CW’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Ending After Season 4

CW Beauty and the Beast Cancelled
Courtesy of The CW

CW has set an end date for “Beauty and the Beast,” announcing Tuesday that the upcoming fourth season will be the last for the romance-tinged procedural.

The series was created by Sherri Cooper-Landsman and Jennifer Levin and is loosely based on Ron Koslow’s 1987 CBS series, which starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. This version stars Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan as an NYPD officer and a former soldier who are romantically involved as she investigates her mother’s murder.

“Beauty and the Beast” has never been much of a ratings performer, averaging a 0.6 rating in 18-49 and 1.6 million total viewers in “live plus same-day” estimates for its premiere season in 2012-13. It seemed touch-and-go that it would receive a third season and the numbers proved why: Season 3, which premiered in June, averaged a 0.23 in the demo and nearly 900,000 same-day total viewers, according to Nielsen.

Despite this, it was known for having an ardent fan base that included CW president Mark Pedowitz.

“I truly like it as a summer series,” Pedowitz told journalists during his executive session at CW’s Television Critics Assn. press tour last summer. “One of our stated goals for the network was to have year-round programming. We’re doing more and more of this, and having ‘Beauty and the Beast’ gives us some scripted programming for summer. We are developing other things at this point for next summer. So I plan to keep it there.”

“Beauty and the Beast’s” 13-episode fourth season, which is wrapping production next month, is expected to air sometime in midseason or summer 2016.

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Rick Kissell contributed to this report.

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  1. Sandy says:

    I just saw the pilot on Netflix. Omg…a total ripoff of an episode in the first season of The Closer. Down to the pregnant lover and the hostess lying for an alibi. Never heard of such a carbon copy before.

  2. Aimee says:


  3. charity ellis says:

    bring it back please

  4. There has to be another season this show is awesome! You can’t leave the ending like that!!

  5. Joanne Lile says:

    love beauty and the beast wonderful love story that proves love is much more than just looks please bring it back I love it those two leads are perfect together

  6. Gracy Emerson says:

    It really sucks that they r not going to have any more seasons this is a good tv show

  7. So bad there is no season five!! Plz do something to bring the series back,, there is still many ways to make it sweeter!! Bring it back with same actors and actresses plz plz!! Its a very good show,, I cant stop watching it though I finished all seasons already

  8. gayle says:

    wow what a great show it gets you hooked big time ive just finished my second season going onto my third i only started watching it like 3 days ago I watched a whole season in one night I just couldent stop watching it their needs to be at least a baby beast come out of it before it ends need at least another 8 seasons to follow

  9. mlenhert2119 says:

    Had no clue about this show until I came across it on Netflix… was definitely on the wrong network bc if I knew about it and saw t on tv I would have loved it as much as I love it now!! So sad there were only 4 seasons!!! Please someone should totally pick this up and continue it with the same actors and actresses!! I am obsessed with the storyline and love story!!

  10. Heidi says:

    why???? I am a all time fan, I am patiently waiting for the next season

  11. Jessica Sanders says:

    never do i ever voice my opinion on such things…however this is probably the best show i’ve ever seen…love it!…obviously it should have been on a different network because i’m just now catching it on netflix and had never heard of the show until now…just seems like nobody had ever heard of it until it was cancelled…so I am watching it knowing there will only be 4 seasons…how sad! :( love #vincat

  12. Iris Picton says:

    I’m so way disappointed the show ended. I didn’t watch it on tv cause I didn’t know about it but man I fell in Love with it on Netflix. It’s a Great Story and Great Characters
    Love Cat & Vincent and the whole Crew.
    It’s An Amazing show with an Amazing Storyline Please please bring it back – with the Same Crew

  13. Angelina Riggs says:

    I love the series, I just watched too on neflix, should continue it, it still has more story too it, great actors.

  14. brittany says:

    Want more seasons for b&tb

  15. Kathleen says:

    Sad to hear you have cancelled the 5th season of beauty and the beast I have just watched seasons 1&2 on Stan and loved it can’t wait to see seasons 3&4 it would be great if you rethink your decision and go ahead with season 5

  16. brittany barber says:

    i cant believe the show ended!!! it was so so so good !!! i never watched it when it was on TV because i didn’t know about it . but i just watched all 4 seasons on Netflix and fell in love i was very sad that it was cut short!! :( :( : ( PLEASE COME BACK !!!!

  17. Sue says:

    Loved this show u cant go by how many watch it cause not everyone likes the same things These actors were great r great and its ashame u took them off for something crappy im sure

  18. Brenda Watkins says:

    I need more of cat and Vincent , it’s all I been thinking about since I watched the show, very good actors really heart warming

  19. Brenda Watkins says:

    Would like to see more of this show was very touching , the two actors where great heart melting

  20. anna morris says:

    ok well i have watched Beauty and The beast all 4 seasons at least 6 times just can’t get enough of it.i hate that yet again another good show gets cancelled..they need to bring it back and to really get a gripper on things Cat should get with child and an under ground hidden part of murfield appear and try to take cat.they should follow this out the baby be born murfield take the baby and they have to hunt the child down and save him/her..there are so many ways this could go..Tess and JT could get married and because he was once infected with the murfield juice it lay dorment and tess has a baby that has the juice and murfield comes after their baby and Kat and Vince comes back to help save it…this show has so many possible ways to go..ended wayyyyyyy toooo soon……

  21. Ivy says:

    I’m so NOT happy about no more beast! Kat n Vincent are all i look forward to when I’m done working…. I grab some wine binge on B&B!! Now i find out that’s it once i get the the end of season 4 its over!!!! >:(

  22. Tai Leupolu says:

    well… whatever the real reason for cancelling the show may never be truly revealed… I mean, it may have a beastly effect on someone or something… my interest in the show has to do with teaching my reading class and my writing class… we watch the show from the Pacific, a classroom of eighth graders.. and it is not like we get to watch an updated version. We picked up the bits and pieces on Netflix… because of direct and indirect characterization and all the elements of literature, I used the episodes to do a very long discussion of writing. Kids come up with rewriting ideas and makes a good laugh. I don’t know if Jay Ryan is up to the challenge of performing what my students suggest at times, but it’s very sad to see that there is no continuing season. Maybe adding a twin or triplet as children would be more fun to see as the beast gets more human with a career, wife, and all of the above while still occasionally having his beast side not all erased. Hopefully there is validity or positive influence from these comments that will amount to any kind of reconsideration as far as anything in regards to redoing the show is concerned. Good job to the writers… my students follow with prediction a lot hoping to read the mind of the writers… and these are kids from the part of the world where English is our second language…You are positively influencing the kids to read and write from your end and you created,

  23. William Spells says:

    I pick up a copy at the libray this week. Necwr heard of tge series. But I’m a fan of Smallville an K.k is bust simply beautiful. Wtaching season one now and pland to watch the final three.

    Sorry you had to go..

  24. Cynthia says:

    I love beauty and the beast.

  25. Faith says:

    almost all my shows r cancelled. it started with legend of the seeker
    then Merlin
    then vampire dairies
    now beauty and the beast.
    and we lovers of magic fiction adventure n things out of the ordinary we r left out and uncatered z unfair.

  26. Melanie Hester says:

    I really love Beauty & the Beast, one of my favorite shows. Also Vampire Diaries. I hate to see them go. In fact alot of my weekly shows that I love are being discontinued on CW. Seems to me that those shows are being replaced with some inappropriate shows that I will not allow to be watched in my home.

  27. abayu majid says:

    yes this is one of the best tv series i have ever seen it made me realize my problem with my partner am proud that it taught me how to be patient and i cant believe its the end….. PLEASE cant you add one more season please i do really miss Jt, tess

  28. Colleen says:

    I loved it! One of those shows that had you racing home to get in front of your screen. Very exciting and full of drama. The chemistry between the couple was AMAZING! I wish this show would continue.


  29. Michelle says:

    REALLY??????? come on seriously?? why do they alway cancel the good shows. I just started watching this on netflix and I love this show so far. It seems every freaken time i get into a show they cancel it. I really love this show. Please renew this show, pretty please

  30. Missy says:

    I wish they would make Catherine end up becoming a beast I think that will make the viewers jump out of there seat. Please make Catherine a beast please.

  31. joyce says:

    Beauty and the beast is a really cool series and am sad to see it rap.

  32. Anne says:

    This isn’t surprising to me. Kristin is an ok actress at best. All of her lines seem forced and she always acts like the world is over, even when she’s “being cool about it”. The actress that plays Tess is pretty bomb and some of the other come and go actors like the actor that plays Katherine’s father are good actors. The story line was also starting to flail.Once they ‘defeated’ Mur-field, or whatever, they should have moved onto ‘normal’ life with her reinstating with the police force AND her BFF Tess, not losing her for the majority of the last season and allowing Vincent to be the doctor he wanted to be. Having fun with their day to day life would have been a good several seasons. However pushing the ‘people are always after us’ shtick got old by the 4th season. After the first 2 or 3 episodes of the 4th season the only word Kristin got to say was ‘Exposed’. I started to cringe every time I heard her say it. Christ, get a thesaurus!

  33. matt says:

    Would it have not been. Easier cont from comment just sent

  34. matt says:

    The season finally and the beast left more questions than answers yes they faked there own deaths to end it all but would it been easier to them both cleard of eveything and then they can still have that happily ever after in paris where vincent can learn to control his beast side without bein found out and katherine.can still be a lawyer without using a fake name because there is still that chance some one could know they are still alive i think the show had a few more good years left and a better permenet happy ever after were both characters can live without wondering will they be exposed again

  35. Kathy says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Beauty and Beast and have so looked forward to its return each season. I am very disappointed to hear that it will not return. Excellent show. Excellent!!!!!

  36. Linda Saunders says:

    Please bring them back! Beauty and the Beast is a great summer or anytime series.

  37. Mary Hudson says:

    Please bring back this show,I looked forward to watching it every week,I’m really gonna miss it,hope it will be back

  38. maria says:

    I hate when good shows like this get cancelled. Come on, really? Why do you have to go and do that? There are fans who love this show. Have you thought of that? What about us? Don’t we who love that show count? Keep that show, please. Don’t be evil.

  39. maria says:

    Cancelling this show is dumb

    • i agree with Angela Hicks. i love this show so much i don’t just love it i’m obsessed literly i try to get it off my mind but i can’t and i keep watching finding out that it has been cancelled made me cry for a whole day please please please i’m begging you don’t cancell this show and if u need ideas to continue this show i bet a lot of us could give u ideas but on one condition the KRISTIN and JAY have to be in it still please cuz all of beauty and the beast fans are counting on 1 or 2 more seasons even if it or they have 10 or less episode in it or them that depends on how many more seasons there r going to be PLEASE PLEASE POLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  40. Barbara A Headley says:

    I am pissed off soon as you find a show you love you cancel it! I am done with cw

  41. Amber says:

    that is very stupid that you would cancel the best show in tv just bc if the ratings.
    It was my favorite show that u binged on. Now what the hell am i supposed to binge on?
    Please reconsider a season 5

    • Beatrice says:

      I don’t understand why you would cancel one of the best television shows on Thursday. Jay Ryan and kristin Kreuk are great actors. I love that show I watch it over, over, and over again. I always enjoy this show. They play so well together. I am so unhappy and the cancellation of my favorite show.

  42. We have been watching it on Netflix because we don’t get to watch it on cw. We would love a season 5. Please reconsider putting a season 5.

  43. TR Brown says:

    When comparing Beauty & the Beast to most other shows from recent years, this one is at the top of the “must watch” list. This show has it all; a little bit of sci-fi, a little bit of substance, the love story and a whole lot of suspense. Most people watch tv, because they need something to take them away from reality for a few hours. We don’t want to see everyday life, we already live it. We need shows that give us something to hope for, someone to root for, something that is NOT reality tv! Now days, the shows that are being aired, compel you to hit the power button and go to bed. Just not worth it and a waste of time. I could care less about peoples drama filled lives, who’s taking there clothes off, who’s dating who or who’s scratching someone’s eyes out! AND… lets not forget the token lgbt relationships that just ‘have’ to be added to every show now, or the cop shows that have also been done to death; UGH!!! POWER BUTTON!!! B&tB keeps you coming back every week, because you can’t wait to see what happens next and thankfully so, it’s not the norm. Cancelation? Big mistake!!

  44. maria elliott says:

    i think that you should reconsider your harsh actions to stop filming batb it is one of the only programs i have watched over and over again you are doing away with to many good programs i watch vd which is on its last season so why are you doing this to all the loyal fans of these great programs ????????

  45. Darlenne Ely says:

    I agree whole heartedly with Angela Hicks. I really hate to see this show dropped.

  46. Angela Hicks says:

    Beauty and the beast was an awesome story. I can see so many more stories lines that the producers could come up with. Remember when she thought she might be pregnant? I wanted that to be true, which could have had more impact on the excitement of writing more lines to deal with. It is sad that this story was cancelled!

  47. Cheryl Umbower says:

    Has Beauty and the Beast last show with a proper ending aired yet?

  48. keemz says:

    Same, i agree with dawn for some reason. ive never seen this show before last month. However, since then ive been hooked. I love this show. Its such an awesome show and the cast is just amazing.. Please reconsider. I would love to see this show continue on.

  49. Dawn says:

    I, too, just learned of this Beauty & the Beast series and got instantly hooked! I can echo and ditto the reviews posted and agree that, far too often, the BEST shows get cancelled….why??
    PLEASE reconsider and keep this show going with the same cast. They are really awesome and deserve awards…. those responsible for making decisions as to which shows to cut or keep rolling are making a major mistake far too often…especially with this show!

  50. FUCK CW says:


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