NBC Cancels ‘A.D.’ As Producers Plan Digital Revival For Biblical Drama

A.D. The Bible Continues
Courtesy of NBC

NBC has canceled “A.D.: The Bible Continues” after one season, but producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey plan to return to the greatest story ever told on their nascent digital channel.

“A.D” averaged about 6.5 million viewers and a 1.o in adults 18-49 in live-plus-7 Nielsen ratings across its 12-episode run, which ended June 21. The series was designed to pick up where Burnett and Downey’s blockbuster 2013 miniseries “The Bible” left off and chronicle stories from the formative years of Christianity.

The numbers were too soft for a renewal on NBC. But now that the “A.D.” moniker is established with a devoted cadre of viewers, Burnett and Downey see it as a perfect tentpole for the launch of the OTT channel they have been working on since partnering with MGM to form United Artists Media Group last fall.

The online channel is envisioned as a hub for all manner of faith- and religion-focused content, including original scripted programming. “A.D.” hailed from Burnett and Downey’s Lightworkers Media banner, making it easy for them to reclaim the show from NBC.

The channel is not expected to bow until late 2016 or early 2017. Burnett, Downey and MGM are in the process of sorting through their options for business models and digital partnership opportunities for the launch. For now, the actors on “A.D.” will be released from their obligations to the show, which may require some recasting when production gets back on track.

“A.D.” starred Juan Pablo Di Pace as Jesus. Richard Coyle, James Callis, Babou Alieu Ceesay, Chipo Chung and Adam Levy rounded out the cast.

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  1. tafadzwa cheistopher simbo says:

    i think NBC has some of its people working with the devil, the show is really enjoyable to watch, the suspense and everything and there is so much to learn from the bible, positive things. Wonder what replaced the series nw shame, shame

  2. Marcin says:

    Really great show. I’m not the great believer and I cannot verify some religious inaccuracies within the show, but it was a good watch. I will happily watch the second series.

  3. mke says:

    There are series with softer numbers and far less quality that go on and on. NBC has a nasty habit of dumping quality programming. I’d like to hear the real reasons why it was cancelled?

  4. Suellen says:

    We have been watching A.D. the Bible Continues on Netflix and are so disappointed that it was cancelled. We hope that someone will pick it up.

  5. This was the BEST depiction of the bible I’ve seen in my Forty years of life I just don’t understand why nbc cancelled the series they can blame it on the amount of viewers but I know it’s because it wasn’t white washed no one really likes to be told the truth when they’ve been taught wrong all the lives all i can say is THANK YOU JESUS for the writers and producers just keep the faith The Truth always win

  6. John says:

    I loved this show. We’ve all seen movies, etc about the old Testament, Jesus and the Crucifixion and such. However, it was very interesting to view this unique story about the beginning of Christianity!

  7. Marianna palmisano says:

    So many people want AD the bible to continue, it’s like it just stopped in the middle of the series. Hoping and praying you bring it back. Was spot on , like the bible came alive!!! Pleas bring it back😩😃❤️

  8. Truly hoping A.D. the Bible continues.. Other than the Bible where does the rest of the information come from.

  9. Evelyn Dittmar says:

    I was saddened by this. This proves what kind of world we live in. God gets canceled and “reality” and drama move on. Please let me know via email if this series will continue elsewhere and when. My husband and I truly enjoyed this show!!!!

    • Amen. Very true, nothing new under the sun. The whole world is full of wickedness, there is not one, not one Righteous man. Be humbled and forgive them, there is always the TRUE BIBLE to read together as a Family and Immerse thyself into the Greatest Love Story ever Told. Amen. What one can dream, not many can put on screen. Amen. To God be the Every Lasting Glory forever and ever! Jehovah Shalom! Peace and Love be with you, in the Holy Name of Christ Jesus… “AMEN!”

  10. Janice Alvarado says:

    What sadness…will definitely be looking forward to the new channel and hoping all the cast members will originally continue on with the series.

  11. Kathy baker says:

    I did not realize they canceled it but thought it did end abruptly. It’s very disappointing but not surprising as a wholesome show with a Christian theme isn’t the norm these days. This was an excellent series and although it took a bit of creative license it was Biblically accurate. I am sorry NBC made this decision and eagerly anticipate the release of the remainder of the series.

  12. Mike and Denise Novak says:

    AD series gave my family a new historical perspective of the time after Christ’s death .We look forward to more.Thank you

  13. Nellia Nhauranwa says:

    We will await for the new channel no matter the year, may the producers not be discouraged. AD has changed some of us in an amazing manner and we will always be in pursuit of such creations. NBC you just missed out on the biggest blessing.

  14. George says:

    Maybe, just maybe, there might have been some person out there who lives in their online world and is slowly being seduced by the masterfully produced propaganda that ISIS puts together. Maybe this person could have been exposed to this series and from it experienced a great change of heart. Unfortunately, evil exists in all places, from the recruiting fields of ISIS to the decision making environment of the Board Room. The folks at NBC will eventually have to defend the direction that they chose. Father forgive them, for we hope that they do not know what they have done.

  15. I can’t tell you when the last time I watched NBC either, but I can tell you that it was the last time. Sad to see you bowing to secular pressure. I personally will be glad to see the big mega networks go the way of the dodo.

  16. Not kewl says:

    The Bible AD received over 6 million views every Sunday. There are plenty of the shows on television with less views but yet you keep them on? It doesn’t really matter anyway because the way people watch TV is quickly changing to on-demand threw the internet. Can’t tell you when I last watched NBC. 😆

  17. Beth Wilson says:

    I loved the A.D. show as well. And yes, I am disappointed that NBC cut the show off, but at least it will come on another channel soon. But there is a good part of this situation, it get’s people intrigued to open their Bibles and read to know what happened. So we do not need just to wait on a television show to give you the answer to your questions.

  18. Isaac Fogle says:

    are you kidding me?! they’re cancelling the season 2 they promised? They left us off at the most ultimate cliffhanger at the end of episode 12, spewed up a lot of drama to come later on, and they just choose to cancel it all? Please don’t let this be true!

  19. Adam Kamanga says:

    I have enjoyed watching A.D, please am anxiously waiting for season two.. Thumbs up.. My expectations for season two is to see the teachings of the Apostle Paul..

  20. Haley says:

    Huge thumbs down to NBC will no longer support them!!

  21. Greg Whitehead says:

    AD Kingdom and Empire attempted to put the story of Acts into it’s contempory setting and by and large it did attempt to capture the dynamic and complexities of the era (as I understand it) fairly well.

    Personally speaking I am still awaiting the time when some production company will get it right and will use Israeli actors to play Israelis and Italians to play Romans etc and stop insulting our intelligence with fanciful unrealistic portrayals of key religious people to suit some politically correct or fake religious agenda. I would like to see them accurately research the times and get it right to the historical records.

    I must admit that the one scene that really caught my atention was when the household of Cornelious the Centurion began to speak in tongues, and yet the Bible says that he was a long standing “god-fearing” Gentile whereas this production twisted it by portraying him as being a remoseful killer of Joanna, but what did strike me as very real was the change in his countenance and the conviction in his being when he believed in Yeshua (Jesus).Here they got it right, got it wrong, got it right (Oy voi!)

    The one actor who stands out as being very realistic was Denver Isaac who played Yaakov (James), the half brother of Yeshua and leader of the Jerusalem assembly. Pilate was a nasty piece of work in real life and it came through here, his wife and Caiaphas’s wife too were excellent portrayals. The Actor who played Caiaphas did well, but he was too nice a person to portray the real Caiaphas, who from all accounts was totally corrupt.(I think he would’ve been better to have been cast as one of the disciples)

    I also express disappointment that the show was axed, but am grateful that it was aired and many non christians would’ve had a chance to see it and who knows how many will have the chance to believe and be saved

  22. Dawn Marie Pearson says:

    What is wrong with this tv station, don’t they know God is being glorified in this series?

  23. Dawn Armstrong says:

    I absolutely loved that show and I will definitely follow wherever it goes. Shame on nbc for not renewing this show and letting crap continue for years!

  24. Denise Webster says:

    I LOVED this series! We need more shows like this and less “reality” shows or this world will continue to fail! Please, PLEASE bring it back#!

  25. Phyllis Peryea says:

    I have enjoyed this weekly show which continued the Bible. Why take such a good show off the air?

  26. Laura says:

    NBC could launch season 2. They just don’t want to. There are lots of politics going on behind the scenes here, but one thing is sure. If this series was based on anything other than the bible, say the Koran perhaps, it would never have been axed. Lots of shows have “soft” numbers in their first season, but responses from fans usually make the difference. I cannot believe that NBC did not have enough positive response to this show to justify a second season. I really liked the cast in this series. Replacing them would be a major disappointment. Fans have resurrected shows before. Perhaps A.D. fans can step up and do so again. God Bless!

  27. Olga says:

    I enjoyed this series and would like you to pick it up again for the fall.

    • Cindy says:

      Finally a great show on TV and they drop it. All we ever see is devil, vampires, murder, drugs, rap, and lies. Why take the one show off that means so much to our country and millions of Christians around the world. We need this truth and hope for our younger generations.
      It time that our kids see good and not all the evil in the world. The shows today encourage the kids to turn to Isis and terrerisum.

  28. JD says:

    How can you cancel the TV series? I and others I know was looking so forward to the return. So sad NBC has cancelled. Maybe another network will pick up.

  29. Maritza Mendez says:

    Wow a wonderful series please be back soon..

  30. Michael Fitzpatrick says:

    I was impressed with this production & it thrilled me to see the population showed interest in the story. They NEED to hear & see this! I commend Roma & Mark for their efforts & accomplishments. They should & will continue to get the word out there. To do it so well & get exposure on that level is phenomenonal. Thank you Roma & Mark! I’m sure Jesus is very pleased with your efforts & success.

  31. Melody says:

    July 11 – just had to find out WHERE AD went and researched to find the SAD answer. AD was OUR
    Sunday night #1 show and grateful for a show that would enlighten ACTS and the beginning of churches after Jesus’ resurrection and His direction “go and spread the word and the truth.” AD brought the New Testament to LIFE! My husband learning SO much, esp Saul into Paul, and marveled at the strength the disciples stood firm in their mission. OH HOW we miss AD. How do we KNOW or find out if AD will be picked up and continued and SHAME on NBC…….frinally a weekly program NOT focused on plots with murder, rape, terrorism, hate……..and praise God for giving us AD for the short time it was on.
    and for the 2 devoted producers who are continuing to share His word by working out a way with another network to SHOW people NEED the Lord and people WANT to see shows of this nature. the # of viewers for #1 show should be enough. He said “spread my word” and tv is a wide medium in which to accomplish it if it cannot be done face-to face. God bless the prodcuers and actors/actreses who gave so much to the New Testament education to those who already knew but needed “refreshment” and to those who learned for the 1st time and who were MORE drawm to Jesus than they dreamed.

    • Donnq says:

      I agree that this production should not have been canceled. Instead of networks worrying about numbers they should care what people want to see. Such a shame that the story will not be continued.

  32. Connie Jones says:

    So disappointed A.D. The Bible is not returning. BIG MISTAKE! I enjoyed watching it every week. Very inspiring and encouraging, learning how God works in peoples lives. How the WORD spread around the world. I will wait to see where it will be continued.

  33. I re’tally think it was a shame they took off A.D. Theater Bible. What this world needs are more series of programs to view like this one. The people have to get back to christianity, but they won’t. I can go on but why bother. Everybody is so wrapped up with who looks good on the “RED CARPET”. I don’t!!!!

  34. terrypurser says:

    I have just canceled NBC.

  35. R. U. Formeoragainstme says:

    AD was a great TV film we looked forward to watching each week. Our family felt for the most part that it was pretty accurate even though there were fill in scenes that probably were accurate giving a flavor of the time. Even though we are Christian and know Acts sometimes it was hard to know immediately who the characters were talking to at the beginning of the conversation. We mentioned several times we wished the name was said in the introduction of conversation so we didn’t loose content trying to think who the person was. This would be helpful to all viewers including believers at any stage of their walk with the Lord especially those who do not have in depth knowledge and those who are learning about God, Jesus, the apostles during this time in Christianity. This message is reaching out to all people.. Other than that, we felt it well done and very good.

    The ending was troubling and ended so abruptly we couldn’t understand why the series ended that way. If the series was being changed to another medium and/or being discontinued leaving it with the blade of a knife at Peter’s throat was a questionable ending.

    Who will be the judge of those who discontinued the series? The violence, sex and gossip sell but someday the World will find out what the bottom line is. . .

  36. Jane Terkoski says:

    A.D was one of the best show on Biblical and historical events I have seen. Very disappointed in the decision to cancel this show. It gave the true sense of the times, the decisions that needed to be made and the convictions that these men had to put their life on the line for what they believed — a value that our culture does not understand. The media needs to stand for what is right, not what is popular.

    • No name says:

      Yes I agree, the show needs to come back on the air, it is very inspiring and invigorating. It is what the world truly needs to see and understand, as we have all lost our sense of dignity and ways.

  37. Hilda Hayden says:

    I’m complete disappointed with NBC to cancelled AD The Bible continues best show on television. I had my family together every Sunday to enjoy a valuable program of good teaching, with so much garbage that you have on TV, this was a program of hope and values. NBC needs help to make right decisions.

  38. JAMES says:

    I loved the Bible but i just couldn’t get into A.D. It just didn’t hold my interest.


  39. Sue says:

    I loved the series. I wish I could buy it on DVD. I can’t afford cable or satillite so NBC was what I watched. Guess NBC rather run smut or junk than something good for the family. So sad Christan shows or movies mean nothing to them.
    Going to miss watching NBC shows on Sundays

  40. kathy says:

    We enjoyed A.D the bible very much, it didn’t end right please bring it back next season please!

  41. Rose says:

    Really enjoyed watching this show every Sunday. NBC you do not know what you have done. I will follow Mark and Roma when they get their channel.

  42. Jennifer says:

    Go figure, put something out there about GOD and his beautiful GIFT of SALVATION and lets yank it off the air!!! But lets put foul language, nakedness and EVIL out there and the Net Works will run it!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED here!!! I looked forward to every week!!!

  43. Katie says:

    Very sad to find out this was cancelled. We made a point to see it every Sunday night.

  44. Nataleigh says:

    Another disappointed fan. I loved this show and really looked forward to watching it every week. Bad call NBC.

  45. Carlene says:

    I too am extremely disappointed about the cancellation of AD The Bible Continues! This was the ONLY television show on NBC that I loved watching. It was also a main topic of conversation at my busiess every Monday morning. NO MORE NBC for me!

    • It’s a D.A.M.N. S.H.A.M.E. period. Put more garbage on t.v. NBC!!! I’m really interested who walks on the RED CARPET and still looks like crap after they do. Finally get a series on t.v. that you can love and then the idiots take it off! WHY IN GOD’S NAME WHY!!??

  46. Godzgurl says:

    Thoroughly disappointed best show on t.v. I do not care for the garbage displayed. It was our family time t.v. great sad to see such a empactful segment discarded.

  47. Judith Romano says:

    We are very disappointed at the decision to cancel A.D. This was our favorite show of the week and discussed often with MANY of our friends. Our 2nd favorite show was American Odyssey. ..we are shocked. These were the only shows we watched on NBC. Looks like we are now canceling NBC.

  48. Nancy Trombley says:

    This show I felt reach out and touch and taught a lot to the believer and non-believer . Please bring it back so you don’t t loss your viewers. As for my husband and myself it brought great joy to our hearts.Shame on NBC we will not watch this channel any more. Let’s not watch NBC followers.

  49. Mike Murphy says:

    I can’t believe that NBC would cancel just a quality show – the show that replaced AD can’t be getting anywhere the numbers that AD had . I enjoyed AD very much and I actually learned a little bit -what better than watching the Truth

    • jacqueline Munn says:

      I agree totally, I so looked forward to the truth as I felt they did a great job of potraying! Thanks so much Guys, people need the truth, and they might not feel they can get it when they are being preached at. I am a Christian who is very involved in the church I go to, but there are a lot of hurtin g people that need the truth that Jesus was about. I thank you for bringing it to the masses6.5 million may be soft in your world,not in Christ’s, but it touches my heart! I will pray hard that these men continue to bring the truth that Christianity really is to the big screen. I
      believe God will move here were hearts are being touched!!! Love you guys, thx!!:).

  50. Alan says:

    Very dissapointed to hear that AD was cancelled. I looked forward to watching it every Sunday.

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