Kanye West Ripped by Garbage’s Shirley Manson in Open Letter

Kanye Shirley Manson

Kanye West’s antics at the Grammys didn’t exactly sit well with the Internet. Now musicians are starting to speak out against the rapper, who ridiculed Beck for winning album of the year on Sunday night instead of Beyonce. Now, Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson has posted an open letter to Kanye, who she called a “complete tw*t,” on her Facebook page.

Read the full letter below:

Dear Kanye West,

It is YOU who is so busy disrespecting artistry.

You disrespect your own remarkable talents and more importantly you disrespect the talent, hard work and tenacity of all artists when you go so rudely and savagely after such an accomplished and humble artist like BECK.

You make yourself look small and petty and spoilt.

In attempting to reduce the importance of one great talent over another, you make a mockery of all musicians and music from every genre, including your own.

Grow up and stop throwing your toys around.

You are making yourself look like a complete twat.

Ps.I am pretty certain Beyonce doesn’t need you fighting any battles on her account. Seems like she’s got everything covered perfectly well on her own.

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    1. It would seem that Mr. West is exorcising his publicity-worthy antics in order to retain a choice slice of top-shelf media pie, marking his territory not unlike a dog who wets on a tree. Despite the hundred who came before him, and the hundred to follow, spots in the media spot light tend to last about as long as it takes for dog piss to dry. Mrs. West is a pro when it comes to such things, I’m sure she acts as tutor in their union. Please, let us not forget that Mr. West is not the first to bombard the stage at an awards show, claiming an unjust decision…I seem to recall a stint pulled off by none other than ODB, (Old Dirty Bastard) which went about the same distance.

    2. kodiakkodiak says:

      wow. he was making a joke. watch the video of the audience – he acts like he’s going to do a repeat of the taylor swift move and then laughs and sits down. making fun of himself. the whole audience laughs. beck too. this is just media building a case for clickbait. when he later realized that it might have been taken seriously, he made a public apology to beck expressing his respect for beck. I mean come on, all he did was break the sanctity of an awards show in a room full of his friends and peers.

    3. C boyd says:

      He is such an obnoxious loser. Don’t know who craves more attention him or his pathetic wife. Maybe once n a while they should stay home and take care of their child. Would keep him from consistently making an ass of himself.

    4. TrophyKnife says:

      He’s so insecure, and OBVIOUSLY in love with Beyonce. He just married that plastic Armenian because he needed a Beyonce “beard” so Jay-Z’s ego wouldn’t get suspicious. Kanye’s whole rap career has been one long, narcissistic cry for help. If you truly think you are great you won’t feel the need to constantly remind people how great you think you are, but have confidence that people will notice your greatness through your actions. Seriously, was this dude completely neglected as a child or something? His need for attention is so pathetic it actually turned comical years ago. I can only hope, for his sake, it’s just an “alter-ego” for his public persona. But we all know he’s just that.damn.sad.

    5. Aela says:

      fuck yeah, this is amazing! Beck will always be a class act in my book. I feel second hand embarrassment for Kanye – what a pathetic display. Best to just the ignore the infantile idiot.

    6. Steve says:

      I could have written a more detailed, incisive “open letter” in about 15 minutes lol..

    7. stinkpot Jones says:

      Kanye appears at his toughest pushing around women or skinny little guys like Beck who tip the scales at 100 pounds or so. Around anyone who bigger he sits quietly with his hands in his pockets trying to behave himself. He runs his fastest to get behind Kim’s skirts when threatened.

    8. Jay says:

      Kanye is behaving like a conceited arrogant fool. I do my best to see things from the other point of view, but unfortunately I can’t get my head far enough up my anus. The world is in dire straits if this is the people we idolize and focus our attention on. We are the result of 4 billion years of evolution, behave like it.

      • TrophyKnife says:

        “Kanye is behaving like a conceited arrogant fool.” So nothing has changed. Well actually- now that I think about it- his behavior has changed. It has somehow gotten worse.

    9. Ginger says:

      Big looser SNL you looked ridiculous actually you looked like a kneeling monkey. Don’t know why you were even there you had nothing to do with SNL I hope soon people see you for what you are a complete egotistical jackass!

    10. AMEN! now sit his ass down or don’t allow him at the grammy;s. he is a racist pig.

    11. Glenn C. says:

      I am SO glad she wrote this! Way to go! West was a rude, egotistical, “Legend in his own mind” SOB!!!
      He should keep his big droopy mouth shut!!! Not just sagging on his fat face but also SHUT!!!!
      What a worthless “tool”!

    12. Marlen says:

      He is absolutely entitled to his opinion, but he needs to keep his ass in his seat with it. Another subscriber claims that he has been invited to the affair in order to create attention such as this. If that be the case then I guess he is ready to have people criticize his actions, because of course, we all are entitled to our opinions. And if this is the way things are conducted in the realm of celebrity then I guess we’re all at fault.

      • Yeezy Season Approaching. says:

        Well said, I wouldn’t personally jump to the conclusion that he was there with the express purpose of causing controversy, he was performing so logically they’d put him in the front row just because it’s easier access on and off stage.

        I also won’t argue that the manner in which he spoke could have been better timed, but he’s just an outspoken person, it’s definitely not the first time he’s been in the headlines for it, it almost certainly won’t be the last. But in my opinion that’s part of what makes Kanye so interesting, he’s not afraid to speak his mind when most other artists wouldn’t have the guts to.

        At least this was all said directly to Beck and not behind his back in some press conference, at least the man finally got some media attention for all of his hard work, it might not have been pretty, but I think in the end this was a win-win for Beck and Kanye

        Thanks for being civil in your response :)

    13. allie says:

      guess its hard for him to get any media attn surrounded by the K’s….has to resort to stupid…lol

    14. Yeezy Season Approaching says:

      It looks like Kanye’s just playing games, he’s made out to be this huge asshole by so many people, yet he’s come out with sincere apologies and explanations since then, he respects Beck and he’s even admitted that he basically did it for the media exposure, which definitely worked because all of the Bleeding Hearts who didn’t give a damn about Beck a month ago are all talking about him now, Moths to a flame.

    15. Melissa says:

      If Kanye wants to give up his awards that’s his business, but he has no business telling another artist that they should. He needs to keep his dumb ass opinions to his self. He is not God. He has no right to dictate who should win these awards. There is a reason Beck won and a reason Taylor Swift won and none of it had to do with him. He needs to just but out, sit his rude ass down and keep his thoughts to his self because no one cares how he feels.

      • My post was intended as a reply to Yeezy Season Approaching. apologies for the mistake, Melissa.

      • Bleeding heart my ass, I’ve been a fan of Becks for years and this is disgusting. The fact that the end justifies the means for you makes me a bit nauseous as well. In a civilized universe Kanye would have been banned from any such event for his behavior at the VMA’s since these are live events and we already know he is up for ruining a winner’s moment for his own publicity. Shame on the events for not having the balls to ban him from all such live ceremonies so true artists can have their moment without fear of being accosted in front of the world by a fame hungry thug.

      • Yeezy Season Approaching says:

        So he’s not entitled to an opinion because you don’t like him?

        I’m a fan of Taylor Swifts work, she definitely deserves the recognition, I can’t speak for Becks album as I haven’t listened to it, but Kanye has every right to freedom of Speech. I’m sure that there are people who don’t care what you have to say. Yet here you are criticising someone on something that has nothing to do with you.

        No one is above freedom of speech, Beck and Kanye included.

        People Like you and Shirley Manson have somehow got it in to your heads that you’re the arbiters of what can and can’t be said.

        • Gary B says:

          The issue is not expressing his opinion its the time and place and how. Is it acceptable to jump on stage and steal the moment from both Taylor & Beck while they are receiving their award… The man is rude and disrespectful

        • Yeezy Season Approaching says:

          Good for you :)

        • Flatlander says:

          My five-year-old has the right to say anything he wants, but I’m helping him grow up not to be a jackass.

    16. Yeezy Season Approaching. says:

      He’s given up awards of his own in the past because he believes that they were deserved by other artists. Like when he handed over his Best Video BET Award to UGK. Some people paint Kanye in a very biased light.

      Think about it this way:
      he’s entitled to voice his thoughts, he didn’t invade Beck’s Space, he made a respectful protest and stood up for what he considered to be a important issue, the problem here isn’t that Kanye has an opinion. It’s the people telling him that he can’t have one.

      Like I say, he’s given away his own awards when he thought that he didn’t deserve them, he’s leading by his own example and treating others how he treats himself.

      Look past the media façade’s in the future, because he’s actually a very smart, insightful artist. evidenced by the hundreds of awards he’s won in the past.

      • I’m sorry but you seem to be a troll. Here you say Kanye didn’t invade Beck’s space, while the very act of invading Beck’s space is the topic.. then when someone points out your error, you don’t have the balls to rebut or reply, you just move on to another spewing of Kanye defense and kool aid until you are confronted again and so on. If you are trying to pull a Kanye, dude it’s not working.

        • Yeezy Season Approaching says:

          Not really, I made my comment and said what I had to say, I don’t really care if that doesn’t satisfy you because I’m not here on your behalf.

          you’ve somehow gotten it in your head that this entire topic revolves around 2-3 people, it doesn’t lol

          The fact I didn’t reply to like 2 people has no bearing on what I’ve said, so why would I bother?

          Anyway back to the matter at hand, it’s apparent he basically jumped the stage so he could make a joke in “All Day”

          I’m not here change your bandwagon opinion on Kanye, I’m here trying to reach a consensus, your rebuttal is really unimportant to me lol

      • Julie says:

        He totally invaded Beck’s space, which was the stage. Kanye’s space was a seat in the audience. He can express himself once the show is over, but during the show he needs to stay in his seat and shut up. There was nothing respectful about what he did. He took somebody else’s moment and tried to grab it for himself. Notice the type of people he steals from–Beck, Taylor Swift–people who are too nice to say anything to stop him. I hope Kanye stops attending awards shows because he stinks up the whole room.

    17. Bandit says:

      He is a self centered arrogant Flaming Asshole to say the least.w

    18. Gary B says:

      For selfish reasons….Thank you for being the self absorbed asshole that you are Kanye. You irked Shirley Manson to express what more artist should be doing and by doing that I have been introduced to her music which I can’t stop listening to.

    19. TaylorSpliff says:

      Or better yet.. speaking for her..fighting her battles…shit…seems like JayZ isnt doing much of shit..

    20. TaylorSpliff says:

      Wonder what JayZ thinks of a fanboy embarrasing his wife like that…

    21. Atrashcan says:

      Kanye West, a boycott of all YOUR music and all YOUR clothes, because they do not deserve attention, respect, or our money. May you shrivel like the worthless POS you really are.

    22. he is just the bully in the R&B playground…

      • Santa says:

        I’m sure he wouldn’t be such a bully if Suge Knight approached him. Kanye
        “D-bag” only picks on people smaller than him. I mean look a Beck he’s just a little thing.

    23. Mike Sacher says:

      Everyone is missing the obvious point as to why Kanye is being so outspoken lately.
      As we all know the music he makes is complete drivel and as such he has to sell his music by having a reputation.
      As he is so adored by a brain dead youth who think he is being clever and edgy by being such a twat then they adore him more and buy his gobshite music.
      If you can’t market from talent then you have to give the ártist’ an edge and market this edge. The fact that Kanye is a bonafide idiot just makes marketing him that much easier.

      • Yeezy Season Approaching says:

        Have you actually given his music a fair chance before hazing it so badly?

        Because it didn’t seem like complete drivel when they were handing him 21 Grammy’s (in 12 years)

        Could be wrong I guess

        • I have listened to his .. sampling.. can’t call it music really at all. His rapping is just pathetic compared to old school and the modern quality rapper: Common, Snoop and of course Beck himself.. Bound2 where he can’t pronounce the word “reputation” correctly even after repeating it several times was the first I’d heard (yes I know it is allegedly some sort of edgy comedic enigmatic piece of genuis.. lol) . Mike Sacher is absolutely right, this pathetic hack has to do stupid things to sell his hacked disingenuous drivel (perfect word Mr Sacher) and pseudo worldly bragging..*whispers*: Yes other people know about Paris too, Kanye!

    24. Drew breeze says:

      Kudos to Shirley Manson she rocks!!!

    25. Drew breeze says:

      He’s all talk and no class
      no wonder people don’t respect him.
      I hope he gets slapped upside his head by a stop sign!!!!

    26. Dj smooth says:

      Dumb bipolar ass beeeotch!
      He was just mad because he won
      Zilch…zero….absolutely nothing .so
      Of course this bipolar douche bag had to
      Have the spotlight turned on him and his fake ass untalented whore Kim. They are sooooooooo irrelevant

    27. Myles G says:

      I just wish the powers that be with ban this f****** moron from award shows.

      • lsjerrett says:

        You realize that the Grammys WANTED him to do this, right? You’ve got to be under some serious delusions if you don’t realize that they want the fucking attention lmao. Grammys haven’t been relevant in years. When Kanye does this shit it gets people talking again. The “Powers that Be” assigned Kanye’s seat– in the front row.

        • The Grammys wouldn’t be happening if they weren’t relevant. While they may have arranged the stunt (No one knows for sure but Kanye and who wants to bother talking to that brainless thug?) that possibility itself just points up one of the symptoms of this culture we have today where the end justifies the means and it’s ok to do something rude and dishonorable if it sells.. anything. It will bite us all in the ass someday while idiots like this buffoon poison the musical gene pool and real artists will be overlooked due to reverse racism and a mannerless, undignified culture.

        • Julie says:

          The Grammys were successful before Kanye was born and they will be successful long after he is gone. They are about music, not pathetic, attention seeking stunts.

        • lsjerrett says:

          That’s a hilarious statement given that most of the younger generation doesn’t give a shit about the Grammys and is by and large disillusioned by the show and pony bullshit of pitting exceptional people against one another. Not to mention all awards shows are about money and if you don’t realize that then you are IMMENSELY naive. But mostly I’m gonna guess you’re pretty old if you think the Grammys still matter. Lmfao. Nice try.

    28. Ms Sonya says:

      Kanye is a small minded little boy, a true Asshole. it seems like all he thinks about constantly is Beyonce . Kim must feel really stupid. with her no talented ass

    29. Izzie Nutz says:

      It’s not like it was a contest solely between Beck and Beyonce. Can you imagine how many votes Sam Smith must have gotten, not to mention Pharrell and Ed Sheeran. The pop/R&B crowd split their votes, the rock crowd all went for Beck and he won. Kanye should have blamed Pharrell and Sam for stealing Beyonce’s votes. I don’t think he even understands how the winners are determined.

    30. Carol Wright says:

      Kanye West is the most self absorbed, attention hog ever. He should keep his focus on his attention hog wife, they are a good match. I agree with another writer, Beyonce needs to tell him to stop with the antics and that disparaging another artist is unacceptable.

    31. Hannah says:

      You know, because they are irritating and explode with yuck.

    32. Trish Lynn says:

      Beyoncé album: 27 songwriters and 19 producers.
      Kanye album: 49 songwriters and 25 producers.

      Beck album: 1 songwriter and 1 producer.. enough said.

      • lsjerrett says:

        That means nothing. Collaboration is a part of making amazing music. No one even knew the Beck album came out. And it’s hard to compare genres like that– but Beyonce’s album was by far the more influential one of the year.

        Plus, a bunch of people sitting in a room making music? Sounds like a band…

        • urwrong says:

          This means EVERYTHING you moron. If you knew what a real musician was you would not have a hard time comprehending this. To be a REAL musician you must write the majority of your shit or at LEAST know how to play an instrument and do something other than sing because if all you can do is sing.. then you are a singer. NOT a musician. Beck’s music is groundbreaking work with poetic, worldly and life concepts. Beyonce says “crazy in love” and “shake your ass” TALENTLESS and she doesn’t even write that garbage. it takes that many idiots to write so mindless, retarded lyrics .. all she is and ever will be is an actress with a voice. She has NO right winning anything for something she didn’t even produce or write. .. and even if she did write and produce the whole album.. its still garbage. Talent takes work.. not repeating the same 5 words over and over again with someone else’s beats and music in the background.

        • lsjerrett says:

          Okay, you know what? I read this garbage you just posted and I do have some specific points to make– first of all, you know NOTHING about Beyonce if you think all she has done is Crazy in Love and you are completely discrediting the work that she did put into the visual album that she released last year. Just take a look at the wiki page for her album vs. the wiki page for Morning Phase. Sure, Beck gets at some “life concepts” (whatever the fuck that means) but Beyonce approaches ACTUAL real shit, like feminism/womanism and race issues. She is incredibly talented, and NOT just because of her voice and her dancing, but because of the way she can construct a cohesive album with a unique sound and that is so unapologetically a celebration of her life and life in general.

          Honestly if you don’t know what you’re talking about you should really not make ignorant posts about it.

    33. Donna Antinarella says:

      Wondering if those attending Grammys are invited. If so, why not just not invite this man? This isn’t the first time he’s disrupted someone receiving an award. He is an embarrassment and a few other things I cannot put in this comment.

      • lsjerrett says:

        If you’re wondering then you have no clue how the Grammys (or any awards shows) work. Yes, he WAS invited. And they assigned the seating as well so they put him in the front row, most likely hoping he would make a scene. Him doing this spurs a whole lot of other drama that keeps dumb sheeple like you talking about it for weeks after.

        • Thank god I didn’t watch it but someone said he was performing.. might be more of a logical reason to seat him there, that and he hasn’t been pulling his juvenile stunts lately (other than comparing himself with Jesus). No matter how many nimwits enjoy watching him disrespect folks, it don’t make it right and he should never be invited to another live awards ceremony period. I have already made my opinion known to the Grammys org, it’s the least people should do who recognize this as a horrible symptom of our society’s descent into barbarism so that their recognition of the truth can be counted somehow.

    34. Terri Sharrow says:

      kanye is the biggest asshole around, and if Beyoncé had respect for other artist she would tell the asshole to stop it. She doesn’t right her own music or play instruments , she just sings and dances. She doesn’t deserve a Grammy

    35. David Casler says:

      I will NEVER purchase anything he touches. So over this a$$$hole.

    36. James says:

      Stupid no talent, cant play an instrument, cant sing, cant control his big mouth, dumb ass piece of shit! I even wonder how the hell he even got this far. I woulda kicked his ass long ago! Still want to. Cant wait till he crashes. Some day he and his skank wife ( also no talent) will get divorced. It happens to them all. I give it about another year. In the mean time Kanye, Why dont you Suck it!!!!!!! Cant stand that shit you call music. It is a disgrace to all real musicians. Learn how to play guitar or piano or accordian, and get back to me. ASS HOLE!!!!

    37. Patti says:

      West is a total ass…and I wouldn’t listen to his music if you paid me.

    38. fmadera says:

      West should be giving out his own awards. He can give them to all he wants to have it.

    39. Michael Paz says:

      Most of all you have disrespected your peers (voting members) that picked this album over the others nominated. Thank God we have a choice of who to like and vote for.

    40. Kanye needs to be banned from all awards shows. Time for the media to ignore him.

    41. Jonnny Smith says:

      Let me tell you all a little something. This was all a show. The grammys are losing ratings. so think about it. For the first time in 6 years kanye west performs two songs at the grammys at different points in the show. And then kanye did the same thing he did in 2009 with Taylor Swift. People are mad upset or what ever. The grammys are being talked about. Lets be honest, if it wasnt for Kanye no one would be talking about the grammys. Now imagine next year they announce Kanye is nominated for an award and is going to perform. How much more people is going to watch the show next year, even more. how much more money can now CBS charge for ad revenue, even more. this was the plan, its all about the money people its not about beyonce and beck or even kanye. its all about the MONEY.

      • Suess says:

        Thats the dumbest sh*t i have yet to hear on this..So then who was behind this grand scheme? The grammys,Kanye?..I agree he acts out in order to get attention.but thats not the only reason. Hes an egotistical ass who thinks he speaks for an entire generation of people who,for the most part are completly turned off and tuned out from whatever he does now. Even the most brilliant of “trainwrecks” get dull to watch at some point,and i beleive he is way past that! There is no conspiracy here, aside from the usual politics of the networks. Kanye’s not that smart..The grammys have been around longer than any of us and will continue,and dont need someone like him for ratings!

        • lsjerrett says:

          Suess. No offence, but you have NO idea what you’re talking about. If you don’t think this is about money + views you have a clear ignorance of how television works. Lol. Stfu.

    42. irishmary24 says:

      Kanye is going to have to face reality. The woman he’s in love with is MARRIED TO JZ!! Sorry about that. My heart goes out to Kim to have to witness this so often, and I’m feeling sorry for the public, also, for having to see this at Grammy time. Beyoncé isn’t likely to throw over her husband for Kanye. Mr. West hasn’t achieved adulthood yet, and JZ is a man!

      • the idiots out there says:

        Ya isjerrett, like you are an expert. LOL LOL What the hell do you know. Oh maybe a guess that it possibly could be true. It’s all in your head. You are now starting to look like a troll. Maybe you are the one who should stfu Mr. know it all. LOL Kanye is an ASS. You say he has his right to speak his mind. Well everyone here does as well. Stop trying to Bully and take your own advice.

      • the idiots out there says:

        My comment was meant for Isjerrett. Not irishmary 24. Sorry it didn’t post under the intended Troll.

    43. occultology says:

      Perhaps Kanye West should establish an Undeserved Awards Ceremony to “honor” Beyonce every year. In my opinion, the 2 greatest songs of all time, featuring the most profound lyrics, and the loveliest, most haunting melodies, are: “Yesterday, When I Was Young” by Roy Clark (male), and “The Look Of Love”, performed by Dusty Springfield (female). I don’t expect Kanye West to agree, as these are non-ghetto oriented opinions.

    44. Brenda Morse says:

      Thank God people agree, I have been so pissed about Mr. Kanye actions, 1.) Rude 2.) no class 3.) Disrespect for all other artists present and past. I’m surprised he didn’t go after the legends of the night like Sir Paul McCarthy or Mr. Tony Bennett!! And shouldn’t he just be worried about his wife instead of Ms. B?? Isn’t that what JZ for?? Then he has turned it into race by saying the industry in mostly a white vote and good African American’s are not getting the recognition they deserve. But sorry Ms. B has 22 Grammy’s to her name! Quincy Jones has like 26? If he has something to say worthy .DO IT IN THE RIGHT FORUM. He took that special moment in Beck’s & Taylor Swift’s lives away from their family, friends, and fans. Where are your fan’s and Grammy”s Mr. West? God forbid someone would do that to North someday….he’d shit! I truly feel he should be fined or banned from so many next Grammy Awards just like football players are penalized!! I wonder after his poor classless manner if Sir McCarthy will ever do a project with Mr. West Again. Sure hope not!!

    45. Patty says:

      I think his music is horrible and after the Taylor Swift incident he was on my s*** list for life.

    46. Jenn says:

      I have always loved Garbage. I now love Shirley Manson even more so! Well said Ms. Manson. Well said indeed.

    47. Michael Carter says:

      He acted like a rude disrespectufull human being in 09 and still has not grown as a man, and he`s father now, SHAME!!!! Beyonce stands on her own as an artist and her music and talent speak for itself. To all musicans and singers of all genre`s of music, keep on composing,and doing your own thing. If you are ever nominated for a grammy it`s because you deserve that nomination and if you do win great, it`s about music and something that brings people joy. I suggest Kanye star this own award program since he is the authority on everything that is music.

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