‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Will Be Best Movie Yet: Fan Survey

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Only 15% cite director J.J. Abrams behind their high hopes for holiday release

Nearly two-thirds of “Star Wars” fans think the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will blow them away: 63% say they expect it to be the best movie in the franchise to date, according to a new survey.

On the other hand, that also means 37% of “Star Wars” devotees aren’t convinced that Episode VII, to hit theaters Dec. 18, will be the most impressive in the series. The online survey was conducted Sept. 14-16 by Harris Interactive and commissioned by FusionOps, a business information and analytics provider.

Just 15% of fans surveyed cited director J.J. Abrams as fueling their high hopes for “Force Awakens.” Most of the excitement surrounds VFX: 36% of respondents said “more advanced CGI” technology is a reason it will be the best “Star Wars” movie yet. Meanwhile, 25% cited a “more interesting story”; another 25% expect the movie to be “more true to the ‘Star Wars’ series”; and 14% pointed to a better cast.

The results align with another recent survey that found “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was one of the most anticipated fall releases ever among moviegoers, along with “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.” The film, the first “Star Wars” pic to hit screens since Disney’s $4 billion Lucasfilm acquisition in 2012, could break box-office records.

When it comes to merchandise tied to the film, 69% of “Star Wars” buffs think toys — which have been on sale since Disney’s highly choreographed “Force Friday” retail launch Sept. 4 — will be out of stock ahead of the movie’s premiere, according to the poll.

Some fans, facing potential toy shortages, admitted that they’d be willing to take unusual measures to score merch. About 19% said they would dress up as a “Star Wars” character, 12% would willingly lie to other customers to posses a coveted item and another 12% would cut in line. A particularly desperate minority said they would trip an elderly person (7%) or fake a panic attack (5%), although how those actions could improve their odds of successfully purchasing a toy is unclear.

For the survey, Harris Interactive polled 2,031 U.S. adults ages 18 and older, among whom 801 said they were “Star Wars” fans.

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  1. Bill says:

    Yeah yeah yeah. Blah blah blah. They said the same thing about the Phsntom Menace. No one has seen this film yet so let’s not too carried away… That just leads to dissapointment.

  2. Joshua Yen says:

    Well it is a new star wars movie, there’d be a lot of hype even if they didn’t show any trailers. A lot of people (my fellow students and their parents) were looking forward to it until they saw the trailers. Then, most of them (33/37) said that they were confused by the trailer and did not think that it would be very good based on the trailer. While that is a small sample size, having about 13% of surveyors from a somewhat mixed sample space look forward to the movie is not a good sign. I suspect that the survey was voted on most often by Star Wars fans, who would of course skew the results in favor of looking forward to Star Wars (Assuming most of them aren’t fazed about the ominous signs that the trailer give.)

    • Shane says:

      Lol, whatever Joshua. Keep your little non-scientific survey in mind as this movie smashes records with repeat viewers and takes the spot for highest domestic grossing film ever. The very fact that you would survey 37 people and consider it worthy of announcing online says it all…they only thing skewed is that you found this relevant to anyone.

  3. Kathy says:

    Just like anything else Disney now touches, they will milk this franchise until we are as sick of seeing the iconic characters. They will put their images on everything on the planet that can be licensed and sold.I fear the story integrity and the awe that came with Lucas’s first three films will be destroyed we will be left only with a load of whiz bang crap produced to dazzle with no substance – for Disney is no longer the Disney we loved as children and parents it is a commercial load of crap one can purchase a piece of anywhere. The magic is gone. Of Star Wars will make bank and will break records but it will never be as good or worthy of the originals. I don’t know many that even have it in their plans to see. Already overdosed on Star Wars everywhere.

  4. This just does not seem right. Most of the people I know, including myself, are not riding along with this film. In fact, most of the people I know are avoid this film outright because of what Disney did to the Expanded Universe and how they’ve, basically, ruined the franchise as a whole. Not only that, J. J. Abrams is directing these films and, well, we all know how horrible the Star Trek films went. I, personally, would discourage people from seeing this on opening day and I would advise those who are to not going to wait to keep their expectations low. Not only that, but I foresee this film as being contrived fan service and more focused on nostalgia pandering than telling an actual, original story (that becomes really hard considering the Expanded Universe had already made every single good story and told every story already, which means any sort of story Episode VII will have will just look like a rip-off of something from the Expanded Universe, whether intentional or not).

  5. Greg Thackray says:

    Star Wars was a game changer,Empire was near perfect n the end scenes in Jedi when Vader saves Luke were sublime so it’s hard to imagine it being ‘better’ or at least having the same effect.After saying that,got high hopes for it n at least they are going back to the spirit of the Originals by focusing on character n story more than CGI n by using practical effects.The new gang look like a very good mix with the Original cast too.Having Lawrence Kasdan n John Williams involved is also a massive plus.

  6. Jake R says:

    “On the other hand, that also means 37% of “Star Wars” devotees aren’t convinced that Episode VII, to hit theaters Dec. 18, will be more impressive than one or more of the preceding films.”

    No, it doesn’t. The opposite of “this will be the best Star Wars movie yet” is not “not more impressive than one or more of the preceding films”.

    Instead, this should read: “37% of devotees aren’t convinced it will be more impressive than ALL the preceding films”. And honestly, I’m very much doubting that statistic to be true, because if they’re that easily convinced a movie that isn’t out yet will be better than what they’re “devotees” for, based on nothing but rumors, trailers and screenshots, they’re not really that devoted, are they?

    • Todd Spangler says:

      No, you have it backward – if you disagree that “Force Awakens” will be the best ever, all you need is to consider 1 of the previous six to be better than it.

      • Jake R says:

        “Those who don’t think episode VII will be “the best” either are uncertain or think at least one of the earlier films is better than VII will be.”

        Yes, that’s correct! That’s equivalent to the top statement, and the correct opposite to “63% are convinced 7 will be the best”. My point is that the statement as it is in the original article is NOT equivalent to this. Instead the original statement, which (shortened but otherwise identical) states “37% are not convinced 7 will be better than at least one preceding film”, is equivalent to “37% are convinced 7 will be the worst”. Which is NOT the correct opposite of “63% are convinced 7 will be the best”.

        I’m not arguing with you on what you -meant-, I’m arguing on -how you wrote it down-.

        Also, I’m sorry if I’m breaking the nesting. It seems I can’t pick what to reply to after a certain level.

      • Jake R says:

        What you’re saying is: “37% of devotees are convinced one or more of the preceding films are more impressive than 7”. That is, indeed, correct. No disagreement from my side there.

        However, what you WROTE is: “37% of devotees are not convinced 7 is more impressive than one or more of the preceding films”. And these two statements are not equivalent.

        In your way: if a person in the 37% would think that, say, episode 4 is better than 7, but 1 is worse than 7, then the top statement is true (because that person thinks that 4 is better than 7). But the bottom one is not, because it says that a person in the 37% is not convinced 7 is more impressive than one or more preceding films, which is in conflict with the statement “1 is worse than 7”.

        I’m sorry if I’m not explaining this right. I’m not a writer. I am just a computer scientist, working with true/false statements all the time.

      • Todd Spangler says:

        I see your confusion. Those who don’t think episode VII will be “the best” either are uncertain or think at least one of the earlier films is better than VII will be.

      • Jake R says:

        Yes. But that’s not what you said.

        You said they (the devotees) “are not convinced ep. 7 will be more impressive than one or more preceding films”. In other words, they are convinced all of the other films will be more impressive than 7, otherwise 7 WOULD be more impressive than at least one of the preceding films. But your words state that they believe it will not be.

      • Todd Spangler says:

        Let’s try one more time, just for fun: If you think, say, “Jedi” is the No. 1 Star Wars movie and there’s no way “Force Awakens” can be better, you’re in the minority 37% (according to this survey). You could still think VII might be better than the other 5

  7. Me and Natalie and even little stevie are going to see the movie, “Star Wars”.

  8. Drummer says:

    Wow how many fans have seen this movie
    I had seen all of them originally in theaters when I was young and to me they are the greatest
    Don’t get me wrong I’m excited for the new movie but no matter how good or bad 7 will be for me it will never be the same as the original saga that George changed movie history with
    I just hope at least it’s well done and the characters are great as how I remember them and how they deserve to be
    Still not convinced on j.j. but at least his integrity is in the right place
    To even say this will be better than the originals is like saying that lets get the best engineers and rebuild the pyramids they’ll be better
    Let’s record Abbey road again with the greatest musicians
    Let’s repaint the Mona Lisa with an amazing artist from this generation
    Let’s…You get the idea

  9. Surveys are not indicative of a movie’s quality, no more than the opinions of fans and critics. It’s all subjective.

  10. DSykes says:

    My hopes are high, but better then The Empire Strikes Back? We shall see.

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