Watch Dennis Quaid’s On-Set Meltdown – Is It Real?

A video has surfaced of actor Dennis Quaid ranting at his crew on the set of an unspecified project — but is the meltdown real, or a hoax?

In the expletive-laden tirade, seemingly captured on a crew member’s phone, Quaid takes someone to task for walking onto set and interrupting his line, before an off-camera speaker tries to calm him down. “Don’t f—ing ‘Dennis’ me, I am doing my job here, I’m a pro! This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on,” Quaid retorts, hurling a few more insults before apparently storming off set.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Crackle announced the pickup of Quaid’s new drama series “The Art of More” at the Internet-streaming service’s upfront presentation on Tuesday morning. The 10-episode series, also produced by Quaid, centers around the cutthroat world of premium auction houses.

Requests for comment to Quaid’s reps were not immediately returned.

What’s your take on Quaid’s rant — real, or fake?

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  1. Dan says:

    If that’s fake it’s Oscar worthy. Seems like another celebrity who sees himself as royalty, sadly. Sad so many in the comments think its acceptable or even something good.

  2. Life is too short for psychos says:

    If it’s real, he learned how to meltdown like this from his old buddy Cathleen Summers. If it’s fake, ditto.

  3. mario nalini says:

    the crew member who shot the video should be dismissed , that’s whats unprofessional here not want happend on set , mistakes happen all the time and at the end all is forgiving , i sure he would have apologized for the outburst before the end of the shoot . if u don’t know the pressure an actor is under to DELIVER then you wont understand , movie life is suspended reality & it’s hard to achieve & maintain that ZONE . i’ve worked with actors that were having a tough time with their gig & i always try to help but i understand when someone BREAKS THAT ZONE . it’s a tough thing :)

  4. Big Frank says:

    For his sake I hope it was fake

  5. Yikes says:

    And the winner of The Christian Bale Award For 2015 goes to….

  6. Essal says:

    So none of you get mad when someone disturbs your work? None of you ever yelled and screamed in such a situation? All of you sit right there and share a cup of tea? None of you gets angry, and anyone who does has a “problem”?

  7. Layne Evangelista says:

    Who would fake that?!.. Seriously?.. He’s 2nd to Mel Gibson..

  8. Jay Arr says:

    Real or fake, he’s an actor. So what.

  9. sherry smith says:

    I think it’s fake. Put on for ads for a new show.

  10. Paul Brno says:

    Dennis Quaid sounds like a real horror show monster created by drugs & alcohol having a sissy fit !

  11. Phil says:

    Hey Variety, are you no long in touch with the Biz enough to know whether or not Quaid is in production on a film?

  12. Tom says:

    People are so used to seeing fake things that they can no longer tell when something is real. Unfortunately, this is real. I have worked on a Dennis Quaid movie before and I have to say I’m surprised that it has taken this long for something like this to come out. Dennis is normally very professional on set, but he has a serious problem. He is usually a very functioning person with a problem. Here he seems to have broken a bit.

  13. Deirdre says:

    If it were real wouldn’t we get to see the camera man’s version? He’s still rolling, I assume…

    • messy girl says:

      But the cameraman’s version is official footage for the show, they aren’t allowed to just hand it over to the tabloids.

  14. George says:

    Sounds real to me. Also, sounds like Dennis needs to have a couple of guest episodes on Charlie Sheen’s sitcom Anger Management. Maybe ole Charlie can help him before he fully goes down the path his brother has taken.

  15. nick says:

    Phony as a 3 dollar bill

  16. Dave says:

    I don’t know if it was real or fake but it was funny. I love the “blow me” as he’s walking out the door at the end!

  17. curly curtis says:

    Not real. Doing a Christen Bale rage spoof.

  18. Pamela says:

    Classy real classy. NOT!! Way to go!!!! Now they have even more reasons not to hire you. Get a grip. You’ve got kids to raise. It not always just about you now is it. WOW!!

  19. Big Daddy D says:

    Sounds real to me. But seriously, what the helk has Dennis Quaid done in the last 15 years that’s been of any significance? The Quaid brothers are a walking time bomb. Is Dennis drinking again?

  20. Scott says:

    seemed real to me.

  21. MMartin says:

    It’s fake because it’s horrible acting, just AS IF he was acting! It’ll make a great SNL skit though.

  22. I loved it! Good for him!

  23. joe blow says:

    I think its real…and I also believe him to be a total as**hole were he to actually talk to fellow co-workers in that manner.

  24. charcramer says:

    If it’s fake, it’s really good.

  25. Adam says:

    This is real. It’s poor quality and some of it is pointed to the floor. Besides, why would someone not known for comedy do this anyway.

  26. Tim says:

    Its real for sure. Quaid isn’t that good an actor. Good on him i say. H’es probably trying to concentrate hard on his job and someone isn’t showing some professional courtsey

  27. vinny says:

    Hmmm…I would like to know more about this ‘baby’ he’s referring too.

  28. Spider says:

    I say it’s fake. This could very well be a skit for the “Ellen” show, as he tends to collaborate with her often. It’s a good riff on Christian Bale’s, “Terminator:Salvarion” rant and a good way to generate publicity for his new TV series. I’d be surprised if this was real.

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