ABC to Revive ‘To Tell the Truth’ as Comedic Game/Variety Show

The 2015 Lead Actor Emmy Race
Courtesy of ABC

ABC, which has had ratings success with a celebrity version of “Family Feud” this summer, is also bringing back another gameshow classic: “To Tell the Truth.”

The network announced Wednesday that a six-episode reimagining of “To Tell the Truth,” from FremantleMedia North America, to be hosted by “Black-ish” star Anthony Anderson, is coming soon to the network. No air date was announced.

Betty White, who was a panelist on the show when it aired on NBC more than 20 years ago, and NeNe Leakes will appear in each episode along with two other celebrities each week. In each round, the celebrity panel will be presented with three people who all claim to be the same person with the same incredible talent, job or achievement. One is sworn to tell the truth while the others are not.

This version will be something of a variety show too, and will feature Cheche and his Band of Liars as the house band. Each episode will also end with a show-stopping stunt/performance. Anderson’s mother, Doris, will be the official scorekeeper and asking questions of her own, not to mention embarrassing her son every chance she gets.

“To Tell the Truth” will be taped in front of a live audience in Los Angeles. Barry Poznick, Toby Gorman, Thom Beers, Jeff Gaspin, George Moll and Anthony Anderson are executive producers.


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  1. Bob says:

    Love Mama. Like the show. The “language” is nothing new. Have you checked out Family Feud recently?????? Holy crap! Even Steve Harvey is shocked sometimes. And that’s on 3 hours earlier. I think the only drawback is the TWEETs. Stupid. And more promise than it delivers. Leave the stupid tweeting to Trump.

  2. On says:

    Sorry, but your Mama has got to go if this show is to survive.

  3. Duke says:

    exactly my same thoughts, Guillermo Rodriguez! And, I was so looking forward to the new version but it stinks!

  4. How times have changed. Any one of the people in the original show had FAR more class than the entire cast has in theirs. Just sad. Stuff I hate about today’s game shows:
    1. Gotta be hip and edgy at all costs. For example, let’s insert a completely unnecessary band.
    2. Everything is electronic blue lights and moody beam lighting. EVERYTHING. Switch to any of these shows and notice the set. THEY’RE ALL THE SAME. It’s depressing.
    3. Crudity. People (at least, the people on these shows) are just more crass and have less grace and class.
    4. Annoying in-your-face graphics.

    Oh, and on this show, they don’t spend much time at all with any one guest. One round through the panel and it’s stand-up time. Stupid.

    And apparently Betty White is the “token white” of the show.

    Ugh. Changing the channel now.

  5. Debbie Ross says:

    Well tonight is my first night to watch. I loved this game years ago but I was turned off with Anthony word choices. Two times he used the words”
    Ass”. A little too much too often . Think this is my last night. Love Betty White she’s the best !!

  6. Don r says:

    This show, to tell the truth, is offensive. The host always gets serial and obscene. The band is unnecessary and singer screams. The host’s momma is a fool and also unnecessary to the show. Clean up your act and stop being offensive

  7. I loved this show when I was a child and am so glad they are bringing it back. Even my daughter, who watched it recently, loves it as well. Thank you for bringing this wonderful show back!!

  8. Jean Jett says:

    How can I purchase old episodes? I am looking for a show that aired in the early – mid 60’s
    With Julian Bo Jett as the celebrity, he was the National Teenage safe Driver. Jean Jett

  9. yvonne says:

    how to become a contested on the show?

    • Yvonne, I’d like to know that too.
      On my fiftieth birthday I swam the Mississippi River from Moline, Il to Bettendorf, IA with my hands cuffed behind my back and my legs shackled. A couple of years later I held my breath longer than Houdini’s best documented time. On my 70th birthday I ran up and down a total of 700 flights of stairs in about an hour and a half. If I appeared on the show I would do more chinups than anyone in the audience could do, if time allowed it.
      I know I would be the most exciting and fascinating contestant they would likely have for a long time.

  10. this plus the other new shows with black emcees are probably some of the worst I have seen!!! It is not necessary to use black actors, COLOR DOES NOT MATTER!!!! Having one’s mother keep score, is that a joke!!! You have lost me as a viewer for thereof your new summer shows!!

  11. Crazee Carl says:

    I tried watching this show…and found it to be “BORING”…They should save their time and money and cancel this drivel!

  12. S.Parker says:

    I am offended at the racial comments made on the show. I was watching tonight when the host’s mother made the comment about a contestant” I sure do like me some lean white meat”. If it had been a white person saying they like dark meat we’d have riots in the street, the show would be canceled and the the network would have to make apologies and pay money to someone for being offended. Why is it blacks can made racist , rude and inappropriate comments but a white person can’t? It doesn’t matter who made the comment, , either way it would have been wrong! I will not be watching.

  13. R.J. Martin says:

    Haven’t see it yet but if its like the job they did with Match Game I betcha Mr. Goodson and Mr. Todman as well as all the classic edition program hosts are rolling in their caskets. Such a disservice to such fine shows from yesteryear! The incessant need for potty humor and left-wing politics doesn’t cut it along with the no talent ”stars” on the panel. I suppose you pay a license fee to use the show and they can do anything they want. My family won’t be watching anymore and I will make a list of sponsers to let them know I won’t be buying their products if they continue to support such trash television.

  14. Margaret says:

    I could have enjoyed the show more if not for all of the racial comments. No need for them. I most likely will not watch again

  15. Scrapperloredo says:

    I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the show. I had my reservations, as I tuned into the show, since I remember watching the original To Tell The Truth Show. I love that they brought Betty White on the show, she was my favorite celebrity on previous games shows and she still is today. NeNe Leakes is good, although I already enjoy her commentary on the Fashion Police, so I hope she can continue to do both. Mike Tyson was a crack up, even though he tried to solve who was telling the truth and who wasn’t before the designated time, it did not hurt anything. Moreover, Mike Tyson was just stating what I & probably the rest of the viewers were thinking, and he did it with humor. Jalen Rose’s saneness kept the balance in the show. Anthony’s mother, Doris, while at first I wonder what she could bring to the show, ended up being a bonus. She has a ‘tell it like it is’ that made me smile and I found endearing. I enjoyed seeing Anthony Anderson interact with his mother. In addition, Anthony did a great job hosting the show, keeping it moving forward in a humorous way. I look forward to watching this show again.

  16. kathy says:

    like to tell the truth, but the language and I don’t know how the mother adds to the show. love game shows, but please keep it clean.

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