Jenner & Kar-trash-ians persons. ( remember a family who sold their daughter’s sex tape to earn money)

    Based on what i believe and my theories (that has been proved right in a more elaborated article published on Vulture).. I will have strong reason to always call Bruce Jenner with his birth-name.. to prove his million-dollar-campaign cannot deceive .. I refuse to be fooled.. The same way i refuse to watch his next E! so called docuseries.

    There are others real transgender person who deserve our concerns, more than a fame-whore like Bruce Jenner.. like Lana Wachowski or Laverne Cox, who really fought. Bruce jenner in his interview NEVER SPOKE about transgender community or INVOLVED in their social activities before.. if he’s really genuine or so-he-called-it, He will not forget to have some contribution.. His appearence in those publications, are pure for his thirst for money..for himself..

    Plus in Vanity Fair article, it was revealed that Bruce Jenner has tried so hard to make his children to get involved in his E! docu-series.. I’m glad that his children has refused to that and stay away from their devilish father ‘s obsession of money and fame.. After all the time He abandoned his children, and all of sudden He came up to ask support for show? WHAT A SHAME OF YOU BRUCE JENNER,

    Only time will tell his real motive and the lies beneath Kar-trash-ians family.. to make it faster revealed, WE ALL SHOULD BOYCOTT ALL OF BRUCE JENNER’s and KAR-TRASH-IANS’s agenda by stopping to watch their show.. as their ratings suck, people will not pay attention and they will eat their karma, for lies after lies they have planted.

  39. Lori says:

    What an amazing and courageous story. To u and ur family stay strong. Just like anything else……YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE HATERS. May all of your dreams come true in your new life as a woman. Wow I’m jealous u look amazing. Lol and yes people I know that money helped who cares She is happy now. Omg ignore ignore ignore

  40. Miffy says:

    “Caitlin” is a man. To think anything else is simply anti-science. Bruce is mentally ill and needs help.

  41. Rachael says:

    Good for Bruce. Finally becoming Caitlyn took cahonies of steel (yes, something even a woman can have). Glad you are finally happy young lady.

  42. science does not rule Bill Nye says:

    Trans is a choice, he made the wrong one.

  43. whaatzittoyah says:

    Am I the only one in the world who thinks all of the money Bruce Jenner spent…could have done a lot MORE good for BETTER causes. People are so consumed with themselves and money. We forget what’s REAL. Along with HOW TO KEEP IT REAL. Be happy with what God gave you. Feed the earth. Our military, our children, our animals. Give EVERYONE a little of SOMETHING. That money could have been way better spent than on some random “feelings” one unlucky (yet, ironically lucky) man with a mental disorder. I get it, YOLO and all but…agendas. Wake up

  44. Doesn’t anyone understand transgendered may be a genetic defect. Not a choice? The common denominator is use of LSD by the biological father. Do the research before you judge!

  45. Madison says:

    You look good but why did you change your self.

  46. Rich Gustitis says:

    I hope that any money Caitlyn makes from all this publicity will go towards the Transgender Community. Working with the public, I see a lot of Transgenders shunned by society. They are not as fortunate as Jenner is. Some of them are poor, alone, not attractive, and often ridiculed.

  47. It’s impossible to fully transition with today’s limited medical technology. We can call Bruce “Caitlyn”, but every bodily cell still contains an unmistakeably male genetic profile. The short 2015 article “What is consciousness?” In my webpage outlines future science’s development of an immortal, “light-matter body” which will be quantum entangled with everything in space, in time, and on Earth. This will allow Bruce to choose a female genetic profile, and to truly be Caitlyn.

  48. David K. says:

    I am having an issue, a big issue with something that seems to be surrounding this whole situation….first let me say that I support Caitlyn Jenner 110%….I think what she is doing is beautiful and courageous…she is helping countless others who are currently facing or will in the future face gender identity issues during their life….with that said….I do not understand why people are being so hateful about it….I’ve been reading the comments on different websites who have been reporting on this story (Huffington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Variety) and I find that there are those who support her (as I do) and then there are those who do not….and they are the ones that I direct the following to…To ALL of you “Haters” out there who have been spouting off about family values and how God does not make mistakes, etc…I have one question for you….Who are you to judge anyone….are your lives such perfect models of order that you feel it’s ok or for that matter your right to pass judgment on others?? Do you honestly think that it’s ok to say the hateful and hurtful things you have been saying about Caitlyn Jenner in the name of God Almightily?? I reference God because it’s ironic that it seems to be you very “Christian’s” who proselytize about a book who’s author has told you on more than one occasion “Judge not, least ye be judged” and who’s only son’s most enduring message was encouraging people to be kind and love each other…Don’t misunderstand me and think that I don’t like Christian’s (I am a proud and practicing Catholic), the only difference is that I am not leading the parade of hate down Main Street all over the world…While I realize that I may sound very naïve, as I am equally sure there are those who would say that the real world is a cold and hurtful place full of people who will judge us on every level and about anything…I say I have more faith in human beings than that…I believe that if people would stop what they are doing for one small minute (just 60 seconds people), put down their smart phone, and honestly ask themselves (honestly, just between you and God or a Higher Power of your understanding ) how you would feel if someone attacked you or someone you loved for simply standing up and saying that they are different…the thing that makes me laugh is that we are all different in one way or another…no human being is the same as another, we are as different and unique as snowflakes…no two are a like…so why judge Caitlyn Jenner for being brave enough for simply standing up and saying it??

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