YooZoo Bliss Fund Finances ‘League of Angels’

'League of Angels' Film Adaptation Funded
Courtesy of You Hoo Bliss Fund

YooZoo Bliss Film Fund is financing a big-screen version of the $100 million-plus grossing online fantasy game “League of Angels,” and is in talks to co-finance another English-language feature, “The Dark Forest,” a sequel to the Hugo Award-winning sci-fi bestseller “The Three-Body Problem.”

The new $100 million Chinese equity fund, which is backing the Michael Mann/Christian Bale automaker biopic “Enzo Ferrari” recently nabbed by Paramount, will produce the projects through its Shanghai-based parents YooZoo Pictures and Bliss Media, and the recently launched L.A.-based YooZoo Pictures U.S.

“League” is part of the fund’s goal to finance 10 Chinese co-productions for the global marketplace in the next five years.

The companies aim to develop similar projects based on the extensive online game IP library of founder Youzu Interactive, which has a reported market cap of nearly $4.5 billion.

“Forest” will be filmed on the heels of their $25 million Chinese-language “Three-Body” adaptation, which is now in post-production and set to hit theaters by early 2017.

“During AFM, I think we’ll select the right [studio] partner to make (our release of) ‘The Three-Body Problem’ as global as the book,” said YooZoo Pictures/Bliss Media head Wei Han, who manages the fund with Youzu Interactive founder Lin Qi. Since the 2008 novel won its Hugo Award after it was translated to English in 2014, she say,s they are also exploring the option of remaking “Three-Body” as a new English-language feature.

The China-born Han is an investment banking vet who launched a hedge fund with MBA pals from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management in 2006. She got her start in the business by helping raise $23 million toward “The Moon and the Sun” from Chinese investors. (The Pierce Brosnan-toplined sci-fi fantasy was dropped from Paramount’s slate in March, and she’s now in talks with a major distrib she hopes to announce this year.)

Han is developing “The Dragon and the Phoenix,” an action film in the script stage that’s seeking a director, and she hopes to close more film deals in the coming weeks. Lionsgate is also partnering with YooZoo on Mel Gibson-helmed war drama “Hacksaw Ridge” (now in production), which the company will release in China.

“We’re very unique as financiers because we have Chinese distribution, with a staff of 70 people in Shanghai, whereas a lot of others can’t really add that value for a filmmaker,” Han said. “I know people from both cultures (in the U.S. and China), and I’d like to be a bridge between them.”

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  1. Ralph Parker says:

    Why do all the positive comments dated July 14 and made within minutes of each other sound like they were all written by the same person? Seems a little suspicious given the previous comments about people not getting paid…

    • Carol Wang says:

      Yes , looks like all written by the same person (most likely for or by Wei Han herself). She is infamous in the China film industry circle for being a liar and a scammer, and basically a real nasty piece of work. She is being sued by Hacksaw Ridge Chinese investor who held a press conference in China just before Xmas. Her partner in crime in some cases were Los Angeles Bill Mechanic. We learned from the press conference that a LA lawyer faked some documents for her too. It’s been widely reported in the Chinese press . There is a Chinese saying, ‘You can’t wrap fire with paper.’ She is being exposed in China now and let’s see if anyone in Hollywood is smart enough to look into this. Stay tuned for more exposé.

  2. Ochirly says:

    I’ve consulted the latest news of Wei Han and her newly-founded company Bliss Media, just got totally astounded by her achievements! Hacksaw Ridge! Jackie! And S.M.A.R.T. Chase with Orlando Bloom! In less than a year! How did she achieve it!?! So awesome!

  3. Yvonne Eisenberg says:

    Encountering this piece of news when browsing something about Hacksaw Ridge. Wei Han is not only the producer of the Moon and the Sun, but also part of the production team of Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge and even Natalie Portman’s Jackie, and is now developing a new feature film starring Orlando Bloom. She must have very good reputation in film cirlce to have so many good resources. What a powerful woman!

  4. Kim Kenny says:

    “As far as the movie industry is concerned, Wei Han is a great leader and producer, the Moon and the Sun is a great job, she has a bunch of high-level resources and talents. She made so much achievements even in the Cannes Film Festival. No Chinese filmmakers ever achieved such things. We can actually say that she represents the bright side of the future of Chinese films.” Yes, totally agree with that. She’ s great.

  5. Stephanie Wong says:

    She is a great procuder and leader, trust me, I’ve seen it myself.

  6. Fanny says:


  7. Candice Manice says:

    Just like Wei said, she is actully “bridging between U.S. and Chinese cultures”. She’s just a woman of action.

    • Doris Fannicical says:

      Yeah, I totally agree with you, she is not only actully bridging between US and Chinese cultures, but also bewteen US/European and Chinese filmmakers. Appreciate that!

  8. Benny William says:

    Oh I’ve heard of the woman in the picture, she looks nice! She is the producer of the Moon and the Sun and Hacksaw Ridge. Wooooooow!

  9. Alicia Fredric says:

    Woo this is the woman collaborated with Orlando Bloom! She’s really great, never did Orlando worked with a mainland Chinese filmmaker!

  10. Nina Martin says:

    Woo Wei Han is really a great producer and I’m astonished by her work!

  11. Irv Josenberg says:

    Wei Han just cooperated with Orlando Bloom in her next film called S.M.A.R.T. Chase, that’s really awesome! The very first time a Hollywood star played a leading role in a entirely Chinese-produced film! I’m really looking forward to the super cool film! And thank you Wei Han for creating a new era for international film collaboration mode! Hoping the film can also “make the world a more integrated place”!

  12. Sandy Smith says:

    As far as the movie industry is concerned, Wei Han is a great leader and producer, the Moon and the Sun is a great job, she has a bunch of high-level resources and talents. She made so much achievements even in the Cannes Film Festival. No Chinese filmmakers ever achieved such things. We can actually say that she represents the bright side of the future of Chinese films.

  13. Carrot says:

    Wei Han is a great producer and entrepreneur.

  14. Steve Goldhirich says:

    Wei Han took the Moon and the Sun project from another producer cut them out and never paid them, then had writers work on development projects and never paid them as well. She has left a trail of investors losses on all of her films and now she is trying to take our great content and profits back to China for her bank account. Yeah Right !!! This is one of our last good industries the U.S. has and we are not going to give it you so easily.

    • Sam Chan says:

      I’m a reporter from China. I wanner know more details about what you comment on Han. And I heard something like what you said. So could you contact with me?

    • Sam says:

      Hi bro, why you say so, could you give me some information about her, our company wanna do busniess with her, and wanna have more information about her, thank you in advance :)

  15. Danielle Graham says:

    Wei Han has lost investors money on every project she has made, and does not pay anyone who brings her projects, she loves to take from everyone. I feel sorry for whoever does business with her.

  16. habusse says:

    It would be great if the developers of League of Angels had a better product, gave out prizes as advertised, fixed glitches, and basically quit having terrible customer service.

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