Al Jazeera America Charged with Anti-Semitism, Gender Bias in Wrongful Termination Suit

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A former Al Jazeera America employee has sued the news cabler for wrongful termination, claiming he was fired after complaining about anti-Semitic and sexist behavior by a senior executive.

Matthew Luke filed suit Tuesday in New York Supreme Court, claiming that Al Jazeera America exec Osman Mahmud has expressed anti-Semitic statements and taken discriminatory actions against female employees. Luke’s suit claims that after he complained about Mahmud’s behavior to human resources in February, he was fired 10 days later.

Luke had served as AJA’s supervisor of media and archive management since May 2013, before the news channel formally launched on what had been Current TV.

The suit seeks $5 million in compensatory damages and another $10 million in punitive damages. Mahmud is named as a defendant along with AJA.

AJA said it would not comment on pending litigation. But in a statement it added: “The company takes these matters seriously and will respond in the appropriate forum. Al Jazeera America’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is fundamental to its mission, and is boldly reflected throughout the company: in its staff, its leadership and its programming.”

The complaint claims that Mahmud, who was recently promoted to senior VP of broadcast operations and technology, went out of his way to exclude women from key meetings and to replace female employees with men in key roles.

Most explosively, the suit claims that Mahmud made anti-Semitic remarks including the statement “whoever supports Israel should die a fiery death in hell.”

The suit also claims that AJA executives exhibited an “anti-American” bias in recent months as key executives recruited for the U.S. operation were replaced with Middle Eastern execs from the parent Al Jazeera org, which is based in Qatar and funded by an offshoot of the state government.

The picture of anti-American activity painted in the complaint is sure to be fodder for AJA critics who have blasted the channel from the start as being connected to terrorist and Islamist fundamentalist orgs in the Middle East. Al Jazeera has long maintained that its goal was to build a credible and objective newsgathering operation in the U.S. as a linchpin of its global news network.

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  1. gCaisle says:

    Being anti-Israel is not the same as being anti-semitic. It is more a case of being anti-colonialist and anti-facist. Plenty of Jews are also anti-Israel in its current political incarnation, especially after the great era of kibbutzim and egalitarianism now just a distant memory.

  2. I only have a small amount of sympathy AJA and AJ have always been anti-semitic and anti-American

  3. alan says:

    Al Jazeera is brazenly anti-Semitic—but does anyone expect Muslims, worse–Arab Muslims backed by Qatar, a nation that has never found a terrorist group it didn’t like and that salivates over every Jew murdered by HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, and FATAH–to by anything but anti-Semitic? Every articles out of Al Jazeera attacks Israel and Jews. Look…

    …Al Jazeerah is not a news organization–it is a propaganda organ and a front for terror. Of course, that’s why Al Gore and liberals love them.

    • gCaisle says:

      So I take it you watch Fox News Network, that great paragon of truth, justice and the American way. Be careful what you say is not a reflection of who you yourself really are.

  4. Loveall says:

    I am not surprised that the extremists Jews who do the media filtration for the Americans are now going after Al-Jazeera through their stooges like Luke. Al -Jazeera is the only real independent media outlet that gives real unbiased world news to the Americans. Of course the extremist jews do not like that because it exposes how they violate the human rights of the Palestinians and the worst than Aparthied situation in Palestine. General Patreus also was fired from his job, due too his affair with the Jewish woman who was planted there by the Zionists because he had clearly articulated israel being the main problem for the US in the Middle East. If the affair was not a manipulation by the Zionists and AIPAC then how come the woman is still living with her husband and children and not separated from her husband because of her affair with General Patreus. Clearly she is an Israeli agent whose job was to entice the General and throw him out of his job. Similarly, Luke is an Israeli agent.

    • Daniel Lansberg says:

      Doesn’t sound like your screen name reflects your true sentiment.
      More like a fraud.
      Oh, and yes, anybody whose opinion you disagree with is definitely an Israeli agent or spy. Guaranteed!

  5. What!!! AL JAZEERA anti Semitic??? No kidding…….Is the Holly Father catholic?

  6. Kevin says:

    I always trusted Al-Jazeera as a media source until one day I noticed that they posted an article bashing Israel. The article was talking about how the Israeli government should be considered a terrorist organization, and that Hamas should take over the country. When I went back to the main page the article wasn’t their anymore. Then when I tried to go back it said the article was deleted. When I first started using Al-Jazeera as a global news source I was skeptical because I had a feeling they may be anti-semitic since they’re a Muslim controlled news agency. I was right to skeptical. It shouldn’t surprise anybody at all that this is an anti-semitic news agency.

  7. darkside says:

    it’s about time. this is clearly a one sided muslilm view. they are anti semite for sure.

  8. azy modares says:

    israel lobby and war mongers are trying to control Al Jazeera America and thousands of other News Media

  9. Coigne says:

    I don’t understand how an anti Israel comment can be labelled anti semitic. Can you?

  10. Peter says:

    Of course, Al Jazeera is anti-Semitic. Everyone knows that. It’s enough to read any of its publications to know that.

  11. chaparral2f says:

    Yes Stanley, it is always the Zionist media, isn’t it? You are quite original along with the antisemites at All Jazzed Up. The real bull is perps like you who deny Israel’s right to exist. You must be a Leftist because you sure are not right. [pun intended]

  12. Randy Mason says:

    Charged with antisemitism? What? As if it is a crime to speak about bad people? Freedom of speech today is a crime?

  13. this is total bull ,The Zio media see’s that Aljazeera is gaining popularity mostly because it’s honest, So of course this is the next logical tactic for the criminally false and useless news the Zionist owned news stations shove down gullable Americans throats .

  14. peace1 says:

    This news paper is obsessed with Jewish people. Stop focusing on this small group of people. If I was as writer I’d spend every second focusing on the Christians and Muslims being killed and tortured by their own people. Who cares about Israel. Maybe their not the greatest to the Arabs their but it is not anything close to what is going on in Iran.

  15. peace1 says:

    OK so where are the European Muslims and their protests when it comes to what is going on in their own countries. Jewish people are their smallest problem. I would be humiliated as well to say I’m from Iran, Iraq…… It is easy to blame other people on the issues going on in your culture by thee hands of your own people.

  16. Gabriel says:

    They should be booted off the air asap! If its non biased in all aspects its certainly not showing it.
    There should be no tolerance for hate networks.

  17. Vikas says:

    The sexism I understand, but that quote is not an example of anti-semitism…It’s an example of anti-Zionism. Zionists always try to skew anti-Zionism as anti Semitism.

  18. jettsetter says:

    Al jazeera is indeed the mouthpiece for islam and islamic viewpoints. However, they are entitled to freedom of the press, just like the guys with the hoods and white robes (freedom of speech, but the robot censor will not let me say the name of the 3 k organization). Anyway, we are lucky Americans, they al jazeera news agency, and the muslims hate jews more than us Christians, and agnostics in the United States. The American news agencies in the middle east would never be able to comment anything negative regarding islam. It would be the US reporter’s last day on earth.

  19. Joe says:

    There are several Jewish organizations and clubs in our state. They won’t hire anyone but Jews, they won’t hire or work with blacks, and the women working there are for eye-candy and are continually joked about and subject to lewd comments in front of them. Everybody knows this, but nobody says anything because of the “Holocaust” and being called and anti-semite.

    The Jews are as bad or worse than the Arabs. But nobody can say anything about them. Notice that when Israel is about to do something that gets world condemnation the press is filled with stories about the Holocaust. That’s to head off any criticism before they act. And when the world DOES start complaining about Israel, the press is filled with un-substantiated, slanderous, attacks on the Catholic Church. It’s predictable by now. And people are waking up to it.

  20. Andi Williams says:

    Go Ahead Luke. Try to milk the fat cow. You may get a chance to retire early.

  21. Andi Williams says:

    Non Muslims are beheaded in Islamic states. They can take Muslim employers to court in the west.

  22. says:

    Al Jazeera news “reporting” is a joke. Very biased and slanted. Their home state Qatar has slave labor yet they selectively pick on certain nations to slam. They of course never say anything bad about their own government – well if they did they would be executed.

  23. Ahed Hussein says:

    So Jews, Christians and others can practice their rights under the first amendment in United States. They have the rights to produce movies, write books, articles, even in public spaces, you name it to not just criticize Islam but also to attack and insult every Muslim on earth. But no one has the right to criticize Jews or to hurt their feelings. I’m little confused here on how double standard can work.

    • Confused? You can never understand until you come out of your prejudices. You can criticize Jews and hurt their feelings. These are what most Muslims all over the world do. YOU CANNOT KILL EVERY JEW SIMPLY FOR THE REASON THAT YOUR ‘PROPHET’ HAS COMMANDED YOU TO DO SO. The rest of the world will not be just silent onlookers. Al Jazeera can 24/7 ‘preach’ anti-Semitism in Arab countries but never in USA. Discriminate against women; that is your religion.

  24. Pava Kava says:

    anti-semitism?!…say it isn’t so!…what about CNN…MSNBC?…

  25. MarcoPolo says:

    Almost every article posted by Al Jazeera about Israel has been so slanted against Israel it’s ridiculous.
    Then along comes Al Gore Ex VP EX trying to run for POTUS to the creep who sold AJ the right to his company so they could operate in the US. This is not AntiSemitism. This is Anti American and AntiIsrael. Mr. Ehrlich has it pretty well explained and answered what the problem is and why.

  26. Corky Beacham says:

    What would you expect from them? They are a mouthpiece for a backwards, intolerant culture and have a long history of this type of behavior.

  27. Moira cleary says:

    Interesting that none of the women currently shown often complain

  28. Moira cleary says:

    I have started to watch Al Jazeera because they are bring stories in from all over the world and seem to be the only ones getting stories out of the middle east.
    But I have always known they were pushing their agenda as all media does these days.
    Having said that, I’ll probably go back to watching BBC more as my small protest

    The USA media is so bad that it is like trying to get information from Bosnia and you are reading from a Dick and Jane book

  29. dan ehrlich says:

    This is a constant worry with government funded news operations especially when they part theocratic tribal dictatorships…It also says something about green Al Gore’s money rubbing nature to sell a news operation to such a country.

  30. Kensan says:

    Well first, anti-semitic ? As Jewish Semites are far outnumbered by Muslim Semites that’s a non starter. If he meant anti Jewish he’s off base on that too, criticizing Israel, a country led by a racist demagogue like Netanyahu, does not make one anti Jewish. In fact quite a few Israeli Jews oppose his policies as do many countries and individuals, world wide.

    • Pava Kava says:

      Kensan…you know exactly what term “anti-semitic” means…since you yourself is a jew-hating anti-semitic moron…

      • Dave G. says:

        Way to go Pava, spoken like a true zionist apologist. Demonize the critic and start name calling. Kensan hit the nail on the head. Seems you can’t stand the truth.

  31. whitecedar says:

    Al Jazeera over the last few years has been back sliding on its intent to produce un-bias news. They have become even more focused on anti=Semitism, and anti American. When the news service owned by the Qatari royal family first started it was the delivery place for Al Qaeda Propaganda. they tried to give it a new face by opening a television 24 hour a day world interest and news programs.

    You cant take the extremist out of Qatar. They have been supporting terrorism for years. They have grown more fundamental over the last few month, restricting women and no Islamic employees. It is so bad that an ardent fan like myself stopped watching the program and stopped reading the article because of the bias composition.

  32. Oscar says:

    How many ARABS work at The Jerusalem Post or Haareetz? (crickets) I rest my case.

    Amazing tht the J(O)(O) who screams racism more than anyone on earth is more racist than the very people they perceive as racist…..

  33. Edward Hughes says:

    I resent that I must have this network on Direct TV, which I spend a lot of money to watch. This is like putting Nazis on for propaganda. It should be banned.

  34. julea says:

    It most definitely is. I have been reading al Jazeera for about 5 years and have seen this quite plainly. It incites Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood and several Islamist Jihad groups and sponsors them across Mid East. It Qatar. This is why there was so much trouble with Qatar and Saudi when the Old King was alive. Several insiders complained about the close ties and contracts with Jihadists in Qatar. This is why al Jazeera has moved into US. To incite and promote jihad of all kinds with anti Semitism as part of their Fuel. The Mid East is so bad….I do not want the Mid East to come here too. When I see the problems they have because of Islam, and it IS because of Islam clearly with all its intolerance, I always feel so glad I live here without it. But now it is moving here and bringing its dirty baggage with it. We should be protecting our country…not opening the door to disrupt. I was so upset that Al Gore sold a good news station to such an infiltrating, troublesome, anti-Semitic, anti West group. I am not at all surprised there is trouble and I do hope this man wins his case and even I wish al Jazeera was shut down in US. People can read it from Qatar if they want. Not fund trouble and Jihad groups through our own country.

  35. Common Sense says:

    Remember when Al Gore sold Current TV to a group he refereed to as sharing the same view and values he did? Who would have thought the rulling family of Qatar (they bought Current TV, now Al Jazeera America) and Al Gore have so much in common

  36. Martin Skolen says:

    You let filthy muslims open companies here? That is your fault.

  37. Eli Cohen says:

    Is this a joke or what? Every looser whom want fame or money will use antisemitism as a vehicle because zionist control media in the US. If we are going to follow his logic Ruppert Murdock will be fined 365 times a year because of his anti-muslims views. Murdock personally was rebuked by famous author couple weeks ago for host bigoted anti-muslim comments. I can wait to see how the react, because in the US, the employer has the right to fire and hire with no reason given. It is his business, and no job is guaranteed for like.

  38. David says:

    Al Jazeera, You’re not in Dubai. We value freedom of speech, abhor prejudice and see a woman’s success in business as our collective success as a society.

  39. Sandra Z says:

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED, to find that Al Jazeera is anti-semitic and sexist!

  40. Jane Doe says:

    Good Job, Al Gore!

  41. DemFree2016 says:

    SO, Al Gore makes millions selling American Access to a radical Muslim propaganda organization and people are surprised?

  42. brian says:

    Al Jazeera? Anti-Semitic? Nooooo way. I don’t believe it. By the way, Al Jazeera America is the highly toned down version of the non-American Al Jazeera. Think of it as Mein Kampf Lite.

  43. Robert Bloom says:

    This comes as a complete shock. Who would have ever thought that Al Jazeera is managed by sexist anti-semites?

  44. John says:

    “Gender bias”?
    In the words of Al Gore, an “inconvenient truth”.

  45. Wonder boy says:

    A Arab in the pay of Qatar is anti Jewish? Shocking Rick just shocking to paraphrase Claude Raines when speaking to Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca. Al Jazzera is the propaganda arm of some very rich Arab investors with a agenda not in the best interests of the US.

  46. rayw68 says:

    Wow what a surprise…said no one.

  47. foxhater says:

    AJA is probably the most unbiased news station out. This is going to be good fodder for the Israeli supporters that seem bent on wanting to destroy anything that doesn’t agree with them. Facts are facts and AJA reports just that, facts!

  48. Monie says:

    The name says it all

    • Frank says:

      Qatar owned Al Jazeera often distort the truth, encouraging terrorism vs civilians, and serving as a PR platform for the Palestinians. This is coming from a Lebanese Maronite Christian whose family were among 100,000 of my beloved people murdered between 1975-1990 by the brutal cry victim now thug Palestinians and their equally brutal Muslim Militia allies, a tragic story covered up by the “liberal;” leftist media. Al Jazeera should be dismantled.

  49. Bldob Kbrdio says:

    Al Jazeera is anti-Semitic & anti-American? Who would have guessed?! Next thing they’ll be accusing the Pope of being Catholic.

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