Singer Joni Mitchell Hospitalized in Los Angeles

Joni Mitchell Hospital
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

UPDATE: Joni Mitchell’s rep told the LA Times that Mitchell is still hospitalized, but “doing fine” on Wednesday. Her spokesperson added that a 911 call was made when Mitchell lost consciousness, and the musician is currently undergoing tests to determine what caused the incident.

The legendary singer-songwriter was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after falling ill at her L.A. home.

The Canadian musician’s official Twitter account confirmed Mitchell’s hospitalization. Two hours later, tweeted “Joni is currently in intensive care in an LA area hospital but is awake and in good spirits. More updates to come as we hear them.”

According to TMZ, paramedics hurried to the singer’s Bel Air residence after receiving a 911 call. She was reportedly alert on the way to the hospital.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed that paramedics responded to an emergency 911 call on Mitchell’s street in Bel Air at about 2:30 on Tuesday, but was unable to confirm her condition.

Mitchell is a lifelong smoker who has said in the past that “six decades of smoking have robbed me of my voice.”

The eight-time Grammy winning musician, now 71, is known for songs like “Both Sides Now,” “The Circle Game,” “Free Man in Paris” and “Help Me” and helped define the Laurel Canyon sound of the 1960s and ’70s. Her songs, such as “Big Yellow Taxi” and “River,” have been famously covered over the years.

Mitchell’s most recent album of original music, “Shine,” was released in 2007. A four-volume boxed set, “Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced,” came out in 2014.

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    1. Helen Will says:

      I cannot even put into words how much Joni Mitchell means to me. Her songs spoke to me. I will always admire her true artistry and spirit. And I do pray for you Joni. You are a very special woman;don’t you ever forget that. Mahalo for your music,lyrics, and thoughts.

    2. Kymi Kay says:

      Your a super diva whose music is so inspirational. Your truly beautiful inside and out. My prayers are with you.

    3. Ellen says:

      Get well Joni…sending you prayers you way…..Good luck on the smoking, I quit 13 years ago, we are the same age so I know if I can quit so can you..Good luck

    4. Debra Rapp says:

      Praying you are well soon

    5. Thinking of you everyday . Get well soon
      You are smart and strong ! Don’t smoke
      anymore ! All my love and admiration

    6. Patricia DelPozzo says:

      I hope she gets well soon and takes advantage of the break from her cigarette habit she is forced to take while in the hospital. We’re the same age, I quit over 25 years ago, never looked back. Quitting gave me better quality of life every day. I still ended up with COPD and spent most of Jan. 2015min the hospital acquired with pneumonia. Georgia gave you good advice.
      To Joni:hank you for the music. You are my partners favorite singer/songwriter, etc. When I told him you were in the hospital he sang two songs, River and California… he know the words to all of your songs. Godspeed.

    7. Rebeccacares2 says:

      So sadly cigarettes claim another life, albeit slowly and painfully. Such a shame, and a waste, and a testament to the horrific nature of addiction. Because they are pushed commercially and culturally (still, amazing in Hollywood), cigarettes are still a profitable poison allowed to be pedaled by the merchants of death known as tobacco “companies” as your local corner store.
      It’s very sad, people just have no idea how dangerous tobacco is, and so many fall prey to it and become hopelessly addicted. Both my parents smoked, giving me a lifelong hatred of the smell of cigarette odor, they also both died of cancer, one was lung.

      I also find if very sad that our sitting president, whom I voted for, is a smoker (and rumored to be a closet chain smoker)——-this is simply UNACCEPTABLE. How can he tell kids to lead healthy lives while puffing on a cigarette, and the notion that his wife should be involved in helping with dietary concerns with children seems less than sincere, after all, if she allows the father of her girls to smoke cigarettes, it’s seems kind of hypocritical to then give others advice on living healthy lifestyles.
      And our media rarely mentions this fact, he should publicly quit and share the struggles of breaking an addiction if he were truly courageous.

      • mattlove1 says:

        Joni Mitchell is proud and unrepentant about her smoking, and she made the decision a long time ago to never attempt to stop. If she wouldn’t listen to Georgia O’Keefe’s advice, is she going to listen to peasants like us?

        • Ellen says:

          Matt she was not sick when she make that decision, amazing how sometimes we have to eat our words…what ever she chooses to do I wish her well

    8. Lettuce Prey says:

      Joni, you have more class than Mick Jagger, Richard Nixon & Gomer Pyle combined, get well soon.

    9. Master Blaster says:

      Is that a cigarette she is holding in that picture?

    10. lizshields says:

      wishing joni a speedyrecovery.x

    11. Allen Kerr says:

      Harry’s House greatest five minutes of music ever written/performed. She went through so many genres and mastered them all. What I find most iconic is an almost masculine (yet agonizingly romantic) touch. No female singer/songwriter I know managed to incorporate trains, airplanes, automobiles, helicopters, taxis, girders of the Manhattan skyline, etc. etc. into her visions-maybe Neil Young from the guy side. Hey: another product of the Canadian wheat fields-maybe not a coincidence. Funny how Canadians have come to dominate the elite strata of a number of musical categories.

      I’m a conservative and I could give a flying ++++ about her politics or smoking. Just get well and start writing prose and tell us how it is you came to see and feel the things you have.

    12. I was taking a flight from Las Vegas to San Jose in the early 1970’s. I came on the plane late, carrying my guitar in hand. Joni was sitting at a window seat with a lady friend sitting next to her. She said to me, “they let you bring your guitar on board, they made me check mine”. I sat down on the aisle seat next to them both, and had the time of my life. Although she spoke few words, it was nonetheless thrilling and memorable. Godspeed lovely lady.

    13. g2-46a1b59c5296c01e1ad68de2b059f8e7 says:

      Because of Joni, I’ve looked at clouds, love, and life from both sides now. Thanks, Joni, and get well soon!

    14. Gus Mueller says:

      I guess the morgellons finally caught up with her.

    15. Harvey Weinstein says:

      Oy vey

    16. Bee Bee says:

      After all these years I still listen to your early works – just you and your guitar. (Why can’t I write like you????) Anyway, Joni PLEASE write an autobiography, we want to know about your creative influences and writing process, and like to know what the music scene was like when you came into it. you can maintain your privacy, but tell us how your came to write so many songs and how your music came into fruition. GET WELL SOON!!!

    17. God bless you Joni. I remember your torch performance with the wine glass an cigarette at the concord Pavilion in CA. Those panty waste California libtards all booed the cigarette, but you kept on. Way to not be intimidated by those idiots.

      • mattlove1 says:

        She kept on killing herself softly. Something somebody who uses childish phrases like “panty waste” and “libtard” would approve us. Go ahead now, entertain us with your theories about global warming and Bengazi.

    18. 1peevedbob says:

      I heard a report about Mitchell on the radio, and the family was purported to ask fans to sing a song, and thing good thoughts.
      At least her family is honest and apparently have no need for prayers……….
      I would play one of her songs but I don’t have any in my collection…, I suppose I will say a prayer for her……..

    19. w.t. hawk says:

      I came of age in the 60’s and smoked tobacco beginning at age 12….along the way, I also picked up a few other bad habits; the worst of which was heroin…Her composition “Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire” was, IMHO one of her best works as it spoke to me of the hopeless addiction and destructive nature of the drug. I thankfully overcame my addiction to heroin but my cigarette habit continued for another 32 years and by the age of 62 I routinely smoked 2-21/2 packs per day.
      To Joni I would offer this advice: Try Vapeing…I have been cigarette-free for 3 years now and look back on my time as a smoker as being enslaved to a death culture. The vapeing continues to give a smoker the hand-to-mouth ritual that seems to be an integral part of smoking.
      Thanks again for the music you sand.

    20. Joni Mitchell suffers from the very curious and controversial Morgellon’s disease, a skin condition wherein red, white and blue fibers erupt from recalcitrant skin lesions. Joni says, with characteristic poetry: “fibers in a variety of colors protrude out of my skin like mushrooms after a rain storm.” Some link Morgellons to the discrete but widespread implementation of geoengineering technology, which involves the dispersal of nanoparticulates via aerosol systems at high altitude (once deemed a “conspiracy theory” or urban legend, geoengineering is now studied and discussed by climatologists and has recently been debated at the UN) . Morgellon’s is controversial because the fibres are not identifiable as any known virus, parasite, fungi or bacteria (thus embarrassing the experts), and they exhibit strange movements in addition to their odd coloration. Morgellon’s victims typically suffer fatigue as well as immune suppression, so I would be surprised if the disease were not a factor in her collapse. She has determined (presumably after considerable effort) that the disease is “incurable.” I love this delightful, spirited artist,and with millions of others, am deeply grateful for her inspirational body of work. Lets all say a prayer for her.

      • Peter says:

        The pharmacy just called…your meds are ready.

        • mattlove1 says:

          Joni said it, I believe it, that settles it. Actually, there’s some pretty good evidence that what appears to be a life-long personality disorder (her extreme self-obsession contributed to all those songs everybody thinks are so wonderful) has blossomed into full-blown psychosis. It’s a pity, I likes me some Joni Mitchell in small doses, but I read a book by a woman who tried to live her life using MItchell’s Blue album as a template, and I am glad there is nobody like that in my life. Any more.

        • Gus Mueller says:

          Morgellon’s is controversial in the sense that Bigfoot is controversial. Because it’s not real.

    21. Stu Weiss says:

      A lot of people don’t know at the age of 7 Joni Mitchell contracted Polio. Happily she was not killed by the decease. When she got older she took an interest in guitar but found she did not have the hand strength for many of the chords she wished to play. Most of us would have given up. Playing guitar was simply not meant to be. Joni Mitchell retuned her guitar so her hands could play the chords she wanted. In fact most of her songs require different custom tunings. Put a lot of pressure on her rodies when she played live.

    22. Gail Bishop says:


    23. Todd Indehar says:

      I saw you in Minneapolis in about 1980 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Jaco Pastorious was with you then. One of the highlight concerts of my life.

    24. scottinva says:

      Hang in there, Joni. Prayers up for a quick recovery.

    25. Todd Indehar says:

      Thanks Joni for the great music over the years.

    26. Danielle Sarasohn says:

      Sending love, light and healing. I love you, Joni.

    27. Pam Miller says:

      Joni, you’re a brilliant, strong albeit vulnerable human and you are respected, admired and loved by your peers, audience and friends. You’ve given your life to your art(s) and we have been the lucky recipients. Thank you. And thank you again. We are with you in this fight.

    28. DTRN says:

      Smoking is not a crime, no one was robbed. Ms Mitchell turned her own lungs into a parking lot.

    29. YVONNE says:

      get well joni has for ignorant people bashng on here ok everyone should stop everything I guess from what im seeing the ones bashing her smoking have you looked at your prescription warnings lately ? all the chemicals your breathing in at work and outside so ok again everyone should stop everything because it all effects your body sshhh

    30. rationalist says:

      Why do people smoke…? seriously, …if they know what it does to the body, why…?

      Sympathy, but not much…

    31. Jack Inmanz says:

      She probably saw the photo that is used in this article.

    32. I am appalled by some of the snarky comments I read here. The assumption that she was still abusing her body is total speculation. The lady is 71 years old. Sometimes 71 year olds get heart attacks and strokes whether they’ve smoked, drank, doped or not. Maybe it’s just something bad that happened because of her age. Or genetics. Or just bad luck. I wish her well and hope she does better than poor Joan Rivers!

    33. ed says:

      I thought she was “found” unconscious back in the 60’s.

    34. Champa Choga says:

      Hmmmmm, “six decades of smoking have robbed me of my voice.”? Sorry, Joni, you GAVE it your voice by smoking for 6 decades.

    35. Joni Mitchell is the soul of my soul…..I “love” all her words and music….she is the best~ In my youth, and in my age now!!

    36. Lifelong fan. Best female pop voice (sorry Linda R) & songwriter ever. Her work with JACO PASTORIOUS was her best (JMO). The two interlaced a synthesis that was unmatched. I cant even think of a song on Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter or Mingus w/o getting chills. I have trouble putting it on at times due to the emotion it elicits in me (do I really want to go there?). Few songwriters hold that kind of power over me. For those fans who have not explored that work (it is little known) please do, and you can thank me later!
      Her politics aside, she is the queen of songwriters, PERIOD!
      Get well Queen. Stop smoking.

      • Her politics aside, she is the queen of songwriters, PERIOD!

        I meant that so many on here
        were referring to her political views. Most musicians are very liberal (duh). Just consider the great work folks, and enjoy.

      • Joni and Jaco were romantically involved at the time of this show in the above clip (fact). Look at her eyes in the last five seconds of the clip(keep watching as it fades). She is so smitten with him.
        ” The eyes Chico,,,they never lie” TM

    37. hunter says:

      Her music lit up my youth and provided so many memories. Her talent is so wide and her style is so distinctive. I hope she rests well and heals completely.

    38. payasito2014 says:

      Joni, I’m hoping this will bring you closer to a sense of your Creator and what He’s done for you. Sincerely said with no bias meant.

    39. Htos1 says:

      Get well soon! Her best track, EVER, is “Dog Eat Dog”, here we are, just like she said.

    40. Joe Solomon says:

      Get well soon Joni. You are such a great talent. Wishing and praying for a quick recovery.

    41. The article forgot to mention ‘Carey’ or the album “Blue” for that matter

    42. JBSPuddintane says:

      While “six decades of smoking have robbed me of my voice” is quite lyrical, it is mistaken. Decades-of-behavior has no intentionality.
      Grow up, drop the victimhood, and own what you did to your voice.
      Darn shame, too. What a voice!?

    43. Dolley Payne says:

      Praying for full and speedy recovery!

    44. Last time someone I knew was in intensive care they had life support tubes. A nurse explained to me that all patients in intensive care are incubated, meaning they are put to sleep with sedatives and given life support for recovery. This is in CA. Sound fishy that she would be awake and doing well in intensive care?

      • John says:

        Intubated; not incubated. Intubation is when a breathing tube is inserted in the trachea through the mouth to deliver mixed oxygen to a patient. Not all ICU patients are intubated. The fact that she was alert and talking would lead credence to the fact if she wasn’t intubated. I had a heart attack last year; was clinically dead. After cardio-conversion (heart shocked), I was immediately conscious and speaking. The respiratory tech asked the attending, “should I intubate him now”? And I said, “absolutely not”. The well-meaning tech turned to the ER attending physician and repeated the question. The attending said, “ask him (meaning me). I said, three reasons: Risk vs reward, tricky procedure done olny when necessary. Second, I am breathing fine on my own. Thirdly, I am following the conversation and SPEAKING with you. Spent two days in ICU, ambulatory after 12 hours.
        Get well Joni and take charge of your health and life.

    45. Chuck D says:

      So does Mick.

    46. Joyce Dade says:

      Deeply saddened to hear of this. May God continue to bless you and protect you, Joni Mitchell. We who respect, admire and love you so much are praying for your speedy and complete recovery. Rest and recover in the expert hands of your doctors and family. XOX

    47. Mark says:

      I wish you well Joni! Mark.

    48. Patricia Russell says:

      Joni holds very special meaning for me. I discovered her through a fellow summer camper at the age of 12. This girl was over the moon about Joni and had actually changed her name to “Marcie”. She was trying to emulate Joni’s playing (not knowing that they were altered tuning chords) and so did I. It changed the way I felt about music and inspired me so much I still play guitar now at the age of 61. Godspeed, Joni, and here’s to recovering and getting back home as soon as possible!

    49. iambicpentamaster says:

      Thanks for “Free Man In Paris” and get well soon!

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