Alex Jacob Wins ‘Jeopardy’ Tournament of Champions

Alex Jacob has won “Jeopardy’s” Tournament of Champions, taking home the $250,000 grand prize.

The Chicago-based currency trader plans to use some of his prize money to pay for his recent wedding and upcoming honeymoon, but he says he’s most excited to have the title and have his “name next to the ‘Jeopardy’ greats.”

A former professional poker player and the winner of the 2006 United States Poker Championship, Jacob said that he believes his time in that arena prepared him for the “Jeopardy” stages. His won $151,802 over seven “Jeopardy” appearances earlier this year. These winnings qualified him for the Tournament of Champions. There, he won all of his games (one quarterfinal, one semifinal, and both games of a two-day final) in runaways.

“The most challenging aspect was probably just dealing mentally with the high stakes and the knowledge that I could win the tournament if I played well. The one thing I had going for me is that I’ve played for a lot of money on national TV before,” Jacob said. “The thing that makes ‘Jeopardy’ different than poker, though, is that there’s always another poker tournament, but you only get one Tournament of Champions.”

Matt Jackson finished second in the tournament and claimed $100,000. Kerry Greene came in third and took home $50,000.

“Matt and Kerry are great; both really nice, funny people, and of course, excellent players,” Jacob said of his competitors. “I especially was happy for Kerry when she made the finals. She was the returning champion on my first taping day, so she was one of the few players I had met before.”

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  1. Bptr says:

    Anyone notice that there is an obese lady on almost ever day?

    But there is never an obese woman champion (meaning any woman champion because most women are obese now).

  2. 'edith says:

    No mention was made of Asperger’s or autism but it seems that social awkwardness often comes with near genius.

  3. Andy says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that Kerry did not clap at the end? Did she have something against Alex, the winner? I agree that Matt was a little pushy and arrogant, when he got a question correct he was asking for the next clue too fast. But Alex T. controlled things as usual. And while I agree Alex was a dominant winner, he was ‘kinda” strange too, but a “genius” strange.

  4. T. Klus says:

    I am so glad Alex Jacob won. Cannot stand Matt Jackson – he is a conceited ___!

  5. Harold Bradley says:

    Matt Jackson comes across as a conceited and self absorbed individual, with no understanding of sportsmanship.

    Either way, win or lose, I hope this is the last we see of him. It is extraordinarily painful and aggravating to watch this person make faces and behave like a child with no regard for the other contestants.

    I will definitely being rooting for his opponents.

  6. BR Reed says:

    Alex Jacob is a worthy champion. I was pulling for him when the tourney began. Several times he seemed to come up with the right answer from thin air, often at the last split second. Was glad to see him beat Matt Jackson who I thought to be a very strange man. Did not care for Jackson’s style of play and his showboating. Anyway, an enjoyable tournament. Love Jeopardy and Alex Trebek. Great show I try not to miss.

  7. FredQ says:

    Matt Jackson was an irritating fool. He may have a lot of trivial knowledge but his personality leaves a lot to be desired. Alex was cool as ice and sharp as a tack….good for him winning.

  8. doglover says:

    Alex Jacob, you are the sexiest Jeopardy contestant EVER !!!! Tall, handsome and calm in demeanor. Congratulations!

  9. I was expecting Alex to win the whole thing ever since I first saw him on his winning streak earlier this year. I’ve never seen anyone play the game so smartly. For me, he was the most entertaining guest on this show.

  10. Hollis Mulwray says:

    Alex always labored for his answers on the DD. Drama or a psych game for competitors?

  11. JetZ says:

    so glad Matt Jackson didn’t win – can’t stand that guy – and he was so outmatched in the finals. It’s so funny to see him when he gets control of the board – he’s so serious and tries to move things along so fast – and he’s tries to be the boss – but then Alex keeps things at his pace, and when Jacob gets the board back, the show goes back to his laid back pace.

  12. Mrs. A. Ross says:

    Was very upset about the program being pre=empted for sports. I missed the final game because of that but was able to catch what has been posted. I have watched Jeopardy for its lifespan and have never seen a more knowledgeable champ than Alex Jacob. What surprised me was his graciousness, which never failed him, from day one. My money was on him from day 1, and he did me proud. I could not be happier. Great win, great person!! Hope he and his wife have an awesome honeymoon, wherever they go. The most impressive champ ever!!

  13. phil says:

    you can tell Alex is a former poker player with the way he bets, if you remember his original run it was all either bet it all or min bet. he bets only based on his game score, and where they are in the game. His 3 bet it alls and the 1 min bet were the perfect moves maximize early protect late. Ignore what the actual category is and what your opponents have. To win at jeopardy you have to get the DDs and control the game that way, maximizing your score. Even if you don’t need them you stop opponents from getting them.

    It has been proven that the highest percentage of DD are in the 3 middle rows, that is why the bounce technique is used.

    It was strange that Matt seemed nervous on that 10k bet but it was such an easy decision to make if he wanted to have any chance at winning., unless he wanted to play for 2nd.

    I wish Alex had the giant afro that he had back in his poker days, he was considered to be one of the best up and coming players in the world, too bad he gave it up.

  14. newsdee says:

    I enjoyed Alex and Matt. Both were entertaining.

  15. Gwem Ginocchio says:

    Very impressed by the graciousness of Matt coming in second. His bright and funny personality really came across.

  16. Lynsey Powers says:

    Congratulations to Alex!
    Astonished by Matt’s popularity – pompous, arrogant, creepy, spray tanned orange.

    • gshmn says:

      “spray tanned orange”—damn, internet commenters can be so petty. Matt is biracial; prettty sure that’s just his natural skin tone.

      • Wanda Telford says:

        Thanks for being intelligent and knowledgeable.As for being pompous,i thought he was just taking the game seriously.I liked him and i wish him well in life.

    • Bob james says:

      Pompous arrogant and creepy guy that says it all.

    • newsdee says:

      He was an entertaining contestant. I like him. He made the game interesting.

    • C. L. says:

      Matt was great throughout. He has a style, which does not make him pompous or arrogant, just focused. He’s 23. What were you like at 23? Congrats to all!

      • Lynsey Powers says:

        Certainly not arrogant. How about you? Perhaps you find it effective to be snarky to those with whom you disagree? Now leave me alone.

  17. twila says:

    wished matt had won. he was a great player.

    • Clare says:


      • anne says:

        The show is anything but boring—and is one of the only ones I don’t have to listen to the host trying to be funny. Trebek is perfect for Jeopardy because most viewers of Jeopardy watch for the game itself–not for some host that tries to make the show about himself.

  18. Tina Jackson says:

    Matt Jackson played beautifully, inspite of having to deal with the jealous host Mr. Alex Travek!

    • anne says:

      “Jealous host?” Alex Trebek, (not Travek as you wrote), is the best host on television. Matt was very knowledgeable but was very brusque and curt during most of the games. Anyway, it was a great Tournament of Champions.

    • newsdee says:

      No wayyyyyyyyyy I am his number one fan!! (smile) I also like Alex and Matt, but perhaps didn’t realize that he was going up against a PROFESSIONAL gamble.

  19. LolaStraub says:

    Did not know that Alex had played professional poker on TV before–that explains a lot. :) Congratulations, Alex–you really were tremendous in this tournament. And kudos to Kerry and especially to Matt for being very gracious in their #s2 and 3 spots!

    • newsdee says:

      I meant to say that perhaps Matt didn’t realize that Alex is a professional gambler who has won over 2 million dollars playing poker!

  20. Jan Sacks says:

    Good Job!!!!!

  21. Nancy says:

    Alex Jacob you are a very gracious and brilliant player. It was fun to watch you. You made us quite nervous at times. Congratulations!

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