Joni Mitchell Not in a Coma, Says Official Website

Joni Mitchell
David Redfern/Redferns

UPDATE: Contrary to a TMZ report, Joni Mitchell is not in a coma, according to the singer’s official website.

“Contrary to rumors circulating on the Internet today, Joni is not in a coma,” the statement said. “Joni is still in the hospital — but she comprehends, she’s alert, and she has her full senses. A full recovery is expected.”

Earlier in the day, Mitchell’s close friend Leslie Morris filed a petition to obtain conservatorship over the Grammy-winning artist.

But Mitchell’s website called the legal docs simply a formality “in the absence of 24-hour doctor care — to make care decisions for Joni once she leaves the hospital.”

The site added: “As we all know, Joni is a strong-willed woman and is nowhere near giving up the fight. Please continue to keep Joni in your thoughts. You may add your well wishes for her at the website.”

Her official diagnosis has still not been revealed. The 71-year-old was rushed to the hospital late last month after collapsing in her L.A. home.

Mitchell’s rep did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Mitchell has smoked throughout her life, previously saying, “Six decades of smoking have robbed me of my voice.” She has also said that she suffers from Morgellons Disease, a medical mystery that includes lesions and irritable fibers underneath the skin.

The musician is known for such hits as “Both Sides Now,” “The Circle Game,” “Free Man in Paris” and “Help Me.” Her songs “Big Yellow Taxi” and “River” have been covered by many artists throughout the years.

Her last album of original music, “Shine,” was released in 2007.

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    1. brenda avery says:

      Joni you are the one person in the world I have ever desired to be like., I still say I want to be Joni Mitchell when people ask what I plan to do with my life. I am speaking of your music. I am 61yrs old.I still listen to your music, play your music and sing your music. I love you, your music. You are in my prayers. I just quit smoking after 45yrs. a month ago. I am trying to save what voice I do have left.

      you have given so much to the world. To me. Thank you very much, love always

    2. Jamie Ziegler says:

      My parents went to school with u Joni :) in Saskatoon.. My mom and u were at a slumber party and she put lemon juice in your hair..:) are my idol! And my moms too..she taught herself to play guitar and piano..her name was julie thiessen..shes gone now..:'(..I grew up with your music.. I hope this is all past you now, and that u are OK! Lots of prayers and Love

    3. Mark Rappaport says:

      When a conservator or health care proxy is appointed, someone else is allowed to make medical decisions, in the “absence of 24 hour medical care.” This suggests the person is incompetent to make medical decisions for his or herself. Something doesn’t add up here. I just hope and pray Joni is okay.

    4. Get well soon, lovely lady

    5. bleak says:

      Morgellons disease is not a psychiatric illness; it’s PHYSICAL ILLNESS with provable documentation, manifestations and videos… lots of videos. Some link it to chemtrails (aerosol spraying of toxic metals in the atmosphere) and I would say that is probably a correct assumption.

    6. Morgellons is real and of infectious etiology. See publications by Middelveen et al.

    7. Oh honey! I would not have done so well in college without your music. I felt alive! My dog is named Chelsea . “Woke and it was a Chelsea morning?”

    8. white healing light to you Joni you are a blessing on this earth

    9. Sending much love and healing thoughts from Jamaica.. Toni

    10. Always loved your music. You are still beautiful to me. Best wishes, Coyote.

    11. Joni,
      Be Well & God Bless,I hope this note finds you feeling better. I will pray for you,and put your name on our prayer list at my church. I grew up with you listening to your music throughout my life. “Much Love To You”!!!

    12. Diane M. says:

      We’re pulling for you our Canadian Songstress!! You’re an icon! And we love you!!

    13. Nancy Nurse says:

      Actually, Morgellon’s was recently (3/15) shown to be most likely caused by Lyme Disease.Let me know if you want the citation.

    14. Pamela Faulkner says:

      Praying for you Joni, that you have a full recover and find comfort in the arms of the Great Physican who restored us all with grace and peace

    15. Zigzag says:

      unfortunately Morgellons disease is a disease where you imagine things are living on and under your skin. It’s a mental illness. I love Joni but the facts of the story are wrong concerning the disease.

      Get well soon Joni!

    16. “six decades of smoking has robbed me of my voice”. Are you kidding me? Blame yourself, not the cigarettes. How does anyone with 2 fingers of forehead smoke for 60 frigging years?

    17. Bonnie Aurora Farland says:

      Get Well Soon !!! You are so awesome and much loved !!! Take care & God Bless !!! IAM

    18. Charlene says:

      Still praying for you, Joni. “Hang In There!!!”

    19. xrxs1020 says:

      Sending thoughts of Grace and Healing to a beautiful, genius-level musician/composer.

    20. Thank you, Variety, for updating your story!

    21. You were more than the soundtrack for my life during the 70’s. I was going to college at Western Washington University in Bellingham. Sally and I lived in the country with 2 cats and a horse. We thought you made your music especially for us. Sending you good health thoughts.

    22. shirley fields says:

      Well Wishes… I’m having the younger generation listen to your Great Music. My favorite “Help Me.” I’m 62 and it still carries me away.🎸

    23. DJ says:

      According to (updated today 4/28/15) none of this is true.

    24. Karen says:

      Blessings and prayers

    25. Davyjc says:

      Get well, Joni. Your music has influenced so many and meant so much to the world. It’s not your time to go!

    26. Steve. N. says:

      Get well please Joni…. I met you at Wembley stadium in 1973 and you took me into your dressing room and introduced me to all the bands and you were such a lovely lady. I was only 12 years old! Love your music!! ..xx

    27. Cindy Cort says:

      I love jONi mitchell. healing ENERgy SENT TO YOU joni

    28. cissyblue says:

      Joni Mitchell. She sang me through high school and throughout my life. Please get better Joni! A nation is praying for you! <3

    29. Otto Olivera says:

      So sorry to hear this news. I’ve been a Joni devotee since I first heard “Night In The City” on the radio in 1968, when I was 13. Joni has been one of the few true geniuses in modern popular music. Hoping and wishing all the best for her…

    30. GKN says:

      Hang in there, Joni. We don’t want to lose you. You’re the best! (And I don’t know how the staff overlooked your iconic “Woodstock.” Still the emblem of the whole thing!)

    31. TerriHope says:

      Sending good thoughts..

    32. Very sad indeed, we can only hope for the best for Joni Mitchell, a true music icon.

    33. Please get well soon Joni.

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