Weinstein Company Braces for Layoffs (EXCLUSIVE)

Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assult Charges
Pierre Suu/Getty Images

The Weinstein Company will lay off between 40 and 50 staffers next week, Variety has learned.

The staffing cuts will not impact the indie studio’s television unit. They will be solely focused on its film operations, and sources say no senior management will be pink slipped. Most of the cuts will involve junior staffers and a few mid-level executives.

The staff reductions will be across multiple divisions, including publicity, distribution and legal. Cuts will be made in the studio’s New York, Los Angeles and London offices. The company currently has roughly 215 employees.

Radius-TWC, the boutique label behind “The Hunting Ground” and “Citizenfour,” will also be impacted. Its founders, Tom Quinn and Jason Janego, left the company last summer to start their own independent label.

Reached for comment, Weinstein Company COO David Glasser confirmed that cuts will take place next week and said the purpose of the layoffs was to reduce the film division’s overhead to make the company more efficient. He cited upcoming releases such as Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight,” Todd Haynes’ “Carol” and “The Founder” with Michael Keaton, as evidence that the studio is well positioned going forward.

“We have one of the best slates we’ve ever had, but this is about looking ahead to how do we grow the business,” said Glasser.

This year has been a mixed bag at the box office. The studio scored with the Helen Mirren drama “Woman in Gold” and the family film “Paddington,” but it lost money on the Bradley Cooper dramedy “Burnt.”

The television business, which counts Netflix’s “Marco Polo” and the reality show “Mob Wives” among its programs, is seen as a more reliable source of revenue. A deal for British network ITV to acquire the television business collapsed last May, but insiders say there are two to three companies looking at buying a stake in the division.

Glasser nearly left the company last summer, and flirted with taking a position at DreamWorks Animation. However, he ultimately relented, signing a new deal that will keep him at the Weinstein Company through 2018.

“In coming back one of the key things for me was to focus on making this a tighter, smarter, nimbler company,” said Glasser. “We have an incredible group of people who work here, but it was very important to tighten up the team.”

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  1. Silvana says:

    That happens because his silly decisions to promote Southpaw, Burnt, Woman in Gold and not the new Macbeth which looks like Game of Thrones. With the success of the tv series he could get audience attraction to that.

  2. Will he pay their insurance and benefits until they can get another job?

  3. Floyd DaBarber says:

    Wait until Tarantino’s film tanks and dies out of the gate. Buying a ticket is endorsing the cop killers who Tarantino lionizes. More cuts to come, hopefully.

  4. What the libs aren’t saying is that this is because Obamacare is kicking in. HW and company will have to pay a lot of bucks to keep the new insurance guidelines and coverage for their employees. Instead of cutting them to part time, they just fired them instead. Of course no one’s watching movies and film industry is failing lately anyway.

  5. Tyrone Johnston says:

    Boycott all Hollywood . You can see their movies later when it’s out on Blue Ray, and you then buy it for 25 cents at a yard sale.
    Then let everyone you know borrow the movie so they don’t have to pay for movies.
    Even brand new, a Hollywood movie is only worth 1 dollar per person.

  6. I love it. They say they are well positioned going forward….so they are going to lay off a bunch of people. Tarantino upset a lot of people with his tirade against cops. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are worried that it is going to do poorly considering all the police boycotts.

    Liberals are just beginning to understand that they cannot continuously slander half the country and still get them to open their wallets.

  7. Caroline says:

    Because Harvey needs more money. . . .

  8. LisaASheppard says:

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  9. MichMike says:

    NO WAY! Weinstein gets corrupt tax exclusions from the party that does NOT have contributors who lay people off when revenue goes down. This must be a lie.

  10. John Dendy says:

    I hope the entire company goes under.

  11. asudad90 says:

    All the white people will be let go and replaced by blacks.

  12. Jose Jimenez says:

    What is bad for “progressive” and crazy Hollywood…..is good for America.

  13. ata777 says:

    Guess the Hateful Eight just became the Hateful Nine

  14. JAY JAY says:

    Republicans/Conservatives have the money (we work for a living). If you out anti-American crap we will not pay to watch.

  15. Zippiest says:

    Listen here you liberal douche, if you’re going to run around preaching your liberal ideology, you need to practice it.
    Unclinch those vice grip penny pinching fingers of yours and pay your employees with your own money, you talentlesss hack.
    After all, you didn’t build what you have, someone else did.

  16. Tommy Tunezz says:

    Wait, I thought the economy is going great and the unemployment rate is down to 0% since the boy king Obama is in the White House?

    Oh, that’s right – its Bush’s fault.

    • Derek Save says:

      Dear Tommy, thank you, sir! Your comment gave me a great laugh. Because Weinstein supports that nasty Tarantino and his hateful speech against the folk who protect us, I will NEVER watch another Weinstein movie again. And I bet the “The Hateful Eight” will be a major FLOP, and deservingly so!

  17. Scooby184 says:

    Weinstein is a 1%’er that is simply protecting his billions.
    Leave him alone. If he wants to lay off all those people right before the holidays, it’s HIS money he’s protecting. Get it?

  18. RoyF says:

    Maybe he getting the money together, by the layoffs , to get Streep and make that movie about the NRA. You know, the movie that he said would cause people to turn in their guns and cause NRA members to quit the organization by the millions. Stock value in gun makers would crash because of disenvestment caused by this movie . It sure had me worried. Bwahahaha .

    • John Dendy says:

      Most liberals seem to be delusional. Just like when the media attacks Trump (whom don’t care much for) and Carson.. The more they attack, the more donations and the higher their poll numbers go.

  19. EM says:

    Funny how the Hollywood Liberals are quick to chide the private sector for layofffs and low wages as maniacle and how horrible these private companies are for not paying enough, but it’s perfectly ok when they have to lay people off to protect their bottome line. Bunch of hypocrits. And the reason they are hurting is because people are so sick of those like Tarrantino who was quick to blame the police instead of blaming the real problem, whch is BLM.

  20. Al Mount says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving Jerk.

  21. carl6352 says:

    hateful eight is dead in the water plain and simple for the first time americans are using what we have faced for 50 years the lie of a boycott, well this time it’s for real! weinstein don’t know how much you put in this toilet paper movie but it’s going to hurt and hurt bad! compliments of cops and the people of america who respect and honor their guts for doing a job you are to spineless to do yet expect them to show up when you need them!

  22. Iván el Terrible says:

    He deserves bankrupt by making an abomination like Shakespeare in Love win Best Picture and making the political correctness propaganda knows as The Reader getting the nominations The Dark Knight deserved.

  23. Stop crying about the cops. Why blame a film director when the mayor of NYC started all this and he’s still there. Why? because he’s a liberal. I dare say, most every cop voted for him so they get what they deserve. And they are murderous thugs, the stats more then prove it and they kill a lot more white people then they do black. Where’s that outrage?

    • John Dendy says:

      You are a deranged fool. Crawl back into your hole.

    • carl6352 says:

      what started was not the idiotic mayor who will be out after his term. it was the ugly director terrintino for praising the murdering of cops! he claims first amendment rights well we claim the right to not go or ever see another one of his movies past and present! now how is that for freedom! this boycott is for real and nationwide. you don’t honor the killing of cops. a job most americans are to spineless to do yet expect them to show up every time they stub a toe! i know for a fact a gym i train at with cops to a person will not see it nor our friends and we have been going around town with window ads telling everyone to not go! now that is what freedom is all about. new slogan cops lives matter!

  24. poorhardworker says:

    Wait!!! He’s a Lib/Prog/Soc/Dem!!! He can’t lay off people…that’s bad!!! He has to suck it up and keep them employed even if it costs his company money!!! Isn’t that what is expected of “cconservative” business owners???

  25. Could it be he realizes The Hateful Eight will bomb fantastically & rather than have the layoffs occur when it happens, he’s being proactive?

  26. jim blair says:

    Seems old Harve is a little side tracted from taking all our legal guns away.2 yrs.wasn’t it??

  27. Larry says:

    Haven’t been to a movie since it cost 5 bucks.

  28. Taruk says:

    I admit I have an old fashion taste in movies, but I am trying to be open minded as much as I can. That said, I cannot take more than 10 minutes of what is comes out of Hollywood these days. In my opinion, Tarantino is a certifiable moron. Who made him a director ? If anyone should be fired, it is him.

  29. jo gregg says:

    That is between an 18 and 23% reduction in staff which is a significant reduction for any company. Personally, I am hoping that his Hateful Eight bombs at the box office. No movie is more important than our country, and putting our police officers in the cross hairs of mobs of angry thugs is shameful. Hollywood has led the way to the destruction of our culture. And these self-congratulating slobs, sit behind their walled compounds, while the rest of us, pay the price for their rotten advice.

  30. Ken Puck says:

    I heard Harvey has a contract out on Quentin.

  31. 85wzen says:

    When is this ‘fat ass’ gonna retire? I mean Carolco is dead… and Coppola should be!

  32. Mike Ramirez says:

    Geee dgd…… you are so sure of yourself you don’t even use your real name. Coward!

  33. Dave Head says:

    You better plan for that Tarintino movie to flop big-time, ‘cuz here in the midwest, we support our cops and don’t have a nickel to be contributing to a police-hating director. I won’t be seeing it. Pound sand, Hollywood, or get back to being what you were during WW2, and loving and promoting the USA.

  34. Paul Trott says:

    Meh. Just advanced planning for their December dead on arrival hit movie.

    Maybe anti-American, anti white, elitist political left indoctrination of the public is not a such a profitable theme to weave into all the scripts and dumber than a box of rocks actor preachments .

    • tightloops says:

      This big mouth liberal offended red blooded Americans with his non-stop liberl diatribes. We know he is flat wrong. He lectures us about just everything while he and his naricissistic friends to what they wish. We’re sick of him and sick of Hollywood. PLEASE, HURRY UP AND GO AWAY FOREVER!

  35. Gordon says:

    Bomb of the year, “Hateful Eight.”

  36. Tammy says:

    Hopefully it will be the entire company next..

  37. With the US GDP to Debt ratio approaching 110%, the petro dollar in danger of being replaced by multiple currencies, 94 million US workers not counted in the unemployment figures, and exports and imports world-wide slowing to a crawl, we’re in the beginning stages of a global meltdown.

    As we get further into it, consumer spending will slow down even more. And as it worsens there will be far less discretionary spending for the average citizen for movies, so old Harvey is going to probably have to fold up his tent and steal away into the night.

    Before he goes though, he might consider taking a bath and getting a shave. Right now he looks like a fat Wino.

  38. Cyndy Martin says:

    We will not watch anything associated with this man.

  39. chew on this says:

    Thank you Jesus!!!! Looks like our boycott of Hollywood is working!!

  40. @notalemming says:

    But as Liberals they have a right to these Jobs. Suck it up Harvey. You built and staffed this progressive sh!t Pile now you need to put on your big boy pants and fund it or denounce your Progressive stance on everything.

    Or is this about a budget? You know a budget is one of those things Conservatives always talk about and Liberals always laugh about, until it is the Liberals money at stake. Common Harvey, You have your$, now your going to through all these loyal liberal puppets that work for you to the government teet? What a poster-boy for Progressive Liberalism you are. That makes you a class 1 Hypocrite.

  41. :Les says:

    All those people being pink slipped can thank Tarantino!

  42. John Th says:

    This is what happens when all your movies are left wing bombs.

    Maybe the Weinsteins should get out of their Hollywood bubble every once in awhile.

  43. MarkBBBB says:

    Ha ha. F Hollywood and F TV. The mouthpieces of the police state.

  44. B Da Truth says:

    Most people face the world on a daily basis and try to make the most of their looks, Harvey does his best to look like a slob and he’s an embarrassment.

  45. Smerdlap says:

    Tarantino was smart to make his idiot comments when he did–he must have known his movie is crap, and now he can blame it on racist right-wing crazies–instead of himself.

  46. bc says:

    40 to 50 less Clinton voters?

  47. Moshe says:

    Keep boycotting .

  48. vote republican if you want another war like Iraq

    • Al Mount says:

      Excellent post sir, a crisp salute to you :-)

    • Wrenchman says:

      Looking out for your commarades there?

    • MarkBBBB says:

      We have had endless war (like Orwell predicted) since Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama. They are all the same and they are working for the same people. Never ending war and Hollywood and Tv cheer it on like the evil puppets they are. Endless propaganda that would make Goebbels blush. “Support the troops.” You want to support them then bring em home. Why have a military when the border is not protected?

    • Tom Jamison says:

      Wet your bed again, Sam?

    • muneshadowe says:

      Yada yada yada. your hero (Gag) in the white house kept one going with the American People for about eight years though and have almost succeeded in destroying it. BTW were you complaining about his war he never ended?

    • Moshe says:

      The Clinton Administration convince the nation BEFORE 911 that Iraq was a threat to the world.

  49. BooBots says:

    I think he ought to lay off himself.

  50. biglouie15 says:

    25% is a pretty big chunk of people to let go especially near the holidays. Evidently, liberal empathy for the little guy is all talk because when it comes down to their $$$ they are ruthless. This is only the beginning because with stars like Tarantino alienating the police, people will shun his movies from now on.

    • Dania says:

      Right, because conservatives care so much about the little people as well(eye roll)

      • Barbaree says:

        They care much more than the liberals. The liberals only care about themselves. All talk!

      • John Th says:

        “Right, because conservatives care so much about the little people as well(eye roll)”

        Go to Detroit or Baltimore or Philly or Cleveland, or Chicago or any city that’s been voting Democrat for 50 years and tell me how well those people in the inner cities are doing.

      • :Les says:

        “”Right, because conservatives care so much about the little people as well(eye roll)”

        More than you do. You and your ilk vote in DNC politicians who sell their offices to companies who get gov subsidies, and who lay off thousands and then move the companies to China. Or Hillary, who sold her office to the Saudis, the muslim brotherhood and the Russians.

      • Trick says:

        The OP said nothing about consertive principles. The OP just pointed out a fact. Bleeding Heart Liberals are always there for the little guy when there is a camera in their face. Reality is always a different story though and it’s OK because there will always be useful tools like you who forgive them because all that matters is that shiny “D” in front of their name.

      • muneshadowe says:

        You just proved his point……

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