‘Spy’ Director Paul Feig on Backlash to Female ‘Ghostbusters’

Paul Feig

Paul Feig, the director of the upcoming “Ghostbusters,” admits he was surprised by those who responded negatively to the franchise being rebooted with a female cast.

“The Internet is really funny – I love it, but I hate it at the same time,” says Feig in an interview about his new comedy “Spy,” premiering at SXSW on Sunday. “The first wave when you make an announcement like that is overwhelmingly positive. Everyone’s so happy and you’re like, ‘This is great.’ Then comes the second wave and you’re like, Oh my God. Some of the most vile, misogynistic s— I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Feig said the response on Twitter can be vicious. “The biggest thing I’ve heard for the last four months is, ‘Thanks for ruining my childhood.’ It’s going to be on my tombstone when I die,” notes Feig. “It’s so dramatic. Honestly, the only way I could ruin your childhood is if I got into a time machine and went back and made you an orphan.”

When he receives particularly nasty remarks, Feig says he likes to look up the person’s profile on Twitter. He says, “I figure it’s some wacked-out teenager. But almost constantly it’s someone who’s bio says ‘Proud father of two!’ And has some high-end job. You’re raising children and yet you’re bashing me about putting women in my movie?”

On Monday, Sony announced it would also release a “Ghostbusters” film with a male cast, starring Channing Tatum. Feig says he is not involved with that version. “I’d heard some rumblings about it,” he says of the project. “Who knew there were so many ghosts to be busted in the world?” He adds that he’s a fan of Tatum and the directors Joe and Anthony Russo, but is concentrating on his film. “All I know is my ladies are going to kick ass and I would not want to go into battle without them.”

Feig was originally approached to direct a sequel to “Ghostbusters” but says he couldn’t “get my head around” what to do with a sequel. It was only when it occurred to him that he could utilize the “funny, amazing” women he knows that the idea intrigued him.

“Ghostbusters” will shoot in June and star Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy, who also stars in “Spy.” In that film McCarthy plays a secret agent who has spent her career behind a desk and has to go into the field for the first time. “I’ve always wanted to do a spy movie, but nobody’s going to let me do a Bond or a Bourne movie,” he says. “So I thought I’d write my own for one of the lovely ladies that I love.” But he didn’t have McCarthy in mind, simply because he assumed she was too busy. Then she asked to read the script. “She called me the next morning, saying, ‘I gotta do this, I love it.’ And we adjusted the schedule and made it work, and now I can’t imagine anyone else in the role.”

Feig’s Yahoo series “Other Space” will also premiere its first episode at SXSW on Saturday.

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  1. Cap'n Pipsqueak says:

    Hey. Hey Paul… Didya look up the numbers for Wonder Woman? Y’know; a movie with a female lead?

    One hundred million dollars in its first weekend. 38.8 million in it’s first DAY.

    Do you want a side salad with your salt?

  2. Mark Harry says:

    I’m sick of reboots and tinsletowns laziness and lack of originality. I can honestly say I haven’t been to the movies in over 4 years because of the bombardment of remakes, I refuse to give them my money.

    • Will C says:

      That’s on you and I have no sympathy for the predicament of people in your position. There are plenty of original properties and ideas that are released on a yearly basis and no one goes to support them. Instead, they go see the same old s * * t and then go online to complain about how there’s “nothing original in theaters anymore.” This weekend, “Don’t Breathe” was the first movie in forever to open at #1 that was completely original. This summer, there were movies like “Swiss Army Man’, “Don’t Think Twice”, “The Neon Demon” and even the “Absolutely Fabulous” movie and barely anyone went to support those. The problem isn’t with Hollywood. It’s with the audience practices that Hollywood ultimately notices. If people want original, they have to support original.

  3. Craline says:

    I heard about the concepts of this movie a few months ago and I was very excited. We’ve had a lot of luck in the 21 Jump Street movie and several other older remakes. The idea of a film with 4 lead female characters, at first glance, sounded like it might even surpass the previous films if given the right direction.

    Then the trailer came out. I woke up and logged on to Facebook and watched it in its entirety. Then I got my mother to watch it.

    It’s not the actors at all. It’s not about that, and it never has been. While, to some, the idea of the all-female heading cast was a gimmick (a point that I can understand, though I don’t quite agree with), the jokes, ideas, and general setup in the trailer just made it look frightening- and not in the good way.

    The jokes, to me, were the worst. In the beginning we have a recurring joke that can be seen in almost any modern-day film with a lead actress. That was the first sign. “That stuff went everywhere, by the way. In every crack,” Kristen Wiig’s character quips, as the rest of the primary cast looked on with disgust.
    Now, don’t get me wrong. The slime jokes made the second Ghostbusters a little bit more lighthearted and were of a similar caliber. But when that innuendo was brought into the picture, it was a staunch reminder of, “Yes, these are females. They are dealing with goo. This woman just implied that she had to wash ghost slime out of every part of her body. Isn’t that progressive, funny, and not overly focused on sexualizing this woman in any way?”

    The next was the introduction of the token black character, played by Leslie Jones.
    The first poster for this movie showed her as strong, no-nonsense, and presumably the one who was going the be the most tech-savvy of the group, as shown by the tracking device in the poster.
    The trailer came as a sore disappointment. Leslie Jones, a gifted actress, had been given one of the most stereotypical roles of all time.
    In the trailer, Leslie’s character is portrayed as a no-nonsense, sassy, street smart and unfortunately stereotypical black woman. In the Screenrant article on the Ghostbusters character posters, her co-stars were listed as ‘Particle physicist, supernatural scientist, and nuclear engineer’, whereas she is given the lowly title of ‘municipal historian’. This is a title that, while certainly very useful and noble, pales in comparison to her white co-stars’ scientific achievements and studies. To make it worse, another of her titles in the team is ‘ghost tracker’, as if she couldn’t be gifted with something more worthy of her position.
    I understand that characters can sometimes accidentally fall into stereotypes, and up until this point, I was willing to see if there would be a redeeming factor. That hope was dashed when, at the end of the trailer, Leslie’s character began slapping Melissa McCarthy’s character to rid her of a paranormal entity. Once the entity was banished, Leslie’s character continued screaming and slapping Melissa McCarthy’s character, further enforcing the ‘angry black woman’ stereotype.

    I could go on about the various stereotypes in this trailer, from the recurring roles of ‘the smart one, the hot one, the scaredy cat, and the black one’ to the appearances having to match up to these personalities, but that’s a different story.

    The idea behind this film couldn’t have been made for any other reason than as a cash grab based entirely on nostalgia. While I’m certain that Paul’s intentions were probably very good, there is simply no evidence of any twist on the main story beyond ‘there are women now’. He carefully avoids calling it a remake, instead referencing it as a reboot, implying that there will be a new addition to the storyline of the canon, but there are absolutely no reasons presented to me, as a woman, to see this movie beyond ‘look, there are now women in this movie’.
    The slime scene is copied almost exactly as it was presented originally, with the addition of that hideous joke. We are told that there are now ghosts coming back from 35 years ago and see Slimer as a representative of that, but not much else.

    Why should I see this? I, personally, feel no compelling reason to see this beyond to try and make sense of why Paul Fieg is making such a big deal about his critics being ‘misogynistic’ for honestly reviewing a movie in which the only apparent difference is that the main characters are now all female.

  4. bliz says:

    paul feig is just upset that his plan to make money off of this movie franchise is being hampered by people questioning why there is a ghost busters starring females….he’s clearly just rounding up the bridesmaids cast to make bridesmaids 2: ghostbusters….he’s not some respectable artist or a politician yet trie to act as such by deflecting any criticism as misogynistic…if there was a ‘charlie’s angels’ movie starring tatu and his buddies as the angels i’d make the same mockery of it….it’s not about women, it’s about the integrity and the obvious ploy to make some hollywood women power movie and commodify that sentiment to make money off of popular actresses….all of melissa macarthy movies and performances are all the same and highly overrated, and kristen wiig is talented but is too much of raging feminist motif in all her works….all thats missing is lena dunham’s fat ass as the marshmellow bitch….this movie is loaded with pretension and bias and capitalizing on an established franchise yet all feig types can do is call other people hate mongers

  5. Valfreyja says:

    Feig translation for people who don’t speak Hollywoodasshole: Stop making valid points so I can make money without having to resort to dime store defenses like calling people “misogynists”.

  6. Tim says:

    I am sick and tired of the nudity double standard. Why is it that every “comedy” needs to include just gratuitous male genitals, and this time including an erection, but never, never, ever, female frontal nudity and certainly not the labia. When is a Hollywood filmmaker going to have the courage to try and include women because I prefer seeing naked women instead of male genitals in film after film after film. If you want to include male genitals since you Hollywood people seem to enjoy that then at least think of your heterosexual male audience who like women. So, until this double standard changes you won’t be getting any of my money.

    • Craline says:

      I’m afraid that one’s not one that directors can easily change. The MPAA has very weird rules, and though you’ll see breasts very rarely in R-rated versions of films, they tend to only be in movies that have prominent directors who have been approved before.

      Why? The MPAA, in its heart, is made up of a board of reviewers. These reviewers tend to be people of many races, sexes, and classes, but all of them are around the same age. If they receive a film for screening that is not from a prominent director, they may be more relaxed with it. But there have been instances of them taking off points for things such as women’s orgasms (but not men’s, oddly).

      Directors don’t want an R rating on their movies anymore. Theaters and the MPAA itself have locked down their trailers and showings so hard that less prominent directors fear for their movie receiving an R rating. And because the MPAA’s ratings are so inconsistent from movie to movie, directors will do all they can to keep their films safe from crashing.

      The MPAA is a truly broken association that shouldn’t be governing such censorship in media in the way that they’re currently doing. These are the people who restrain the progression of movies’ ideals, artistic representation, and general freedoms.

  7. paulfeigsucks says:

    i love how he is oblivious to how pathetic his pandering is… and maybe people are upset because he is literally in the bottom 5 of hollywood directors. His work is almost all god awful and he has no clue that the entire audience that would have watched this don’t want a feminist reboot.

  8. It reminds of that scene in The Dark Knight where the Joker lights the pile of money on fire. That’s what I see here. Good luck selling toys, tshirts, spinoff cartoons and video games to your male audience. You can go ahead and make the base argument that this reaction is sexist. But they didn’t turn the Ninja Turtles into women. This is an entire merchandising fortune up in smoke. It’s the most extreme example of the term ‘disenfranchised’ in the history of modern media properties.

  9. Oliver Segel says:

    The problem with Ghostbusters is that it was already established. They are using the name nothing else. Why not create something totally new with a strong female lead? Why do you need something to change so drastically? Of Course people will get upset it is still their childhood and personally I think it is a very lazy way of writing.

    Also Melissa Mcarthy. does not help either.

  10. ash says:

    I find making it a point to be an all woman cast sexist, why not have both?

    When writing ghostbusters it not like they sat down before even writing the script and said “all four ghostbusters have to be guys” no they wrote parts for them selves and Bill Murray who happend to be guys, sure Winston could of been played by a woman but his character was written as an average joe, one that worked alot of previous manual jobs eg. Construction, plumbing, mechanic engineering which even by today’s standards are occupied by mostly men.
    He was written as the “hands” of the ghostbusters body to their mouth, heart and brains.

    But now we are in the 21st century and this is a fresh new start, the writers and their best mate aren’t taking up 3/4 of the heroes so they have the full freedom to mix things up,
    but no they decided all woman and it’s just to get as much controversy as they can, and why?

    Because no publicity is bad publicity, Hollywood has learned that if you take a beloved franchise from which they know they can’t make work or can’t top what they did before then they will go out of their way to make as many drastic changes of possible to piss people of and get them to talk about it, people will still go see it even if they know it’s crap amd it’s because for some strange reason people want to get pissed off or feel they aren’t fans if they don’t, take dragonball ball evolution for example, so many fans were crying “BOYCOTT!” all over the Internet and everyone hated it, yet it still made money! (so much for the boycott ay?) but despite making money their was no sequel and that’s because they knew fans wouldn’t be stupid enough to go again.

    Every comment I’ve heard about this and the all guy spin off has been negative

    Fans (myself included) do not want this film!
    Yet Hollywood ignores the pleas and continues

    Why is it since Harold Ramis died they all feel like they can do what ever the fuck they like, seriously it was like as soon as the 2 minute silence was over… REBOOT REBOOT REBOOT

    I bet anything that when the creators of back to the future die then expect a terrible reeboot

  11. ThoughtCrimeinProgress says:

    Jenelle Riley said: ” ‘The Internet is really funny – I love it, but I hate it at the same time,’ says Feig in an interview about his new comedy ‘Spy,’ premiering at SXSW on Sunday. ‘The first wave when you make an announcement like that is overwhelmingly positive. Everyone’s so happy and you’re like, “This is great.” Then comes the second wave and you’re like, Oh my God. Some of the most vile, misogynistic s— I’ve ever seen in my life.’ ”

    It’s telling that Mr. Feig makes no difference between legitimate criticism and actual sexism when addressing backlash to his ideas for his hard reboot of “Ghostbusters”.

    The central concern which many people have is this: what the original cast and crew of “Ghostbusters” brought to the franchise is what made it great in the first place. “Ghostbusters” fans want more of *that*. But, Mr. Feig does not get this. Instead, he’s just doing his own “woman’s thing” with a different flavor, which makes people afraid that we might get something like a “Bridesmaids” (2011) version of “Ghostbusters”. In fact, from what we know already, all the good guys are women and all the bad guys are men. That’s not a good sign, theme-wise.

    I, personally, favor a mixed cast, where everyone stands united against evil supernatural threats. Seriously, why not? Does this not add more variety than having a single gender cast? What say you, Mr. Feig?

  12. I’m angry about having Leslie Jones rant and scream for 2hrs and it’s supposed to be funny.

  13. The controversy that erupted over the female cast was pretty misunderstood by a lot of observers. If you read between the lines people weren’t pissed about a female cast. They were pissed about a reboot … Wiping out a great movie really makes people mad.

    • Exactly, you mention Reboot/Remake and memories of crappy Reboot/remakes come to the surface. Whether it’s a reboot or a direct sequel, all men or all women, nobody wants to see a crappy Ghostbusters film.

      Then there’s the other factor. Many of the complaints I’ve read are from people who are not fans of Paul Feig’s work and don’t consider Melissa McCarthy funny. As disappointed as I may be that we are not getting a sequel, I’m willing to give the new movie a chance.

  14. carybockos says:

    paul feig isn’t just ruining childhoods – he’s s****ing all over the legacy of one of the great classic comedy/adventure movies of all time. this girlbusters BS he’s doing is going to bomb, and it will tarnish the greatness of what ramis, aykroyd, murray, and hudson did.

    • Will C says:

      No, what’s tarnishing the “Ghostbusters” legacy is what a bunch of antagonizing, entitled brats you’ve all been acting like for the last two years. “Ghostbusters” got remade. BOO F * * KING HOO. When “A Nightmare on Elm Street” – an infinitely better movie than “Ghostbusters” – was remade, I didn’t throw a 1/30th of the amount of tantrums all you people have been and it was, by far, a worse remake than “Ghostbusters”. Long story short: it happened. Get over it.

  15. Amanda M. says:

    It’s not that I’m just against an all-female cast. No. I’m against them rebooting it–PERIOD. The old one was FINE. It does not need improving. It does not need a “new” cast to make it relevant to today’s crowds and times. Point is, reboots, rehashes and sequels are horribly awash in Hollywood lately, basically because they can’t seem to find anything better to do movies about, there is absolutely ZERO creativity with the writers of today, and rather than take a risk and try something new, they try to f**king bank on older, better films that were great at their time and have somewhat of a fan following. Just….enough of this, Hollywood.

  16. Verdigris113 says:

    I believe making a reboot is silly because there is just no possible way it will be as good as the original.

    However that’s just a pet peeve.

    Instead of complaining that people are complaining, how about celebrate that there will be two new Ghostbuster films, and more if they are successful?

  17. vraydar says:

    I’ve seen the misogynistic comments about this movie, & they are vile. Some men can’t handle the thought of having a protagonist they “can’t relate too”. Hey, welcome to the world of people who aren’t white men? We deal with that all. the. time!

    • Oliver Segel says:

      No that is not the problem. It is their childhood and people get really nostalgic and sad about it. How about the idea to create something new instead of rubbing off from other franchises? No one would have said anything about it if it were not called Ghostbusters. It is jsut lazy writing and a cash grab nothing else.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      Sorry,us white guys can’t relate to pms. Bet you don’t even know who the Three Stooges were.

    • Verdigris113 says:

      So you are assuming the only people who may not like the idea of this movie are “white” and “men”, wow how sexist and racist of you.

  18. Walter says:

    I have no problem with a female-led Ghostbusters but I do object to the “re-boot” aspect. It would be simple and much more satisfying for the viewers, old and new fans if it were a sequel.

  19. sugo2014 says:

    Mr. Feig,

    You reap what you sow, don’t be surprised if people like me, family father of three boys, who has lived her childhood with certain values ​​and unconditional first two Ghostbuster, sends to you some tweet like you describe, because I think that, in a general way, the reboot only hurt the originals films, especially at this time or that crazy wave reboot only prove the obvious lack of imagination of the cinema, and more particularly on films Ivan Reitman as Ghostbuster it would be a shame to divert as you do.

    I don’t cast doubt your professionalism or those of your actresses, but I think this is a blatant lack of respect for some people like me (and we are legions) waiting to see other things that you want to show us.

    I think that instead of wanting to steal the ideas of others to take ownership of them, try to create some new things, on new bases and stop wanting to denature the work of others, fans-film are much better spirits than you propose.

    That’s all I had to tell you and I reiterated my Boycott of your bad idea and I invite all the other reader to do the same.

    Best Regards

  20. Marcelo Liebhardt says:

    It’s doesn’t matter if it’s a female cast or a male cast, we just don’t want a remake. Period.

  21. cadavra says:

    Anyone who says ‘Thanks for ruining my childhood,’ especially about a movie, hasn’t really grown up.

  22. Simon B. says:

    End this stupid “reboots” ideas… Better to have a both genres team than two sexist movies all at once.

    Sony never understood the fans and clearly they never will. Give the rights to Marvel.

  23. My problem with this isn’t the women aspect (though I think the way it’s been marketed as a female Ghostbusters is wholly sexist in itself since the real Ghostbusters was never marketed as a male-only movie), it’s the fact that the people at Sony can treat a beloved franchise like Ghostbusters in this way.

    Surely it cannot be a shock to Paul Feig that people would hate the idea??!!! He is just capitalising on the name “Ghostbusters” to guarantee bums on seats and cash in the bank, and changing all that people hold dear to them. Why even call it “Ghostbusters”???? It’s not, and never will be Ghostbusters. It’s yet another tragic example of Studio’s being greedy and looking for a guaranteed buck rather than actually doing something original. What percentage of remakes of popular movies are actually critically successful and beloved as much as the originals?? I suspect it would be single figures yet the “brains” behind these studios continue to do it time and time again.

    Whilst my childhood is intact, the very concept sours my love for the original movies.

    • “He is just capitalising on the name “Ghostbusters” to guarantee bums on seats and cash in the bank, and changing all that people hold dear to them.”

      Ghostbusters II was capitalizing on the good name established in 1989.

      So was “The Real Ghostbusters.”

      …”Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters.”
      …”Extreme Ghostbusters.”
      …”Ghostbusters: the Video Game.”
      …”Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime.”
      …”the Real Ghostbusters Toothpaste.”
      … every cheap, crappy product made with the logo on it.

      No one seemed to bat an eye at thirty years of merchandising and cash grabs until someone suggested making the characters women.

      • Jan Sauer says:

        Your argument is that they fully utilized the Schwartz after the first movie?
        First) as a child of the 80s The Real Ghostbusters was one of my favorites along with TMNT – Wasn’t ment for adults was ment for the kids that watched it at 6 am on a Sat.
        Second) The whole point of having a successful movie is to turn it into a franchise or as in the way of the Schwatz, it’s Merchandising, Movies in the 70s and 80s were the worst at this. Targeting kids with toys and stuff from R rateds movies.

        I don’t think the internet threw up because they announced a remake with an all woman cast, I think we had been hearing all this news about Harold and Aykroyd finally getting a 3rd movie put together and this seems to be the end the result. I know i wouldn’t mind a passing the type movie but then do we really need that story at all?

  24. Shannon Jesso says:

    “It’s so dramatic. Honestly, the only way I could ruin your childhood is if I got into a time machine and went back and made you an orphan.”

    I may not agree with everything with this Reboot, but this I agree with. I have seen my Childhood films and TV shows remade and rebooted horribly and my childhood is 100% intact. I’ve spent some time trying to come up with an explanation for the backlash and I think it’s not just the fact of women Ghostbusters because there’s no reason why there couldn’t be any. As for the women chosen, I don’t know a thing about them. I haven’t seen Saturday Night live since the days of Chris Farley and Mike Myers and I’ve never watched a single movie Melissa McCarthy has done.I think the key reasons for the hate boils down to two factors. There may be more and these two could be disputed.

    1) Ghostbuster fans like myself have been hoping and have been told that a GB sequel had been in the works since around 1997 or earlier, so to be told after waiting so long that we’re getting a reboot instead a little disappointing. Maybe more than a little depending on who you talk to.

    2) Whenever someone says “Remake” or “Reboot” Images and memories of horribly done remakes/Reboots of favorite films come to mind. So, automatically people think the film is going to horribly suck.

    What is this Positive first wave he talks about? I’ve heard nothing but negativity since it was announced. But if he needs any advice in dealing with negativity he should probably call up Michael Bay. He’s been dealing with negativity from Transformer Fans since around 2006.

    • David Love says:

      We the fans already got the 1997 planned sequel and it was called Ghostbusters: The Video Game… and it was perfect! Do yourself a favor and watch Bridesmaids and The Heat. IMO they were two of the best comedies to come out in the last five years. I’m a diehard ghost head, and I could not be more excited to see this new take.

  25. A shared universe rebooted gender swapped Ghostbusters film. This has “Amazing Spiderman” doomed shared universe. I’ve seen some very disturbing comments online. While I don’t like the idea of a reboot/remake. It’s mostly because it doesn’t continue the story/universe. The new cast in a sequel based universe I don’t mind. I could go for a director with more integrity and not as prone to let actors improvise all the time !

  26. Jonathan Bar says:

    It’s not the idea of a reboot that I take issue with. Rather it’s how Feig is going about it. Take Batman for example. Burton did his take on it. Then Nolan. Different universes, same characters. If Feig rebooted Ghostbusters with Venkman, Egon, Ray and Winston each played by young 30-something actors, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But here the reboot takes the Ghostbusters name, creates an entirely new universe and inserts completely new characters. So why even call it Ghostbusters?

    Also, I think a lot of the supposed Misogyny is being misinterpreted. I take no issue with the idea of female ghostbusters. What I take issue with is the idea that Feig employs this formula for all of his movies. He took The Hangover and put all females in it and called it Bridesmaids! He took Rush Hour and put all females in it and called it The Heat! He also uses Melissa McCarthy in everything he does. It just feels very forced.

    In my humble opinion, he should have made a sequel, using men and women who have taken up the mantle of the old ghosbusters. Murray could have made a cameo appearance as the mayor of NYC. Aykroyd and Hudson could have been a supporting characters in a mentor role. Ramis would be sorely missed. However, they could have explained his character’s absence as a paranormal experiment gone awry. I read some fan-fiction somewhere that had Egon dying when he attempted to turn the Brooklyn Bridge into a giant ghost trap.

    Just my .02

  27. there are some movies that are sacred. that become so ingrained in you memory that are so good, they become classics and are untouchable. THey are your childhood, because you remember the feelings evoked the time, the place the people you were with, the good old days.

    As a general rule you dont mess with classics. They don’t need to be remade. The only reason they are remade is because of brand recognition, which is ironic because the remake naturally bastardizes everything good about the original. Some original movies screw themselves up with terrible sequels that sully the good name of the original. .. like for instance Highlander. Some movies are so good, it doesn’t matter about the crappy sequels you can’t replicate the original…like robocop. Some try to placate fans with nods to the original even though it makes no sense and doesn’t help divert your attention from a trainwreck of a movie.. like Total Recall.

    Ghostbusters is a weird one. the original is a classic, the sequel is terrible. Everyone was clamoring for a 3rd one with the original crew people died and got fat but the time for that to happen passed long ago.

    Nothing about this movie / reboot seems inspiring.. ( they swapped the genders, but kept the races!) It might make a great chick flick. Whos knows? I won’t I don’t watch chick flicks.

    The thing is Sony knows this isn’t tracking well. Why else would they announce the 2nd movie will be all men? They’ve burnt that bridge… grow a backbone and if you are going to do this, make the best movie you can.

    Sony is trying to make this into a “Universe” like Marvel are doing with thier properties. This needs to be a universe like we needed 3 matrix movies.

    I may have watched if it had a combination of men and women. But making this into a female cast, means i dont need to go, unless i’m dragged into watching by a girlfriend. They’ve effectively excluded thier core audience with was men.. That’s fine. But you better well make sure it will appeal to your new core audience of women

  28. Kevin says:

    If a Ghostbusters movie can ruin your childhood, then you had a really shitty childhood! Grow up people, go to the movies or don’t, no one is going to miss your whiny, sniveling asses!

    • Will C says:

      Amen to that. The way these people have been acting and behaving for almost two years now is an absolute embarrassment and mockery of the fun and beauty of fandom that will have a long term negative effect now on numerous franchises and social portrays of fans for a long time.

  29. Steven says:

    Hopefully these ghostbusters movie do well otherwise yeah childhood ruined and my kids too

  30. Hadel says:

    Reblogged this on Hadel.

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