Watch the New ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer

20th Century Fox and Marvel have released the full-length trailer for “Fantastic Four.”

Directed by Josh Trank (“Chronicle”), the superhero reboot stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell.

“Fantastic Four” opens nationwide August 7.

Teller, star of the Oscar-nominated drama “Whiplash,” leads the team as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic; Mara plays Susan Storm/Invisible Woman; Jordan, who co-starred in Trank’s “Chronicle,” portrays Johnny Storm/Human Torch; and Bell tackles Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Trank co-wrote the script with Simon Kinberg and Jeremy Slater.

It’s Fox’s third film in the franchise: the first “Fantastic Four” opened in 2005, followed by 2007’s “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.”

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  1. txn53 says:

    I mean in the last try, it was so bad that the Human Torch had to go back in time and become Captain America…

  2. txn53 says:

    The race of the Storms is the last thing I’m worried about. I just hope this attempt is better the last FF mess.

  3. rcc says:

    I’m not a fan of comics, but I thought the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch are brothers?

    • therealeverton says:

      They are brother and sister here too. Whilst they could have, with a 10 second explanation, left them as biological siblings, they went with Sue Being Johnny’s adopted sister.

    • David Benjamin says:

      You might want to re-read that message

      • therealeverton says:

        @ David Benjamin

        Sorry, with that yes…I misread and thought you were addressing me.

      • David Benjamin says:


        I thought the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch are brothers?
        Really? You don’t see ANYTHING wrong with that statement??

      • therealeverton says:

        No, Why?

  4. Kyle says:

    Boring zzz……

  5. David says:

    Nope, still not going to see this until it hits the local 1$Dollar theater.

  6. therealeverton says:

    So they change the race of Johnny & Mr. Storm, and appear to leave the rest of the comic intact, and it’s a disaster? Nonsense, B. Bendis & Mark Millar’s comic looks like it has been well adapted to me, and it is a good comic.

  7. Big Daddy D says:


  8. Big Daddy D says:

    I seriously don’t know what is with you haters. Johnnt and She’s familial relationship..they are probably adopted brother and sister. They are using the Marvel Ultimates storyline. This has nothing to do with “political correctness”. If anything, I think maybe it’s the closet racism that’s seeping through these message boards. Whinging about a black lead in a super hero movie. Spawn-black..Falcon-black, Storm-uber hottie black. What are you closet racists going to do after you see Luke Cage and T’challa-Black Panther?? Let it go, haters. Enjoy the comic book goodness! Jesus!

  9. lost says:

    y y y y y what a pos such junk

  10. Uncle Roy says:

    WOW! Marvel is really screwing up this time… why not stick to the original characters, meaning Johnny Storm is Sue’s brother…. really hate this ‘political correctness garbage’ – it’s ruining the House of Ideas!

    • Jordan says:

      They are brother and sister. More with this bullshit “politically correct” card you people play. It isn’t politically correct when we had a white bane or Khan or katniss or mandarins or Jesus, but it’s politically correct when we have a black Johnny storm? It’s like you people are getting stupider I swear

    • Charles says:

      Marvel is not screwing this up. They don’t own the movie rights.

    • charles says:

      This isn’t from Marvel! Fox is doing the movie.

    • Mike says:

      Can someone explain to me why it’s so important for Sue and Johnny to be brother and sister. Personally I am a huge fan of Michael B. Jordan’s work and I don’t seem to understand why his race truly matters as much as getting the best actor possible.

      • Eddie says:

        Johnny Storm, Sue Storm … brother and sister. Ever since I was a wee child they were white. Looks like ma and pa Storm are a biracial couple and the daughter came out white and the son is black. Total BS screwing over a great comic to please a few folks.

  11. Todd says:

    I thought this movie looked bad, but I was wrong: it looks really, really bad. And people thought the Thing looked bad in the previous FF movies? He looks awful in this one. And don’t even get me started on the whole Johnny Storm ridiculousness….

    This thing is gonna suck.

  12. Parkour says:

    Josh Trank of “Chronicle” fame, is an amazing director. The writer did a great job. This superhero reboot is beyond fantastic. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell all look good. Can’t wait for this one. It might be the best of the summer batch.

    • Clif Torburn says:

      If Fox is looking for a box office smash out of these Marvel characters I think they’re going to have a bomb on their hands. Don’t see this film getting too much action at the theaters, instead those who are resistant about it but curious will wait to rent or watch digitally on VUDU,Amazon Prime, Flixster, etc.,it won’t make the money they are seeking. Too bad, try again.

  13. Chelsea says:


  14. mattmayhem says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, everything about this looks wrong. I don’t usually badmouth something before seeing it but then I’ve anything so far removed from the source material as I’ve known it before.

    When I first heard that Marvel might be stopping the FF comic because of the movie I thought they were being childish, petty, and biting their nose to spite their face. Now I understand exactly why and fully support their decision to do it. If I were them I wouldn’t want my beloved iconic heroes to be even remotely associated in any way with this crap or even risk the possibility the stink from this abomination would rub off on the real Fantastic Four..

  15. Cal El Em En O P says:

    It is devoid of any real personality, which is ironic as JT wanted to make a more “real” interpretation. It’s like gluten-free food–more purposefully made, less flavor.

  16. I am normally never one to bad mouth before seeing something but I hate everything about this cliche predictable boring horrible trailer and I am not a Marvel fanboy per se nor devotee but there isn’t one thing outside of (maybe) Kate Mara that attracts me to it.

  17. Brian says:

    Why does Reed Richards look like Peter Parker?
    I know the studio is pandering to a younger audience, but c’mon!

  18. Doesn’t look half-bad.

  19. therealeverton says:

    Essentially Mark Millar’s Ultimate Fantastic Four. I liked that and I like the look of this.

  20. Advaith Hemanth says:

    Good…but can it beat the first series?

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