Bill Cosby: Scandalous New Details Emerge in New York Times Story

Bill Cosby
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

A newly released deposition stemming from a 10-year-old court case against Bill Cosby presents more damaging details about how the once-beloved entertainer used his fame and drugs to pursue young women.

On Saturday, the New York Times released portions of a nearly 1,000-page transcript of a deposition that the paper obtained through a court reporting service. A shorter memorandum of the 2006 case was recently unsealed by a federal judge, leading to the revelation that Cosby had admitted to giving women Quaaludes with the intent of having sex with them.

Cosby has not been charged with a crime and has denied sexually assaulting women. But the transcript provides explicit details of his pursuit of what he called “rendezvous” with various women over the years. He offers great detail of his calculated seduction of the plaintiff, Andrea Constand, who has said she was drugged and molested.

He admitted, for example, that after giving a Quaalude to Therese Serignese in 1976, he didn’t know whether she was able to consent to sexual intercourse. He also explained details of how he paid for Serignese’s educational expenses so that his wife wouldn’t find out.

In the deposition, Cosby asserts he had the William Morris Agency, his talent agency at the time, send her $5,000, for which he reimbursed the agency. Cosby left WMA’s successor agency, WME, after 48 years to sign with CAA. CAA quietly dropped Cosby as a client earlier this year as more than two dozen women went public with allegations of rape and doping incidents over many years.

A lawyer for Serignese and two other women who are suing Cosby, Joseph Cammarata, told the New York Times the information in the transcript is important because it “sheds light on the private practices of a man who holds himself out as a public moralist.”


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  1. Daena Macias says:

    I see all this about Mr. Cosby. Funny thing since I was young something told me not to watch his show. NEVER watch any of his sitcom or comedies. I always felt and saw him as a pervert. Now, all this. Now, I know it was what I thought. An ugly man. Ewww…

  2. Meah Martin says:

    I find the Bill Cosby story so very sad. I wonder how many people knew about the rapes and said nothing. What has proven most interesting is how he was defended in particular by Whoopie Goldberg, who in the face of facts, still used The View to state her completely illogical premise for her support. I think she should be fired. Not because she had an opinion but because she is simply too in love with her own voice to be a responsible host. I live in Vancouver. It was well known that Bill Cosby when he was here was on the prowl and was seen with several women in his limo. He is a monster. I bet there are still others out there.

  3. Josiah says:

    Like words from the grave, since his career and rep are dead! — Bill Cosby’s 2005 Deposition Breaks Silence on Sex Abuse

  4. David Swyer says:

    Cosby in his own way was our Dr. Mongrel. Except that the innocent victims of his depraved experiments were women, not Jewish children. He likely drugged and raped hundreds. And, yet he remains unfettered and untouched. The LAPD needs to come through and arrest him..Normally, someone this evil would locked away in a supermax 24-7

  5. Dick Enormous says:

    Bill Cosby is garbage. My friend and client Robert Culp gave him his big break on the TV series “I Spy” Until then, no African American had ever had a starring role on television. When Culp died of a sudden heart attack. there was a memorial service for him. Cosby didn’t want to attend, but finally did. As celebrity after celebrity got up to talk about Culp, Cosby sat in his seat in stone cold silence. When the service was over, he was the first one out the door.

    • And it never occurred to you that Bill may’ve been mourning in his own way,out of respect for his old “friend”? Maybe the two of them didn’t really like each other,and Bill just went because his agent or studio told him to,for PR reasons. You sound like a racist,who uses any excuse to degrade someone of another race…..

  6. I’m white and I believe you may be right. I believe in equality for all men,women and children of all races,ethnicities,religions,but I know there are many whites,blacks,hispanics,and orientals who are racist,and try hard to prevent the merging of races,which will eventually meld all races into one. IF the human race survives another 5 thousand years,or so,….

  7. I’m sorry,but if any of this is true,then why hasn’t he been arrested and charged with rape? Every story sounds more like prostitution,than rape. Hollywood is notorious for its “casting couch” acts of prostitution by young women,and men,who are willing to do “anything” to get acting parts. Why were these eager young women going anywhere with Mr.Cosby? Were they truly “innocent” young girls who trusted a beloved actor? Or,did they go with him willingly,to do whatever he wanted,just to get a part? Most of these stories take place in the ’70’s when drugs and promiscuous sex were common,especially amongst the wealthy. One story claims a 17yo girl went with him to the Playboy mansion??? She wasn’t carded at the entrance?? Playboy mansions all over the world are well-known as whore-houses,so was she a prostitute? Playboy HAS had 17yo girls as centerfolds,soooooo….

    All these articles seem more like a smear campaign to destroy another wealthy black man. Do they contain any truth to them? If they did,then why hasn’t Bill been arrested??? It’s easier to smear a man’s reputation in the media,than to convict him in court. If he isn’t arrested,he and his family should sue these women for deflamation of character,,fraud, and false accusations,as well as libel. Heck,maybe WE can sue them for falsely reporting this drivel……

    • Jose Roth says:

      You people just don’t get it, do you?

      • squck says:


        The man practically admitted to drugging at least three of these women,and you still insist that all of them are making all their accusations up? Still in denial, aren’t you? Where there’s smoke,there’s fire,so all of these women could not be making all of these accusations up—-there has to be some truth in there somewhere. Enough of the conspiracy theories—-dude said he did do some of what their accusing him of.

    • Tony says:

      He is not arrested because there is a statute of limitation. It is not because he is black, it is because he is one of the biggest rapist of all time. Believe me more and more will come forward. He is a serial rapist.

    • BTW,if you care enough to reply to my post above,forget about bashing me,or picking it apart. I don’t care what you think. I voiced my opinion. If you can’t respect that,then why should I care about your thoughts?

      • FF says:

        The key to a good argument, Russell Matthews, is not to take everything so personally.
        More people would read to the end of your posts if there were less vitriol and a little more respect in them.
        Just a suggestion….

      • Mark says:

        You sound like an ignorant racist to most people. Someone who cares more about a rapist than victims. What a fool you are, and I pity you.

      • Bill B. says:

        Oh man, give it up! You’re the only one talking about race in this issue. How many voices to you have to hear from before you swallow the truth?! This guy’s a major creep if he’s black, white or green..

      • me says:

        If you really didn’t care what other people think?, you wouldn’t have asked 78 questions in your “opinion”??? With question marks all over the place?

        And a first-year law student ?? could tell you that the statute of limitations has expired???? which is why he hasn’t been arrested????? Duh.

        So you say you don’t care about “our thoughts”??? but we’re supposed to care about yours???

        You are very naive.


  8. AND MediaTakeOut reports: Actress Sanaa Lathan Was CAUGHT ON VIDEO Looking DRUNK DRUGGED AND CONFUSED. . . She Was With Diddy And French Montana . . . And Appeared To Be GOING HOME WITH BOTH THEM!! And are we going to here rape, assault, drugged, drunk 10, 20, 30 40 years from now? This type of behavior by women and men has always, does and will happen. STOP BE HIPPOCRITS!!! We know it, we have seen it happen and everyone keeps silent. Who came to Sanaa’s recuse from being taken out of that place IN THAT INCAPACITATED CONDITION. NO ONE!!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET REAL, PARTIES INVOLVED, MONEY GRUBBING LAWYERS AND THE PUBLIC!!!

  9. Alex says:

    It’s alleged that the suits at NBC and many celebs knew about him for years, I guess when he was not able to make them money anymore it was OK to bail on him. They gave him a pass for decades so I understand why so many people can not believe he did this. If they exposed him years ago they may have stopped what he did, but they would have lost millions.

    • FF says:

      In truth most drunk people are not able to consent. If someone takes advantage of them in their incapacitated state, it’s pretty pitiful. Getting drunk is not an invitation to getting raped or anally penetrated. The law will be on their side in this case, as it should be.

  10. Jason says:

    Uh oh another black hero fallen yet no one says anything. Uh oh rev al? Jesse Jackson ? Jay z? That’s right ; you all pick and choose your false battles but only when it better serves u and your fake care in your people.

  11. IT 2 IT 2 says:

    DONT MIND me, I’m just going to haphazardLY FREEstyle and CAPITALIZE random words IN my POST.

  12. Resigned Sidekick says:

    Due process and common sense have left the building when it comes to the Cosby scandal.

    “leading to the revelation that Cosby had admitted to giving women Quaaludes with the intent of having sex with them.”

    Admitting to giving women Quaaludes is not admitting to rape.

    “Cosby has not been charged with a crime and has denied sexually assaulting women. But the transcript provides explicit details of his pursuit of what he called “rendezvous” with various women over the years. He offers great detail of his calculated seduction of the plaintiff, Andrea Constand, who has said she was drugged and molested.”

    Do people not know what world rendezvous means? It just means meeting of two people and “calculated seduction” is not illegal and if it’s consider it immoral than any form seduction is immoral.

    “He admitted, for example, that after giving a Quaalude to Therese Serignese in 1976, he didn’t know whether she was able to consent to sexual intercourse.”

    According, to the deposition it was said that she knew she taking Quaalude according to Cosby’s lawyers. And his answer regarding Therese Serginese depends how the question was asked.

    “He also explained details of how he paid for Serignese’s educational expenses so that his wife wouldn’t find out.”

    Again that doesn’t prove rape, it prove that Cosby was serially unfaithful not that he is a rapist.

    • 1support says:

      After reading your theory, do you not know what a “pattern of behavior” looks like? This man has over 30+ women who said they were given something, ( Quaaludes), subsequently passed out, regained consciousness to learn they’d had sex without their permission, well that’s rape….

    • me says:

      After reading your diatribe, all I have to say is: YOUR common sense has left the building. And you are the most naive human being on the planet.

      • Concerned citizen says:

        You are correct, it is not an admission of rape. It is, however, a near exact description of the same things other accusers have said about him, of which he went on a public crusade against them, and claimed none of their accusations were even plausible. Well now they are.

  13. JE Vizzusi says:

    I simply do not understand Statutes of Limitations as applied to Sex Crimes. I believe there should be Federal Law to revisit age old cases and the States allowed to Prosecute. What is needed is a Felony conviction in this case. And what we have in reality is a WItch Hunt resulting in public scorn. Seems that the Female victim or victims will never have their day in a Court of Law other than a Civil one.

  14. IT 2 IT says:

    just the LATEST in mind control SEX–VEX hex ops
    from TAVISTOCK mind control FAKE media.

    There to ‘DISS—tract you thru this touchy,
    about to go ‘HANDS ON’ phase
    of OPEN globalist mafia USURPATION.

    You remember! –like they had you riveted to CLINTON and Lewinsky,
    and OJ and Nicole during the very heyday of RED CHINA handover.


  15. Vernon C. says:

    Sorry, but I can’t defend Mr. Cosby because I don’t know all of the details, nor can I publicly whip him, as again I don’t know all of the details. The fifth column printed essays are edited for their “interests” and the sales of their News-Print, not for the elucidation of the public on the what-where-how-when-whom, etc. that would make the essay truth-worthy and with a given ability to understand in total. But if we’re going to beat Mr. Cosby, as a public figure who used his power to get his women, then you’re going to have to include Mr. President of the US of A, William “Bill” Clinton. Sorry just because ones an actor and the others a politician that sword has to edges and both must be cut. Hypocrisy at its best, ignore one claim vengeance on the other …

    • me says:

      Despite your inability to express a coherent thought, the fact is that President Clinton’s affair was not in any way, shape, or form “ignored”. So your claim is actually a lie. Further, just like in Cosby’s cases, the President lied and denied everything, when in fact it was true.

      Mostly, your tirade is really nothing more than a 4th grader’s lame excuse of “oh yeah? Well he did it too!”.

    • elissaf says:

      Must everything become an attack on people you disagree with politically? You conservatives are about nothing else but scoring points. And you hated Clinton because your fellow Republicans are all dried up, sexless shells. Yes, Clinton used power as an aphrodisiac, and many people (including myself) disapprove. But he didn’t drug and rape people, so why are you still screeching about it 20 years later? Give it a rest.

      • Bill B. says:

        I don’t know what any of this has to do with Clinton or even politics. What Clinton had going was a consensual relationship with a woman who has admitted to being in love with him. These two issues are not remotely similar.

    • Jimmy Green says:

      rape is about power and control…NOT sexual pleasure.

  16. nurredin says:

    What’s truly amazing about this whole situation is guys like Cosby NEVER have to drug women to get them in to bed,so what was his motivation for this?This man has a mental disorder. I’ve never understood rapists,even more so the ones that are famous and wealthy.There are just too many willing women around.He has ruined everything he built up,not to mention the lives of the women he did this to. There’s no excuse for what he did.

    • FF says:

      He mentioned in the past that that young women can be too frisky or energetic or demanding or even worse, they fall in love with him. Maybe drugging them and having sex with them without permission is a way to control them and not have to engage with them. A more sinister explanation is that he likes to have sex with dead or “dead-like” women. Necrophilia, I think it’s called.

    • Jimmy Green says:

      he didn’t do it for sexual pleasure. rape is about power, control, and ultimately Cosby was punishing.He is a sexual deviate that drugged women.

  17. B Stearns says:

    No one thinks it’s fine. Quiet, troll.

  18. bsbarnes says:

    President Obama says there is no mechanism for revoking Bill Cosby’s Medal of Freedom, but anything that is bestowed can be taken away, so even if it takes an act of Congress, let us put that as-yet-unactivated mechanism into place and put Bill Cosby into his proper place with an Everlasting Inscription of Infamy.

  19. 1support says:

    The hubris of this man is truly disgusting. The statue of limitation in court may have past, but the art of reciprocity hasn’t…. for what goes around comes around, and he’ll reap what he has sowed….

  20. Jimmy Green says:

    Cosby was a very frequent visitor to the playboy mansion in the seventies. Hefner has been extremely quiet on this but I’m betting he knows tons and tons of Cosby’s activities with sex, drugs, and playmates. Maybe his senility is keeping him quiet? Cosby should do the right thing…leave all of these women millions in his will.

  21. Jenn t says:

    Revolting. How is this man not in prison?!

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