‘Star Wars,’ Harrison Ford Bring the Force to Comic-Con

Star Wars Comic COn Harrison Ford
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Star Wars” returned to Comic-Con with a rousing Hall H panel that proved the franchise is still a force to be reckoned with, nearly 40 years after the first movie’s release.

Fans who camped outside the San Diego Convention Center were treated to a behind-the-scenes making of “The Force Awakens” as well as a surprise concert after the Hall H panel. But it was Star Wars’ rich cinematic legacy that stole the show on Friday night. Well, that and Han Solo.

In a rare emotional moment, Harrison Ford, after receiving a standing ovation, fought back tears as he expressed his gratitude for the series.

“The original Star Wars was the beginning of my working life,” he said, visibly moved. “I was very happy to be a part of the story and the cast again.”

It was Ford’s first public appearance since crashing his plane in March, which left him hospitalized.

But the 70-year-old actor assured moderator Chris Hardwick and the audience that he was “just fine.” He broke his leg in an unrelated, on-set accident that delayed production on “The Force Awakens” last year.

Joining Ford onstage were director J.J. Abrams, producer Kathleen Kennedy, writer Lawrence Kasdan and several Star Wars newcomers and veterans, including original cast members Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

“It’s such a personal story to everyone,” Hamill said. “Suddenly you become a friend to everyone.”

Fisher agreed and later joked that she and the other “legacy” Star Wars actors looked a little “melted” these days. “But in a good way,” she said.

Abrams, who promised a new “Force Awakens” trailer this fall, said one of the most important tasks for him was to not let fandom get in the way of making the Disney and Lucasfilm sequel.

“When you’re directing a scene on the Millennium Falcon, it doesn’t make the scene good,” he said. “It’s definitely bitchin’, don’t get me wrong, but what’s the story?”

He also brought out a giant animatronic creature from “The Force Awakens” to emphasize how important authenticity, not CGI, was to the film’s shoot in London and Morocco. “We have a cut of the movie,” he later teased. “(But) we’re still tweaking to get the right story.”

The director was caught off-guard when a few audience members asked why there weren’t more Asians in the “Star Wars” universe.

“I think you’ll be happy to see there are Asians in this film,” he responded, thanking them for their “hugely important question.” He added: “We didn’t write the characters to be any color … we wanted the movie to look the way the world looks.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hits theaters Dec. 18.

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  1. hacky424 says:

    Wow, the movie isn’t out yet and we’re complaining about who’s not in it — One. Two — I work in the VFX company which is about 25% Asian in the U.S. and about 45% globally (we have animation and VFX divisions in Asia). I don’t see other groups saying they are under represented in the field (they do grumble about how technical positions are going overseas).

  2. Sal U. Lloyd says:

    Who cares! Paulo Coehlo writes there comes a time when one must let go and move on!

  3. CatfudHunter says:

    You can see the entire panel on video at DisneyHub(dot)blogspot(dot)com.

  4. Sanman says:

    One of the many Star Wars Nurshing Home movie door prizes will be a year’s supply of Depend Diapers just like Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamilton & Darth Vader & Yoder & Chewy & CPO3 & R2-D2 are now wearing. Also you can enter to win a weekend getaway for you & a friend at the Star Wars Nurshing Home in Hollywood. May the force be with you…..

  5. Candice says:

    wow, Harrison Ford looks so old…did he play Great Grand-daddy Solo?

    • Sanman says:

      in a nursing Home far far away……Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamilton & Yoda & Darth Vader & CPO3 & R2-D2 & Chewy will one day soon be filming the next Star Wars movie from a nursing home in wheel chairs & they’ll all be wearing Depend Diapers & have Alzheimer’s. and the movie will be called, “The Star Wars Nurshing Home Adventure” & may the force be with you!

    • Bill B. says:

      I’m sure you will be the exception to the rule and be just young and beautiful looking when you’re 70?!

  6. Amber Heard says:

    I Love star wars movies series

  7. Bruce says:

    Asian Americans? Why not just Asians?

  8. IT 2 IT says:

    “WE now live in a 100% PSYCHOPATHIC system.
    ———-Hollywood now is 100% PSYCHOPATH run.
    —————It’s given us a PSYCHOPATHIC culture to follow.
    ———————–Understand, PSYCHOPATHS are NOT capable
    —————————–of genuine creativity.
    —————————————They can only repeat themselves endlessly,
    —————————————————-and ‘evolve’ along pre-determined technical lines.”
    Very Informed Radio

    Sort of like franchise slums themselves.



  9. MaceWindu says:

    Do people in India ask why there is not a lot of white people in the movies at Bollywood conventions ? Or the lack of black actors in hong kong movies ? That whole race obsession is ridiculous.

    • They don’t ask that because in India you have mostly a homogeneous Indian population, but the United States is a melting pot of all races and ethnicities of this world. Its signature is diversity, so the question is fully justified. I think Hollywood and the movies should appreciate and implement that diversity and not whitewash everything. Hollywood is too male and too white.

    • patricnasty says:

      Thank you Mace, I totally agree with you. Whiny p. c. slime are bringing down our country and society.

      • Our society is DIVERS and not just white (and male). So every question demanding more diversity is fully justified. These people are neither whiny, nor are they bringing down our country and society, YOU are. I would bet you are white.

  10. stevenkovacs says:

    Strange about race obsession, tho.

  11. Robert says:

    No one proofed this?

  12. K.c. Locke says:

    “He had also broke his leg…”? Lower-case “millennium falcon”? “[T]o emphasis how important…”? Does ANYONE proofread this [stuff]?

    • Alexander says:

      Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. Working as an editor for several years, I wonder how a publication with such a history can make so many errors.

  13. starshipcaptain says:

    Why weren’t there more Asians? Heck, why not ask why there weren’t more left-handed people, or Hispanics. Sorry that the New Republic or the old Empire aren’t an affirmative action paradise.

  14. I thought he hated Star Wars?

    • Bill B. says:

      Yeah, I recall him knocking the films years ago. I guess with age comes a different perspective. This is also giving an elderly man a second shot of being in the limelight. He should be appreciative.

    • Mantle Head says:

      hahahhahahahahahah- Yeah… I guess after you bust a few bones you begin to appreciate the past… hahahahhaha; and it’s the loss of privacy he hates…

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