Madonna Makes Out with Drake at Coachella (VIDEO)

Madonna Drake Kiss Coachella
Courtesy of Coachella

Madonna crashed the Coachella stage on Sunday night, surprising the tens of thousands of festivalgoers there to watch Drake’s headlining set. But it was Drake himself who looked the most baffled when Madonna, during an odd performance of “Human Nature,” bent over and made out with the Canadian rapper.

“What the f— just happened?” he laughed after the kiss.

“I’m Madonna, bitch,” the 56 year-old mumbled before exiting the stage.

It was the pop star’s first appearance at Coachella in 2006 when she performed several hits in the Sahara tent.

Watch the video below:

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    1. Lucie Reyes says:

      She’s trying to b like

    2. 1kingofkings says:

      Same old same old male entitlement crap!!! Ugly man Billy Joel 65 years old impregnates girlfriend 34 and it makes celebratory headlines!! What?!! Seriously people ? What year is this anyway? And drake goes to prostitutes and you’re giving Madonna crap? Seriously since when do women have to deny their sexuality but men get to celebrate it??!

    3. g-dawg says:

      It’s obvious the whole thing was staged. Her music was planned ahead of time, so that’s a BIG clue. Also, as someone mentioned on this site…she had mentioned on Jimmy Fallon show that she had a crush on Drake….also planned. She used her age on purpose in order to shock and disgust everyone. That’s why drake covered his mouth at the end and looked disgusted….because it was staged. She knew it had to look real, that’s why she grabbed his hand off her head mid-kiss. She saw he was enjoying it too much and not looking in character.
      Another thing about Madonna being on Jimmy Fallon….she did a stand-up comedy routine where she joked about how old she is and how she goes for men her son’s age.
      Come on people…..laugh! or just keep on being disgusted lol…..because that’s exactly what Madonna was trying to get you to feel.
      Strong emotional reaction keeps her memory alive in your minds and provokes thinking. In this age of laziness/instant gratification/self entitlement,….artists are not creative enough and the world audience is passively eating up the crap that is out there because it’s all there is. Madonna, however, is and will be forever creative and ingenious. She works hard. She’s known for being a perfectionist, therefore she always rehearses all her staged antics.
      And she knows there is a whole new generation of teens out there who are too young to have experienced her previous performances, so she played on that angle.

    4. Krissy says:

      Whats with madonna feeling the need to pash everyone she performs with?!!!??

    5. Jimmy Wells says:

      That kiss was disturbingly confusing. And no I wouldn’t want one….That is all …

    6. Billy says:

      The level of retardation of people is shocking. This was HIT act. He invited her to his stage. The act was rehearsed. Think about it.

    7. lala says:

      Well Madonna did say on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that she was crushing on Drake so she put it out there.

    8. Milton Bradley says:

      Oh she is hideous….completely out of touch with reality. What’s with those manly arms and shoulders?? He’s a douchebag- saying he’s disgusted after while during her assault he’s reaching up to touch her hair (which she so rudely rebuffed).

    9. Milton Bradley says:

      Yes, I’m sure it was the lipstick he was disgusted by. Not that 56 year old mouth and lips and man shoulders and arms. Who the hell is Drake anyway, a male duck? At least I’ve heard of Madonna.

    10. coco says:

      OMG never ever did I think that would happen lol…

    11. Carmela Gagliardi says:

      She’s the friggin Queen of Pop!! I’m excited for Drake!!

    12. Diana says:

      Surprised maybe but he certainly went for it. Madonna good move, now well will be talking about it.

    13. JC says:

      She would have been much better to come out during Kaskade who was on right before Drake or David Guetta in the dance tent that was happening at the same time as Drake. They could have mixed in one of her new dance tracks and literally the roof would blow off Coachella and it would a legendary moments that people talk about for years. Whoever decided to pair her with Drake was misguided about what her strong points are in a live performance – dance dance dance and a captive audience with both Guetta and Kaskade fans. She should come back next weekend and blow the roof off the MotherF**** !

    14. It’s a fact of life, Madonna. Most young people don’t even want to know that people of y/our age even remember that there is such a thing as sex. The very thought makes them want to puke.

      • g-dawg says:

        Duh! That’s why Madonna did it. She has teen children who tell her how gross they feel when their mom does things of a sexual nature. She sees that they think it’s weird/gross and as she has stated on Jimmy Fallon show, she explains to them that she is an artist therefore there will be things that will be shocking that’s part of her creative work.
        She is challenging the social norm of what it means to be over 50, female and confident.
        Madonna is telling you to stop judging and valuing women based solely as sex objects who must be young in order to be of any use.
        I think the reason why she fights this notion so passionately is because she was sexually assaulted when she was still unknown back at the start of her career. Held at knifepoint and forced to give fellatio in an alleyway. I believe she is trying to get a message to women to not let men overpower you. Maybe she wants to protect young girls by putting a different image out there of women. That women don’t all have to be beaten up by their boyfriends. She’s saying that it’s ok to be different and it’s ok if people don’t like you. Because we can’t always please everyone when we’re trying to do something important.

      • Your comment is ridiculous I have to say. What does age have to do with anything really. Maybe just because she choice not to act to do what Madonna does?

    15. Joe-SF says:

      Nice reporting – how does one crash the stage and have music prepared to sing a mix of your songs. That along with the kiss was prepared obviously. You don’t like Madonna which is obvious in many of your latest stories. The world knows her age, which again you needed to put in your short article – but left out Drake’s age. Interesting. Where was the “Bitch I’m part?”

    16. Sarai says:

      Im not a fan of Madonna or Drake, but i think this is pretty fkn awesome! All you butt hurts are just hating because she got money and can do whatever the fuck she wants with it , if she wants to kiss drake well she can fkn kiss drake, anyone with money can do anything. Drake was loving that shit, he wanted to caress her hair, but she did not allow him. Lol..All you females hating on her, should sit the fk down cuz Madonna is almost 60 and she still giving you bitches shit to talk about to make her famous . And to all the men hating ,well clearly, you are not MEN at all, men dont talk trash of women, it does not make you a man too do so, so all you ladies chill! Money buys anything! Even hershey kisses! 😜

    17. Donald Storr says:

      I don’t think she’s kissing them…she’s sucking the youth out of em to stay alive😕

    18. Rafiki93 says:

      There was no choreography for that to be planned by his reaction, i would have pulled some hair, Drake Got another one off the bucket list.

    19. André Shanti says:

      She’s Madonna. She’s living proof that a woman can do anything she wants, regardless ver age. She’s still a trend-setter, she’s doing what most women her age should.

    20. Jeffy says:

      all I can say, is bless her little heart! So sad! I remember when Madonna was a trend setter! Now she’s trying to get the younger generation! But they don’t want her! It would be so much edgier if you did another “Ray Of Light” album. You know, use your talent . Techno dance music has been out for years. The last decent album Madge has done was “Confessions on the Dance Floor”! Should of retired that titty and ass after that! No matter how much plastic surgery you have honey, you’re STILL 58 y/o. Age gracefully , but MOST of ALL have some CLASS!
      There has been many female singers who started out Raunchy!! Then aged with class and grace !
      Like Bette Midler!!!!! In her day she was a trendsetter trashy And Flashy! But as Miss M aged she became more elegant and class act! But still not losing what fans loved ! My God, Bette released “It’s The Girls” a few months back and was the HIGHEST charting album of her career! Debuted at number 3 on billboards too 100 albums! So , if you have talent, and a great voice?! You can be sussessful without ALL the sleazy stunts Madge tries to do! Again, bless her heart!!!!!

    21. Madonna KNOWS what she’s doing, period.

    22. Rocco Coccarelli says:

      That old rag needs to stay away from young men

    23. says:

      Trashy. She’s trying to hard. Time to grow up luv. Botox aent helping ya.

    24. John says:

      Did you not see she took his hand off her I bet they where not trying to laught

    25. trudygyal says:

      I don’t think he liked it. lol!

    26. stevenkovacs says:

      I think I’m gonna hurl.

    27. Soulara says:

      Being 56 trying to resuscitate your music career with sex as your only card? Newsflash, that ain’t cute. Totally grossed out. Trying to stay relevant by bombing relevant singers’ sets. Sorry Madge not happening.

    28. Hamm says:

      That was totally grossed out, I know Drake was sick behind that.

    29. he got snogged by madonna .. dont get better than that ..

    30. tallpaul7 says:

      Drake looked kind of disgusted

      • Mara says:

        I’ve read elsewhere that she bit him, and that’s what led to his bewildered response.

      • Sisi says:

        he named a song after her. im sure at least on some level he is a

      • TORIKB16 says:

        Congrats to Madonna her new song ” Ghost Town ” is #192 on iTunes in the USA ( #192 = Flop )

      • Joseph says:

        Well, he’s only 28, she’s 56.

        • Cass says:

          Like it would have made a difference if it was a 28 year old woman and a 56 year old man! What’s age got to do with it? She is still a very sexy woman. Madonna will always challenge, and mostly for the right reasons. Get it… “bitch”?

        • So what? age is just a number or is it important to mention only if the women is older? when men are older it does not seem to generate such retarded comment! This double standard pure is gender discrimination Joseph Get over it!! Grow up!! Never the less with that being said, Madonna is disgusting and I’m sure that was all planned as part of the Choreography!

      • jj says:

        Like u could tell from that video…

        • g-dawg says:

          Why do you think Madonna is disgusting? Other than this kiss being staged to look like Drake was disgusted.
          That’s a really mean thing to say about someone who has done so much to pave the way for all female singers that came after her. Do you also think Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga are disgusting?

        • jvb says:

          thank u!

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