Another Brian Williams Blunder? NBC News Probes ‘Daily Show’ Interview (Report)

Brian Williams Investigation: NBC News Probes

NBC News’ ongoing investigation of Brian Williams has expanded to a heretofore unknown incident involving comments he made on “The Daily Show” about what the anchor witnessed during the Arab Spring, The New York Times reported Friday.

The internal investigation that was ordered in the wake of Williams’ six-month suspension was already known to be focusing on at least five other questionable incidents.

In February 2011 Williams made an appearance on the Comedy Central show in which he described to host Jon Stewart an incident in which he witnessed on the ground in Tahrir Square a confrontation between protesters and government troops.

But the testimony potentially conflicts with evidence from NBC footage that places Williams in a balcony “overlooking Tahrir Square,” not in the middle of the protest.

The New York Times’ report noted that the internal investigation has yet to reach a conclusion about that incident, or about any of the other episodes already widely reported to be under suspicion.

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  1. grace marvin says:

    I was very unhappy with NBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and making him a scapegoat is not a GOOD THING!!!!!!!!

  2. Ron says:

    News: a report of recent events; not a report of what an insecure, egocentric liar wishes had happened or wants people to believe happened. If he can’t accurately report news, he has no business on a news broadcast. As for “Everyone makes mistakes …”, go back to school, Carol, and pay attention this time. A mistake is unintentional. Brian Williams told a deliberate lie. A news person without integrity is irrelevant and useless. There are already enough fictional shows on NBC, with better entertainment value and more believable scripts.

  3. Carol says:

    Leave Brian alone Everyone makes mistakes and some get away with it I hope he finds another network that pays him more and treats him better than NBC Watch out Matt

  4. Linda says:

    It’s not a “blunder” Variety, it’s an out-an-out lie.

  5. Mitchell W. says:

    This man lies like Hillary Clinton and Lena Durham.

  6. Fox News do this all the time. What’s your point?

  7. igibud says:

    There is going to be a gap later this year when Jon Stewart’s Daily Show goes off the air for a few weeks. During that hiatus, in order not to miss any important news stories, Comedy Central could have their writers make up a fake news show with a character called “Brian Williams” played by Brian Williams.

  8. Your Truth is my Lie says:

    Don’t worry about Brian William’s future employment opportunities… I’m sure he will have a job waiting for him at FOX News with Bill O’Reilly because he will fit in perfectly there… FOX News is a Company filled with pathological liars….

  9. Billy Turner says:

    When will it become abundantly clear Brian Williams is a pathological liar?

    • Toby says:

      So what? It’s not as if he lied his way into waging a war, like Bush (W) and Cheney. Those lies had real life and death consequences… Brian is human, and a heck of a lot more honest than Fox. Why not go there if you’ looking for pathological liars? I doubt that BW ever claimed to walk on water.

    • Carol says:

      how do you know this are you working for NBC

  10. NBC = Nothing But Crap says:


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