Denzel Washington’s ‘The Equalizer’ to Get Sequel

The Equalizer

Sony has officially announced a sequel to the Denzel Washington thriller “The Equalizer.”

Rumors of an “Equalizer” follow-up began months before the R-rated auctioneer opened in September, but it was the film’s strong box office results and home entertainment sales that ultimately pulled the trigger on the second installment.

Washington is expected to reprise his role as vigilante Robert McCall in “Equalizer 2.” Chloe Moretz and Marton Csokas co-starred in the original.

Based on the 1980s TV series, “The Equalizer” earned over $192 million at the global box office last year. It was co-financed by Village Roadshow and debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day”) directed the first “Equalizer.” It’s unknown whether he’ll return for the sequel. He and Washington are next re-teaming on MGM’s remake of “Magnificent Seven,” which reunites the duo with “Training Day” actor Ethan Hawke.

Sony also announced a new “Spider-Man” animated movie from “Lego” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

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  1. it,s about time. love equalizer. hope theres even a third or am i pushing my luck

  2. can’t wait looking forward to equalizer 2

  3. angel freeman says:

    last weekend my sister was visiting and couldn’t stop raving about the Equalizer, I watched it on the Starz network and became an instant fan. The move was awesome and I can’t wait for the sequel. I have watch it again since.

  4. Robert L Martin says:

    I hope there is a follow up movie featuring Denzel Washington. This movie got five stars from me.

  5. Haywire says:

    To begin: I LOVED the television series. Edward Woodward got more done standing still than just about anyone. And now they are announcing a sequel to Denzel Washington’s movie version. My first response is, “Finally!” The movie is clearly set up for more and I always wondered when they were going to do the sequel. Since the movie came out a couple years ago, I have probably watched it a half dozen times. I don’t usually go looking for it. Instead, I just sort of trip across it while flipping through the channels. And when I land on it, I get trapped. The first time I found it, I saw the title and thought, “Oh, like the old tv series”. But I hadn’t heard anything about the movie and really didn’t think there was any relation to each other. The first time I watched the movie, I came into it some time after the beginning and what I saw blew me away. So the next time I saw it coming on, I caught it from the beginning. I think it’s a great action movie that is well-written and well-directed and that plays out in an extremely tense fashion. OK, it would not run the Oscars but, does it have to? Some movies can just be entertainment. Denzel’s version is one of those. Both the series and the movie stand up on their own. Of course, Washington is good (read:Great!) in everything he does and he is more than a match for the classic TV series. That’s no slam on Woodward. It’s just that this is a new take on the story. Nothing wrong with that. It certainly doesn’t lessen the original series. Give us more, Denzel!

  6. rlc says:

    a real snapshot of an ex c-ops

  7. Terese says:

    Fantastic Movie!!!! My favorite. I loved the series and I love Denzel in this part. He is a class act, very talented, beautiful family man. He is well respected as an actor. He certainly has my vote.

  8. Billy Walker says:

    Can’t wait for Equaliser 2! One of the best movies.

  9. MarnieMoo says:

    Have respect for the great late Braitish white actor Edward Woodward- he MADE the Equalizer. Denzel Washington is not in his league and is a poor selection even for the sequel. James Bond is white, why make the Equalizer black?

  10. go says:

    No, no, no, Denzel playing Denzel. The character McCall was supposed to be a Brit and white. This new movie spoils the original idea like a white guy plaing Othello.

  11. Cary Simmons says:

    Not worth a sequel

  12. T. J. Tucker says:

    I hope this lives up to it’s predecessor.

  13. Tasha says:

    I think Denzel was outstanding and am happy to hear there will be a sequel!!! I’ll go see it at the theater and then will buy it when it comes out. He is perfect in this role!!

  14. Ivan Klose says:

    Movie left it open for a Sequel.

  15. JOE S HILL says:

    How Pathetic! is SONY that desperate these days,especially after the Hack attack,for making “THE INTERVIEW”-now,they want to do another movie,based on CBS’s 1985-1989 TV series,with the late,great Edward Woodward,,waste of time! Woodward WAS “Robert McCall”,,and Denzel Washington
    is just so out of his league! its strange,that SONY has the movie rights to material,that’s owned by Universal Studios,because the TV series was in its own class,and IS superior,even in the present! so if SONY is planing to make a franchise out of the Micheal Sloan and Richard Lindheim creation,then i sure hope that they fail miserably! no offense to Washington,who’s still worth his weight in gold,,but he is NOT “THE EQUALIZER”,nor will he ever be!

    • Dave J. says:

      Excuse me, I mean besides both “creators” receiving writing credits, Michael Sloan was also credited as co-producer!

    • Dave J. says:

      I just wanted to say one more thing, how do you know Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheilm did not want this sequel to happen? Both did receive writing credits!!!

    • Dave J. says:

      The sequel has nothing to do with ‘desperation’ nor the ‘hack attack’- it does however, has something to do with how well “The Equalizer” movie performed at the box office, which I have to say is with profitable results. The other thing I want to mention is that, you may not have enjoyed “The Equalizer movie and that you don’t have to see it as soon as it comes out, but there are still a few who did like that movie (including myself) who will go and see it since it’s adult oriented, unlike the (no offense) sugar coated television series which back on those days no one gets killed.

      You know, I also find it strange how some viewers can accept “reboot” super hero and science-fiction films, but rebooted films that avoid using CGI or special affects or minimal CGI, some people are up in arms.

  16. Oz.. says:


  17. Denzel is a supposedly a really devout Christian man of faith. Why does he keep making all of these violent films? He better not say it’s for the money either because that would not sit right with Jesus either. What’s up Denzel?

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