Variety Poll: ‘Boyhood’ Will Take Best Picture at Oscars


Boyhood” received a total of six Academy Award nominations on Thursday and, according to a new Variety poll, the Richard Linklater drama is the heavy favorite to win best picture.

The more than 22,000 online denizens who voted in the poll came out convincingly in favor of “Boyhood,” which took 49% of the vote, with “Birdman” in second place at 18%. Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” was the only other film to reach double digits, with 11%.

“Selma” and “Whiplash” rounded out the bottom of the poll with 3% and 2%, respectively.

The 87th Academy Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, will be take place Feb. 22 in Hollywood.

Poll results:

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  1. PETER says:

    Yes, Michael Jones, but THE IMITATION GAME is no bargain either. Melodramatic, a serious story played for laughs in the first part, a way too obvious gay agenda film, and manipulated away from the truth during the WW II segments. And Benedict could do that role in his sleep. So tell me what nominated is in the same category as GONE WITH THE WIND, CASABLANCA, THE GODFATHERS, ON THE WATERFRONT, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, RIVER KWAI, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, L.A.CONFIDENTIAL, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, SUNSET BOULEVARD, PRIVATE RYAN, etc. GONE GIRL, INTO THE WOODS, INTERSTELLAR, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY should also have been nominated for Best Picture, since they are the reason we have up to ten nominations. Remember BATMAN? I would vote for AMERICAN SNIPER for Best Picture. People will still be talking about AMERICAN SNIPER and watching it thirty years from now, but they will forget IMITATION GAME just like we’ve already forgotten THE KINGS SPEECH and that running on the beach, British movie with the great theme music! Was it CHARIOTS OF FIRE? But this year it’s the Oscars as the Spirit Awards in a tent. Well, forget it, Mike Jones, it’s Chinatown!

    • Michael Jones says:

      Boyhood – 40 F-bombs, 20 Sh-bombs, drunk adults verbally abusive to children, drunk Father beating his wife down to the ground, and slimy political pandering in all directions, low quality trash. Who out there in America wants this puke -rubber stamped- by the Academy as true “Art” for the entire world to enjoy? What a great example for America!

  2. PETER JAY, U.S. Navy Heavy Photographic Squadron 62. says:

    Tara, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you a veteran and have you been to war, and do you know how men think and function in the military or under battle stress? HURT LOCKER got a lot of criticism, ’cause a lot of it could never happen. Thank God that Clint directed the straight forward and honest AMERICAN SNIPER. Spielberg would have PRIVATE RYANIZED SNIPER! Made it more epic and over blown, a different movie. It’s a blessing that Clint directed. And as far as all the little, experimental, independent films go, they should all have stayed with the Spirit Awards out at the beach in a tent! GONE GIRL, INTO THE WOODS, INTERSTELLAR, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY should have been nominate instead or in addition. That was the purpose of nominating up to ten films beginning with Chris Nolan’s BATMAN. Not an excuse to nominate little, experimental movies that nobody wants to see except the snobby film festival crowd!

  3. PETER JAY says:

    BOYHOOD will win, Bill, ’cause the Academy often makes some stupid choices. I turned off the boring, over-hyped BOYHOOD after one half hour! The reason the Academy switched to a possible ten Best Picture nominations was to include the blockbuster and audience favorites, when the excellent BATMAN was excluded a few years ago. But this year it didn’t work except for the inclusion of the outstanding AMERICAN SNIPER. INTO THE WOODS, INTERSTELLAR, FOXCATCHER, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and especially the fascinating GONE GIRL should all have been included. This is the Academy Awards we’re talking about, not the Spirit Awards out at the beach!

    • I don’t mind Boyhood because of creativity that went into it (win by mediocrity such as 2 nominated British biopics and their off-limits-for-criticism-cause-race-relations counterpart Selma is another matter). But AMPAS by-passing good, popular movies since 2004 (last time a movie fully embraced by general public won) in favor of “important” or quirky small ones is getting tiresome and people lose interest. So strike some balance.

    • JannaB says:

      That was your mistake, turning it off after a half hour. I remember thinking a half hour in that the movie was too heralded by my friends. I was so wrong. I fell in love with this movie as it went along and it moved me in so many ways. It deserves a Best Oscar nom and easily deserves to win if chosen. Amazing movie that leaves you thinking about life and the characters long after it ends. It’s a classic.

      • Michael Jones says:

        AFter the half-hour mark, were you inspired by the DRUNK father beating the woman to the ground, DRUNK father verbally abusing the kids and going on a paranoid rampage about the cell phones, DRUNK father driving recklessly putting the children in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury, DRUNK father smashing glass risking putting out the eyes of the children, then the gradual changing of a nice young boy into an insolent deadpan rube. What other scenes did you fall in LOVE with? Were these scenes the CLASSIC ones you are referring to? I was moved as well, moved to the refund counter.

    • George says:

      Probably you have your own genre of movies that you should stick to. probably you like action, but the movie world is more than just action.

      If you’ve just seen only half an hour of Boyhood how does that make it overrated? An impartial response can be made when you’ve seen the thing in full.

  4. Bill B. says:

    Boyhood will win because it is one of the most unique films ever made. It is also the most interesting and creative film released last year. Birdman was very creative as well, but it’s a bit gonzo for the Oscars. Speaking of gonzo, my second favorite film of 2014 (so far) was Nighcrawler, so I wasn’t happy with the Academy about that mostly ignored film, especially Gyllenhaal. At one time, I thought The Imitation Game had Oscar written all over it. Well constructed, they love British films, well acted, Cumberbatch is excellent and very popular at the moment & it’s politically correct. Sorta reminded me of a few years ago when The King’s Speech beat the much more highly acclaimed Social Network. But unless there is a major upset, I was wrong despite it being nominated in all the right categories (picture, director, writing & editing) to take the best picture award. The Boyhood sweep of most awards took me by surprise, but it is deserved. Those who complain that no blockbusters were nominated, though American Sniper is apparently going to be one, name another that deserved to be considered for the best picture of 2014. The closest I can think of would be either Interstellar or Gone Girl and both had as many detractors as they did supporters. I personally thought Gone Girl fascinating & it took in the bucks, but sooo many seem to hate it. Guardians of the Galaxy was fun, but best picture of the year? I don’t think so.

    • Michael Jones says:


      If ‘Boyhood’ was directed by Clint Eastwood, and during the Presidential campaign scene Ethan Hawke & Ellar Salmon planted McCain signs instead of Obama signs and the rest of the movie was still identical. All of us would have never heard of Boyhood unless it was being ridiculed and laughed at as the big PIECE OF CRAP – That it is. WAKE UP! all you suckers! Think about it.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Boyhood will lose to “The Imitation Game” for Best Picture. Boyhood is
      NOT A TRUE MOTION PICTURE, it is an after school special filmed over 12 years
      as a desperate gimmick by a “C” grade director. The Academy represents
      experienced sophisticated artists who will pick the Best Picture to
      represent us to the World. Boyhood isn’t even close to Best Picture.
      Can you really put Boyhood in the same category as “Schindler’s List”?

  5. J.E. Vizzusi says:

    I have to say, The Immitation Game was last on my list to screen which I did yestersay. Why this Film is not getting more notoriety is beyond me. Maybe because its a British Film mostly and the theme is the abuse of Homosexuals in the U.K. But the research complemented by the spot on Production Design and just plain old school great Acting surrounded by the madness of World War II should of and did put it on Oscar’s Best Picture list. I realize Boyhood and Birdman are the frontrunners, but for reasons of just pure great Filmmaking it would not surprise me to see The Immitation Game win.

  6. CitizenTM says:

    @ Peter Jay

    Boyhood maybe not the thing to watch while flipping burgers and getting a hard on on your patriotism.

  7. M B says:

    If I remember correctly this poll asked “Who do you think will win best picture?”. (or something to that effect) People, like me, picked Boyhood based on the fact that we think the academy will vote for it. Curious to know Variety- were you trying to determine what your readership believes the academy will choose? Or who they personally would pick? If you want to know your readers’ picks maybe a poll asks the question- “Who would you choose to win best picture?”…in which case I would vote for Birdman.
    Unclear what the objective is here, and slightly misleading…

  8. PETER JAY says:

    Don’t waste your time nor money on BOYHOOD. I turned it off after thirty minutes. Way over rated. Patricia Arquette is wonderful as usual, but the Academy is on their over the top little, experiment, indi movies high this year, no matter how rough, fragmented, unfinished, unprofessional the film. The powerful AMERICAN SNIPER is the movie of today that everybody should see. And definitely worth the money. Clint Eastwood and Brad Cooper did an outstanding job that everybody should be proud of.

    • Tara says:

      Really? You cant give a proper review of a film if you didn’t watch it in its integrity. American Sniper was terrible. Terribly boring cinematography, boring script overseen by a overrated, bland director. I will say Cooper was great. That was it. Its too bad Spielberg walked away from the project, he had added over 200 pages to the script adding more dimension than Eastwood ever could. Sad to imagine what could have been made with a better director. The Hurt Locker and Saving Private Ryan are just 2 examples of good war films. This was not good.

    • martha says:

      Some of us just can’t stand slick. That is one of the attractions, to me, of Boyhood. Just guessing but the anti slick crowd likes nuance..oh wait…

    • preuser says:

      Notv planning to watch it myself ………….. just saw Fury one of Brad Pits best movies. The Folks have decided with their wallets in spite of these irrelevant awards after all at the end of the day the money speaks the loudest !

      • preuser says:

        edit “the folks have decided with their wallets in favor of American Sniper over Boyhood !”
        It seems the increasingly irrelevant Academy Awards is out of touch with their audience

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