Watch: Matt Damon in First Trailer for Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’

20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for Matt Damon’s astronaut thriller “The Martian.”

“Help is only 140 million miles away,” the trailer notes.

Directed by Ridley Scott, “The Martian” follows Damon’s astronaut character who’s stranded on Mars. He must survive in a brutal environment and find a way to notify NASA that he’s still alive. Damon has been stuck for four years at a science station that’s designed to support him for 31 days.

The film also stars Kate Mara, Jeff Daniels, Jessica Chastain and Kristen Wiig. Drew Goddard wrote the screenplay, based on Andy Weir’s novel of the same name.

Fox screened footage of the pic in April at CinemaCon, where it elicited a strong response from exhibitors.

The film hits theaters on November 25.

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  1. Stergios says:

    This looks really good. Can’t wait.


  3. Lance says:

    If Matt Damon wasn’t starring in this, it might have had a chance. Given his track record, there is a 73% chance this movie will be mediocre or suck. Why do people cast this guy?

  4. Jim says:

    I read this book…it was AWESOME…If the film is half as good as the book…KUDOS…!…Jim C.

    • Thesaurusrs says:

      Book IS fabulous. In the vein of the classic sci-fi writers, Arthur C Clarke, in particular. But also funny too, which is pretty freaking amazing. Mark Watney is such a winning protagonist. I really encourage anyone who has ever had the slightest interest in sci-fi to pick it up. I read today that it’s back in the top 5 fiction books.

    • Al Shumate says:

      Suggest you read “Robinson Crusoe” by Defoe and watch the movie “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” and you will discover that that book and movie are remakes of both.

  5. Hmmmm... says:

    Looks lik it could be a lot more entertaining than INTERSTELLAR. But what on Earth (or off of it as the case may be) is Kristin Wiig doing here?

  6. Al Shumate says:

    This looks like a remake of “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” and the only question here is who will play Man Friday. Will Ben Affleck or Jason Mewes do a cameo appearance. Or will it be a soccer ball as used in “Castaway”

  7. Mantle Head says:

    My God this looks so freaking stupid, did he actually say, ‘Let’s science the shit out this…’ and did I hear, ‘In your face Neil Armstrong…’, who wrote this facetious trash. I guess Brit Scott has no idea what Armstrong means to Americans: what an out of touch bozo.

    And what sort of a characterization is that? What kind of a character says something like that?

    I can’t stand glib characters who think they can piss on all that’s been based on the fact they’re at the center of the present. It’s a modern conceit; and the message-ness of this movie, ‘Let’s all get along and be nice…’, has a ‘Tomorrowland vibe to it (I guess it too will be a theme park ride.)

    Lame vibe carousing through Hollywood’s veins these days; if I went to see this movie, I’d walk out… go and see Avengers for the third time: they don’t preach, they tell a story; they get out of their own way. So should this movie, but they can’t of course.

    • J says:

      Clearly this trailer left you confused. This movie is not about getting along and being nice. It’s about people coming together to save the life of a person in a time of dire need. Isn’t that similar to both Avengers films – people coming together to save mankind in a time of dire need? As if that’s not a lame premise that’s never been done before. Luckily those films were well executed. Whose to say The Martian won’t be the same?

      • Thesaurusrs says:

        People like Fountainhead here apparently believe people coming together to save someone is a sign of weakness. Until they’re the ones who need saving, of course. Then it’s a national emergency.

    • Sandy Muller says:

      M. Head – bravo!

    • Thesaurusrs says:

      The exact quotes of “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this” and “In your face Neil Armstrong!” are beloved lines taken directly from (American) Andy Weir’s fabulous book. And the folks at NASA adore this book. So much so that they actually sent the title page of the script up on a probe as a tribute. It’s actually been to space! You could also check out Weir’s Facebook page to see the congratulations from Buzz Aldrin. Or pictures of the huge line when he signed books at NASA and JPL. And in fact this trailer was introduced from an astronaut’s Facebook page.

      Or you could keep mean spiritedly whining and moaning and pissing all over things you know nothing about. Whatever floats your boat. I’ll just consider the source.

  8. says:

    Na marketing and advertising szeptany składa się szereg czynności,
    które mają wpłynąć w sposób pośredni na budowanie pozytywnej opinii danej marce wśród klientów.

    • Jim says:

      Who cares if they were in “beloved” lines in Weir’s book? They’re the two worst lines of dialogue in any movie this year — what a hack Drew Goddard is not to have the courage to remove them from the screenplay. “In your face Neil Armstrong!” is such a bad line that even an annoying 14 year old kid in a John Hughes movie twenty years ago wouldn’t say it.

      • Chad says:

        I love that line! Mark Watney is an engineer and everything he says in the book reminds you of that. His humor is spot on with the typical engineer. Andy Weir is a computer science guy and Mark Watney is basically an extension of his personality, which again is on point with fellow programmers and engineers.

  9. gutsbag says:

    is this a search for spock reboot?

  10. Thesaurusrs says:

    You know, he actually looks like an astronaut.

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