Film Review: ‘Vacation’

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

A new generation of Griswolds take to the highway in a miserably unfunny reboot of the venerable National Lampoon comedy franchise.

Midway through “Vacation,” the intrepid Griswold clan unwittingly takes a dip in a lake filled with human excrement, which is roughly how most viewers will feel after enduring 90-odd minutes of this miserably unfunny, mean-spirited and just plain wrong reboot of the much-loved 1980s and ’90s National Lampoon comedy series. Corralling a new generation of family members for another ill-fated trek toward that theme-park mecca known as Walley World, this new “Vacation” leans heavily on franchise nostalgia — with multiple cover versions of Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” theme song and token cameos for original stars Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo — but trades the earlier films’ endearing buffoonery for a cheap nastiness reminiscent of writers (and first-time directors) Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley’s “Horrible Bosses.” A trip to the corner store with this cast of characters would be an endurance test — which, with any luck, is as far as the movie’s box office returns will carry it.

When he penned the script for the first “Vacation” (based on his National Lampoon short story “Vacation ‘58”), the late John Hughes was riffing on his own memories of tumultuous family excursions in smoke-filled station wagons, and of a suburban middle-class America that aspired to the gleaming perfection of the families in department-store Sunday circulars. Consisting of bickering but loving teenage siblings Rusty and Audrey, impossibly patient mom Ellen, and quixotic dad Clark (whose best-laid plans inevitably curdled), the Griswolds were like a live-action Flintstones or Simpsons (avant la lettre), and the good will of the first movie carried over into three lesser but enjoyable sequels (the best of which, 1989’s “Christmas Vacation,” has since become a December perennial). But the Griswolds of the new “Vacation” really are the family from the Sunday circulars: They seem to have met each other at a casting call a few minutes before the cameras rolled, and the movie itself doesn’t seem to like them very much.

One good measure of what’s off about Goldstein and Daley’s approach comes right in the opening scene, when the now-adult Rusty (Ed Helms), a pilot for a discount commuter airline, takes an in-flight bathroom break, leaving the plane in the hands of a senile co-pilot — a gag that would feel gag-worthy even if it didn’t arrive with the Germanwings disaster still making headlines. Another indicator comes a bit later, when Goldstein and Daley give Rusty his own version of the first “Vacation’s” encounter between Clark and a Ferrari-driving babe (Christie Brinkley then, Hannah Davis now) — a scene, in the new movie, whose punchline is a violent head-on collision.

Like the summer’s other tentpole movie set inside a fictional theme park, “Vacation” shows us that it understands the burden of expectations that come with resurrecting an iconic franchise. “We’re not redoing anything. This will be completely different,” an exasperated Rusty assures his sons, pint-sized bully Kevin (Steele Stebbins) and sensitive, guitar-strumming James (Skyler Gisondo), in the course of explaining why he’s decided to retrace the very route his own parents took to Walley World once upon a time. Unpersuaded, the kids respond that they’ve “never even heard of the original vacation.” (A more direct nod to “Jurassic World” comes in the form of Walley World’s newest and most popular roller coaster: the Velociraptor.) From there, “Vacation” proceeds as a scattershot mix of homage (a temperamental minivan known as the Tartan Prancer — “the Honda of Albania” — in place of the immortal Wagon Queen Family Truckster) and the sort of self-congratulatory vulgarity that seems to have spewed forth from the (junior high) locker room instead of the writers room.

The Griswolds have endured a lot over the decades, though this “Vacation” is the first one where they’ve been road-raged by a pedophile truck driver and nearly taken over the falls by a suicidal river-rafting guide (Charlie Day). That generally depressive air is only compounded by watching so many gifted performers struggling to prop up such flaccid material (including no shortage of dick jokes, gay jokes, gender-identity jokes). The always game Christina Applegate, such a spry comedienne in the “Anchorman” pics, is utterly wasted here as Rusty’s long-suffering missus, on hand mainly to projectile-vomit her way through a round of drunken sorority games during a visit to her Memphis alma mater. Still, she escapes with slightly more dignity than does Chris Hemsworth, on hand mainly to prance about in his skivvies as the vain Texas TV weatherman who’s married Audrey (a similarly underused Leslie Mann). Least of all are Chase (looking frightfully bloated) and D’Angelo (looking radiant at 63), whose 11th-hour appearances seem tacked on as a post-production afterthought.

Key to the success of the “Vacation” movies was their underlying sweetness — the sense that, for all their foibles, the Griswolds were a surprisingly functional lot. Families looked up at the screen and saw a version of themselves reflected back. Look at the new “Vacation” and all that stares back is a great comic void.

Film Review: 'Vacation'

Reviewed at Warner Bros. screening room, New York, July 22, 2015. MPAA Rating: R. Running time: 98 MIN.


A Warner Bros. release of a New Line Cinema presentation in association with Ratpac-Dune Entertainment of a Benderspink/Big Kid Pictures production. Produced by David Dobkin, Chris Bender. Executive producers, Marc S. Fischer, Jeff Kleeman, Toby Emmerich, Richard Brener, Samuel J. Brown, Dave Neustadter, Steven Mnuchin.


Directed, written by Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley. Camera (color, widescreen), Barry Peterson; editor, Jamie Gross; music, Mark Mothersbaugh; music supervisors, Dave Jordan, Jojo Villanueva; production designer, Barry Robison; art director, Jeremy Woolsey; set decorator, Margaret Hungerford; set designers, Aaron Linker, Nathan Krochmal; Erik Robert; costume designer, Debra McGuire; sound (Dolby Digital), Mary Ellis; supervising sound editors, Elmo Weber, Tammy Fearing; re-recording mixers, Gregg Landaker, Brad Sherman, Darrin Mann; visual effects supervisor, Bruce Jones; visual effects, Hollywood Visual Effects, Furious FX, Method Studios; special effects supervisor, Russell Tyrrell; assistant director, Jonathan McGarry; second unit director, Bruce Jones; casting, Lisa Beach, Sarah Katzman.


Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Skyler Gisondo, Steele Stebbins, Chris Hemsworth, Leslie Mann, Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Charlie Day, Catherine Missal, Ron Livingston, Norman Reedus, Keegan-Michael Key, Regina Hall, E’Myri Crutchfield, Alkoya Brunson, Hannah Davis. (English, Korean dialogue)

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  1. Anna X says:

    I’m pretty late with this review but +1 to everything that was said. I had to come online to see if I was the only one that thought the movie was an over the top flop. I just saw it on tv, for free, my saving grace! I did not laugh once. The language didn’t bother me but the movie didn’t flow to me. It was just slapstick jokes thrown together. Some jokes were stretched so thin it was unbearable. Ex.. if the first 3 times you pressed a button for the car something went terribly wrong… why would you continue to press random buttons “to see what this one does”? The couple didn’t even have chemistry. Save ya money and time, watch a rerun of the older versions.

  2. Jon Kramer says:

    after a brief review on the revision I saved an evening to view the entire movie….personally I have a weird sense of humor….I have watched this movie from beginning to end TWICE and was not able to laugh at a single scene……SO i asked the rest of the family for their opinion …..GUESS WHAT….They came up with the same answer…..NOT ONE FUNNY LINE…..Stupid lines and bad joke but nothing really FUNNY Like in the original 3 versions….If you must pay to see this movie,,,,SAVE YOUR MONEY…..If it is FREE ….TRY IT….YOU’LL HATE IT….GUARENTEED

  3. Alex Vantaggiato says:

    I don’t understand why people didn’t find this movie funny. It was hilarious from beginning to end, and was in line with the raunchy humor of the original. I watched it with my wife, and two kids (11 an 14) and loved it. Given, I rented it on Redbox and didn’t pay the full movie price, so maybe that’s why I felt it was worth it. I think it’s ridiculous that some people are commenting on the “Violence” and “Vulgarity” of this movie; the fact that this family is out of control is one of the funniest things about it, plus the movie is rater R, so what do you expect? Loosen up and don’t take everything so seriously. It’s good family movie, if you’re kids are not sheltered bumpkins.

  4. Suz says:

    I was just appalled by the constant profanity during the entire movie and while I don’t mind an occasional word thrown in here and there this was horrible … and using the “mother f” word over and over……. ugh! NOT FUNNY! I mean putting a plastic shopping bag over his brother’s head and trying to suffocate him? how is that funny? I loved the original movies and have watched them many many times I really expected this movie to be more like those….. it isn’t anything like those…. I was so disappointed… sorry I watched it at all…….

  5. Shawn says:

    This could have been a good movie but they messed it up real real bad by putting all the profanity and violence in it, what were these film makers thinking, just adding more stupidity to this world, what happened to good family values? Not funny at all, a total waste of time, shows very bad behavior, don’t watch it!!!!

  6. Tiffany Campbell says:

    I don’t understand how these people were ever allowed to make such a vulgar movie?! How was it ever allowed to be released for the general public to see!? Is this suposed to portray how families function in todays society!? My family and I, as well as others around us were truly disgusted! It is so sad that directors think that in order for a movie to be “funny” it has to contain so much vulgarity. Visually and verbally. Why lower our I.Q.’s and influence the public by leading examples like this one? It it truly an insult to our intelligence and an insult to the movie it was supposedly mimicking. We give this movie “Vacation” the biggest thumbs down possible! It should be wiped off the face of the Earth! Please warn others, especially with children, not to watch this obscene movie! Thank you.

    • Emmanuel says:

      Totally agree!! This movie is an insult to the families, should be banned!! Dont wast your money and precious time!!

  7. Vacation,’ a relaunch no one demanded, hits the road hoping to revive t ff8 he same spirit of family unity and hi-jinks of the beloved series starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo instead takes a wrong turn and gets lost on Painfully Unfunny Junction. Pretty glad I didn t bother clicking on that article ?

  8. Jan says:

    Worse vulgar, foul movie I’ve seen. Walked out 15 minutes into movie. It’s a shame someone would produce a movie like that and put young actors in that setting. Terrible

  9. x says:

    excusame, this is a reboot or remake

  10. Mig says:

    It’s a different world than 30 years ago. Get out of the past and embrace the present. Geezer.

  11. derrickcon says:

    Very funny movie, writer obviously has no clue

  12. M.K. Hodge says:

    After enduring a very painful 30 mins if this God awful movie, me and my husband my three grandkids a nd son in law walked out. There is absolutely nothing “cute” about a kidwho curses every other word. There is also nothing funny about dropping the f-bomb every five mins. I don’t find it funny to see someone getting drunk and then throwing up. And I won’t even get started on my grandkids seeing two women kissing. This was a horrible, terrible, disgusting excuse of a movie. I’m glad the theatre gave me my money back to see a different movie.

  13. Thomas says:

    One of the highest compliments I can pay the movie is that there’s no penalty for people who have not seen the original movies.

  14. Marie says:

    We hated the movie. We agree with all the negative reviews. Although the bigger picture here is that we cannot imagine how Screen Actors Guild gets away with allowing under aged child actors to spew disgusting “R” rated dialog. And that unnecessary and disgusting nudity in the film. This was “thought” to be a family movie…NOT! To believe that the child in the film didn’t see the film in it’s entirety is very difficult to swallow. SAG is subjecting child actors to pornography. This was supposed to be a major movie…we can only imagine what other R rated movies are out there involving child actors. Very, very disappointed in SAG and the parents of those child actors and EVERYONE involved in filming this trash.

  15. donna says:

    This movie was horrible! The original vacation movies are funny and the whole family can enjoy. not the case with the new vacation. they have ruined the original film. this is more like Uncle Eddie’s kids than Rusty’s. Left the movie early, couldn’t watch the entire film because it was so bad!! the foul mouth kid is unbelievable and they took this movie in the wrong direction!! so disappointed!!!

  16. The Doctor says:

    Worst movie ever………

  17. Brittany James says:

    DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME/MONEY. This movie was terrible. Is this seriously what cinema comedy has come to? It’s not even funny. Just unrealistic and dumb. Cow cannibalsim, really? Cow explosion? I’m not even offended at the foul language, just disappointed that this is what the writers and directors came up with. Such a let down. Wish I had gone shopping instead.

    • Sav Lio says:

      Vacation is a poor taste in comedy Don’t waste your money and time to see this movie. I read the reviews but wanted to make my own judgement. The foul language of the kid is terrible.Is this what our society has gotten to? Wrapping one’s head in plastic bag is not comedy. There is nothing sweet about this. Head on deadly collision – comedy? wow. warped sense of humor. I could go on and on. But I think you get the point.

  18. Deborah Shore Reavis says:

    Please do not see this movie. My son (30 years old) I went to see the movie. This movie is terrible. The language and other scenes in the movie is very disappointing. We saw the movie in Winston Salem North Carolina. Within a few minutes several people got up and started walking out of the movie. We continued watching the movie for a few more minutes – thinking it has got to get better WRONG!!!!!! We were DEFINATETY DISAPOINTED !!!!! We wasted our money on this movie !!!!!!

  19. Bo Bixbie says:

    I saw the movie last night. The theater was about three quarters full and the audience was laughing loudly throughout the entire film. At times you missed some lines of dialogue because the laughing continued well after the punchline was delivered. Whenever references were made to the original Vacation there were claps and cheers. Walking out of the theater I heard most people reciting lines from the movie and laughing.

  20. Danny says:

    True: if you want a wholesome movie, teaching good old family values, this is not the movie for you.
    But if you want an R-rated (yes, that should offer some hints) with really good actors and just silly fun, this IS a great movie for that. No 3D crazy effects, just silly fun (like the writers have proved they could do in previous movies) with some fun homages to the original movies. And great, on the mark cameos.
    There’s a reason why people next to me were laughing non-stop: if you have the right idea about what the movie will be, it is a great movie!

    • Rex says:

      Sorry, Danny, NOT a great movie at all. And if a movie with FOUR predecessors forces you to LOWER you standards as much as you did just to tolerate it with a theatre part-full of like-minded sheep, then it doesn’t deserve to be called VACATION and lazily ride the coat tails of a classic. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s collectively forgotten to such a degree that any franchise reboot automatically earns the right to pander to the most basic, dim witted instincts in today’s indiscriminate audiences with cheap and easy R-rated schtick.

      This one will be forgotten soon enough. The box office returns have already seen to that. ;-)

      • Brittany James says:

        You’re absolutely right, Rex. I’m amazed that anyone actually finds humor/entertainment in this movie. Complete lack of creativity in my opinion.

  21. Was so looking forward to ‘Vacation’ update. Unfortunately the first vulgar words spewing out of a 10 year old’s mouth just really undid me. Mom said ‘sush’ and Dad kept his mouth shut – come on really? So not funny people. In addition, I would suggest that the writer, director and producers stay out of all ‘truck’ lanes in the future!!!

  22. Marie says:

    Being a child who grew up with the original VACATION movies, I have seen the trailer to this one and it does not appeal to me. Something about Ed Helms is just not funny. I think they should have used the actor who played Rusty in VEGAS VACATION, Ethan Embry. He has always had that sweet, self-deprecating personality that would work much better for this movie.

  23. Ivan Sicardo says:

    I too have done a review for this film on my site but I won’t be publishing it until tomorrow. I believe audiences will love this film. Having been to multiple screenings since the beginning half of the month I have caught the reactions of most audience members, I have eavesdropped on their comments, struck up little conversations with them to hear what they thought of the film, and up until now I have to say your whole review does not even come close to what the general movie going audience thinks about the film. Unfortunately your point of view seems to stem from everything you know from the original franchise, you expect it to be building on the other movies but fail to see that it is indeed a whole new ‘Vacation’ in itself. Leans heavily on nostalgia? Sure, to those who’ve seen the original. In fact, it’s not too much different from the original but it is updated to fit the times, and it’s also a little ridiculous. That’s what makes it appealing.

    • Rex says:

      Hey, Ivan, why don’t you admit that a minor blogger who attends multiple screenings of a single film just to gauge audience reaction, eavesdrop their conversations and actually strike up chats with these strangers about the film just to have what they foolishly believe is retaliatory evidence against any and all critics who dislike it, is a flaming psychopath desperately in need of either a job or a hobby, or both.

      Or a liar.

    • tammy says:

      Tel is totally obsessed. Judd Apatow, is that you? Trainwreck is amazing too, don’t worry.

      • Tel... says:

        LOL..Obsessed? Have you seen the efforts the studio trolls are going to to slience anyone saying this film looks abysmal? You included? Pravda…is that you?

    • Tel... says:

      Actually Ivan, Scott Foundas’ point of view seems to stem from the idea that he saw a really bad movie and then posted his review.

      The defenders of this film on this board are fascinating….you’d think they just saw this generation’s Citizen Kane they’re just gushing over it. You’ve eavesdropped on conversations of people who’ve seen the film and you can report that they all loved it without exception…gosh what an amazing coincidence “pondwatch” thinks it’s the sweetest movie committed to film since ET and he’s a prude and saw no sexualizing of children in it..because you know..all children want to know about “rim jobs” and “glory holes” right?. “legallybrunette” works for another studio (natch) but she thinks this movie will become a family classic no less. You seeing pattern here at all “Ivan”?

      • Tel... says:

        Fangirl….the fact that you actually bothered to give your critique of Citizen Kane rather than understand how it’s used to juxtapose with subsequent films and their level of quality tells me all I need to know about who I’m dealing with here.

        The juvenile LOVE YOU JOHN DALY and the inane smiley face at the end of it cemented that perception. You and your college roommates (because apparently you felt the compulsion to tell me about them for some strange reason) all have my sympathy.

        Does it dawn on you that people just think that this attempt to resurrect the Vacation movie series stinks and just doesn’t deliver? No seriously….can you fathom that a movie can look like it stinks and you know…actually does stink? Ask one of your roommates how they feel on the subject. (insert puerile smiley face here).

      • fangirl says:

        Notice all the comments you’ve posted, Tel. You’re obsessed with bringing this movie down. If it was actually bad, you wouldn’t have to try so hard ;) Agree w/ Ivan’s comment. These negative comment (& above review) are from old people who are way to attached to the old Vacation films to appreciate anything new. I totally get it. My first college roommate was the best chick ever! And because of that, the next one (no matter how hard she tried to be friends w/ me & how sweet she was) never measured up. Feel bad thinking about it… But judging the new “Vacation” the way you all are is like that. It’s so wrong. Especially because this movie is so great!! And speaking as a millennial, I believe this film is going to go down in history as a real favorite of everyone from my generation! Daley & Goldstein are getting to write the Spiderman reboot for a reason :)

      • fangirl says:

        Citizen Kane is one of the most boring movies ever. This generations Citizens Kane?! haha! Yeah, I’m sure they’d write something like that if they were less talented. Thank god that is not the case. LOVE YOU JOHN DALEY & JOHN GOLDSTEIN!!!! Was in tears at the premiere :D

      • Ivan Sicardo says:

        Well it’s definitely not going to be a family classic since it does carry an R rating, but very much has the potential to be a classic comedy. I also didn’t say the everybody loved it but that most people who have seen it did love it. Clearly you don’t think that this is your type of film and there’s nothing wrong with that because every movie is subjective.

  24. Shawna Waldron says:

    Tell us how you really feel…..

  25. Lucky says:

    Well that’s disappointing, and very possibly bad news bears for the new Spiderman, which is being written by these fellas

  26. pondwatch says:

    this movie is amazing, what are you critics on?! smh.

    but to daley & goldstein: in case you’re actually bothering to read these reviews, don’t let it get you down! remember what they say about michael bay?! it’s happening to you :)And so I’d take it as the ultimate compliment if I were you. If I loved your movie as much as I do, others are gonna love it that much too! And at the end of the day, as some comment below said, if critics knew what they were talking about, they wouldn’t be critics but actually doing your job. You guys are on fire!!!! #RESPECT

  27. David says:

    So they took a light, fun, madcap comedy and turned into mean and nasty. Genius. Pure genius, I gotta tell ya.

    • pondwatch says:

      the movies actually really sweet. and if you’d seen it you’d know that. are you seriously making comments based off some biased review?

      • Rex says:

        Thought I’d check back into this comments section for giggles now that this movie is literally forgotten to the ages already, was not a hit in any way shape or form, and did not become a family or comedy classic. Boy, do sheeple like pondwatch, legallybrunette, fangirl and Ivan Sicardo the creepy theater eavesdropper look pathetic in hindsight. Not that they didn’t look pathetic back then, but at least one could argue that time would tell. Well, that option’s off the table now and Vacation has been certified beyond reproach as a mean-spirited, justly-marginalized dud, and these silly idiots–especially the millennials among them–have thoroughly lived up to the stereotypes of shallowness and inexperience most commonly used against them.

  28. Jimmy Rodgers says:


    This is going to be utterly painful for those to watch.

    C’mon Sue, you guys should have shelved this POS the minute it was pitched.

  29. legallybrunette says:

    SCOTT FOUNDAS, TAKE YOUR STUPID ARTICLE BACK. The script came in as a writing sample at my office & it was literally one of the best things I’ve ever read! Maybe the real problem is that you just don’t have a basic sense of humor. Ever consider that?! I mean, really… “Cheap nastiness”?? The only thing related to this movie that is cheap & nasty is the crap above – written by you. You’re welcome.

    (P.S. Hidden agenda much?!)

    • Rex says:

      You know the appreciation of good film criticism has reached a new low when people pretend to be studio script readers in order to feel superior to a legitimate critic. Utterly pathetic.

    • jerry says:

      You can’t handle the truth.

    • Chuck Ungar says:

      So what’s your job at Warner Bros, legallybrunette? Publicist?

      • Rex says:

        She has no job. Anywhere.

      • warner bros publicist says:

        Hahaha. Loving this! 👍

      • Tel... says:

        Ease up on the hyperbole there “legallybrunette” you’re making that “but I work at a competing studio” line very unbelievable.

      • legallybrunette says:

        if it came in as a writing sample, obviously it’s most likely coming from outside. but i work at a competing studio, just to clear that up. and the truth, jerry?! the truth is that the writing was hilarious. and that goldstein & daley are two of the best screenwriters in hollywood at the moment. MARK MY WORDS. this movie is going down in history as a beloved film. maybe not by a few critics (aka ppl who don’t have enough talent to write scripts/books themselves and, so, basically just write about other people’s stuff).. But it will be beloved by the people :) I look forward to it being played over and over on Comedy Central in a year or two.

        Btw, publicist? Really?! Is that the best you can do? Take a moment to let this sink in, Chuckko. I’m just a little fan :) And Hollywood is fueled entirely by people like me.

  30. Tel... says:

    When I saw shorts for this “film” in the movie theaters it was one awful joke after another that fixated on sexualizing the Griswold children. The children were seen asking about “rimming” and “glory holes” ad nauseum. I noticed for the TV spots they decided to keep those jokes out and instead focused on the nostalgia they want to evoke.
    For simply sexualizing the children in this film it should be avoided at all costs….it’s a putrid mess.

    • warner bros publicist says:

      Sorry! Meant to comment on the thread above. But loving all of this. But you wanna know what I love more? >>> VACATION! Great movie guys. Go and see it. And decide whether or not you agree with Mr. Foundas for yourselves. (My bet is that you’re going to love it!)

      • Rex says:

        Boy, I’m betting “Warner bros publicist” aka “legalllybrunette” sure feels like a dumbass now that her beloved Vacation travesty turned out to be a box office BOMB, did NOT become any kind of comedy classic NOR go down in history as a beloved film, and has been lost to the dustbin (or Walmart bargain bin) of time. Such a pathetic shill, and not even a paid one who actually worked for the studio. Just a fan PRETENDING to be someone who mattered. Shame she’ll never have to justify her masturbatory fantasies, but what can you do.

      • Sav Lio says:

        Plain and simple..THE MOVIE SUCKS. Don’t waste your money at the box office.

      • Tel... says:

        I don’t care where you meant to comment…your suggestion was silly.

        Tell you what…We’ll wait for it to hit TV then decide if we like it. You wanna know what I love?>>>My money not being wasted on drek like VACATION!

      • Tel... says:

        yeah nice sleight of hand warner bos publicist…pay the money for the ticket, hike up box office sales THEN decide whether you agree with Foundas or not. Don’t wait for it to hit TV or Netflix etc…pay now..right? Then if it stinks you’ve still got ticket sales numbers to quote so as to justify the all-too-obvious franchise aspirations of the studio for this soul less drek.

    • bae says:

      um hey, tel… it’s rated R for a reason. you’re a putrid Moron! the jokes are fantastic. and don’t act like the original national lampoon film was scripted by the pope. its was super raunchy as well. grow the **** up & stop writing stupid comments. thanks.

      • Tel... says:

        LOL…yes of course “pondwatch”…you’re considered a prude therefore you are to be taken at your word and not as some studio troll trying to prevent this noxious little movie from losing money. No kids were exploited you say? Yes that’s why I saw kids on the shorts for this film asking about “rim jobs” and “glory holes”..because you know that’s not exploiting and sexualizing children in any way right?
        So in short…I shouldn’t believe my lying eyes and just believe you right “pondwatch”? Oh and I appreciate your attempt to silence any dissent by telling me not to post on this board…but I believe we still have freedom of speech in this country…at least for now right?

      • pondwatch says:

        sexualizing children? really? are you crazy? next time try watch the movie before making such slanderous charges. there’s a million times more sexualization of children on abc family. or on boy meets world or gossip girl. those adorable (& talented as heck!) little kids were not exploited in ANY WAY. and that’s coming from someone who everyone calls a prude. don’t mess around on this comment board biotch. #smh

      • Tel... says:

        really bae? So an R rating makes sexualizing children perfectly fine with you does it? Wow…just wow.

      • The original VACATION *isn’t* “super raunchy”. It was R rated but made at a time when there wasn’t a PG-13. Beyond one or two jokes the film is completely tame, unlike most every vulgar comedy we see these days. This VACATION is obviously like every other lame Hollywood reboot we have going — needless, heartless and crass. I hope it crashes and burns.

  31. Bert Q says:

    First Ghostbusters now Vacation. We can only say no and spend the $11 elsewhere.

    • Pixworks says:

      You can’t judge Ghostbusters yet, it’s still a year away. Plus Ghostbusters is in much better hands (the director of Spy and Bridesmaids is directing) than Vacation was.

  32. Cindylover1969 says:

    “Another indicator comes a bit later, when Goldstein and Daley give Rusty his own version of the first “Vacation’s” encounter between Clark and a Ferrari-driving babe (Christie Brinkley then, Hannah Davis now) — a scene, in the new movie, whose punchline is a violent head-on collision.”

    Isn’t watching beautiful women get killed in car crashes HILARIOUS? I’m reliably informed that bit was in the trailer – never mind skipping the movie, I never want to see the trailer.

    • legallybrunette says:

      Oh, chill out feminist Cindy. I’m a girl, and yes, I thought that scene actually was actually really hilarious. I do thing the earlier car scene though is the funniest of all. When the little brother puts the bag over the other’s head. Freeeeeeking brilliant. But, once again, it’s rated R and not PG for a reason. If this movie is too much for you to handle, you can always go watch Minions. (Which is also a work of genius! Not in any way intended to belittle Minions w/ that last part. I think it’s such a cute & clever little movie!!)

  33. Eathan Edwards says:

    Simply put….An embarrassment. The Vacation series from the 80s was one of the great franchises. As much as the National Lampoon name has fallen in the decades since, it’s lucky that the name is not attached to this waste. Harold Ramis and John Hughes must be turning over in their graves.

    • Chris Etrata says:

      With these writers doing the new spiderman film, all hope is lost.

      • Tel... says:

        Why do I get the impression that “legallybrunette” works for this movie’s production in some capacity?

      • legallybrunette says:

        Shut up Chris Etrata. Morons who blindly jump onto bandwagons are the reason things like ISIS exist. Have you seen Vacation?! Have you read the script?! Because the writing is genius. The guy who wrote this review is obviously up to something that has more to do w/ business politics than doing his job honestly.

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