‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Loses Director Michelle MacLaren

wonder woman movie director
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Michelle MacLaren has exited as the director of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s “Wonder Woman” film due to creative differences, sources tell Variety.

“Given creative differences, Warner Bros. and Michelle MacLaren have decided not to move forward with plans to develop and direct ‘Wonder Woman’ together,” the studio said in a statement.

Gal Gadot is still attached to star, and Jason Fuchs is on board to pen the script.

The studio was in the middle of pre-production, trying to lock down other roles for the film. Where this news leaves the production is currently unknown. The film was set to be released on June 23, 2017.

Sources tell Variety that test offers were set to go out to four actors for one of the male leads films on Monday. It had been rumored that the role Scott Eastwood had nabbed for “Suicide Squad” was Steve Trevor, the love interest of Wonder Woman, but sources now say that is not true and that the four actors testing would be for the role of Trevor.

“Wonder Woman” would be the first major film job for MacLaren following her work on television shows such as “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones.” She is repped by ICM Partners.

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  1. Bruddah Nui says:

    MMMM Wonder Woman. There’s one reason to go.

  2. damian says:

    the notion that there is a “quota” that needs to be filled is absolutely insane… hollywood makes movies that they think will make money. they won’t make movies to satisfy a quota. that’s a bizarre notion that frankly comes off very sexist/racist/whatever-ist.

    if there were quotas, there’d be many more female and minority superhero movies. elektra and catwoman were attempts to cash in on popular actresses (jennifer garner was the “it girl” with alias and halle berry had just won the oscar) in superhero roles… the fact that those movies didn’t live up to expectations is because they just weren’t that good.

    the bottom line is that traditionally, superhero movies appealed to younger male viewers who had trouble viewing women as the main character. but i think that there’s been enough of a cultural shift… male viewers are more open to a female protagonist and female viewers are more interested in the genre…

    hopefully, wonder woman will be a great movie and do well at the box office and give us a more diverse array of superheroes to enjoy.

    • Psycho says:

      Yeah, Hollywood isn’t sexist or racist. Anyway, it’s good to know that you’ve dedicated yourself (and your daughter) to a film that hasn’t even been made yet.

      • Psycho says:

        You challenged me and I responded. This is getting old now. I’m sorry that your ego has been bruised. You misunderstood my original post. You made it personal by calling me a racist/sexist/etc. Me saying that there are quotas does not make ME a racist or a sexist. You are wrong. That is a cop-out non-argument because you don’t have a response. I’m sure you are the very best parent in the whole wide world. Good evening and the best to you and yours.

      • Psycho says:

        Sadly, too many people believe that the image above is a “positive role model” for girls. What’s worse is fathers/mothers raising daughters to believe it as well. You are a foolish person if you believe that Hollywood is not both racist and sexist. Quotas are racist and sexist. That was the point of my original post. A point which went right over your head. Sorry I didn’t explain it to you earlier, but I was hoping that you would catch on at some point.

      • damian says:


        the character of Wonder Woman is a good role model… fair, just, committed to helping others, etc.

        I never said Hollywood wasn’t racist or sexist… I’m saying quotas don’t exist is Hollywood. if YOU think they do… YOU are racist and sexist.

        why is it so important to you to write negative things about a movie that isn’t even made yet? your comments about it and your disbelief that there could be a female lead comic book movie make you look bad.

        and challenging the parenting of someone who just wants to see a fun movie with their kid is sad.

      • damian says:

        to be clear… you are the one talking about quotas. Hollywood doesn’t have quotas. you thinking they do is racist/sexist/whatever-ist paranoia. you think they’d only make a movie with a female lead to meet some kind of quota? that’s bizarre. and yea, I’m looking forward to this movie… I hope it’s great. it may not be, but I still want to see it get made. I think it’s being made because there are people who want to see a movie with a female superhero as the lead…

        and I think it’s perfectly ok to want more movies with female leads so my daughter has proactive role models on the screen.. in addition to the numerous wonderful people in her life. I’m slightly embarrassed now that I’ve engaged you in these comments…

  3. Well, maybe she didn’t want to represent/spearhead a character/story she didn’t feel would make a big impact in a good way for women. Women need something new to look forward to in a female superherorine type of movie in this day and age, something friggin new and refreshing and empowering. I think if Extreme Studios and Image comics ever wanted a comics about “Glory” (Youngblood Strikefile vol. 1) translated into a film, she (Michelle MacLaren) would fit much better running that sort of ship. I also think that possibly females want somebody/a character portrayal female superhero movie that is strong (acting, thinking, physically, takes risks), one who could care a less about needing a man to save her and not a moody relationship to take up such a large part of the story/script, relationships in movies these days seem like half-assed lazy script fillers. We want somebody who doesn’t have relationship drama like in some recent films. Joe Keatinge’s Glory is fabulous – I’d love to see that sort of character brought to a screen – something old yet “different” for those who don’t know it exists. The whole meaning of “girl power” has been so warped and lost over the past several generations, especially in the music scene. Ugh, it’s disgusting. Girl Power isn’t about prancing around in heels, twerking, or whoever has the best eyebrows, not at all.

    • Amra says:

      Joss’s script not only had her not being saved by a man, but actually being captured because of Steve being in distress.

  4. damian says:

    maybe one of the creative differences were that mclaren didn’t want eastwood as steve trevor? that would be a big one…

    and the comments on this story all over the internet are sexist and gross… clearly proving that we need wonder woman and more female characters like her in the world.

    i’m not sure why people are so compelled to post negative comments… as if they accomplish anything.

  5. Psycho says:

    Nobody wants to see a Wonder Woman movie, regardless of who stars/directs. Throw her into the Justice League film. That will satisfy the quota.

    • damian says:

      i want to see this movie… i want my daughter to see this movie…

      and “satisfy the quota”? seriously?

      • Psycho says:

        A couple of quota-satisfying blockbusters for you to consider…

        Budget $100,000,000
        Box Office $82,000,000 Worldwide
        IMDB Rating 3.3/10

        Budget 43,000,000
        Box Office 56,000,000 Worldwide
        IMDB Rating 4.8/10

        They should wait until after Justice League is released (with the Wonder Woman character included), and then they can better judge whether or not audiences will be receptive to a Wonder Woman movie.

  6. A terrible costume…enough for creative differences. Wonder Woman is sexy in her clothes. And can these actors really “act”? Attractive is not enough. Then what about the script. Could we at least have some idea of narrative? Finally, why is WW the one super-hero so impossible to bring to the big screen…yet the cumerspme idea of Thor and Iron Man were made possible? A female writer so unavail to co-write the script? Seems misogynistic…and not at all the WW we are expecting.

  7. Sam America says:

    I say scrap it because it’s going to SUCK like all Hollyweird movies and remakes and crap like Fast n’
    Furious 1 thru 7? no originality or talent left in Hollyweird just like in politics! it’s all the same crap.

  8. AngDal says:

    Gal Gadot should go too!! She doesn’t fit the profile for Wonder Woman!! I say scrap it and start over!! We want Bridget Reagan as Wonder Woman!!!!

  9. bsbarnes says:

    Michelle MacLaren solved a lot of problems for the Wonder Woman film, to my mind, and her loss is our loss. Lupita Nyong’O should direct because a Nigerian understands the Amazon!

    • Habuce says:

      Better take a look at a world map. Locate the Amazon, then check out Kenya, Mexico and the U.S.

      • Amra says:

        @ Habruce You clearly do not understand what “Amazon” means in the context of WW. It represents a GREEK-themed warrior maiden of a bygone era that has nothing to do with a river in SA that just happened to be named that way by explorers in the 1700s. It arises from legend of a (Caucasoid) matriarchal culture from Asia, noted by the Hellenes.

  10. davidf95 says:

    Who can blame her with all the political correctness in super heroes. A black Johnny Storm with a white sister Sue. Thor is now a woman, and Wonder woman is now a man. Next Might Mouse will be a woman, and Under Dog will be a man. Superman will be a bird. :)

  11. Dean Cris says:

    Is the new WW a dude?!

  12. DorothyParkerlite says:

    This makes me slightly nervous for WW’s direction. I just don’t want to see another Catwoman happen. Fact is, WW’s backstory has never been the best and has really needed a major overhaul to make it translate well to film. Just stick to the fact that out of the three founders of the Justice League, WW was born and bred as a ruthless warrior, and a ruthless warrior she should remain.

    • Tass says:

      WW was not bred to be ruthless. Go back and read the comic. She’s about hope, determination, equality for all, and fighting for right.

    • Video Beagle says:

      If you think the word “ruthless” should ever be used in describing Wonder Woman, then you clearly know nothing about the character.

  13. JamesW says:

    Warner Brothers needs to “embrace the Amazon”, tell Wonder Woman’s story with respect and humor and lots of kick-butt action. Hollywood can make an icon out of Katniss Everdeen — but doesn’t know how to handle Diana Prince?

  14. Common Sense says:

    Give it up. As long as Lynda Carter’s still alive and still looks like she could rock that costume, the new girl is not going to succeed in making the role her own.

  15. John says:

    Michelle: I want to have her fly….It’s cheaper than the long jumps, and saves film on her logistical transitions.

    Producers: Nope…no flight.

    Michelle: Superman can fly.

    Producers: She’s not Superman.

    Michelle: Well, I’d like to do a post BvS story for Diana to build on her character development in that film.

    Producers: Nope, we want her fighting Nazis!

    Michelle: Why make her immortal in a franchise that could go on for another 20 years? Why do the boys get to age and she doesn’t….do you know how much pressure that puts on a young woman.

    Producers: As soon as she starts to age we can just recast an 18 year old a few films down the road, nobody wants Gal Gadot anyways

    Michelle: We’ll can I at least have a male villain?

    Producers: Nope, the villain has to be female.

    Michelle: Can I get Chris Terrio to write the script then?

    Producers: Nope…we already got Leeroy Jenkins from Panera Bread restaurant to pen the script.

    Michelle: Well, Can I have an original villain..something the world has never seen before?

    Producers: Nope, we decided to go with Cheetah Girl.

    Michelle: Okies…well…. will I have access to WETA Digital to handle the special effects? You already have them under contract for like several more films.

    Producers: No we already hired Kirk from accounting, he just got a Mac laptop for his birthday and he took an online Digital Animation course so he’s doing your special effects.

    Michelle: No wonder Marvel is kicking your butts.

    Producers: What!

    Michelle: You heard me! I’m out of here, good luck with your film.

  16. Loto says:

    I’d bet her disagreements were with that no talent hack Zack Snyder who somehow conned Warner Bros. into putting him in control.

  17. Marc Greene says:

    Pick her up for Captain Marvel, Marvel! That would be outstanding!

  18. Chelsea says:

    Maybe WB should get Angeline Jolie to be the director.

  19. Nanny Mo says:

    Dumb move, Michelle. If you’re known as a ship jumper, people will be nervous around you.

  20. Maribelle says:

    This is seriously a great loss for the film. MacLaren’s action scenes in Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are phenomenal and anyone who has ever listened to her on the DVDs or podcasts know that she is an incredibly professional and knowledgeable director with a keen eye for detail.

    But on the plus side I hope this means she continues her involvement with Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Her episodes are always the highlights of the season.

  21. cadavra says:

    Translation: This picture is too important for a chick to direct.

  22. Melissa says:

    Why can’t the guys at the top trust these directors to do what they do best? First Brave, and now Wonder Woman? Let them make their movies, and get the hell out of their way!

  23. Murica! says:

    I bet she wanted someone else to play wonder woman.

  24. BWaters says:

    Shame, she was the only reason to care.

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