Film Review: ‘Fantastic Four’

Johnny Storm Michael B Jordan Fantastic
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Fox's attempt to revive an inherited Marvel property feels like an also-ran in the comicbook-adaptation sweepstakes.

Joining Spider-Man in the annals of dizzyingly rapid reboots, Fox’s second stab at “Fantastic Four” comes just eight years after the first try and its sequel, which didn’t set the bar inordinately high. Yet if this latest version, with a significantly younger cast (one’s tempted to call it “Fantastic Four High”), clears that threshold, it’s just barely, drawing from a different source to reimagine the quartet’s origins without conspicuously improving them. All told, the movie feels like a protracted teaser for a more exciting follow-up that, depending on whether audiences warm to this relatively low-key approach, might never happen.

Where many recent superhero movies have risked overstaying their welcome, “Fantastic Four,” at 100 minutes, actually feels a tad rushed at the end, with a hasty climax that nevertheless produces some solid moments — at least a few of which, given the slow pace initially, probably should have come at least a half-hour sooner. Instead, filmgoers are treated to a lot of science, with the central characters gazing intently into computer screens.

Using elements from the original Stan Lee-Jack Kirby comics as well as a 2004 revision of them, “Ultimate Fantastic Four,” director Josh Trank — sharing script credit with producer Simon Kinberg (a veteran of the “X-Men” franchise) and Jeremy Slater — goes way back into the group’s past. The story thus begins with brilliant science prodigy Reed Richards (played by Miles Teller as a grown up) back when his biggest problems are getting people to take his teleporter device seriously, and experiencing puberty.

Discovered seven years later at a science fair by Dr. Franklin Storm (“The Wire’s” Reg E. Cathey), Reed is whisked off to the Baxter Institute, a sort-of science academy and think tank, where he meets Storm’s adopted daughter Sue (Kate Mara) and her hotheaded brother Johnny (Michael B. Jordan). Alas, he has to leave behind his longtime buddy Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), though when Reed decides to put his device to the test, he enlists Ben to join in the enterprise.

Rounding out the group is Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell), a former prized pupil of Dr. Storm, lured back to help Reed finish a project in which the mercurial Victor had previously dabbled. The ultimate goal is to use Reed’s creation to reach an alternate dimension, potentially providing the resources to cure man’s ills, but also bringing with it all the expected perils.

An unscheduled attempt to visit those forbidding environs gives the group its extraordinary powers: Reed the ability to stretch; Johnny to burst into flame and fly; Sue to turn invisible and cast force fields. Ben, meanwhile, is transformed into a brutish rock creature, whose enormous strength has an officious bureaucrat-type (Tim Blake Nelson) practically salivating at its more pragmatic applications.

Alas, it takes a long time before anyone gets around to clobbering much of anything. And because it’s hardly a mystery that the heroes will end up united and facing off with Doom, there’s a sense of killing time in the early going that’s not adequately compensated for by the fate-of-the-world-in-the-balance action sequence that finally ensues. Part of that, frankly, stems from uncertainty as to what exactly Doom’s powers are, after a fleeting demonstration of them that feels closer to horror than the superhero genre.

If the original comics were defined in part by the interaction of the characters — from Ben’s depression at having become a “monster” to the budding relationship between Reed and Sue to Johnny and Ben’s squabbling — those dynamics emerge only fitfully. And while comicbook aficionados will likely welcome the seriousness of tone, the near-absence of humor and lengthy emphasis on building the interdimensional portal largely handcuffs the cast, with only a hint, for example, of the ebullience Johnny gleans from his newfound powers.

Technically, the look has improved — starting with the Thing, who loses his shorts but picks up computer-generated size, muscle and menace that was mostly lacking in the prior incarnation. As for the costumes, much as in the first “X-Men,” they’re built for utility, with the spacesuit motif offering enough similarities to satisfy all but those who won’t settle for anything less than spandex and a big “4” insignia. The collaboration of Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass also yields some intriguing riffs in what ultimately sounds like a pretty conventional score.

Ultimately, Fox’s stab at reviving one of its inherited Marvel properties feels less like a blockbuster for this age of comics-oriented tentpoles than it does another also-ran — not an embarrassment, but an experiment that didn’t gel. And having seemingly missed twice in trying to get “Fantastic Four” right, the studio, unlike Reed, might want to think seriously before making any more trips back to the drawing board.

Film Review: 'Fantastic Four'

Reviewed at 20th Century Fox screening room, Los Angeles, Aug. 4, 2015. MPAA Rating: PG-13. Running time: 100 MIN.


A 20th Century Fox release in association with Constantin Film and Marvel Entertainment of a Marv Films-Kinberg Genre-Robert Kulzer production. Produced by Simon Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn, Hutch Parker, Robert Kulzer, Gregory Goodman. Executive producer, Stan Lee.  


Directed by Josh Trank. Screenplay, Jeremy Slater, Kinberg, Trank. Camera (Technicolor), Matthew Jensen; editors, Elliot Greenberg, Stephen Rivkin; music, Marco Beltrami, Philip Glass; music supervisor, Andrea Von Foerster; production designer, Chris Seagers; supervising art director, Thomas Frohling; art directors, Miguel Lopez-Castillo, Tristan P. Bourne, Douglas Cumming, Clint Wallace; set decorator, Victor J. Zolfo; costume designer, George L. Little; sound (Dolby Atmos), Paul Ledford; supervising sound editors, Craig Henighan, John A. Larsen; re-recording mixers, Will Files, Paul Massey, Henighan; visual effects supervisor, James E. Price; visual effects producer, Cari Thomas; visual effects, MPC, Pixomondo, Rodeo FX; visual effects and animation, Weta Digital; stunt coordinators, Jeff Dashnaw, Brian Machleit; associate producer, Cliff Lanning; assistant director, Lanning; second unit directors, Phil Neilson, Gregg Smrz; casting, Ronna Kress.


Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell, Reg E. Cathey, Tim Blake Nelson

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  1. bo green says:

    Say what you will, this version rids the F4 of the campiness of the other version and has more of a dangerous realistic feel of what I would expect from this genre. I was captivated and look forward to further adventures from these 4. I really liked it!

  2. asdfafs says:

    This the the EXACT same movie again as 2005… 99% crap about their origins and 1% fight scenes.
    The Fantastic four were awesome when i was a kid, and do you know why?
    Because the show i watched, was about their ADVENTURES, and NOT about their ORIGINS!
    Are movie makers these days really too stupid to tell what people want and what they don’t want?
    Origins are tiny things that make the main story more awesome. Origins should NEVER make the whole movie. Especially when the origin is “The heroes discover something new and get blasted with superpowers, while the exact same thing happens to the villain”, or similar boring stuff…

  3. John says:

    You must not be a fan of marvel comic books if don’t see anything wrong with the movie. Sorry but if you think this a good movie than you need to have your brain examined by the docter.

  4. Tom says:

    Nothing in this horrible excuse for a remake, is worth watching. The movie is nothing but, bad!

    The origins were changed and most certainly not for the best. On top of that, the “Fours” creation was done in a most ridiculous way. “Doom” was even worse. Sue Storm infected, without even leaving the lab. All the characters back stories were changed. The ages were changed.The costumes were changed. The powers were changed. The “Thing” was nothing but a joke. Truly unbelievably and totally misrepresented.

    The casting was ridiculous. The only actor that remotely resembled their character was Kate Mara and she needed to wash her hair, for most of the movie.

    They did not need U,S. military outfits to control their powers. Dr. Doom’s look was out of this world off base! His powers were every bit as badly portrayed.

    If a comic book classic is worth turning into a movie, it only makes sense that the original was good enough to be a success. Why did Fox change absolutely everything in the Fantastic 4? They even went so far, as to change the “4” logo.

    “SCREW POLITICALLY CORRECT” A black\white, brother and sister Storm, just to throw a token black in as the human torch. OMG, WHAT A PILE OF CRAP!!!

    Fox has succeeded in turning the Fantastic Four movie into what is actually grotesque, at times.


  5. Robert in Austin says:

    Fantastic Four is not going to appeal to hipsters who want vapid Avengers-style entertainment, nor the comic book fanboys. For the rest of us, it’s a solid movie, focused on character development, with Star Trek levels of talkiness and technobabble. It’s well worth a look for fans of the genre if not fans of this specific franchise.

  6. Oh my God . this movie is such a major waste of time . I can’t believe that they honestly messed this up for a third time ..

  7. Marvel Fan says:

    WARNING…Do not, repeat DO NOT waste your time and money on fantastic four👎👎👎👎👎👎
    Fantastic 💩

  8. tony says:

    how is black johnny blonde sues brother?

  9. Abhi says:

    Maybe a change of villain would have helped. All the recent reboots have changed their villains; Scare crow and Ras as opposed to the Joker in Batman, General Zod as opposed to Lex Luther in Superman, Lizard as opposed to Goblin in Spiderman. Different villain, different powers, different fights……….maybe different outcome.

  10. jerrico71 says:

    Just went to see it! I could easily go into anal detail about how the comic origins are and should be followed or what actors should play roles or how to play roles, script, wanting Oscar type acting etc etc etc, blah, blah, blah. If you go into this movie honestly neutral and open minded…for what you see in the movie, it is not a bad movie at all! It was good! I only have 3 issues which are fairly miniscule yet important but do not really take away from the enjoyment of the movie. 1. Too much of the movie was about their creation and set-up. The whole movie came out as prelude! At the end of the movie you still think and feel as though there is another 20 to 30 minutes left where they will now engage in enemies now that they just established themselves amongst themselves as the Fantastic 4; run time for the movie is only 1hr 15 min. Hence they had a plethora of room to make this happen; dumb not to have done so! 2. No Stan Lee cameo! What? Why? 3. No after credits spoiler/teaser trailer! What? Why? Wow!!!!! Sad!!!!

  11. um….did they forget Susan Storm and Johnathan Storm are brother and sister? Why do people feel the need to insert black actors into OBVIOUS white roles? Make up your own black superheros Id see it. if its original.

    • Abhi says:

      That’s right. And just saying about wrong casting doesn’t (and shouldn’t) make someone a racist. That was the first and worst mistake. Anyone who has read the comics knows what each character looks like and has imagined someone or the other to play it in a movie. So basically casting a black actor for a white character is a wrong decision. Just imagine Byung-hun Lee cast as Cap. America or Will Smith as Superman and so on and so forth. I am just saying the casting was horrendous. Even Miles Teller as Reeds Richards looks a little odd.
      At least the 2005 one had a very good casting.

  12. Trace says:

    I’d like to add that when I went to see this movie, only 5 other people besides myself attended this movie. If it were a more cared about movie, than more people would have shown up.

  13. Tom says:

    My family and I saw the movie today. We all liked it and would recommend it. I don’t know where the negativity is coming from.

    • Trace says:

      The negativity comes from the fact that it was a good movie, but it was too fast paced and skipped over time, leaving a gap in between the time frame. When it shifted to a whole year ahead, it left people wondering. The adaptation of Dr.Doom was interesting I thought. The twist of it being a modern day reversion was neat as well. What struck me the most was definitely the fact that immediately after rescuing Dr.Doom he had killed off people as he awoke. A good movie, but I think it was too fast of a movie to compensate. Thanks for listening.

  14. How’s it possible the same studio that gave us the X-Men franchise bungled this property so badly?

    I can’t believe the people in charge at Fox read the Fantastic Four screenplay and said “Whoa, this story is SO cool! It can’t miss!”

    I mean, the filmmakers had over 60 YEARS worth of amazing FF stories to draw inspiration from, and THIS was the absolute best they could do?

    The more I think about how Fox effed this up, the more shocked I am.

    Doctor Doom – arguably one of Marvel’s top 3 villains – wasted.

    The Thing – one of Marvel’s most powerful (and beloved) characters – wasted.

    Reed Richards – the most brilliant genius in the Marvel Universe – wasted.

    Sue Storm – one of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe – wasted.

    Human Torch – one of the most likable (and funny) characters in the Marvel Universe – wasted.

    FF is proof positive that studios shouldn’t make a movie as JUST a set-up for a sequel – which is exactly what this is, a set-up for “Fantastic Four: The Dawn of Doom” (or whatever).

  15. Austin Whitley says:

    What these Hollywood people don’t get is the first two were right on point beyond right,great. Should’ve been a third, plus not all remakes are good or even worth watching and many movies don’t need a reboot….like this…it just shows how unoriginal Hollywood is nowadays.

  16. Iguanawood says:

    Mr. Lowry, does Variety often assign you a movie review? Did the regular film reviewers forego this movie?

  17. Honestly says:

    This miles teller person looks like he belongs in a parody of the 40 year old virgin. He has a gamer nerd face not an intelligent superhero one. Kate Mara is irrelevant-I thought sue storm was supposed to be hot/beautiful. (Jimmy Kimmel should put this on #meantweets.)

  18. The reviews for this film are horrendous. Not just from critics, but from audiences. This film will tank after the opening weekend. Pretty sure most people will wait for a Red Box rental.

  19. Long Dique says:

    The cast and all of the extras should have all been black. I can’t wait for the black panther and all of its glorious blackness.

    If they cast a SINGLE white man in that movie as someone other than the villain I will rant online until my fingers bleed.

  20. Jacob Kurtzberg says:

    After reading comments pontificating on a plethora of ridiculous theories ranging from ‘Superhero fatigue’ to the over used and equally lame excuse ‘racist audience’, one must admit that there is a strong possibility that the failure of this film is simply due to the sad fact that it may just… suck. That’s what happens when you hire novices to direct tentpoles.

  21. Humbert Humbert says:

    The Fantastic Four were never an interesting group to begin with. You could have made the story a heartfelt tearjerker about Sue’s lifelong battle against prejudice in the workplace (hence the ‘invisible’ woman angle), you could have made it a gritty ultrareal New York experience with Johnny being unfairly targetted by white cops…even a subplot about the Thing finding true love despite being hideously scarred by radiation.

    On the other hand you could have turned it into a campy Adam West type deal- something that doesnt take itself seriously at all. A real slaptastic comedy shitfest that stoner buddies will buy on DVD to mock over beer and cheetos.

    You could have taken the Fast and Furious route. Establish a diverse cast, each unique in their own right but somehow brought together as a family. Make the family unit- loyalty, respect and love- the central theme despite how crazy everything else may get.

    Doesn’t matter. The FanFour simply aren’t worth the effort. Not even the Rock can save this ‘franchise’

  22. James Daget says:

    Let me clarify what seems to be so confusing to everyone. First off this film did not fail due to the dark, gritty, and diverse but instead because the F4 are the most boring characters in all of Marvel history. I dont even read the crossovers that are printed in the F4 title because their team sucks. The only reason why the F4 are even needed in any storyline is just because Reed Richards is smart. There are so many smart characters in Marvel that Reed isnt really needed for that anymore. Hell, Marvel cancelled their title not due to avoiding to advertise for this lackbuster movie but because the sales are wayyyyyyy down on their book. Can’t blame this on diversity because don’t forget how well Nick Fury being Samuel L. Jackson was received. The only thing that worries me is that this movie might fail for the simple fact that the F4 cannot tell a good story but everyone will talk about the racist comic geeks who hate diversity.

  23. Mak says:

    if we’re lucky, Fantastic 4 and ALL it’s properties will go back to Marvel, where they can make better use of them.

    • Tel... says:

      Hopefully as good a job Marvel did on Iron Man 3 and Thor: Dark World right? Let’s be honest…even Ant Man wasn’t that good. I can’t even remember who the bad guy was in that last Thor movie. I think Loki was back again in that one right? They’re all a blur….

      I didn’t seen the calls to send X Men back to Marvel after Days of Future Past. Why is that? Oh yeah because maybe they stayed closer to the source material rather than go “dark, gritty and diverse” the way this FF drek attempted? Because you know…when I think of FF I think “dark, gritty and diverse”.

      And someone please tell me why they reused the wardrobe from Days of Future Past for the FF? Oh I forgot…to keep it “gritty and dark”….my bad.

      • therealeverton says:

        Two films that are actually pretty good and liked by far more people than they are disliked.

  24. TheMs. says:

    It’s unfortunate if it doesn’t succeed. Because its failure would only bolster the self-importance of the loud, yet ultimately small, group of comic-book “purists” online who railed against this movie before a second of it was shot — solely because of the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny. There are several reasons the movie may not click with mass audiences, from superhero-movie burnout in general, to disinterest in these characters in general, to fear in the wake of another theater attack. No matter. Those comic-book purists will shout “Victory!” as both the entertainment-news media and Hollywood give them more credit than they’ll deserve. The result, of course, is that the next time a filmmaker wants to cast “outside the box” — namely a person of color or a woman — Hollywood will point to this movie as definitive “proof” that such open-minded casting won’t work.

    Meanwhile, Jordan is an exceptionally talented, charismatic actor — his skin color shouldn’t matter. But in the end, if the film fails, he’ll come out of this as some kind of “failed experiment,” while the future opportunities of Teller, Mara and Bell won’t be affected at all. Not even a little bit.

    • therealeverton says:

      I think that with so much negative press around this film for so many months, Fox may well see other issues as important. The media negativity (it’s the film of 2015 they seem to have been wanting to fail) comes accross in an overly negative response to the film’s decision to, rather like SInger’s Original X-Men, focus on building up the characters and how they respond to each other, with the “Effects payoff(s)” relatively few and far between, but no less impressive for it.

      The film worked for us and and wasmore than enough for the 3 adults and 4 childdren who went to hope for another (bigger and beter for sure) film.

    • Tel... says:

      Here’s something to think about TheMs….maybe when the decision to bow at the altar of diversity was made for this movie they didn’t realise that they completely changed the dynamic of the Richards Family and ruined the synergy of the group? How believable is it to see an urbanese talking and walking black Johnny Storm while his adopted white sister listens to Portishead for that white nerd hottie cred the filmmakers wanted to project? Poor decision, even poorer execution. They screwed up. Some things don’t need too much tinkering with, in fact they suffer for it… you starting get it?

      Conversely…I don’t want to see a white or Asian or Native American Amanda Waller in a Suicide Squad movie. She’s one of the coolest peripheral characters on the DC roster and she doesn’t need tinkering with… starting get it?

      And Cathey is crushingly boring…period.

      • Tel... says:

        Yes because it’s important to care about the sensibiltiies of “millions of adoptived and adopted people around the world” (sic) when writing a movie. Story be damned….just don’t offend anyone that’s not on the “you may offend these groups” list. The PC crowd has gone beyond the sad and moved onto crushingly boring at this point.

      • therealeverton says:

        It didn’t change the dynamic, nor did it alter the synergy of the group. It simply doesn’t and by suggesting it does you’re insulting millions of adoptived and adopted people around the world.

    • Magnetic Eye says:

      Using the ‘casting outside the box’ argument is just another excuse to play the race card. This movie has so many flaws, that the PC casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny is the least of it’s problems.

      So why would Michael B. Jordan come off as some kind of “failed experiment” ? He’s a good actor and will move onto other projects.

      It seems to me that the loudest vocal online “cry babies” are those who have no regard or respect for the long established and popular 53 year old comic book series. You can’t call something the Fantastic Four when it is so far removed from the original ongoing product.

      Fox only have themselves to blame for insidiously avoiding to make an authentic Marvel based adaptation.

    • Riley says:

      Ok stop with the ‘outside the box’, ‘open-minded casting’ crap. Since when has having a token black guy around the protagonists outside the box? That dominated the 80s movies and shows from then til now. Stop acting like this gimmick is some noble undertaking. They do it for controversy and buzz.

      And this movie was plagued with negatives waay beyond whether or not ‘black torch’ was a bad idea. From the director issues and the reshoots to the off the wall liberties that set of fans and on top of everything, it’s FOX! I’m wasn’t 100% sure the movie would get bad reviews but here we are.

  25. Magnetic Eye says:

    Sorry, but this is a 20th Century Fox production, not a Marvel Studios one. This is NOT a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team. It’s a total retcon, an alternate re-imagining that bears no resemblance to the original Marvel product. Oh yeah, and it’s only very loosely based on the “Ultimate Fantastic Four ” comic book series, if at all.

    The “Ultimate” team were younger, but even they looked older than this twilight-tween wannabees. 20th Century Fox and Trank have chosen to pander to millennials with their desperate demographic-chasing.

    The “Ultimate” publication only ran for five years from February 2004 to February 2009 with 60 issues in total. Pretty insignificant when the original Marvel mainstream title just recently finished at issue #645 with Marvel’s print division pulling the plug on their first family.

    Series writer James Robinson told fans that the book is “going away for a while”, which may just be Marvel’s way of protesting against Trank’s counterfeit version.

    The original Fantastic Four team that debuted in November of 1961 always WAS and IS a contemporary and dynamic family unit, uniformly progressing and being modernized with every passing creative team that worked on the comic book title, throughout every decade since, and right up to James Robinson & Leonard Kirk’s current amazing run.

    They have always been fantastic tales steeped in family dynamics, sci-fi exploration, action, drama, adventure and fun combined with a subtle slice of realism and commentary on social issues.

    Kevin Feige, when you’re done showing Phony Sony how to make an authentic Spider-Man film, please come and teach Fox Abattoirs how to make a genuine super hero film using the original Marvel characters. Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” in name only. It should be called “Chronicle 2.”

  26. inlovvveeeee says:


  27. Saw this last night. My three-word review: “Why so serious?”

    It’s mostly fine, except that the pacing is awful; the first and second acts are over-long relative to the third, which is over in minutes. And there’s not enough comic relief. I didn’t hate it, but I won’t be rushing out to buy it on Blu-ray.

    To those pointing out the ages of the cast: they may be in their 20s and 30s, but the characters are explicitly in their late teens or very early 20s.

  28. Brad says:

    The studios have been able to microwave, reboot and sequel-ize just about anything and the audiences have obligingly lapped it up like indiscriminate dogs. Time will tell if this one bites them, I think it probably will not – then Fox will three or four more of these drudgerys. There is no correlation between the quality of movies and box office – none.

    Any if you put a wig on Miles Teller he looks like a little old lady.

  29. Dude Love says:

    “Yet if this latest version, with a significantly younger cast”

    Not really. The men are all 27 and Mara is 31. The original did have the 40-something Chicklis but Alba and evans were both in their mid-20’s and Gruffudd was 31.

  30. Dahmerganger says:

    “Rounding out the group is Victor Von Doom” wow it’s like you didn’t even watch it. His name is Victor Domashev. Calling him Von Doom gives him way too much credit and shows a lack of attention on your part.

    • Tom says:

      They actually changed it back to Von Doom because people complained

      • asdfafs says:

        His character is completely stupid anyways.
        He goes through the whole “i am going to be a bad guy” thing,
        only to become a bad guy, for COMPLETELY different reasons…
        He has 1 million reasons to become bad, and the reason he becomes bad… is alien goo…

        If they cared about making a good character, i would care about his “Villain von Bad Guy” name.

        Would have been far more interresting, to have completely different characters, where you don’t know who is going to end up how. Doom could have started as some kind of good guy, who wanted to protect earth, and then end up being “infected / enslaved” by that goo, to save THAT planet.

        There are many modern ideas, that would work a billion times better then having to watch “the jerk, turn into a bad guy”. The person at the end of the movie, is NOT Victor, it’s “the alien”. He clearly says “my planet” when he speaks about the new dimension, and i think he even clearly says flat out that he is not victor anymore, even though he calls his dad “dad”…
        Am i supposed to feel bad for Victor? Awww, no, the poor bad guy, turned into a Villain, against his will… Well… if he had 5 more minutes, he would have turned into a Villain anyways… Most likely the reason that he dipped his hand in the goo when he felt “power”… It’s his own damn fault! And the worst thing is, that the “alien”, is actually the ONLY good guy in the movie! Sure he should have given humans a second chance, or something like that, but just like the dad said… He is SCARED! He doesn’t know what else to do! People rip open a portal to his dimension, and start invading it! Scary guys in big armored looking suits! The humans are literally INVADING that dimension.
        They ACTUALLY want to plunder and destroy it, and nothing else…

        How many movies are there, where aliens want to destroy us, most likely for our resources? Well, here WE are the bad guys. It’s most likely that “the alien” knows that, since it knows Victors memories, so… just WTF? IS this seriously some kind of backwards alien movie? Why are we the good guys in this movie? usually “Aliens that come to destroy and harvest planets” are bad guys, and Doom is the ONLY guy in this movie, who is NOT trying to destroy a peaceful alien home world, for money…

        God… there is just so much wrong with this movie…

  31. Thomas says:

    First of all, am I going to be the only one to say that Michael Jackson’s son is playing the role of the human torch? Only because he begged to be in a superhero movie. Completely change a character and back story, just because of whatever? So can we get Jason Stamos to be the black panther and get Ford to be the new Nick Furry………

    • Tel... says:

      Thomas…you’re not allowed to make a joke about minorities even good natured ones…they’re sacrosanct these days.
      White folks though? Have at it…the sky’s the limit. Old male white folks? Heartily encouraged…nay…required.

    • Congratulations! Not only are you racist, but a complete dumb-ass as well.

      • The TRUTH says:

        Nope, he spoke the truth. Problem with things these days is everything is PC. You can’t offend anybody unless the people you are offending are straight, white males. And that’s entirely thanks to the abomination that is the most hypocritical full of sh-t group to walk the face of the earth – the gay crossdressing mafia.

    • Tom says:

      Michael B Jordan isn’t Michael Jackson’s son…

  32. Carl says:

    What does also-ran mean? Also that crack about wanting to call it Fantastic Four High is silly considering they are all near 30 years old.

    • Lu says:

      “Also-ran” means it’s not even a finisher in the race, so much so that they’re pretty much forgettable. Like, “Oh, you also ran in the race? I didn’t see you,” sort of thing. And the actors may all be in their late 20s to early 30s, but the characters they play are all barely out of highschool.

  33. jason carter glass says:

    From day one, everything I’d seen or heard about the “Fant-Four-Stic”(Fant4stic)(?????)just hit my senses in the most incorrect way possible.

    • asdfafs says:

      Stuff like that always reminds me of a situation in school, where we needed to make advertising signs, and like… two girls, who put by far the most effort into it, got an F, simply because they over designed it SO MUCH… that you could not make out anymore, what the sign actually said XD

      Is the spelling really that hard?
      Fantastic 4!
      Fantastic Four!

      Seems to work perfectly on my keyboard… i wonder why their art designing… beings… had such problems with it…

      and i somewhat quote the AVGN… “Did they just feed all the information into an ‘art’ making machine and press go?” Because that’s seriously what it looks like…

      “Fantastic 4”
      The 4 is important
      Important things belong in the middle
      checking for redundancy so we can save on ink
      4 = a
      Art making complete!

  34. buffalobilly says:

    poor casting.
    miss mara, oy vey.

    • Tel... says:

      Does Reg E Cathey’s voice have any other inflection to it other than that dull baritone rasp? He makes Lunesta look like Five Hour Energy Drink with the array of emotions he can display.

  35. Jerry says:

    man there are so many superhero movies its getting annoying.
    They are like horror movie remakes.

  36. nerdrage says:

    Well the marketing sure makes it look like nobody has a handle on what this is supposed to be – a kid’s movie, a heartwarming buddy flick, a cool, high-tech hip hop romp? Each trailer says something different and none of it coheres. Another misfire: recast, reboot and try again. Hopefully under the aegis of Marvel Studios.

  37. John Joseph says:

    Have seen it, and it’s horrible ..Worst attempt at adapting the FF property . Jeez, I would take the Hanna Barbara version or the Herbie the Robot over this. What a waste of a villain like Doctor Doom..

  38. So let me get this right.. says:

    The one female character in this film is no longer allowed to take part in the trip to the new dimension? She gets put on the bench while the male characters get to do the dangerous part? Wow, way to be inclusive Fox/Trank. To think a comic published 50+ years ago was more progressive.

    • SKA says:

      Actually Sue Storm as Invisible Woman was, in her purest origins, a comment about women not empowered in the workplace. Still, that one note with this Ultimate reimaging/rebooting is strange and not in a good way.

    • Arek says:

      Why would you say that? This review specifically states that she goes on the journey.

      • asdfafs says:

        First? She doesn’t go on any mission, does she?
        Seriously, i skipped through over 50% of the movie, and when she suddenly had powers, i just though…
        “Wait… she wasn’t even on the mission… ok, i am sure this is a MASSIVE error, but let’s just blame it on the skipping for now, because… who the hell even cares about her? Her powers suck. The only 2 times the does something useful, it is INSTANTLY stopped. She is only good for the stupid shield while they travel.

        Reminds me of the ending… REALLY gotta look up wtf central city is. This is EXACTLY the ending of Avengers, where non hardcore fans like me go. “Yea, and we have a new name, Stupid halfassed ignorant extremely lazy description… we now call ourselves… S.H.I.E.L.D!” “Oh… My… GOD!!!!”
        Just that in this movie, we go “Yea, uhm, people usually just call this” *dramatic pause* “Central city!” “…Central city? You mean that thing that’s somehow related to batman and superman, and is in the DC Universe Online Game? Because THIS is NOT Central City, because Central City is… you know… a CITY?!? Clue’s in the name…”

        What a *** load of ****

      • So let me get this right.. says:

        She doesn’t get to go on the first mission.

  39. Dunstan says:

    Most comic-book movies are critic-proof and this one won’t be the exception. The best Marvel property so far isn’t a film at all. It’s the Netflix series “Daredevil.” Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

    • Ulf Vig says:

      Daredevil is ok, but it’s like a darker-lit version of “Arrow”. And I like “Arrow”. The first week when Marvel was saying it’s like “Breaking Bad”..yeah, right. With THAT dialogue??

      • finngodo says:

        I love Arrow. I love Daredevil. But they are nothing a like. Arrow has terrible writing but manages to stay fun even with all the prerequisite teenage angst and it needs to survive on TheCW.

        Daredevil is another animal- great writing and doesn’t have its hands tied behind its back by having to cast kids that can barely act.

      • Dunstan says:

        Ulf, “Arrow” is a piece of crap, in my humble opinion. As are most of the traditional network super hero shows. “Daredevil” is leagues above them in every category from writing to directing to acting.

    • Griff says:

      I’d say that many generic blockbusters are critic proof (eg. Transformers, Jurassic World) but not superhero films, necessarily. Possibly because their plots are SO similar now even casual cinema-goers are getting a bit tired of seeing the same thing every couple of months. Especially when they may have no prior attachment to the characters.

      Transformers may be total crap, but it’s total crap spread out every couple of years – and that makes each sequel a “new” thing in the minds of many people.

    • nerdrage says:

      It’s not nerd-proof. If the core audience for a movie rejects it, the box office stalls out. Just look at Terminator: Genisys. Then again the foreign audience seems willing to watch any old tripe. We may have a replay of that here.

  40. Mathew says:

    Have any of you actually watched the movie yourselves..Give it a watch, It’s a lot of fun and if you’re a fan of the Comic book Genre you’ll enjoy it, it’s not any worse than Iron Man 3, or Thor the dark world and is an improvement on Tim Story’s Incarnation

    • Tel... says:

      Johnny Storm is not black despite the best efforts of the diversity cult. Making him ethnic changed the dynamics of the FF family. And Franklin Richards is Reed and Sue’s son..not Sue’s adopted father.

      And did they really need to reuse the wardrobe from Days of Future Past? Oh yeah…it’s meant to be gritty and the Fantastic Four has been for decades….

  41. Lem Utu says:

    Stan Lee says the Thing has a penis. That’s why he wears pants. Where are his goram pants?

  42. Michael says:

    Two strikes on Trank. Will he get a third chance?

  43. Movie Fan says:

    The preview for this look worse than Pixels

  44. Ayvrem says:

    this is worst F.F movie. The third try is not the charm give up with the fantastic four there is no way you can rescue this “Doomed Franchise”

  45. irwinator1992 says:

    Only Marvel themselves can save this doomed property.

    • Tel... says:

      Yeah like Iron Man 3 and Thor: Dark World? Heck Age of Ultron was just the first Avengers movie all over again except with little ultrons rather than Chitauri.

      • ebert311 says:

        You keep point out two movies that still did well in the box office as failures. Pixels is a failure. Vacation is a failure. Avengers 2 is hardly a failure. Fantastic four will be a failure with or without Marvel’s help. If you tell a bad story with a bad director, the movie isn’t going to work. Marvel has nothing to do with this.

  46. i agree that the cast FEELS younger… but oddly they aren’t. not really. the average age of the first bunch was 30 in 2005. the average age of this incarnation is… 29.25.

    • Jedi77 says:

      Cuz’ the first bunch had a grown up Reed, now we have an ugly, nerdy, whiny Reed. Makes the whole thing appear younger.

      • ioan gruffudd was 31 in 2005 — miles teller is 29. like i said, he’s really *not* that much younger. he just seems it. which i guess is splitting hairs lol but he’s no kid

  47. Stan says:

    The Jessica Alba/Chris Evans films were better and more fun.

  48. Colton says:

    I’d hate to say I told you so….wait a second….I TOLD YOU SO!

  49. El Wilfred says:

    I dont get it, you can’t put the review until the embargo is lifted on thursday. The embargo is still on.

    • Rico says:

      That was the original date. Fox changed it to immediately after the critics screening today — at 4pm on the 4th. We should see more reviews soon, so that we can get a consensus.

  50. Louis Spahn says:

    Save you money, see “The Gift”…

    • asdfafs says:

      Movies like this are the reason that normal people don’t pay for movies anymore. Why would i? If i want to see the good parts of a movie, i’ll watch the trailer, if i want to know how much the movie sucked, i’ll watch cinema sins.

      Seriously, how long is this movie’s trailer? I bet it is longer then the movie has action scenes, isn’t it? :P
      I mean, how much action was there? I saw the ending like 10 minutes ago… did they fight over a minute? I think there was only, “every character fails once” then “every character punches him once” and then how they defeat him… Was there any other action in the movie? I can’t even remember…

    • Murica! says:

      I wish I had done that. This movie was horrible.

    • Neoxon says:

      I was gonna do that anyway.

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