Sundance: ‘The Bronze’ Offers Gymnastic Sex, Dirty Humor on Opening Night

The Bronze Sundance
Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival

The Bronze” kicked off the 2015 edition of the Sundance Film Festival on a foul-mouthed note Thursday, sticking a dagger through the concept of hometown heroes and providing one of the raunchiest sex sequences in movie history.

The scene in question, one that involves pole vaults, cartwheels and pirouettes, was a constant source of amusement during a question and answer period immediately following the film’s premiere at the Eccles Theater.

“Right after this there’s going to be an audition for the sex scene in the sequel,” joked director Bryan Buckley.

Melissa Rauch, the star of the film and its cowriter along with husband Winston Rauch, said, “As for the sex scene, you write what you know.”

Her husband added that it gave the couple a chance to “show you what we do in our bedroom.”

“The Bronze” hit Park City with some of the festival’s strongest buzz. After the screening, some potential buyers huddled together, and the audience laughed loudly at much of the outrageous humor. However, privately some executives were divided on its commercial appeal.

The film centers on a former Olympic gymnast who won a bronze medal a decade ago, but has spent the ensuing years drinking, smoking pot and shirking responsibility. The central character comes off like Tonya Harding with more of an edge and deeper vulgar streak. Sebastian Stan and Gary Cole co-star in the film.

The Rauchs’ said they cooked up the story because bronze medals were “an international symbol of mediocrity.” Melissa Rauch add that she related to her on-screen alter-ego’s fall from favor because whenever she would return to her hometown while on a television show she’d earn free Wetzel’s Pretzels only to have the honor taken away after the program went off the air.

One thing Rauch, who co-stars on “The Big Bang Theory,” wasn’t responsible for was the gymnastic parts of the infamous sex scene with co-star Stan. That was left up to a body double.

“My body never looked better thanks to her,” she said.

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  1. E.E. says:

    Daisy D is a no one with no films to her name trying to look edgy.

  2. Daisy D says:

    Sundance, a bunch of dried up old hippies trying to stay relevant.

  3. mike says:

    We all have the internet we don’t need to watch movie and tv stars banging! Haven’t they realized the highest grossing films ever rarely if ever have explicit sex scenes!

    • lsbrew says:

      what makes you think they had “highest grossing film ever” in mind when they shot this movie? Not every motion picture producer is shooting for Gone With The Wind. When all you are trying for is the most return on the least money spent, a good sex scene is hard to beat.

  4. Noege says:

    Melissa is funny as hell, and her husband is a pretty fair hand at the comedic scene. While being ‘yelped along’ with all the yapping about the sex-scenes, methinks, that this will be pretty damn funny. Think about it, Melissa as a gymnast? What could possibly go wrong?

  5. DB says:

    Woo-hoo! A new low ! Let’s celebrate !

  6. edwardo says:

    ACtually, sounds like today’s Millennials! drugged, dropped out and doped up constantly! wasted of humanity.

  7. Another movie creating “buzz” that no one will ever see. Ho hum.

  8. tightloops says:

    These rabid liberals appear to be totally obsessed with sex, vulgar language and violence. Do they sincerely wonder why their films are flops to the paying public? Their obsessions with sex, four letter words and violence are theirs, not ours. We much prefer that you produce films worth seeing time and time again. So far, Hollywood’s elite are clueless and hopefully, soon, they’ll be flat broke because we just refuse to pay for trash. Use of gratuitous anything is a signal “another Hollywood lesson is coming. The problem is that Hollywood’s stories and “life lessons” have become so banal they aren’t worth the time or money to watch them. They are easy to recognize because they always accompany gratuitous sex, violence or vulgar language. It’s very apparent that most producers, directors, actors and writers suffer from a chronic creative and intellectual deficit. Hollywood is stuck on trying to “teach” the viewers some sort of New Age morality lesson by throwing in explicit sex scenes, spewing the sound track with vulgar words or confront our senses with yet more violence. We viewers have grown quite bored. I’d rather enjoy the dramas of Meerkat Manor than the crap put out by Hollywood.

  9. With the most raw porn humanly possible only a click away on any internet connection, I just can’t fathom how more skin in any endeavor excites in the slightest. Really. Gymnastics? Good. Art, Music? Good. Science? Good. Porn? Go for it. But that last one does nothing to enhance the former in the least. I enjoy watching figure skating, but I don’t want to watch Anal-On-Ice. I don’t understand people sometimes. Or even entire industries.

  10. Rob Bennett says:

    iT’S very sad that there are no folks with any intelligence or imagination writing movies anymore. Anyone who has sat in front of their computer obsessed with porn as I’m sure this pig and piglet husband and wife team as well as the so called director do, can then translate that to paper.

  11. Michelle says:

    Sun-dud…not sun dance

  12. jasonn13 says:

    Is that Melissa Rauch… or Raunch?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow she looks so different without glasses.

  14. Duke Sweden says:

    Oh, Bernadette, please play my clarinet!

  15. Alarmed says:

    There are some crazy people in this comments section.

  16. Roger Smith says:

    More and more, watching Hollywood movies, is comparable to peeking into a septic tank. Soon it will be difficult to differentiate it, from regular porno.

  17. cj says:

    Sex, Dirty Humor on Opening Night <— what liberals find entertaining….

  18. Katydid says:

    I must have a different definition of “international symbol of mediocrity” than this writer team does. A bronze medal in the Olympics signifies third best in the world. Writing a raunchy comedy with a designed-to-shock sex scene, now that’s pretty much become a symbol of mediocrity since it’s been done over and over throughout the last decade.

  19. Citizenkarma says:

    These two Vulgarians could use some education on what it takes to become an Olympic champion – Gold, Silver, Bronze or the honor of having made the team and participated, medal or not. It is humbling.

  20. Cal says:

    There is a perverse impulse to tear down everything of value and replace it with garbage. The reason is so that sex involving feces can be “normalized.”

    • liberalandchill says:

      What!?!?! Sex involving feces, seriously!?!?! I love you crazy conservatives. I read most of the comments thinking you all were a little tight-assed. But then I got to jerry2286. As there is no indication whatsoever that the gymnastics sex, which sounds like it might be amussing to me, involves feces, whether it’s feces on the vault or feces on the uneven bars, I can only assume jerry has an unhealthy obsession with sex and poop. So, jerry, unlike your conservative brethren, you may want to be a little more tight-assed. Nonetheless, you made me laugh. Thanks.

      • playrighter says:

        A bit of checking is helpful before typecasting Drudge and its influence: The top five sites used by Drudge are (in order of prominence) Yahoo, Breitbart, AP, New York Times, and Washington Post.

      • liberalandchill says:

        Sorry Cal. Didn’t mean to call you jerry. By the way, for all you judgmental conservatives, it’s not lost on me that you clicked through from a Drudge headline mentioning people all abuzz because of the sex scene. Wonder what in the headline sucked you folks in?

    • john says:

      “When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe.” … Frederic Bastiat

  21. Alex P says:

    Yuck. What’s up with these grotesque people. So far gone.

  22. john says:

    I just threw up in my mouth

  23. Ken S says:

    How LOW can you go?

  24. No originality. I bet all the guys who watch BBT will want to watch this movie to see Melissa strut her stuff.
    Most movies now are just attempting to see just how far they can become like porn films without earning that X rating.

  25. radbola says:

    Lust is the opiate of the dead. That’s why the peep peeps are encouraged to it.

  26. Cam Winston says:

    I’m sorry, but that summary tells me this is a blatant ripoff of the Kenny Powers character from HBO’s “Eastbound & Down” & simply remade it into a gymnast instead of a former major league pitcher. Apparently, there is not a single original thought anywhere near a script, anymore.

  27. jiminhouston says:

    And why do I give a damn about what they do in their bedroom?

  28. Pretty much like the last days of the Roman Empire. We are indeed on course. But fear not the barbarians are very close and will solve the problem.

  29. SojournerTruth says:

    Lust is the religion of the left.

    • Rainbow says:

      Lust and PERVERSION is the religion of the left. Fixed that up for ya Sojourner.

    • YouresofarfromtheTruth says:

      No but being a hatemongering, negative, extremist nut job is the obsession of the right.

      • Doug says:

        Actually no, it’s the Left that does all the hate mongering. If you don’t use the proper language, and you don’t express love for the Left’s pet issues, THEY WILL HOUND YOU DOWN AND CRUCIFY YOU just like Islam does to non-believers. The Left and Islam are enemies of civilization.

  30. Specialist says:

    Sometimes you have to laugh.

    A bronze medal does not mean mediocrity. it means that you are the third best in the world at what you do. It means that, out of several billion people on Earth, there are exactly two people alive who are better than you at what you do.

    It may not even mean you’re that bad. You might have been having a less-than-great day, and missed something by a few hundredths of a point.

  31. Rainbow says:

    Raunch and perversion. What a unique concept to Hollywood, on film and off.

  32. conshimfee says:

    Who doesn’t love a vulgar gymnast?

  33. bob says:

    Great film. Audience loved it!

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