Madonna Wears Sexy Matador Outfit to the Grammys

Madanna Grammys Outfit
Getty Images

Madonna stole the spotlight on the Grammys red carpet, when she showed up in this revealing matador outfit, custom-made by Givenchy, that screamed “Ole!”

The 56 year-old singer, known for pushing the fashion envelope, was accompanied by rapper Nas and the DJ Diplo, who worked with her on her upcoming album “Rebel Heart.”

She is scheduled to perform her new single “Living for Love.”

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    1. Thomas mann says:

      She still looks great what’s wrong with her.

      I like her and why not?

    2. Debra Taylor says:

      With her money you would think she could afford an outfit with a little more fabric

    3. Robin says:

      Oh Madonna, Give it up… go with dignity!

    4. Cathy says:

      Oh my. Sweet Madonna from my era. I’m sure she still has it in her but it needs a facelift. Madonna, I will always love you but this was a bit much…even for you. Lady Gaga has your youth so please tap into your aging beauty. There is no need for this unless you are being paid by Playboy! No worries, I’m still a fan…for now.

    5. disgusting she’s trying to be young give up biotch you aint got it no more

    6. Saraya says:

      Gross, she’s waaay too old for that crap, it just screams saggy…..

    7. Man Dona says:

      Never too old !

    8. sarah says:

      She’s way too old to do that rubbish.. bad enough when kids way younger do it.. disgusting actually

    9. AssortedBoonCompanions says:

      F you all, you mewling, joyless plebes. This Gaultier knickers action is her style, it has been since Lucky Star. So what. And thanks, Madge, for bringing the news that women over 50 don’t have to wear a burqa or eat a gun, since aging humans are so visually repulsive. She’s never been known for classic chic. She’s okay with just being known for changing the whole F’g landscape of female freedoms and gay pride and defraying religious pig ignorance. Her ‘vulgarity’ resets the status quo—you’ll have to Google ‘art,’ since it isn’t defined in ‘THE ART BOOK’ mini paperback next to your ironic troll doll. She’s influenced hate crime law, child support, choice, interracial couples, social services for abused kids…raging ageism. Look in the mirror and grasp that you commenters are worse than just useless, you’re the dead weight others have to carry to move forward.

    10. Sean McGrath says: goes:
      Take your pick!!

    11. butt bras says:

      to the tune of like a virgin:

      see my butt bra
      keeping it up off my thighs….
      see my bu-uh-uh-uht bra
      desperately trying to hold back time

      gonna give you all my love boy
      my star is fading fa-s-ast
      been saving it all for you
      cause lately lots have passed

      you’re so fine and your mine
      i’ll be yours to the end of time
      cause you make me feel yeah you make me feel
      56 ain’t nothing to hide

      see my butt bra
      keeping it up off my thighs
      see my bu-uh-uh-uht bra
      desperately trying to hold back time

    12. Sahj Ray says:

      she’s trying to compete with younger artists by dressing that way. Also, I think that she’s dressing that way to cover up her wrinkles. She doesn’t have to try to stay relevant, because she’s already an icon. She pushed the envelope years ago and was successful at it. She needs to hand over the reins and let others follow her lead. Not saying that someone who is 56 is over, but she needs to discover other ways to dress her age. that’s all. I still love your boldness!

    13. Gigi says:

      I know What Happened to Baby Jane Hudson!

    14. kathy says:

      I firmly believe that since some adults cannot dress themselves appropriately they should make a dress code for them–then maybe our kids would stand a chance–What a wonderful example she is–NOT!!!!!!!

    15. 121 says:

      Old leather ass still at it..

    16. MitzyKitzy says:

      For crying out loud please act your age.

    17. Mt says:

      Always wearing gloves to hide the Granny Hands.

    18. Stick a sword in her,and put her out of her misery!

    19. Cloudbuster says:

      Oh, for Pete’s sake, show a little dignity, woman.

    20. Curt says:

      Sexy? NOT.

    21. DMT says:

      …so what is that black band? Butt lifter? Panties pulled down? Something else? I’ve never seen anything like that…..

    22. whocaresnobodywatchesanyway says:

      pathetic. I think even gaga pities her now.

    23. Do Dat says:

      AARP butt.

    24. David Nitshe says:

      Nasty. Just nasty. Yuck!

    25. Keith Hoak says:

      That is repulsive. NOBODY really wants to see a 60 or 70 rear old grandma in a thong. This is just another sad cry for attention from a talentless has been. Hey madonna, put your clothes back on you have already made far too many of us see what we would like to un-see…

    26. Oh God. My eyes! Someone threw acid in my eyes! No wait … I just looked at the photo.

    27. myron monk says:

      Guh-ross! Crack attack by an old hag.

    28. John Campbell says:

      Ya know, I have no lost love on Madonna. She’s managed to present herself as everything that anyone shouldn’t in one way or another and has purposefully went out to do so knowing full well that people will still flock to see it. Call it what you will, rightfully so, but she has made a living on it. Just not one normal people would prefer.

      Having said all that, like it or not, at age 56 she still has a gorgeous posterior and looks mighty good good her age. Were she anyone else but Madonna I’d be thrilled to see her.

    29. Bill says:

      And people actually waste their time watching this stuff? What a sick, twisted society we have become when someone like this (professional thug-athletes, too) can earn millions of dollars a year while our military personnel, police, teachers, firemen and others like them have to scratch out a living.

    30. Peter says:


    31. Ruckweiler says:

      What a slob. Absolutely NO class.

    32. Barry says:

      Put your teeth back in and put on some clothes grandma, you are embarrassing yourself.

    33. tadchem says:

      It is essentially a Goth outfit – sans pants. Only the hat deserves a ‘toreador’ moniker.

    34. Mike says:

      Why do I want to see madonna’s fat ass and what makes these out of touch, rich celebrities think anyone wants too? These people have way to many “yes” men and women around them telling them “oh yeah, looks great. Don’t worry, no one can see the cellulite through that”.

    35. Amy says:

      Her need to stay relevant is becoming a sad spectacle. Please age gracefully Madonna.

    36. Diane we says:

      To old to behave like that? Desperate looks bad.

    37. Well I’d say its Par for the course…old as dirt…ugly as sin…the Material Girl’s materials are wearing very thin…trying to be a virgin all over again…its really really really difficult if not impossible to do!

    38. Gratiaplena says:

      Poor Madonna. Blame it on her failing eyesight. She thought the invitation read: ” You might go home with a GRANNY”. Way to show the whippersnappers, Memaw…

    39. Jack Smith says:

      I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    40. Not Impressed says:

      Is she a granmother yet?

    41. Please hide it says:

      Sad to see this with all of them that have to expose what we all have and think this is all I have to get into the news.

    42. henry says:

      I dont like Madonna, shes a pig without question but she looks great from behind :)~

    43. Busom Buddies says:

      Reminiscent of her super bowl baphomet outfit from a few years ago. How’s that kabb alah working out for you?

    44. Rikki Doxx says:

      Well at 50 something I guess she needed that strap to hold her butt up a bit. Otherwise it might be down around the back of her knee someplace.

    45. Looks like the face of this Administration to me.

    46. Fred Schmurtz says:

      Amusing, a pushup bra and a pushup — whatever that would be called.

    47. jimboJones says:

      Nobody wants to see her saggy old butt!

    48. Ann Simpson says:

      When is this woman ever going to grow up?? She’s over 50 y/o for crying out loud.

    49. Kittery says:

      Looks like she was auditioning for a part in Fifty Shades of Gray. As always, she reveals how disgusting she really is.

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