Vanilla Ice Defends Adam Sandler’s ‘Ridiculous Six’: It’s Not ‘Dances With Wolves’

Vanilla Ice Adam Sandler
Lester Cohen/WireImage

One of the castmembers of Adam Sandler’s already controversial Netflix project, “The Ridiculous Six,” has spoken up in defense of the movie.

After reports surfaced this week that a dozen Native Americans walked off the set of the comedy because of offensive jokes in the script, Vanilla Ice, who plays Mark Twain in the film, defended it to TMZ.

“It’s a comedy,” he said. “I don’t think anybody really had any ill feeling or any intent or anything. This movie isn’t ‘Dances With Wolves.’ It’s a comedy. They’re not there to showcase anything about anybody — they’re just making a funny movie, I think.”

“I don’t have anything to do with it,” he added. “I just play my part.”

Vanilla Ice also said he’s “part Choctaw,” so he sees both sides of the issue. The musician had previously worked with Sandler, appearing briefly in his 2012 film “That’s My Boy.”

According to the Indian Country Today Media Network, some female Native Americans in the script were named Beaver’s Breath and No Bra, and producers were not receptive to castmembers’ concerns.

For its part, Netflix issued a statement on Thursday downplaying the controversy.

“The movie has ridiculous in the title for a reason: because it is ridiculous,” said a Netflix spokesperson. “It is a broad satire of Western movies and the stereotypes they popularized, featuring a diverse cast that is not only part of — but in on — the joke.”

“The Ridiculous Six” is a spoof of the Western “The Magnificent Seven” and is the first in a four-movie deal between Sandler and Netflix. Frank Coraci is directing from a script by Sandler and Tim Herlihy. Will Forte, Steve Buscemi, Taylor Lautner, Terry Crews and Rob Schneider also star.

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  1. WS Jackson says:

    Close as Robbie has been to Choctaw was when he rode his bicycle down Sherwood in Carrollton, And Choctaw casino wasn’t even started yet, Fart as kid

  2. rolyn pedo says:

    Thank goodness Mel Brooks made his movies when he did(happier times)

  3. blue knight says:


  4. RookArike says:

    just get some Mexicans to play the Indians. No one will know the difference.

  5. Vanilla Ice is really not the guy to go to for an endorsement when you’re being accused of wallowing in the race appropriation puddle…

  6. Dave J. says:

    Vanilla Ice who’s not the most intellect person to be asking, obviously has a ulterior motive for supporting this forgettable movie!

  7. Ateswakikso Wolf Child says:

    Here is the problem with people saying “it’s just a joke” or “It’s comedy/satire”.
    First it is generalizing and stereotyping all of us into one bad joke that perpetuates a misguided view of us. Each Tribe (over 500 in the US alone), has their own traditions, including names. The Hollyweird Indian idea is that when a baby is born whatever the parents see first is what they name their child. This is not the case for my tribe, nor any others that I personally know of. Names are often given by an elder relative that has passed and the name is usually a reference to a great did or heroic action that this family member did, a way of honoring our ancestors.
    So you see it is not a harmless joke at all. This “joke” perpetuates the racist and misinformed stereotypes that are harmful to us and create the self-hating mindset our children are pushed down into by non-native society. This joke and these “names” like Sits on face, another of those from this racist movie, over sexualize Native women, who are 3 times more likely to be raped than any other race of women in the US (1 in 3 is our rate and 90% are committed by Non- Native men), we are already faced with unwanted sexualized and often violent fantasy created and perpetuated by mainstream media through the dehumanizing of our race.
    It is 2015, don’t you think 500+ years is long enough to rape, lie, distort, dehumanize and belittle my people? I think we have been silenced, ignored and beaten down long enough. We have survived longer and worse abuse than any other race on the planet and we are still here, we still have our culture despite the hundreds of years of work trying to destroy it. I think we have proven that we can take more than anyone ever and Now we only want to be in control of how we are portrayed, what is racist, what our children see in media as a reflection of our value…we want to be treated fairly for once, finally. This movie does the absolute opposite.
    This movie will only continue to show our children that we are not as human as every other race, not valuable, not worthy of respect, not seen or heard, that in a time when our suicide rate is higher than any other race because our people are told constantly that WE don’t matter, don’t count and have no choice in how we are treated….to you it is just a joke, to us it is another nail in the racist coffin that we have been forced into, and I’m sorry if I can no longer laugh through the tears of burying children for the sake of continuing our being the butt of your racist jokes. I’m not amused and if You are, then YOU need to get Your head examined!

  8. michael thomas says:

    Just because you are free to say something doesn’t mean you should. This isn’t freedom for anything in particular except putting a little more money in Adam Sandler’s pocket. I suppose we’ll have the usual contingent cryng about “political correctness” and how awful that is. It’s difficult for me to see that. Seems like political correctness is just a catchphrase used by a-holes when they are called out for being a-holes. Isn’t it?

  9. Even if you take the race issue out of it (because that’s what white people want to do), let’s bring it down to simple details of the movie. I’m sure the other characters are in period/gender appropriate clothing, so why not do the same for the Native cast? You aren’t going to dress cowboys in historical Chinese robes, or African kente cloth! Names are not “trait specific” for the cowboys, so why not change it for “native characters”?
    But Vanilla Ice is right, it’s not “Dances With Wolves”…it’s 25 years later! We, as a society, have grown in so many ways when it comes to certain racial issues, unfortunately, us Indians, are still forced to stay in the shadows, and in the past, and not have a voice in the fight for equality in today’s world.
    I’m happy they stuck to their point and walked off the set. No need to sell your soul for a few dollars, that’s what the Kardashian’s are there for…

  10. me says:

    Only culturally ignorant white people always say some insensitive bs like that. Native American people are not sitting around watching Adam Sandler comedies so they don’t see it as just a comedy. Comedy is not an excuse to justify stereotypes and or poking fun at them. Bad enough ethnic actors have to deal with racist Hollywood in general. I think every ethnic actor should walk off set when these elitist assholes try to flip the script on you.

  11. Dan Buker says:

    Beavers breathe and No bra are offensive? It’s simply referencing how native Americans procured names in a very simple joke. If you’re offended by this then you need psychological help to function in a diverse society.

    • Sam says:

      I want to say something about this situation and I don’t mine the movie it’s just the names they us for the native women I mean what if ur women was name beaver breath yah were being big baby’s but do u know what we can at leat have respect. What if you wife or kid or whom ever was called that from a different race I sure know that u would get a fended too its not just us that get a fended easily too its every race and person we are human and we can have equal respect with each other and I know people won’t read this and I’m 14 and I have respect for my race and and he’s a grown Ass man I mean he should know that when he’s going to far or not

    • diana owen says:

      I am Algonquin..
      Same area were Adam Sandler grew up and I can assure you the real Natives are offended!

      How would you like it if we came to your house and said your mother is a white squatter and your sister has a Native name bends a lot ?
      Would you be upset .. Wait it is only a joke !

      Disrespectful stupid fool !

  12. just a bunch of whiny cry babies that really have no reason to be hurt and or upset. Get over yourself.

  13. What’s funny about racist abuse?

  14. D T says:

    Vanilla Ice, learn Indigenous history in regards to The horrors we face because we are brown. Our continent, culture, and lives, are consistently being abused. It’s not funny when your the but of the joke. Why do you call yourself “Vanilla” Ice?

  15. DesertDavey says:

    Americans nowadays are too f’ing stupid to understand satire.

  16. Scotty Harris says:

    As Morgan Freeman said…”Why are we talking about it?”

    …as to Vanilla Ice…..REALLY?!

  17. Aquane says:

    Well its no coincidence they are all saying the same thing, it has ridiculous in the tile, its a comedy, and take a joke. That is exactly what every single one of them are saying and I don’t think its coincidence, obviously they are getting paid to say it. “Its a comedy” is an excuse to get away with being completely ignorant and disrespectful. We’ve already been misrepresented in all the cowboy and indian movies, and our country doesn’t even respect us enough to put us in the education standards, they don’t want people to know that they stole this country from us i guess. Sheesh everyone should just leave us alone already, I don’t care if its a serious film or just a comedy, our culture should never be made fun of anyways.

    • diana owen says:

      The page will not let me post the stories

      There is a High School in Biloxi pure racist
      The wear head dress in the school band .

      They had a 5k run and called it Indian Nation 5k and wore red ran past their town hall ?

      The public high school girls are called Indian ladies?

      The other story
      A bunch of college students in Michigan were dressed as Natives and red paint etc,
      A Native went to them to tell them it is racist !
      They threw a beer can at him and told him to go back to the Rez!

      Look on my Google page under D Owen .

  18. Kristine says:

    Oh! so all of a sudden Vanilla Ice is native! ?!?

  19. Dawna says:

    Maybe he should of used the Vikings instead of “Indians”. I wonder what kind of reaction that would of been???

  20. keyda R. says:

    One would have to walk a thousand miles on their shoes. And have you? Did you even do your reserch did you even consult with them about the roles they play? What you wrote as ” funny ” comedy to one is profoundly insulting to them especially those you protrying in the film. Shame on you and you all that are in agreement for money

  21. Political correctness gone awry….once again.

  22. Bruce Coderre says:

    I am part Cherokee and get the humor. Go Adam . Northern Mass. Native and back you all of the way!!

    • diana owen says:

      I am from Mass to and I know how many my great grandmother Cherokee princess or Abenakie wannabe’s !!!!!

    • carol Thompson says:

      Of course you are. I used to be a huge fan of Adam Sandler….no more. Can’t believe Taylor Lautner is still sticking with the movie!

  23. Hello! I just wanna say no hatred to you Adam Sandler! I am a huge fan of your acting and your movies. I already knew this movie was gonna be comedy because of the title. I don’t understand why those natives were so offended, my daughter’s grandma usually smokes and prays at the outhouse, not a pipe, but its similar. I fully support this movie. I am a native myself, full blood Navajo.

    • diana owen says:

      Then you do not know much traditional value to bring up private matters an Elder ,that was disrespectful, I am an Elder and I found you just as shameful!

  24. kaas says:

    First, of all I don’t believe a word Ice says. He sad he came from the streets, ya right, and now his claiming to be Choctaw, that is just stupid, I want he to proof that statement in public or shut up, Oh now his is all of sudden Choctaw. I’m ChoctaW on my father’s grandmothers side and i can prove it. Can White Trash-Talking Vanilla Ice Cone do that?

  25. NotVanilla says:

    If you’re not the butt of the joke then of course you think it’s fine. Imagine you are the Beaver Breath and the No Bra except its White Cracker Charlie and Honky Ice. Then maybe yea. You can say it’s ok to be called that, but if it’s not you and it’s not your culture then no. You have no need to comment.

  26. gizzy says:

    We in this country are way to freaking PC COME ON IT SAYS COMEDY you dont complain about blazing saddles really get a life

  27. Darren Yelton says:

    As a First Nations here in Canada mr sandlor and Vanilla ice don’t no how much we aboriginals respect our women through out North amarica to insult our women are criticizing just to make other people laugh is like insulting our grandmother where in all villages we highly respect our grandmothers in the a way you don’t understand my arm go up to those who walk away from this movie just to let him no our women and men are just as human as they are and we have hearts and minds just like they do and we don’t go to mr Sandlor and vanilla ice is homes and say derogatory slangs are jokes about there mothers are wife’s are doughters so why say it out to the world about our aboriginal women weres the respect in that we have so many of our women that have been murderd and gone missing in Canada over one thousand women yet our government has not done nothing about the wrong doings to our women so I as a aboriginal stand strong with my head up high and thank those who walked of this movie script just to show mr Sandlor it’s wrong for him to discriminate our people

  28. Will Webster says:

    So, we’re supposed to believe what one caucasian says about another caucasian’s racist treatment of native people, and we’re supposed to just ignore what the native guys said!
    Gee. of we’d only thought of that back when it was the African Americans were the one’s complaining. We could have totally ignored Malcolm X and Martin Luther King completely, and just listened to what other caucasions were saying about the whole affair.

  29. arrownation says:

    Yea, keep bashing a people that has the highest suicide rate in the country, the majority of the tribes are in third world conditions, their reservations are powering cities like Vegas and Phoenix, the Navajo Nations underground water supply is being depleted by outsiders, the GOP in Arizona are bringing in Iranian Companies to mine the Grand Canyon for Uranium, the Apaches are getting crapped on the Land Grabs and now Adam Sandler wants to make a comedy movie about the First Nation People..

    Why don’t Mr. Sandler make a funny movie about the Palestinians after all the Palestinians and the Indigenous People of the America share the same anger.

    • Scott says:

      I noticed you didn’t mention Harry Ried in the land grabs in Nevada. I also noticed you didn’t mention Hillary or Bill Clinton when you talked about mining for Uranium and where 20% of the US reserve of Uranium ended up. If you are going to try to crucify a political party, at least name the real perpetrator.

    • Vanilla Ice? I read the article, and I laughed, and laughed and laughed in infinity. Vanilla Ice is the so-called rapper lied about coming from the “hood” only to find out that he came from “suburbs” of Dallas, Texas. What else?.

  30. tresa says:

    I am a full blood native american woman, I am Choctaw and Pawnee and I do belive if Mr. Vanilla ice had been raised in his tribe he would be upset and consider it a great misjustice to call a female native and kind of derogatory name or even imply such a outrage to a elder…sorry vanilla ice your only claim to being Choctaw is that you said it, you are no part of our society or you would not be trying to justify a man who knows nothing of our heritages or our struggles…I’m white but I cant prove it…smh

  31. diana owen says:

    Hey Mr.(?) Ice
    You low life,your songs suck ,you copied David Bowie a real artiest!
    We are to take your word about how Mr. (?) Sandler insulted our Elders and women .

    But the 2of you would never insulted black . people in the same manner and tell them to get over it ,it’s not ROOTS !

    If you don’t like my words squatter,get over it !

  32. Shannon says:

    Here’s the problem with all this… We, being The First People’s on this Contenant, are finally in a position to start changing all the Steriotypes and labels that have plagued us for generations, and just when we feel like people are starting to listen, we get some insensitive people that thinks it’s ok to reassert and reaffirm those Steriotypes and labels. This is why it’s NOT ok with us, I know it’s hard for people of privilege to empathize with others but supporting this sort of blatant disregard for other people is just disgraceful! People need to start thinking before acting….literally and figuratively.

  33. pamela says:

    I understand that its a comedycomedy. but I think if you really saw it from their point of viewview then you would understand why they are up set about it and you would sit down and come to an agreement and change some things because Adam Sandler you are very good about all of your movies . you are definitely a talented actor and producer. And I also think you and vanilla ice should do that’s my boy 2 a whole new beginning.

  34. If he was a Native Indian he would understand our beliefs and traditions and understand that we hold our women sacred and also know they are life givers. They should not be exploited as funny or anything like that…Life givers are not jokes!!!

  35. Lawrence Han says:

    The comments the actors made were interesting. Granted I’m not well versed between Apache and Commanche Indians, so I wouldn’t have noticed a difference. I don’t think I would’ve cared though. For all I know they could have just said. ‘well the indians are now all Commanche then’.
    As far as the naming’s go, well I can what they’re making fun of and well it is a comedy. and if you were to take naming conventions to an extreme, that’s probably what would happen. But it’s all done in good fun. I mean when it comes to giving names in Indian culture, do they toss around names and some might be silly as well before they settle on something decent? or is the first thing they think of?

    I can’t imagine Mel brooks making a movie like Blazing Saddles any more. Could you imagine the Uproar? That is a hilarious movie and again not historically accurate at all and actually becomes rather silly at the end. He also makes quite a bit of fun his Jewish Heritage on top of that, but again done in fun.

  36. Keely Denning says:

    Vanilla Ice is not Indian, not Choctaw, there is evidence

  37. Ken Olson says:

    Sandler hasn’t been funny for almost 20 years, so it’s not a huge shock that he’s still failing to make people laugh but instead offending people.

  38. Tony says:

    Ice part Choctaw I’ve seen more Indian blood in belly of a mosquito.

  39. Tony says:

    Adam Sandler is going to urinate on the U.S. Flag because it’s ridiculous and all America is ok with it because it’s just a joke.

  40. Jennie mazon says:

    He is a comedian like Eddie Murphy they pick on everyone evenly inculding their own race and religion. Stop being a baby and grow up if u don’t like it don’t watch it. Adam Sandler u are one of the funniest ppl and I love ur movies and I’m ready to watch this one.

  41. Camero says:

    Hollywood AMPTP Business Owners have not given Equal Access to the Emmy’s or Oscars. Upbringing of NYC&LA lack integrated RED WHITE BLUEack leading men content. Businessmen like Adam Sandler continue to redicule REDFACE PEOPLE or women. USA Media AMPTP must give equal accey to the voices of REDLEADINGMEN. ESPECIALLY the slant eyed REDSKINS regardless of tribes residing in USA. Hollywood LEAD ROLES DIVERSITY CASTING.

  42. its a movie get real and get over it. its all for laughs.

  43. Charles Petoskey says:

    It is stereotypes and racism which fueled genocide. Dehumanization has been an American trait since the arrival of the Europeans to this continent. It was their justification for murder. If we were equals as the US Constitution alleges there would not have been a civil rights era, a Women’s rights problem and a need for the Native American Religious Freedoms act which hasn’t done much for us to begin with. I would think, given Mr.Sandlers background, he would have been more understanding.

    • Jennie mazon says:

      He is a comedian he makes fun of everything and everyone including his own religion and race. Get over it he’s not doing it to hurt anyone he’s doing it to make a spoof of a movie. He’s not going to force u to watch it so grow up.

      • Scott says:

        Because Eric, people are too thin skinned in this era! Everyone is offended with something! Get over it! With your moniker you should understand. South Park parodies every race and nationality and people think it’s funny and some don’t. What’s the difference? Blacks make fun of whites in comedy movies all the time. That seems okay, right? So why are Indians exempt from comedy? Truthfully I don’t care! I choose not to watch certain types of movies because it’s not of my kind of film. Not big on romantics, musicals, etc. I can choose to watch any movie I want, as can anyone else.
        The Indians have every right to walk off set after expenses from loss of production paid back on their contracts to the studio. Honestly, what did the Indians think when they signed on for a comedy movie with Sandler who usually over stresses a character like he did with Donny Berger (Dawny Buhrga) with a ridiculously heavy Boston accent in That’s My Boy? Did Bostonians have a meltdown? No! Vanilla Ice and Todd Bridges’ life problems were made fun of, but it was funny. They laughed at themselves and people loved that. They didn’t walk off set.
        Just know that they will cast non-Indians to fill those roles with Indians having 0 input! I know I would.

      • Eric Cartman says:

        If he’s not doing it to hurt anyone. Why are people hurt by it?

  44. Jg says:

    if your “jokes” are hurtful to a group of people, or even an individual, then they aren’t funny.

    In this day and age of PC bs, you need to be consistent.

    Sure it’s easy for an adult Native American to shrug off an insensitive “joke”. But how about the kid who is bullied at school? How do we teach bullies that bullying is wrong while we laugh at their jokes in a different context? So. Adam sandler. How about this. GROW UP.

  45. Reid says:

    If you can’t be funny without being disrespectful well then you need to redo your script…and Vanilla go crawl back under your rock.

  46. He should just use Filipinos and Mezicans to play Indians so he can make fun of them because they have no sense of humor. Even Jews make fun of themselves as being money hungry soulless racists and Chinese stereotypes and he picks on Germans too so it all evens out just do not insult black people

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