‘Blindspot’ Boss on How Jane’s Shocking Reveal Changes ‘Her Entire Worldview’

Blindspot - Season 1 midseason finale
Courtesy of NBC

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen episode 110 of NBC’s “Blindspot,” titled “Evil Handmade Instrument.”

The midseason finale of NBC’s “Blindspot” gave viewers one twist after another: In the show’s last ten minutes, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) paid Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) an impromptu visit to plant a long overdue kiss on the brooding FBI agent, before she was kidnapped by CIA deputy director Tom Carter (Michael Gaston) and waterboarded during a harrowing interrogation. During her ordeal, Jane flashed back to a memory in which she overheard Carter mentioning the mysterious “Orion,” but before the two could hash things out, Carter was shot by the man with the tree tattoo revealed to be Jane’s former fiancee, Oscar (Francois Arnaud), who has been following her since at least episode six. But the most shocking revelation of all came when Oscar showed Jane a video of herself, in which she revealed that she was the mastermind behind her own tattoos, amnesia and current situation — “you did this to yourself,” the Jane on the video told her confused present self, after reassuring her that she could trust Oscar.

Variety spoke to show creator Martin Gero about Jane’s shocking revelation, that unexpected kiss and how the arrival of Oscar will complicate things for Jane and Weller in the back half of the season.

Jane did this to herself, which is pretty huge – is figuring out the “why” of that choice a big part of what’s driving the back half of the season?

Yeah, absolutely, and also trying to fill in a little bit more of the who she is and where she’s been since she was abducted when she was five, basically.

Finally, we got a Jane/Weller kiss. How will that affect their dynamic, especially considering that Oscar is now in the picture?

Oscar will really complicate things for Jane. And it’s less Oscar complicating things and more this new knowledge of herself. It’s gonna make her extraordinarily uneasy, as you can imagine – it comes as quite a shock to her, and basically, she’s trying to realign her entire worldview after tonight. So it will mean some complications for those two.

What can we expect from Jane’s dynamic with Oscar, given that he knows a lot about her that she doesn’t know, and thus he probably comes with his own set of expectations?

She remembers being engaged to Oscar, so that’s its own little bit of complication for her, but also, she now has a direct source of information, finally, and somebody that actually knows something past who she might have been, which is all Weller had. Part of the reason she got so close with Weller was, in a lot of ways, he was the only other person in the world who kind of remotely understood what she was going through, because he was the only one she had a real, tactile connection to. Now Oscar is also there, but Oscar has his own playbook and his own set of rules, so it’s a very interesting dynamic between the three of them.

In her interrogation flashback, Jane remembers seeing Carter talking about Orion – will that mystery take center stage in the back half?

Orion is a very big piece, it’s a bigger piece than Daylight, so we’ll be getting more into that in the back half.

We’ve seen the FBI and CIA at odds in the first half of the season, mostly because of Carter. Now that he’s dead, will we see more inter-agency cooperation or complications?

You won’t see much more inter-agency conflict necessarily, because I think the main driving force between that conflict was Carter and now that Carter is gone, the pressure is kind of off. It now shifts away from the CIA a little bit for just a second.

Zapata (Audrey Esparza) was about to hand in her resignation after Carter tried to blackmail her into surveilling Jane, but he’s obvious no longer a threat to her – what can you preview about where she goes from here?

Let’s just hope she hears about Carter before she hands in that letter. [Laughs.]

We saw Patterson (Ashley Johnson) lose a little of her control in the interrogation scene this week – how has David’s death changed her?

I think certainly she’ll get her professional abilities a little bit more under control, but you can’t help but be changed by something like that. It’s interesting for us because Patterson is a great source of comedy in the show, and I wrote episode 11 and by default wrote a bunch of, what some would consider hilarious Patterson lines. [Laughs.] And then on second read I was like, “oh yeah, I really have to change how [she reacts],” she’s still able to bring humor in but … she’s not as ebullient over the next couple episodes. She gets back there eventually but she’s got a really interesting arc over the next half of the season too, that involves dealing with what happened to David.

We’ve been seeing more humor creeping into the show, between last week’s episode and some of the lines Reade (Rob Brown) and Zapata have slipped in – are you consciously pushing to include more of that now that the team has been established?

Absolutely, and I also think episode nine was an important one for us tonally. It was kind of a risk with how we played the bad guy, and I think everyone really loved it, including us, so there are definitely going to be more episodes like episode nine in the back half. It’s fun, it’s always about balance – it’s not gonna feel like a totally different show suddenly, but it’s nice to have that arrow in our quiver.

On a similar note, the team certainly seems a lot stronger now – more of a cohesive unit – so can we look forward to more pizza nights and trips to the bar moving forward?

Yeah, absolutely. The goal for us was always for this to be an ensemble character show and we take a step towards that every episode. We’re breaking episode 17 right now and the case doesn’t even start until halfway through act one. Yeah, there’ll be a lot more of that.

The show continues to raise the bar in terms of weekly stunts; what went into the motorcycle chase sequence?

We have a finite amount of time to make these shows, so doing those things always terrifies me. [Laughs.] That motorcycle sequence was just a testament to our entire stunt team, led by Stephen Pope, and our special effects team, led by Drew Jiritano. You don’t have all the time in the world like movies do, like blowing out a tire and chases with motorbikes, it’s fantastic that we’re able to do that because of the amazingly talented people on the show.

How was filming the waterboarding scene? It must’ve been a tough day for Jaimie.

That was rough to watch and even though she’s got nose plugs in there, she’s still being waterboarded, so there’s no way to get around that, so her and her stunt double Kylie [Furneaux] are incredible.

What else should fans look forward to in the back half of the season – anything you can tease?

I just hope that we’ve proven that we’re serious about moving story really quickly. This isn’t a show that’s going to take its time – we’ve got an enormous amount of story to get out, and I think what’s really exciting is, Jane’s a fascinating character but it’s hard to write characters in a show like this that don’t have any secrets. Suddenly Jane has a giant secret and the way that it changes the show is something that we were really nervous about, because it really does change the engine of the show… but it just made it so much more satisfying to write, and so much more fun, and I can’t wait for people to see the second half of the season. It kind of feels like, network television now – and I think it’s great – we basically do two cable seasons a year, so it almost feels like a whole other season, and we’re getting into breaking those last few episodes, and you’re not gonna believe 20, 21, 22 and 23.

“Blindspot” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

Were you shocked by Jane’s video reveal? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Enok says:

    Intrigin, calculative nd intresitin movie… #BRILLIANT MOVIE

  2. Dee Field says:

    I love the show. That video with Jane really got me thinking. Is she good or is she bad?
    I hope the show is renewed.

  3. Daniel Muchiri says:

    missed it but I have it now from a movie shop and to me it’s one of the best over some time now waiting season 1b to be in Kenya soon and get the unfolding of the story

    I just love it

  4. Aaron says:

    A massive error on my part is watching them all, I live in the UK, and the Pilot episode as literally just been shown this week, yet I knew it started in the US in September or near to it, so I watched them all online, now I need to wait until it comes back to get my fix again.

    Was hooked from the first episode.

    I really enjoyed Stapleton in the Strike Back series, and this is another good outing for him. I can’t say I’m that familiar with Alexandra’s work outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thor/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and The Last Ride, so seeing her progress as a character over a long series is great.

    Hopefully the back 13 episodes are as good as the first 10, and should they both survive the series, the confirmed second series continues along the same vein, unless they change the cast/plot. Hopefully not though.

  5. catharine says:

    Loved the episode. Hate that we have to wait 3 months for the next episode. BTW, note to Laura and to the editors: male is “fiance’ “, female is “fiancee”.

  6. tvdiva says:

    I really thought it would be Mayfair and Weller coming to rescue her with Weller killing Carter. I loved the twist that it was tree man. We knew from the pilot that Jane knew about her tattoos and memory wipe. I guess if we had paid more attention to when she said in the plane in Sent on Tour that she likes to be in control, that she was the leader of this plot and plan. Very nice and interesting twist. Can’t wait for February 29th.

  7. joni marroni says:

    best new show of the season

  8. Charlene says:

    LOVE!!!! the show, me and my kid can’t wait until the end of February. We accidentally watched the first episode and were instantly hooked. Glued to NBC Monday nights at 9pm Central. We are obsessed with what will happen and talk about it all the time. We watch the episodes on the Roku NBS app over and over, looking for little clues we missed the first airing. Blindspot withdrawals until February 2016.

  9. Ana says:

    I’m VERY excited for the second part of the season. I loved the first part and I have a feeling I will love the second one as well. It’s great to see a show take bold storytelling decisions (that hopefully will make sense in the long run). Hopefully it will never be pace for the sake of pace, but always for the sake of the story.
    I love Jane and Weller. I’ve always felt their chemistry and closeness and I can’t wait to see how that will develop considering everything that happened in the last 10 minutes of the fall finale.
    The only thing I’m sad about is that we have to wait till February 29 for the nects episode.

    • Annie says:

      “Jeller” is the show + tats, so, hopefully the writers will keep their fans by keeping Kurt & Jane together…after the hiccup w/Oscar; their chemistry is wonderful!

  10. crazywater says:

    It all ends being an evil plot by either the government, the military or the CIA/FBI that Jane tried to stop when she found out and the only way to protect herself was to disappear and tattoo clues on herself while wiping her memory of her entire life. Isn’t it obvious?

  11. Manas says:

    I absolutely loved it i have already made about 50 guesses of whats gong to happen after the season break !

  12. Liya says:

    I hate mid season break…UGH.
    What a great show, can’t wait for feb. This episode was beyond shocking and there’s a lot why why and why.

  13. Gio says:

    I absolutely LOVED this show! I can’t wait until FEB to see how things unfold!

  14. Plain Dumb says:

    So… you have nothing… great. See ya show… dumb show and no ideas here. I would never watch a show about a woman with a bunch of tats waking up in Time SQ and then…

    So stupid. You wasted all of this money so you could have a naked girl [with tats, which I hate on women], wake up in Time SQ and…

    Plant kisses…

    Talk about dumb. Hit the road, maybe Super Girl can give a lift to the scrap heap…

    • jdoe221b says:

      Yo don’t be a hater. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you have to be so negative. And I think that if you really gave the show a chance you’d like it because it’s not just about a girl with tattoos. It’s really an awesome show!
      Maybe just give it a chance? :)

  15. Stef says:

    Did NOT see that coming, that it was all her idea. I thought that the guy who got killed in her safehouse early in the season that was the mastermind of Jane’s amnesia and tattoos. And I don’t trust Oscar’s motives one damn bit. She broke off her engagement to him. Perhaps it was his idea and forced her to go along with it somehow. We’ll find out in February, won’t we?

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