Fox Shuts Down Report of Bear Rape in ‘The Revenant’

The Revenant
Courtesy of Fox

Fox would like everyone to know that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character does not get raped by a bear in “The Revenant.”

On Tuesday, a report hit Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report that sent the Internet into a frenzy, claiming that DiCaprio’s character in the upcoming movie is victim to a violent rape at the hands of a bear. Journalists and other industry figures who have seen the movie subsequently clarified that DiCaprio is not raped, but simply brutally mauled by the bear.

Fox, the studio behind the film, decided to also set the record straight by issuing a statement later on Tuesday, maintaining that the Drudge report is incorrect.

“As anyone who has seen the movie can attest, the bear in the film is a female who attacks Hugh Glass because she feels he might be threatening her cubs,” a Fox spokesperson said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. “There is clearly no rape scene with a bear.”

The report on Drudge quotes a source saying that “He is raped – twice!,” and claims that people in the audience walked out of theaters in disgust of the scene.

“The Revenant,” directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and also starring Tom Hardy, debuts in limited release on Christmas Day, and goes wide Jan. 8.

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  1. 85wzen says:

    Yet if he had been Raped by a Bear that would surely increase ticket sales. And after such rape would the Bear be killed? Or free to roam to rape again?

  2. Nimportequoi says:

    People are so ignorant. What is happening with the US educational system?

  3. Tell It says:

    Why even bother to respond to something in the dreadful and inane Drudge report.

  4. Rob says:

    Oscar goes to Leonardo DiCaprio for the best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
    Aaaannnnddd Oscar goes to She-Bear for the best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

  5. Do not do a search on “bear rape”. Just sayin’

  6. sammyglick says:

    Such obvious lies makes it clear that the RWNJs who read The Drudge Report, could truly care less about facts or context. Sadly, as long as Matt Drudge gives Conservatives and Tea Party supporters the kind of lies they love, they’ll continue to look at his garbage website.

  7. Michael Durham says:

    How could this have sent the Internet into a “frenzy” when this is the first I have seen about it on facebook? I’m on facebook all day long every day and for several hours at night. I have a lot of FB friends and belong to several groups. My newsfeed is filled with politics and news stories. I have seen nothing until this article was posted.

  8. Dunstan says:

    It continues to amaze me how right-wing trolls feel they have to weigh in on anything and everything, no matter how unrelated it may be to politics.

    Matt Drudge is very successful at what he does but what he does is create stories out of nothing; they have zero basis in actual facts.

    And to Sterling Silver, “The Revenant” is a major studio film. Releasing such a film at year’s end is standard operating procedure; it has nothing to do with being “tone deaf” about Christmas or presidential politics.

    Every year, there are holiday-themed films, TV movies and episodes. You have a wide variety if that’s what you prefer.

    Try dealing with reality, Sterling. You might find it refreshing.

    • Nate says:

      Matt Drudge does NOT create or write the stories: He simply provides the links to news articles – written from all points of view: Conservative news outlets and Liberal news alike. But, like so many liberals, if you don’t like the news article and the information it provides, you ignorantly blame Drudge, for writing it.

    • Tell It says:

      It’s what right wing trolls do.

  9. Jimmy Green says:

    the incorrect report would have brought in more people

  10. Sterling Silver says:

    It sounds dreadful. Nothing like a mauling for Christmas. Hollywood is so tone deaf. No wonder they love Obama.

    • cadavra says:

      Is there any topic that these clowns won’t drag Obama into? Silver probably blames him for the Seahawks losing the Super Bowl.

    • You sound dreadful. Nothing like a idiotic comment so close to Christmas. You’re so tone deaf. No wonder you love Putin.

    • Patrick Juvet says:

      It’s hardly a Christmas movie. It opens in a couple of theatres in New York and Los Angeles to qualify for 2015 Oscar nominations and the rest of North America won’t get a chance to see it until January. But go ahead with your rant anyway….

    • Outdoorsman says:

      Context is everything, SS. Wait until you’ve seen the flick to comment.

      • Tell It says:

        He won’ see the movie. He’s just another idiotic, pathetic, right-wing troll who doesn’t care about facts.

  11. if6ws9 says:

    A lie from Drudge? Nah o.0

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