NBC Cancels ‘American Odyssey’ After One Season

American Odyssey cancelled
Courtesy of NBC

American Odyssey” won’t be returning for a second round.

NBC is not commenting on the cancellation, but sources confirm to Variety that the conspiracy thriller has been axed after one season.

Star Treat Williams was first to tweet about the news on Tuesday, with co-creator Peter Horton also posting about the cancellation.

The series from Peter Horton starred Anna Friel as Odelle Ballard, an American female Special Forces soldier who comes across computer files that prove a major corporation is funding jihadists in North Africa. But before she can tell anyone, the rest of her unit is killed and she is the only survivor and the only witness to her team’s true assassins overseas.

Peter Facinelli (“Nurse Jackie”) and Jake Robinson (“The Carrie Diaries”) also starred in the thriller, which follows the lives of three American strangers — a corporate litigator (Facinelli), a young political activist (Robinson) and Odelle — who are unexpectedly intertwined, as they all know the truth about the international cover-up.

The show has struggled from the outset after getting decent sampling behind the premiere of “A.D. The Bible Continues” in April, which has also seen a ratings decline since its debut.

Before the premiere, NBC changed the title of the show from “Odyssey” to “American Odyssey” to give a more patriotic feel to the project in hopes of bringing in a larger audience.

“American Odyssey” wrapped up its first season on Sunday.

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  1. Martin says:

    they axed it because of its controversial issue.

  2. Well, that blows. I really dug this series.

  3. BigSam says:

    It didn’t surprised me at all, exposing the e secrets of so called big companies and men. What do you expect them to do? To cancel it of course.

  4. Mary Delcolle says:

    This was a great show very interesting and full of intrigue. Why would nbc cancel it

  5. rmcclung says:

    Netflix should really pick this series up like they did with THE KILLING.

  6. lcotler says:

    It’s a shame there will be no Season 2. While the direction and writing were occasionally over-the-top melodrama, the story is real, the world this series describes is real, and the need now for the American Public to take back their country from the Corporatists and the Deep State that runs this country … is real.

  7. Joe says:

    I really, really liked American Odyssey, so I was floored to know it was canceled. I’m watching Designated Survivor now, and that has been very good. American Odyssey should have been a movie, at least we would have gotten closure on it.

  8. Deb Bradshaw says:

    In total agreement with “BRING BACK, AMERICAN ODYSSEY” enjoyed it so much rewatched again only to be reminded it needs a new season!

  9. alan mcvie says:

    bring american odyssey back it is great, homeland 6 is wallowing

  10. Suzanne Martin says:

    I loved this thriller please finish it easily as good as Homeland which is in season 6

  11. Robert says:

    Why did NBC cancel this there is almost no good shows on anymore! The first episode got me hooked right away, all shows that are cancelled after the first season are the ones that need to stay on the air like American Odyssey.

  12. Rikki Allan says:

    Why why why cancel a show that gets people’s attention so.many love it what a shame
    The best show since deadwood

    What a shame boooooooooo

  13. Darlene says:

    too close to the truth

  14. Matthew Bickle says:

    I will NEVER watch NBC again after they cancelled this show. Thank you soo much for giving me all these sleepless nights wondering how the American Odyssey story ends. NBC obviously has NO CLUE what the viewing public wants or NEEDS. SHAME ON YOU NBC

  15. Tammy says:

    That is too bad, I really enjoyed watching American Odyssey and was really looking forward to the second season. It was a really good show!!! So I am saddened it was cancelled. I hope they bring the show back even if it is aired on another channel.

  16. Adeel says:

    I loved American odyssey. I was finding season 2 but they said it was going to be canclled. Please Please make season 2. When I saw season the last episode it was sad at the ending. So that why you should make season 2, it was good.

  17. Nasya Boudreau says:


  18. doris k says:

    This was a great show with a great plot. I was very disappointed that it wasn’t renewed for a second season and that it was dropped without an explanation and at a great point in the story line. A great improvement over the usual tv drivel. Loved it and hope someone brings it back.

  19. Warren Dean says:

    The first 13 episodes was wicked, I watched them all in 2 days only to find out there is no episode 14, then just learned season 2 has been cancelled this has got to be the government not liking the story line, something to hide I think, please carry this story to the end.

  20. Doreen Young says:

    It’s a shame they didn’t bring this show back, we really enjoyed it. It was current, seemed realistic in a frightening way & ended unresolved!

    • Tamara says:

      I agree Doreen, it’s a shame we, the viewers, have no say on when a great show like this is cancelled.

    • Tamara says:

      I loved this show and couldn’t wait until season two, they left us hanging and I can’t stand when that happens. I think American Odyssey was one of the best shows out there. Please, NBC, NETFLIX or any channel pick it up and continue with Odelle’s story. The cancellation of this show is truly sad. Thank you for your time in reading my comment.

  21. Roy Sharpe says:

    I can’t believe the producers let American Odyssey fans like that in episode 13… OK they planned for season 2, but when it was canned the least they could have done was to produce episode 14 FINALE it would have rated very highly, and still will… Everybody wants to know the fate of Aslam, and how Odelle proves her innocence against those charges; of course she will but please bring it to a satisfactory end and get that damned General charged with treason!

  22. bob mccarthy says:

    Ya know, we feel your pain!

  23. Viktor says:

    Great show! Was waiting so long for second season…to find it was canceled..Jesus… Why??? Perfect story, great cast… One of few what really catch my eye… and was waiting. Big upset.

  24. bob mccarthy says:

    As I’ve suggested before, contact Netflix to recommend Netflix take AO own as they have House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, etc. At Netflix’s website, scroll down to click on to its “Help Center” for contact options.

  25. Sue says:

    Is there some way this series can be revived? NBC made a huge mistake by not carrying American Odyssey into another season. This is one of the best stories I’ve ever seen on TV and there is more to it that should be told.

  26. AnonymousRex says:

    NBC really messed up. They have, or rather, had a hit on their hands and they’re clueless. It’s well understood that the powers at NBC aren’t exactly the brightest tools in the shed.

  27. Mikaila says:

    I LOVED this show!!!!!

  28. Rus says:

    American Oddyssey was a terrific show. It should never have been cancelled!!

  29. Jo says:

    It just came on Netflix in scandinavia. I just love it. Best TV series i have seen in a Long time

  30. Lyn Hunter says:

    We are so disappointed that NBC has cancelled Odessey after just one season…it is so frustrating when you find a really good action packed television show of good quality and it gets canned after one season. We don’t get all of the American shows here in Australia but this one was very good.

  31. Nobodies bidness says:

    Something like this gets canceled and yet we have Duck Dynasty and the Kardashians?

    • TERRI ADAMS says:

      It is overwhelming to my senses that anyone would watch the Kardashians at all. Good show s get cancelled. I saw this on Netflix asI rarely watch any network shows. It was great. Hate it when it got cancelled, along with Longmire, Deadwood….Longmire got picked up by Netflix, but you have to wonder what those a..h….s are thinking when they cancel the good ones and the rotten ones geared for the stupid viewers take precedent over any intelligent fare.

  32. Anthony morgan says:

    hmmmmmmm……..still dnt even believe dat i cnt watch american odyssey again…
    but why will there not be a season 2? i really enjoyed dat movie nd i must say…dat is d best movie i ve eva whatched……pls if there is anytin dat will be done to bring out d second season pls let it be done….dat film is so intresting,educating,inspiring and exceptionally wonderful….pls i look forward for d second season NBC….

  33. Ed Roby says:

    BTW, Anna Friel ROCKS!!!!

  34. Ed Roby says:

    This really sucks!!!!! This is one of the best shows (acting, storyline, cinematography) presently on broadcast TV. Political correctness rules again. Nobody at NBC knows what good entertainment is!!! No wonder the cable channels regularly clean your clock!

  35. DON JOHNSON says:

    It was cut by government and the huge companys that run this world. TO close to what goes on.

  36. CQ says:

    Granted, there were some weak spots in plot, but overall, I enjoyed greatly and was looking forward to a second season. Too bad.

  37. Marcia Grimes says:

    I am extremely disappointed American Odessey has not been continued! Excellent series!

  38. Yasmeen says:

    Why does nbc cancel the best shows?? Especially when it was getting so good! This is torture. I need a season 2

    • Yasmeen says:

      I want to know the real reason why this show was cancelled. Does it have to do with the story line how the US govt was portrayed? Why would such a great show get cancelled? I’m so upset just watched the last episode

  39. Lars Henriksson Kruse says:

    A really nice show, my family loved it, spite the few logical errors. Would love to see the follow up… what a shame …

  40. EddieBo says:

    To close to home? Pity this was cancelled. I´m not happy! Best thriller in a very long time!

  41. vam says:

    why everything good that come on the TV ha to be cancel? American odyssey was the shit I really enjoyed this show. I was looking forward to many more seasons. but when I heard that it was cancel, I was really frustrated for not being able to see the ending on this great TV

  42. Donna says:

    I too just discovered American Odyssey on Netflix and binge watched it. What a brilliant show in every way! Why no second season? Netflix should pick it up as its own original. It’s easily one of the best tv/cable shows I’ve seen. Please, Netflix….somebody…give your viewers what they want. Get rid of the moronic shows and pick up more shows like this one.

  43. BDR says:

    Just spent the last day binge watching this and I’ve gotta say this is better than Homeland; not an easy task. So disappointed that there won’t be another season

  44. bob curmudgeon says:

    So many herein recommend Netflix pick up American Odyssey. Alas, I don’t think they’ll hear you till you speak directly to Netflix.
    Thank you!

  45. Shiraz says:

    I am from India and loved this show. I have read so many comments and every viewer loves the show. Every one is asking why this was cancelled…. Duuuhhhh . even a 6 yr old can make out why it was cancelled ….

  46. phoenixwmn says:

    I am SO disgusted this was cancelled. I only just discovered it and LOVED the shows’ quality & concept. Seems like most of the truly awesome shows get cancelled and for no apparent reason. I’d be all over a Netflix pick-up of this wonderful show. The acting was great, the plot was easy to get invested in, what’s not to love ? NETFLIX, Baby. Let’s start a petition !!!

    • Cheryl Birkett says:

      I just discovered it as well !! Binged watched on Netflix. I loved it and I want more!! NETFLIX please take this smart show under your wing and make more!!! I will sign a petition!!!

  47. anirbez says:

    American Odyssey is a great show, very compelling and what a fabulous cast! Belongs on HBO or Netflix….cancellation was a terrible move by NBC, was really looking forward to the second season.

  48. Ken McGuinness says:

    Absolutely riveting. One thing I notice about new shows when watch on Netflix is how the cast matures and what looks a little rocky from the start turns into this beautiful gem. After two nights of binge watching we are through 12 episodes and I just found out there will not be another season. Like many here I would support a Netflix pickup in a heartbeat.

  49. Thought the show was gripping and a wonderful job and needs another season if not three. Maybe Net Flix will pick it up with the cast in tact. I really hope so NBC does not have a clue what the viewer wants.Pat S. in Alabama

  50. Cindy L says:

    I LOVED this show. I believe it is time to stop watching channels such as NBC CBS & ABC, it seems it doesn’t matter how good the show is or should I say especially if its good the Network cancels the show; however if the show is bad they renew them. I am going to be switching my support over to the cable networks such as Lifetime Own EVEN FOX, I am just sooo freaking tired of getting into the essence of a show and it has GREAT promise only to find ii Canceled or “Not Renewed”. American Odessey was a great show – Just re-watched it on Netflix thinking that it had to have Season 2 coming out very soon and I find that they really canceled it and apparently no other network picked it up. Its a real shame. I am sure I am not alone as I see many many many comments over the net that others DO feel as I do.
    I never write these kind of things but its just to the point that I am getting tired of this over and over so I had to finally say something.
    SHAME on you NBC – and you definitely lost me as a viewer for any up and coming series you put out. Oh and like they say “Hey I wrote it down so multiply that times 1000.

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