‘Star Trek’s’ Alice Eve Slammed For Saying Bruce Jenner is ‘Playing at Being a Woman’

'Star Trek's' Alice Eve: Actress Slams
Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

“Star Trek” actress Alice Eve took to Instagram to denounce Bruce Jenner for “playing at being a woman,” eliciting a deluge of negative responses.

Jenner came out as transgender in his “20/20” interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday, stating, “Yes, I am a woman.” He has since received massive support from Hollywood figures and top transgender leaders.

Although Eve’s posts have since been taken down, the BBC reports that the actress wrote, “If you were a woman no one would have heard of you because women can’t compete in the decathlon. You would be a frustrated young athlete who wasn’t given a chance.

“Until women are paid the same as men, then playing at being a ‘woman’ while retaining the benefits of being a man is unfair,” she went on. “Do you have a vagina? Are you paid less than men? Then, my friend, you are a woman.”

Supporters reacted strongly, including one post that read, “This is transphobia at its finest.” Eve attempted to engage with the backlash with the following comments:

“I do agree that the struggle for transgenders is unique and horrific,” she said.

“However, I do want to also support a cause I strongly believe in, the right for women to have equal rights to men.

“The transgender equality struggle is the next one, as we all know. And very real it is, too.”

Eve eventually removed her posts and backtracked on her original statements. She later wrote, “I’m not saying by identifying they are negatively impacting feminism, I am saying that we have to refine the language on this topic so all men, women and transgenders are accurately represented in their process of self-identification.

“Maybe this needs a little thought.

“Thank you for engaging with me on this subject, because I felt confused and now I feel enlightened and like I know what education I need to move forward.”

Since the initial report, Eve has released an official statement:

“I deeply apologize for offending anyone. I support equal rights and equal dignity for all. I have deep compassion and support for Bruce Jenner.

“My intention was not to offend. My intention was simply to express that, with the overdue and welcome acceptance of us all living on a gender spectrum, we must encourage equality for all.”

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  1. joan smythe says:

    bruce jenner is faking it because he was kicked off the Khardashian show and wanted his own reality show

  2. JC says:

    Bruce only was able to do the complete makeover and make all this noise because of what he accomplished as a Man. Alice Eve is 100% spot on, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was Bruce Jenner nobody would care. But he is an Olympic Gold medal holder, motivational speaker, was married to the Kim Kardashian family with a really show, all of which he did as a Man. Women are stronger than men and a man can never be a Woman no matter how many surgeries he does.

    • roberto says:

      Bitch, men are stronger than women, smarter, faster, you are as delusional as Jenner, even feminism is a concession from men to women, if men didn’t enforce feminism, it would go away.

  3. BelovedsonchristianpreacherMARK says:

    Is BRUCE GENNER RiGHT OR WRONG IS THE QUESTION OF GENDER SOCIAL ENGINEERING POND ? ANSWER : WRONG ! ; WRONG ! ; WRONG ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. John says:

    I understand how Bruce J
    enner must feel, being gay and all myself. He went to my high school and they named our field ( the Brue Jenner field after he won the olympics). I just wish he had not waited so long to do what was best for him, despite not wanting to hurt his kids from earlier marriages.

    The gay and transgendered lifestyle is not an easy road to take. I hope when he is all done that he will find true happiness for himself!

  5. Ben says:

    “Well your opinion contradicts popular opinion, so you can’t express it.” Fuck this increasingly moronic culture.

  6. Das Dweeb says:

    Sounds like an intelligent woman expressing her concerns while staying open to ideas that hadn’t occurred to her. What’s wrong with that?

  7. Lana Bateman says:

    Uh… Am I the only one who thinks she made some good points? :P

    • delandangie@yahoo.com says:

      Lana, you are not the only one. I too believe she was only speaking her own truth and opinion. When did that become wrong?

  8. Richard Mailman says:

    Her message to Bruce Jenner: “Until women are paid the same as men, then playing at being a ‘woman’ while retaining the benefits of being a man is unfair,” she went on. “Do you have a vagina? Are you paid less than men? Then, my friend, you are a woman.” Obviously Diane Sawyer’s thoughtful and simple approach and laying out the facts did nothing to educate this dumb bitch.

  9. G says:

    I agree with Ms. eve’s statements. I do not agree with the tansgender agenda when we have forgotten the feminist agenda the ERA was never ratified people. Women do not have equal rights. Can we please take a step back and achieve that goal first before the more controversial ones?
    Now, having said that i don’t think transpersons should be discriminated against in any way but my views regarding them is shall we say nuanced. I believe that everyone has both mal and female aspects to their person. In some it is more pronounced then others. Some women like to wear dresses and others don’t and it doesn’t mean they are trans. I grew up in a time where it was emphasized that “you are uniquely you and there is noone else like you” and that self acceptance both how you feel on the inside as well as how you look is more important than anything else. These ideas seem to have disappeared today. Today it’s if you don’t like something about yourself change it! Just have plastic surgery! Now when it comes to gender issues, i just don’t understand why they can’t love themselves for who they are inside and outside. Self acceptance of the whole. They use the argument “I was born this way”. That makes no sense to me because you were born physically that way too! Why should one trump the other! If bruce jenner had gone through with his sex change during his 2nd marriage then he wouldn’t have had 2 more beautiful children. (I could care less about kardashians and hate all reality shows. It’s just narcissism at its finest). That is something to be celebrated. Not cut off and thrown away in the garbage. That is how I would feel if i were one of his kids. Like he wished he never had kids. I don’t believe his sex is a mistake either. They all say that too. If it were a mistake then the rest of your bodys dna would not be male in every cell. There was a reason he was born male and maybe it was just to father those children but again it should be celebrated not thrown in the trash. Express your male side if you are female however you want – by not wearing dresses, being athletic, or dressing in suits. Or conversely if male and want to express your female side -have long hair, wear earrings, wear skinny jeans. But don’t deny such a profound part of yourself. Self acceptance!
    I disagree when it comes to the permanent physical alteration through the use of drugs/hormones and surgery. These have lifelong health ramifications shortening life spans. The trans community also cites the high suicide rate. When does that take place and the reasons behind it? I’ve read lots of stories about people that went through surgery and regretted it immediately and then felt suicidal. But nothing would have stopped them from their path. Trans persons need our compassion, yes but they also need counseling to realize self acceptance. A trans woman doesn’t need to be a super masculine jock anymore than a trans male need to be ultrafeminine. We don’t know how this happens. Children love to imitate early on. If what they see is mostly male or female according to societal norms and they imprint upon that then they may grow up wanting at times to imitate that. Everyone just needs to be themselves inside and outside.

  10. Me says:

    Alice Eve is 100% right. But no one deals in truth anymore. The collective requires support for the lie. Bruce Jenner is a 65 year old man who has lived 65 years with the benefit of being born a man. He has no idea what it is to live as a woman. And yes, it is relevant now, today. Suddenly being a woman has been reduced to a feeling you have inside? Give me a break. Well, Bruce will even avoid the reality of menopause just as he has avoided any negative aspect of being a woman. Someone has a magic wand . . .

  11. Steve says:

    Bruce Jenner is a messed up person, I don’t care what you want to call me.

  12. charlotte393 says:

    This is total bulk shit. This isn’t about women’s rights and her opinions are just that opinions. the opinions here also are only opinions and thank God others exist because these are some of the most narrow minded and ugly opinions I’ve read. Sound like a bunch of trolls doing your best to take always ones personal dignity. Don’t get much uglier than that and that is just my opinion.

  13. TranLivesMatter says:

    I’m sorry. I have a beautiful, orgasmic and functional vulva and finally look and feel like my physical body is aligned with my female gender. So what is your problem with that exactly. I certainly don’t look at is as mutilation when the result is more beautiful and wonderful than what it replaced. Until you have walked in the other persons shoes why not just keep opinionated and honestly ignorant comments like that to yourself. Better. Ask God to remove that thinking all together.

  14. diamonion says:

    You can be any gender you want but your sex is still determined by your chromosomes and doing origami to your genitals cant change that. Physical mutilation only leaves a scar to remind you of your pain.

  15. aaronf says:

    …And woman was silenced for talking about a guy who wants to be a woman?#inequality

  16. Xanthia says:

    I am a Transgender Women. I am very happy that Bruce is giving the transgender community the attention that it deserves.
    This is an issue of human rights.My community’s main holiday is a day where we get to read off a list of all our trans kin who were brutally murdered or committed suicide because of societies callus attitude towards us living an authentic life.
    I remember reading about a woman being dragged behind a car…another brutally raped and beaten only to finally die by being thrown in a dumpster and set on fire. I don’t give a damn if you cant wrap your head around the possibility of someones internal gender being different than their assigned sex… I have a right to be who I am and be loved for it. and so does Bruce.I am sure if there were internet blogs in the early days of the gay rights movement there would be ignorant hateful comments from people afraid of change and full of hate just like the ones posted in regard to this article
    The world is going to move forward with or without you… So it is up to you if you want to be remembered as being on the wrong side of history…..

    • Natasha says:

      Xanthia, while I admire your courage and love of self, I think the overall point of her comment was missed. As a transgender woman, he will never have to deal with what is like to be a teenage girl in society. He will not have to endure the economic or social disadvantages of being a young woman in an oversexualuzed culture that still views women as property – something to be had or controlled and without a voice. He will never have to endure the shame society puts on a woman for having an abortion or choosing work over children or leaving work to be with her children. He will never have wonder why that choice needs to be made in the first place. This is not to discount the challenges and hardships of the transgender community. I have transgender friends, and I have listened to their struggles and I have also listened to their exes who were collateral damage to say the least. What is being lost here is that he has lived a life of privilege as a White American male for 65 years, and will never fully understand the female experience. That is hard for some women to empathize with when we still live in a rape culture, where women are only valuable if they are seen as fit, or if they pop out babies or marry the right man. It is a challenge when teenage girls and grown women are starving themselves to achieve an unattainable standard, when single moms are left trying to figure out how to raise their children alone and on less money when their husband desires to be with someone else or be someone else all together. Yes, Bruce has become a very power spokesperson for an extremely underserved community, but why can’t Alice do the same for another underserved community that is a very important piece to the continuation of humankind? Women are valuable enough to bear the children, but they can’t be given an equal voice? That is the injustice Alice was referring to that TG women cannot know, and it is a pain that continually gets drowned out. You mentioned your community has a holiday that lists the names of those that suffered fatally for living their lives out loud. Unfortunately what your holiday covers in a day would take years to list of women who died at that hands of men and women in their lives from physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Birth women don’t get such acknowledgement, and that is the issue I feel Alice was trying to bring to light.

  17. Jg says:

    NoBody is entileD to their opinion.

  18. Sky says:

    She seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of gender identity, as do many of the people commenting here. There is reality and then there are conditioned belief systems, which dictate that things have to fit a definition that once has been taught in childhood.

    It would be nice if people had the decency to keep their judgmental opinions to themselves. Stop comparing your own experience and beliefs to others and just live your life – if you want to consider others, do so with empathy.

    And why is every little brain fart newsworthy these days?

    • Steve says:

      Here is this for empathy, one you don’t have something called common sense, and two Bruce Jenner God love him is whack. YOU want to stop me from speaking the truth tough, not today.

  19. Sandra says:

    Classic case of backing down in a personal belief due to public bullying.

  20. Voice of Reason says:

    Props to Alice Eve for speaking her mind! She has the same right to speak her mind that Bruce Jenner has to act like a woman. “He” can mutilate his body however he wants, but he will still be a man. Unfortunately, many transgender people have the “poor me” syndrome and are ready to throw a pity party. Stand up for what you believe in, fine! But, don’t expect everyone to feel like you do and don’t try to socially persecute those that disagree with you or have their own opinion!

    • charlotte393 says:

      Whatever. People like you that love to remind me I was born a biological male make me laugh. I see your intentions. They mean little to me in my journey. I’m free and live that way. What matters more to me than that. NOTHING. pity party? No. We are tired of of being targets for abuse, rape and murder. Problem with that???

  21. brian says:

    Women are paid the same. They earn less compared to men over the course of life for various reasons.

  22. Greg says:

    Way to speak your mind, Alice. Good going, and I agree with you 100 percent.

  23. stevenkovacs says:

    Alice Eve is smokin’ hot!

  24. Atomic Fury says:

    For one thing, I’m always delighted to see political proponents going at it. Normally, I’d tell any of them to put a sock in it, but in this case Alice Eve is not only correct but shouldn’t have fire and brimstone head her way because of her opinion.

    And what does “phobia” have to do with speaking one’s mind? Is that how it works now? Then I must be the most phobic person to have ever walked the face of this planet because I am opinionated and I fear nothing. Not even the wrath of nature.

    As for Jenner, he is a male, born a male and will take his last breath a male. Like Chastity Bono, Jenner can carve up his body all he wants and it will change nothing. Besides, if he is truly a woman, then why the hormones?

    And that’s the only thing that irks me about the deviant crowd. They think we’re all stupid. Granted, many are. Others are simply spineless and too fearful of the backlash incurred by speaking an opinion not aligned with the tranny contingent.

    Not me. I stand with my opinion, the right to express it and the intelligence to know when there’s bullshit about.

  25. MarinDem says:

    I think Bruce’s real issues are deep seated mental health that includes too many years around Kris and the Kardashian girls and feeling left out and jealous of their relationships. I think he really should have a couple of years of serious counseling before making any life changing decisions. Bruce – you are 65 years old. Do you really think you want to experience what 70-year old women in our society must experience especially in relationships. Becoming a woman with a reality TV show is not the way to become a real dad to your real sons and daughters. Get out from under the Kardashian limelight and be true to being a Jenner!

  26. Don says:

    HE is a man, He will never be a woman. I can never be a dog no matter HOW much I think I am a dog. Testicles are not ovaries. This is pure and simple a MENTAL issue. These people need psychological help.

    • Big Daddy D says:

      It’s also a personal issue..to the person dealing with the issue. Learn to appreciate and respect all opinions/viewpoints.

      • Don says:

        When you go on national TV to make an announcement, you have now given up your rights to call this a “PERSONAL ISSUE.” This is a Mental issue. These people need help. This man needs help. He is not well.

      • jake says:

        So do you respect or appreciate Ms. Eve’s opinion/viewpoint or the commenters that you replied to? That would be consistent with your statement. Just asking. For me, I have no respect or appreciatition for NAMBLA’s views on what constitutes child abuse. Does GLADD appreciate or respect the views of people who oppose gay marriage? I think not! I just gave my view and according to your statement you appreciate and respect my opinion. Thank you for being open minded.

  27. Edward says:

    I stongly urge Ms. Eve to exercise her right to think before uttering an opinion that degoutant (google it).

  28. Phil Cooke says:

    Remember when there used to be freedom of speech?

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      Freedom of speech is on full display here. It’s stronger than ever. If you don’t like the free speech reactions to Ms. Eve’s free speech opinions, well, then speak freely but be prepared for a social media backlash of other free speecher’s. Free speech is not spoken in a vacuum. My god, your comment is breathtakingly ignorant.

      • Sandra says:

        No, you are so wrong. Wow. What a twisted way to support your belief in suppressing her right to express her opinion.

    • Kieran Bourne says:

      Freedom of speech is only available to those supporting the current occupier of the moral high ground. Individual opinion should never be expressed openly. Much like how one uses the bathroom.

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