ABC Cancels ‘Forever,’ ‘Cristela,’ ‘Resurrection’ & ‘The Taste’

Forever cancelled
Courtesy of ABC

ABC has cancelled freshman series “Forever” and “Cristela,” plus sophomore drama “Resurrection” and reality competition “The Taste,” Variety has learned.

The network has renewed all other series on its current slate with the exception of “Last Man Standing,” which still awaits a decision.

“Forever” starred Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Henry Morgan, a medical examiner born in 1779 who studies the dead for criminal cases, truly to solve the mystery of his own immortality. Alana de la Garza, Joel David Moore, Donnie Keshawarz, Lorraine Toussaint and Judd Hirsch also starred. The drama premiered to almost 12 million total viewers in Sept. 2014, and dipped to just under 7 million for its most recent episode this spring.

“Cristela” also will not be returning for a second season. The multi-cam comedy was created by standup comedian Cristela Alonzo. Averaging just over 5 million total viewers for its first season, the premiere launched to a total audience of about 6.5 million and wrapped up with roughly 4.7 million.

Resurrection” won’t live to see its third season. The supernatural drama explored when loved dead ones come back to life with no change in age since they died. Omar Epps (“House M.D.”) starred, along with Frances Fisher, Matt Craven, David Kelley, Mark Hildreth, Samaire Armstrong, Landon Gimenez and Kurtwood Smith.

However, the returning slate is full.

Renewed dramas include “Castle,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “How To Get Away With Murder,” “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” “Nashville,” “Once Upon A Time,” “Scandal,” “American Crime,” “Secrets and Lies” and “Marvel’s Agent Carter.”

Comedies coming back are “Black-ish,” “Fresh Off The Boat,” “The Goldbergs,” “The Middle,” Modern Family” and “Galavant.”

Unscripted hits “The Bachelor,” “Dancing With the Stars,” “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” “Shark Tank,” “Beyond the Tank,” plus “20/20” were also renewed.

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  1. Julie norr says:

    I really looked forward to watching the showes and I thought they were very good I’m wishing they would come back the newshowescarent thatvgood

  2. JM says:

    ABC, What are you doing? Do you not consider us the consumers? The ones who watch these programs each week! You have 3 excellent shows,1. Forever 2. Cristela 3. Resurrection and what do you do, you go and cancel them without trying anything else first! At least give us the viewers a say or opinion, a chance to fight for something we have been following and believing in! FOREVER and RESURRECTION were two wonderful, outstanding shows that truly stood out from the others. They made you think and care, unlike most of today’s stupid, silly sitcoms! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!
    What is it with Last Man Standing, always taking hits against Democrats? I like the show, except that part it truly makes me MAD and FURIOUS! There is no need for this BS!

  3. m.allison says:

    Dear ABC, are yall stupid? Forever was the best thing yall had going that was origional, interesting and what T.V.was ment to do….entertain. Im no genius..but with ALL the channel options out there..yall shud have been smarter and believed in what you had…viewers!

  4. I am shocked that Forever is dropped and The View is still on….what crap!

    • Melinda says:

      So bummed that three of my favorite shows got cancelled. I was starting to like ABC but will look to other networks. Forever and resurrection kept you coming back every week to see where the storyline would go and for some good clean Friday night comedy Christella was perfect. Way to go…..

  5. Pattie says:

    OMG..Forever was such a brilliant show..i couldn’t wait till it started again. It was sooooooo interesting and exciting. Scandal and Mistresses and Nashville are such vile shows yet they prevail..says a lot about the viewers. I also loved Resurrection..

  6. Liz Johnson says:

    Wow! I’m really shocked that they took “Forever” off the air. What an absolutely refreshing show with all of the clever twists and turns. And a really awesome cast! I’m part of the older crowd and am sooo tired of seeing the same boring crime and reality shows over and over. Escapism is great for everyone but how many “reworks” of these shows do we need? Too bad for the network. Perhaps they need to hire older people who are more in touch with the real world. We dominate more of the fan base than they realize.

  7. Christine Dudde says:

    Cristela and forever were both good programs. Both programs had great cast.  

  8. Tawrens says:

    I actually tweeted to ABC my feelings on Forever being cancelled. I in the past just accepted cancellation of a show I like. I couldn’t stay quiet on this cancellation.

  9. Tawrens says:

    Cancelling Forever was a nail in ABC. It’s most recent ep was just under 7 Mil and they cancelled it? ABC is getting like FOX stabbing itself in the foot. Every time FOX had a good show Firefly, John Doe, New Amsterdam and Almost Human for some they’d cancel it and keep the crap on air. I watch Castle only due to Nathan Fillion starred and stayed because it was a good show. Gave Forever a chance and liked it even if it was a Highlander New Amsterdam mash up. It had potential if it had been given a chance to show itself. Despite having 7 million viewers it got cancelled tells me someone wanted it to fail. A good show gone due to behind the scenes politics.

  10. FM says:

    Loved Forever and Cristela…what the heck is ABC thinking???????

    • Richard Michael says:

      ABC is obviously not thinking. Methinks they don’t have the brainpower to think. Forever is a show for intelligent, thinking people … and ABC lacks those characteristics.

  11. Karen Rogers says:

    We LOVED “Forever” and are so disappointed Hope they change their minds!

  12. Bbjg says:

    Sorry this show was cancelled. I hope you rethink

  13. ER Nurse says:

    I cannot believe that Forever was cancelled. I don’t have much time to watch TV, but I always made time for Forever. I won’t be watching this network any longer, as the other shows are old and trite or just plain boring and stupid. Hopefully another network will pick up Forever.

  14. Karen Page says:

    Please don’t cancel Forever…it is one of the best scripted and acted show on TV. I love it. The premise of the show is fascinating and the acting is wonderful. Please, please. please keep in on!!!

  15. Camino says:

    I only watch FOREVER, CASTLE AND FRESH OFF THE BOAT on the ABC network.
    Love FOREVER with its premise and interesting characters. The acting is terrific.
    ABC…reconsider canceling it. This network doesn’t have too many strong shows to compete with other networks or cable shows.
    Reward FOREVER for being a great show.

  16. Tiki says:

    Forever lost viewers because abc never told us when it was going to be on. They spent little to no time promoting it while spending money promoting shows that already had a huge following and played consistently.

  17. lesa says:

    The same goes for Abcs decision to cancel Forever. I really like that show and want it to continue especially since Henry has about to confess his secret to his partner. Yet keeps shows that are defintely racial bias.

  18. yeah, all of the cancelled shows,it just sucks I love ”forever” they always pull the good stuff and leave all the shit on!!!

  19. DB Cooper says:

    I like The Goldbergs but other than that not a single ABC show to watch now that Forever is cancelled.

  20. Bobbie lamark says:

    I’m so mad that they cancelled forever I really enjoy watching that show I also enjoy watching Constantine as well as eye candy and they also took stalker off how many shows are they going to take are we going to have anything left to watch on t.v. what are you going to do leave everything for Netflix to pick up I guess that’s what I watch from here on out because t.v seems to be going downhill real fast.

  21. Jan says:

    We want “last man standing” back.

  22. Debby O. says:

    My husband & I both loved “Forever”. We watch Castle on this network…but nothing else… another reason not to watch anything new on ABC…it’s always discontinued..

  23. Yazmin says:

    Off topic – It would have been nice to see Ioan reprise his Mr. Fantastic (Four) role instead of youngsters that were selected to replace the original cast…

  24. Yazmin says:

    Forever, more or less, is a good clean show – that’s why it ended up on the chopping block. Provocative, violent shows stand a chance to remain on ABC (along with their comedies).

  25. Cainemarko says:

    I watch exactly 4 shows on ABC; Shield, Modern Family, Black-ish, and FOREVER. The decision to cancel this makes no sense. The cast isn’t that big, so it cant cost that much to produce, its certainly one of the better acted and well written shows on TV, and it certainly compares to Castle (cancel this anyway and bring back Firefly, btw) and certainly its better than the long in the tooth Grey’s Anatomy.

    At the end of the day, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Stupid decisions like these only contribute faster to the downfall of network TV. Netfix and Yahoo Screen here I come. That’s where I went when NBC pulled this BS with Community.

  26. Cheryl Farmer says:

    Love love Forever! It is my favorite show. One more season please!!

  27. Forever was amazing! Can we at least have a proper ending to the show and story line.

  28. Justine says:

    ABC needs to reconsider! Forever is an amazing show! I am literally thinking about boycotting ABC all together!!! So upset with this decision.

  29. Penelope Johnstone says:

    Oh No!! My DVR is set to record “Forever”—-forever! Please bring it back. Wonderful show.

  30. lee rich says:

    Great show. My family and friends loved this show and are amazed that it’s been canceled. I hope some other channel picks it up. It had a following.

  31. HMG says:

    Forever was the best new show of the season!! I can’t believe it was cancelled. Please, please bring it back!

  32. Lydia ibarra says:

    I am so upset at ABC, MY favorite show is Cristela. I Look forwArd to wAtching it. I’d there s petition to keep this show on? I hate wHen you get into a show and they cancel it. Save Cristela!

  33. Kathryn Dean says:

    I love Forever, I change the channel on Tuesday nights because I do not like the show that comes on ater NCIS : NEW Orleans on cbs. and as to Resurrection, it ought to be saved also because my Sunday nights were filled when this show came on after Once Upon a Time. It is just like them cancelling Almost Human, the futurestic show of the New police station wakens up the Androin for his partner. It is a shame that the great shows are getting cancelled to make room for something else that possibly new show the noone will not like. I want my Forever back along with Resurrection.

  34. Ruth Deutsch says:

    Here’s the petition to save “Forever” – Join us, then keep spreading the word. Also, you can go to the ABC FB Forever page and Like it, and go to Netflix social media pages and voice your opinions.

    • kathy says:

      I don’t know how to sign up to be on the petition but I want this show back, something new and enjoyable to watch. I am with others ABC stinks for advertising new shows. I hardly seen any advertising for this show or Castle. Well when abc folds
      maybe they will listen to use all, of course it will be to late by then. Maybe CBS will pick it up if ABC is to dumb to bring it back.

    • Kathryn Dean says:

      sign me up and if there is one for resurrection sign me up for that one also.

  35. jeff matax says:

    Like everyone here, I really enjoyed ‘Forever’. It really didn’t have a chance on Tuesday Nights. Why didn’t ABC try and move the show to a different time slot? All my favorite shows seem to be on same dang night, thank goodness for dvr :) I am sick and tired of reality shows, terrible comedies etc…Forever was original….I guess that doesn’t mean much anymore.

  36. Sandra Spencer says:

    It seems that if a show is witty and intelligent and romantic it gets canceled. Maybe those of us who appreciate real tv programming, what tv was meant to be for, need to speak up more. I would be first in line to sign a petition to have it renewed or picked up by Netflix.

  37. Alison says:

    You should keep Forever! It is an excellent show.

  38. Marie says:

    What is WRONG with ABC??? I am going to STOP WATCHING ABC’s programming!!!! They will KEEP a STUPID SHOW like ( GALVANT) or something I Totally HATE like ( The Middle) and GET RID of a TRULY AMAZING, WONDERFULLY WRITTEN, BRILLIANTLY ACTED, NOT TO MENTION A FRESH CONCEPT OF A SHOW LIKE ( FOREVER ) Or a FUNNY FRESH SHOW LIKE ( CHRISTELA) !!!!!!! It makes me so ANGRY that ABC WILL NOT CONTINUE THESE 2 AMAZING SHOWS FOR A SECOND SEASON!!! I am the oldest of eight kids and whenever these 2 shows are on, we all go to our parents house to WATCH THEM WITH OUR MOM & DAD WHO ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE 2 SHOWS!!!!!!! Twice a week we LOOK FORWARD TO WATCHING ( FOREVER & CHRISTELA ) with our entire family!!! Which also includes besides the eight of us, Our husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and our kids!!! We enjoy WATCHING THESE SHOWS AS A FAMILY!!! I am SICK OF THESE NETWORKS AND SHOW PENCIL PUSHERS BEHIND THE SCENES DECIDING THAT THE RATINGS JUST WERE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! I DO NOT THINK THE FIRST SEASON OF A SHOW IS ADEQUATE TO MAKE THAT DECISION!!! I think a new TV Show should be GIVEN (2) seasons before they make a decision to CANCEL said TV show & before they do make the DECISION TO CANCEL A VERY NEW TV SHOW, these NETWORKS SHOULD LET THE PUBLIC VOTE ON IT!!!!!!! There are (2) other New TV shows I was told that are going to be CANCELED & I am also EXTREMELY UPSET ABOUT because they also are in the shows we watch as a family they are; BATTLE CREEK, and BACKSTROM!!! They are TRULY GREAT TV SHOWS AND THEY DESERVE TO BE GIVEN ANOTHER SEASON BEFORE THE AX IS TAKEN TO THEM!!! A few years ago a GREAT SHOW came out called ( Detroit 187) it was an inspired show and with NO WARNING IT WAS CANCELED!!! Why??? Don’t these Networks care at all about the people that watch and enjoy these shows and what they want to watch??? I mean if they are going to bring out these really good shows and then CANCEL THEM WITHOUT EVEN ASKING THE PEOPLE ( We are thinking about canceling this show ONLY after the first season of this show because we don’t LIKE THE RATINGS, What do you the public think?) These Networks REALLY DO NEED TO PUT IT TO A VOTE!!! If these Networks DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT, THEN I THINK WE THE PEOPLE THAT WATCH AND BECOME INVESTED IN THESE TV SHOWS SHOULD JUST TOTALLY QUIT WATCHING ANYTHING THESE NETWORKS PUT OUT TO SEND THEM THE MESSAGE THAT WE ARE TIRED OF IT BEING ALL ABOUT THE RATINGS!!! PLEASE GIVE THESE TV SHOWS ANOTHER SEASON BEFORE YOU MAKE THE DECISION TO CANCEL THEM!!! If you LIKE these TV SHOWS PUT IT OUT THERE TO THESE NETWORKS THAT YOU DO NOT WANT THEM CANCELED!!! If you have NOT SEEN THESE TV SHOWS ; WATCH THEM AND I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS OUR FAMILY DOES!!! If anyone who reads this has EVER LIKED OR LOVED A TV SHOW THAT WAS CANCELED FOR SOMETHING AS STUPID AS A RATING ISSUE, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS THE FIRST SEASON OF THE SHOW, PLEASE SPEAK UP AND MAKE YOUR OPINION KNOWN AND HELP ME TO SAVE THESE TV SHOWS!!! Thank You For Your Time!!!

  39. Michael Roose says:

    Should have kept Forever.Jag was on 3 different networks before it took off . Sometimes it just takes time. I

  40. Niles says:

    I did enjoy Forever.

  41. amanda says:

    I want forever back. It was the best New show out there tired of the same old same ,Leaving it where it left off was bs . This fan wants it back to find out more

  42. I thought Forever was a very engaging show; can’t believe they cancelled this. Castle is getting very tired these days and American Crime was totally boring.

  43. Don says:

    How did “American Crime” get renewed? Its viewership as well as key demographic were so low it was perfect for cancellation in order to make room for new and better shows.

  44. Cathy says:

    How do I sign that petition for to have forever to stay on It’s such a great show. PLEASE PUT IT BACK ON. PUT IT IN ANOTHER TIME SLOT THAT WOULD WORK. .

  45. Gary Hess says:

    Forever is a very GOOD show in a very bad time slot. I am sorry to see it go. I watched it ever wednesday on ABC on demand because I watched CBS on Tuesday.

  46. M Fee says:

    I loved this show. I would watch another season for sure. I wanted to see the reaction when he explained his situation. What a great show. Can’t believe it was canceled.

  47. mal alk says:

    Really stupid cancelling Forever. Says more about their advertising than the show. Good show. Poorly presented to gain viewers. Morons cancelling a good show like “Firefly” then realising afterwards what a cock up they made. Dummies.

  48. ccalvarez90 says:

    this is BS i agree how Forever get cancel and shows fresh off the boat is renewed is like this companies don’t have good taste anymore

  49. Vlad T says:

    I cant believe drek like Fresh off the Boat gets renewed and excellent show like Forever gets cancelled! How do I sign a petition?

  50. Lesley says:

    I really love FOREVER and if you really want this show to continue a petition has started. So if we get a ton of people to sign it we might be able to get this show back!!!

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