Kanye West Apologizes to Beck for Grammys Outburst

Kanye West, Beck Grammys Moment: West

Three weeks after Kanye West blasted the Grammys and album of the year winner Beck, the rapper has taken to social media to apologize.

On Thursday, West tweeted, “I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck.”

Shortly after, he also made an appeal to Bruno Mars, who he “used to hate on,” and said he would even like Mars to sing the hook on a song he produced with 88 Keys and Puff Daddy.

During the Grammys, West nearly stole the moment when Beck won the award for album of the year, as it looked like he was about to jump on stage to protest the win. He sat back down, only to slam the Grammys the next day for their decision, saying they should “respect artistry” and that Beyonce should have won.

Beck didn’t seem to mind, though. “I was just so excited he was coming up,” Beck said after the show. “He deserves to be onstage as much as anybody. How many great records has he put out in the last five years, right?”

West’s apology came the same day he broke down in tears during a BBC Radio 1 interview. While talking about a mentor of his, late fashion professor Louise Wilson, West started to cry, and had to pause the interview before continuing onto another subject.

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    1. Carter says:

      To sharondelacruzz
      Kanye is an idiot

    2. For the first time in many years, I can finally look at Kanye and respect him. I liked him up until my brother who loved him and also buying ALL his CDs got horribly dissed by Kanye at his book signing. Wow, how can you treat a fully dedicated and loyal fan like that who never pirated a single one of your songs was beyond me. Anyways, I can say again that I like the guy for standing up and making a change of persona. It takes a lot to do what he just did and I appreciate Kanye for being brave to keep going after his own difficult moments in his life. I admired his dedication to family and his loving heart before it all went down. We need to see someone like him pave a road for us to have a better a titude because out of the many of us black who I see on the scene, I think he is my he most influential and presentable. Anyways, I hope he triples in worth regardless of the past and make it all better.

    3. Lisa Scales says:

      Since he has received the attention he was looking for… they are no longer needed. On to someone else now. Wonder who it will be…

    4. Shelley Immken says:

      Well, well, well it’s nice to see he apologized? Did he really through a tweet? Very tacky. Someone should really teach Kanye some class. Maybe go to an etiquette class, or possibly just buy it. I don’t think it is sincere, but hopeful that it is……the saga I’m sure will continue……..
      He has truly become someone I really dislike in the public eye. I have already had conversation with my teenage children to not act/listen or follow anything he says or does.

    5. Beck says:

      This was just a publicity stunt because he has a new album coming out and he knows even his own fans have turned on him and won’t buy his crappy new record. It’s all about album sales because any sincere apology is done face-to-face or voice-to-voice, not over social media for the entire world to see.

    6. joanna says:

      He says to respect artistry, He has no respect for his fellow artist. Just shows he really didnt mean he was sorry for the Taylor Swift… because he just did it again.. Stop inviting him to the award shows, he is delusional.He wins the award for “The full of Shit” award. & Beyonce needs to go to the Porn award with Miley .Jezzus strike you down!

    7. K. Marsh says:

      West needs to be banned from these award ceremonies. He has demonstrated over and over that he is not mature enough to behave himself at these events and should not be extended an invitation. He needs to stand outside of the venue or better yet watch it from home so the public doesn’t have to deal with him.

    8. Dominic says:

      The guy needs to be banned from the Grammy’s!

    9. Beck wrote his first hit single for West and it is called “Loser”!!!

      West is a loser as are all his idiot fans.

      • Beck says:

        And you know what? “Loser” made it into the Top 10 and there were ONLY 500 copies of it available in the entire world. Kanye can only dream of doing something like that.

    10. Lida says:

      Obama was right, Kanye IS a jackass! He must have something mentally wrong with him that he keeps popping up at award shows to spout off about how Beyonce should have won. It blows my mind to think how completely rude and egotistical someone must be to do such a thing. He should not be invited back to anymore award shows. People don’t care what this clown thinks. Most of the people I know are of the opinion he and his wife (who rose to fame doing a “leaked” porno) are both repulsive, trashy, media whores. I wish they would crawl back under their rocks. The world would be a better place.

    11. I appreciate the apology…it was needed. Kanye is talented, but I think he gets amped up at these events and believes he is invincible. As for Beck–well, he deserved the award for the album. When I heard the first cut on it, I knew he would win. He’s an artist of unmatchable quality.

    12. billrow says:

      Petulant fish stick isn’t sorry at all, he’s just doing damage control.

    13. Robert M says:

      “Ebony and Ivory” remake anyone?

    14. Steph says:

      West has “gotten to big for his bridges” / he needs to think before he talks. He says he wants reform and a safer world, etc. but he himself is a mess of a problem.

    15. Hanover says:

      Short list of things that are over: John Travolta as a presenter, Lady Gaga as a glove model, Alec Baldwin as a film opener, Brian Williams’ reputation, and Kanye West appearing anywhere for any reason. He digs deeper every time he opens his mouth. Can’t stand the sight of him.

    16. Mo Lester says:

      Why can’t this primitive no talent just keep his big flapping yap closed, instead of constantly proving to the world what a raging idiot he is?

    17. Jimmy Green says:

      His legacy will be that of a rude, sad, no class clown. Together with his wife the total talent on a scale of one to ten would be -3. Does he really believe he is any good? I doubt he is that delusional but definitely he is that clueless.

    18. Anneka Tao says:

      I feel sorry for Kanye’s next victim. I wonder who he’ll upstage at next year’s grammys or the VMAs…

    19. BobC. says:

      King Kanye has a new career: He insults people left and right and his PR Manager says, “Kanye, image.” And his mother continues to turn in her grave.

      • Beck says:

        Nah, don’t give him mom any sympathy. She’s the one who created this monster, probably by dipping all of his baby poops in pure gold and then rolling them in diamonds and murdered animal skin and telling him he’s the second coming. Narcissists aren’t born, they’re MADE, by bad parenting.

    20. brunostrange says:

      HA! Love it!

      Seriously, though, good on Kanye. Yes, the guy can be a major jackass, but in this age when people would rather dig in their heels rather than admit error, it’s nice to see someone own up.

    21. That was an extremely crappy and lame apology to Beck.

    22. Mary says:

      You farts!!!! How can you say he 9nly picks on white people? Looolz! It doesnt matter who would have won, if they are not Beyonce they are not worthy in his eyes. How in the world did you nucle heads make this a race thing? Bruno Marse isn’t white! People get over yourselves. Kanye us no different from the ones who came before him like Eminem who was an even bigger asswhole in his time.

    23. No More Lies says:

      Beck should have punched that looks-at-me attention whore out.

    24. No More Lies says:

      What about apologizing to Taylor Swift?

    25. Roxxy says:

      Whatever, he’s not sorry. Kanye got hacked. XD

    26. Elle says:

      I love Beck !

    27. DorothyParkerlite says:

      Whatever talent he might have will be forgotten and erased by the joke he’s become. So sad and pathetic.

    28. John P says:

      its time to ban him attending future grammy’s, and get back all awards he got

    29. Lexi says:

      A little to late… Must have seen a financial hit and thought this would help.

    30. Louis brown says:

      First of all that Kanye the racist seems to always pick on white weak people, I would love for when this looser who thinks he’s a judge of music go up to someone like kid Rock and he breaks his Mother ****ING jaw . I bet you he will never do it again.


    32. Inspector Clouseau says:

      All the negative comments about his punkass stunt forced this no class clown to make a bs “oh,I’m sorry” statement. What a loser.

    33. THANK YOU! i think that the same crochety old people that judge the grammys also write these articles. 88 keys is a very talented producer who has a long line of production and has an album of his own as a rapper, which includes a song with Kanye. and unfortunately Sean Combs has a million nicknames but anybody who write an entertainment section should keep up. Puff, Puffy and or Puff Daddy are some of them.

    34. Sandy says:

      His words sound completely fake. I’m sure he was pressured to do this. You can tell by this man’s character he’s a complete asshole. His marketing management spends millions of dollars on his image, that’s why naive people look at him as an “artist”. That’s what he wants everyone to call hin. I din’t see any talent. It’s all a business. I say we stop giving him a platform for him to appear, he will fade away..

    35. Hi! says:

      “raised by wolves, with little education”?

    36. He’s figured it out, and you’re falling into it. He stays in your consciousness like a Realtor or any good salesman with a drip campaign of bullshit. His interruption was weeks ago and now his tweet is not only carefully timed to avoid overdoing it, but also another reason for his name to be in the news. Let’s decide to not say anything about him until he does something newsworthy, not just “being Kanye.” Because he is downright playing the U.S. media and winning. So just STOP.

    37. M. Granger says:

      88 Keys and Puff are producers, not the song title.

    38. Kenmandu says:

      Kanye is like many alleged artists of his generation, raised by wolves, with little education, and clueless about civilization… That is music is not memorable and very over-rated probably irks this raw entity as well..

      • Teddy Ford says:

        I disagree…he moved to China when he was just 10 because his mother taught there…later upon moving back here his mother became the chair of the English Dept at CSU where she not only served as professor but also I s where he he would later attend. His father was an award winning photojournalist as well as former black panther…both highly regarded careers…Certainly not “wolves” as you stated…look I get it…I get it…he was a complete jerk that night and it wasn’t his first rodeo…but he’s also one of the most electrifying and talented artist/songwriter/producers working today. Just look at his list of accomplishments in the industry. 387 major awards, 57 of those were Grammy noms 21 of those declared as wins to be included in his 124 overall wins. This included award wins by MTV, ASCAP, Billboard, BMI, AMA as well as others so if he grows a brain, learns some tack and humility the music world will survive!

        • Shelley Immken says:

          He’s not a class act and his raps suck.
          The public doesn’t like him and his publicity manager told him to apologize.
          Maybe he is educated, why is he acting ghetto?

      • Matt Iles says:

        He was raised by his mother, Dr. Donda C. West (she was a Professor of English at Clark Atlanta University, and the Chair of the English Department at Chicago State University, God rest her soul) so idk where you get the raised by wolves comment. And idk how you win 21 Grammy awards making “not memorable” music.

        • Shelley Immken says:

          He’s music is played out, not timeless, and he uses other peoples samples like people use toilet paper.

        • Beck says:

          Um, hello? Grammys are based mostly on album sales, and just because an album moves lots of units, it doesn’t mean it’s made by a genius. Most of the record-buying public are sheep who swallow whatever’s fed to them, and that’s usually anything that’s shiny and sparkly – not something that’s actually GOOD. Taylor Swift sold 6 million copies of 1989 since October and while she’s sweet and perky and great at being famous, she’s got a mediocre voice, and I say that as a Taylor Swift fan. Kanye’s mother RAISED her son to be a complete jerk, he was acting like this long before she died, he was jumping up on awards shows stages and dissing the artists who won instead of him as far back as 2005. Sorry, but I have no warm feelings for the woman – she gave us this bipolar narcissist to deal with now. Great lady.

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