The Next ‘Spider-Man’ Will Go Back to High School

Spider-Man: New Movie Set Back in

Sony is going younger with its next Spider-Man.

Now that Andrew Garfield is hanging up the red and blue spandex, Sony Pictures is getting ready to put out a casting call to find its next web slinger. The plan is for the character to go back to high school in the next films, Variety has learned from sources with knowledge of the studio’s plans.

A number of actors already have been mentioned as being considered for the role, including “The Maze Runner” and “Teen Wolf’s” Dylan O’Brien and the “Percy Jackson” franchise’s Logan Lerman. Lerman most recently co-starred in Sony’s “Fury.”

Actors have yet to be approached, and sources say Sony is looking to hire a new director to replace “The Amazing Spider-Man” films’ Marc Webb before tapping a new Spidey. The studio also needs to figure out whether it wants to go with another Peter Parker or introduce another character that suits up as Spider-Man, including Miles Morales, whose father is African American and mother is Puerto Rican.

Sony has put the character, played by Tobey Maguire and Garfield, in Midtown High School before, but the plan is to spend more time in the setting and explore his awkward relationship with other students while fighting crime out of the classroom. Midtown is a major setting in the comicbooks, and Peter Parker also returns to the school to become a science teacher in storylines.

Sony needs to move fast, since Marvel wants to introduce the new actor playing Spider-Man in “Captain America: Civil War,” in theaters in 2016, before launching his own solo franchise at Sony in 2017.

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  1. CJ says:

    According to Kevin Feige, “In terms of the age of an actor we’ll eventually cast, I don’t know. In terms of the age of what we believe Peter Parker is, I’d say 15-16 is right.”

    Hey, no problem… as I’ve seen Erik A. Williams say many times, he can easily play high-school age. I don’t know what Feige means by ‘eventually cast’, though… from what I heard, Erik A. Williams sewed the part up a long time ago ;)

  2. Me says:

    The guy is a psycho. And incredibly narcissist and thinks the world owes him everything.

  3. themuffinman06 says:

    Hey guys, I know Erik too. Me and my wife are obsessed with this dude’s seemingly endless narcissism and delusional behavior. We’ve been following him since the air conditioning incident of 2013.

    • CJ says:

      he’s the gift that keeps on giving… what will he do next, make a lame claim to fame? threaten to sue imdb? run another crowdfunder for something no one wants to see? ask for help and then crap on people who actually care enough to answer? the possibilities are limitless!

  4. Blackwolf says:

    It’s like a trainwreck.. You don’t want to look, but you just can’t help yourself

  5. Malvel says:

    Dylan O’Brien is the best option for Spiderman in Teen Wolf it acts in the style of Peter Parker, funny, sarcastic, humorous, emotional, intelligent and has a perfect appearance to be the new Peter Parker.

  6. Stephen says:

    Someone with no agent nor one discernible acting credit (only extra work), who couldn’t get into an audition room even if he was delivering coffee, posts something so obviously ludicrous…and people were that gullible and stupid to believe him. Not sure who is really more pathetic.

    • mary says:

      Well, he is back at it.

      The “cease and desist” letter he was sent was fake. Erik is Spiderman.

      Just don’t ask him to prove it or doubt him. While he is a professional actor and can take criticism, he can not take anyone doubting that he is indeed Spidermam and he will delete your comments questioning him.

      Is this some weird attempt to get noticed? Probably. I actually wouldn’t doubt it.

      However, MCU’s Spiderman he is not.

      • Matt says:

        It’s like watching a train wreck. Haha. Once the real cast is announced, it will definitely be an interesting show.

      • CJ says:

        there’s just no way… now if there was a scene at a comic book convention with 200 people standing in the background wearing spider-man costumes, none of whom had a speaking role….

      • jforrest1021 says:

        Last post about this, but the indication is, again according to him, that he is playing the Peter Parker role and that someone else is playing the new (Miles?) role. Sorry, I know a little about the characters, but not enough to have a long discussion. So, his claim is he has been tapped to play Peter, and then, I guess, he hands it off to another actor. This just gets crazier and crazier.

      • Matt says:

        Wow this guy is something else. I can’t believe it. Who would believe him. And how could he continue to lie? He’s lost his mind.

      • Stephen says:

        I think he is being royally punked. He doesn’t appear to be “all there.” Sad.

    • CJ says:

      If you need another laugh, dude tried to submit his own wikipedia page (and shave five years off his age) — got deleted. be sure to check out the imdb controversy!

    • Matt says:

      Well and if it were true, he could be sued by Sony for breaching his contract. Nothing like that is announced by an actor before the studio. So that alone should tell everyone it’s a lie.

    • Matt says:

      How did no one call him out on this?

      • Matt says:

        J – yeah it will be interesting to see how he explains his way out of this one when people realize it was a lie. He will surely blame hollywood. Yeah I noticed if you try to call him out, he deletes it. So there isn’t much point.

      • jforrest1021 says:

        I just hate the fact that people like this make it more difficult on all of those who are genuinely trying to aspire to or achieve something. I used to be a junior agent and I worked in casting, so I have seen the struggles of those just trying to get in the door… and many of them had some real talent. Plus, being here in the Midwest now, it really reflects poorly on those who are from small towns. It is hard enough to be a fly-over state that people just kind of ignore, but when guys like this come along and really spout off it just makes for tougher sledding. I never wanted to be an actor and this type of thing is exactly why.

      • CJ says:

        oh jforrest, you devious mf’er, coming here to ask about it. i like :D

      • jforrest1021 says:

        Matt – I knew from the outset this was nothing but craziness. I wanted to make sure I was not going crazy since nobody had called him out on it. There are some folks I know that know him and they tried to call him out on his page but the posts were immediately deleted. This is all like watching the ultimate trainwreck. Sad thing is, there were posts from people he knows, with kids, and/or are just too gullible, that actually believe it. This is going to end so bad.

      • Cary says:

        Most us tend to ignore him now. The only supporters are blind or haven’t been paying attention. I got myself kicked off of his friends list long ago for not going along with his delusions.

      • CJ says:

        he deleted the skeptical posts… way to make everyone who supports you look and feel like a dumbass, eh?

  7. jforrest1021 says:

    I just read a FB post that stated some actor named Erik A. Williams is the new Spidey. Any idea who this guy is? Apparently he announced it on his page? Seems a little odd since Marvel hasn’t even said anything yet.

    • Cary says:

      I know him. He has pulled quite a few stunts before. Like being a rape culture apologist and then claiming it was a social experiment later. Don’t believe him! Just look at his facebook and you will see what kind of person he is.

      • Matt says:

        I can’t believe the guy would lie like that. If he was “cast” he would know he’s not allowed to share the news until it was officially announced. And he didn’t even audition. It’s quite ridiculous. What is he gonna say after someone else is announced? “They screwed me and cast someone else!” It’s laughable. I can’t believe anyone believed him.

      • Cary says:

        And now he has pulled the posts. He said something about how he was being yelled at for spilling. *eyeroll*

  8. Julio says:

    Dylan O’Brian! !!!!### PLEASE

  9. Malik Myers says:

    For my money, though, Dylan O’Brien is the best possible pick for Spider-Man/Peter Parker – not just of these two actors, but of the great many actors out there in this age bracket. In Teen Wolf alone, he’s played appropriately funny and sarcastic, extremely smart, and deeply emotional – all traits that are absolutely essential for the character. Ever since Teen Wolf Season 2 I always said Dylan O’Brien would be a fantastic Spider-Man. The character of Stiles is essentially Peter Parker without super powers. So I couldn’t be more excited that Dylan is FINALLY being considered to play this role. I do have a few concerns though. They literally just started filming Teen Wolf Season 5 DAYS ago. Plus Dylan has a commitment to The Maze Runner franchise. Even if Sony and Marvel picked him to play Spider-Man how could he possibly film all these things at once?! He could leave Teen Wolf (Jeff Davis would allow it after all), but it would be a huge blow to the show if he left. On top of that he is signed on for two more Maze Runner films. And if the studios can’t work out a scheduling deal then Dylan won’t be able to play the role. I hope everything works out and that they cast him for the role.

  10. tmrlover says:

    Dylan o’brien!!!!!!!

  11. ImHeretoComplain says:

    No. please no. NO MORE REBOOTS. STOP. JUST STOP.

  12. MEL says:

    Logan Lerman? He seems to me to be trying to move into more serious roles and away from teen franchises like “Percy Jackson.” But maybe this is the kind of thing you don’t turn down…

  13. Harry Wang says:

    Sincerely, I am SICK of this idea of rebooting a Spider-Man series when they have a Spider-Man series that’s not even finished.

  14. Linda says:

    Based on what Variety is reporting for the contenders among the shortlist, I honestly think Logan Lerman might be their guy.

    He was pretty much on the shortlist during casting call for “The Amazing Spider-Man” series, worked on a Sony Pictures film (“Fury”) which could make him noted for a studio choice. Andrew kind of went through the same period of being in another Sony film (“The Social Network”) prior to being announced as the new Spider-Man.

  15. Bill B. says:

    I wish they would put this thing to rest. How about waiting at least 10 years to see the origin story yet again. To Logan Lerman: You are a very talented young man with a very promising future. Please do not take this role!

  16. brixxia says:

    Dylan O’Brien!!

  17. Cerulean says:

    If Garfield HAS to be replaced I vote Dylan O’brien. He has already shown that he can pull of witty, sarcastic sense of humor. He also can do action, as we saw in Maze runner.

  18. lotrfan says:

    You really are obsessed with miles morales, aren’t you marc graser? Multiple sources have confirmed that they were going with peter parker. Deal with it. Peter Parker is spider-man! Stop crying about it!

  19. I will do it for free no charge and i am 24 years old i would love to play Spider-Man its my dream

  20. justricki says:

    dylan o’brien pleaseeee!!!!!

  21. Till says:

    “the plan is to spend more time in the setting and explore his awkward relationship with other students while fighting crime out of the classroom”

    For me, this plan would fit better for a TV show than a theatre movie.

    • Aaron Kelley says:

      I’ve said for a long time they should bring Peter back to the silver screen. Supposedly Marvel retains television rights for the character so if they do a TV series with a young Peter and pop him up into a film with Sony and Marvel every so often if would be awesome!

  22. Jon says:

    & if they did miles morales they probably get Jayden smith which would suck & he would be the laughing stock of the avengers if they do that because morales looks like a 10 year old kid who looks like Gary coleman

  23. Jon says:

    I would Go with the lead actor who is currently in the film the Kingsman the secret service his name is taron Egerton it’s a great film & he is awesome in that film I want a Peter Parker who is not only book smart but street smart aswell & is a bit rough who can stand up on he’s own & go toe to toe with RDJ & Chris Evans

  24. Jon says:

    Even though I’m a fan of Logan lerman he can’t lead a long successful franchise & in 5 years you are going to see him get a nomination for a Oscar. Dylan o brien would probably won’t do it since of teen wolf & the maze runner sequels

  25. Kevin Garren says:

    I’m all for eventually doing a Miles Morales character but if they’re going it insert him into existing Marvel movies like Cap 3: Civil War then it has to be Peter Parker atleast for a while.

    I’d be fine with Logan Lerman but Dylan O’Brien is a fantastic choice. The only bad thing is he’d probably have to leave Teen Wolf to accommodate all the Marvel-ness.. but he’s one of the few people that could probably do a better job than Andrew Garfield.

  26. Nix says:

    Dylan O’Brien is perfect for the role, his acting is phenomenal and would bring something no one else has brought to the role. Plus he already has a very strong loyal fan base.

  27. drakeca89 says:

    Dylan O’Brien would be a fantastic choice I’d love to see him in the role. AND he wouldnt do the annoying wave my head back and forth every 3 seconds that Garfield did. . .. JUST SAYING

  28. James says:

    This is pure click bait. Marvel officially stated that it will be Peter Parkers story. Is real accurate journalism dead?!

  29. Garrick says:

    The writer of this article clearly never bothered to read the official press release. The CEO of Sony specifically stated it would be PETER PARKER as Spider-Man.

  30. Il Koo Kang says:


  31. sonicsnout says:

    Sony…. Donald Glover as Peter Parker. PLEASE. Dude can play any age.

    • cheesers says:

      nope. too old. waay too old. it won’t be donald glover. it’ll probably still be a white dude. because that is who peter is.

      • Aaron Kelley says:

        I highly doubt anybody from Sony or Marvel would be willing to cast Peter Parker as black and Miles Morales isn’t the character they are using so it may be some time before we have a black Spiderman on film.

  32. Sybil Almario says:

    Article not reliable. I saw these “casts” as people suggested by people from comments in other pages. The Amazing Spiderman was great because it was based on the comics. With a modern touch. Will never get tired of Garfield’s Sarcasm amd Humor as Spidey. Hope they can consider not to recast because i hate explaining my kids why there are shitty companies who arent proffesional enough to make the reboot the official one and why they have 3 Spiderman in this lifetime. It sucks so bad that the only reason im rooting for Spidey is the fact he’s part of Civil War, not the original cast of Garfield. And last but not the least, isn’t it the original casts from Avengers what made it successful?

  33. Jonathan says:

    They’re trying to go for a young Spidey since he’ll be able to stick out from the much older and mature The Avengers… he’ll be the immature one at first but, would slowy gain the respect from his elders. And in later films, he would mature into the professor/husband dude that we all know and love.

  34. Nate V says:

    I should be the Miles Morales Spiderman. Seen every episode of the 90s cartoon when I was a kid and read the comics. I’d say put me as Peter but im not white lol i it could be Pedro parker haha. Spidey ftw

  35. Danny Croop says:

    They could do Spiderman forever in my opinion because he is my favorite superhero with the most villains to keep going, however I am getting sick of them screwing it up over and over and feeling the need to revamp it again and again

  36. Dragon Prime says:

    I’or so tired of high school Peter Parker. It’s so overdone in the non comic media. We’ve seen it twice in film, the last few cartoon series have featured him in high school. I want to see a different side to Peter Parker. Or more mature, seasoned, and set in his ways as a crime fighter. I feel like we’re always starting out and how many times do we need to see this guy’s origin. It’s been done over so many times even Steve Wonder is sick of seeing it.

    Also if anyone had half a brain… they should shoot for getting Tobey McGuire back. For starters he’s already established. Also for as bad as Spider-Man 3 was… they already did a reboot so I’m sure none of us fans would mind it they took away a few things and added new elements to enhance the story. They can also do the same thing with him juggling his job as a science teacher, his marriage, and being a crime fighter if they feel a high school setting is that important. Also I am sure I’m not the only one who pictured Tobey standing along side The Avengers when first finding out after the post credit scene in the first Iron Man Movie. He deserves this.

    Also for film history’s sake of having an actor reprise a roll after he’s been rebooted, remade, or what have you. That’d be like Robert Englund playing Freddy again after he’s already been “reinvisioned”

    This is The Avengers… where the big boys play. Give us a Spider-Man that will put asses in seats come opening weekend.

  37. jennifer says:

    Id be perfect for this i love spiderman all day everyday

  38. Drew says:

    No to Dylan O’Brien.

    Or really any of these options. Opt for someone new, I guess.

  39. kinowolf says:

    We’ve had two Peter Parkers, it’s time. Time for Miles Morales.

  40. Emily says:

    Dylan O’Brien said that it has always been his dream to play Spider-Man. Everyone would really love it if you chose him :)

  41. Richard Cruse says:

    I want to be in the next spider-man as either spider-man or as a villain!!!!!! I’ve been a spider-man fan since I was 10 years old!!!! And when they came out the 90’s animated series I wanted to be in spider-man since then!!!!

  42. DNesmith says:

    The whole point of a reboot is to bring something new or fresh to a previously established property. How does this decision to put Peter back in high school does this.
    Take a lesson from Nolan’s reimagining of Superman and Batman as your starting point. Spiderman is most closely related to Batman where telling a more realistic version of a story would be favorable. We’ve seen HS Peter, how about college or move forward with Miles Morales.

    • Jonathan says:

      They’re trying to go for a young Spidey since he’ll be able to stick out from the much older and mature The Avengers… he’ll be the immature one at first but, would slowy gain the respect from his elders. And in later films, he would mature into the professor/husband dude that we all know.

  43. Tanija says:

    Dyl . All the Way

  44. I can’t express how happy I am this is happening, and this is coming from someone that actually overall enjoyed the last two films. With that said, regardless of the actor that they get to play PETER PARKER, regardless the ethnicity or skin’s color, let me remind Marvel and Sony that PETER PARKER is Spider-Man, and that while I do like Miles Morales, he shouldn’t be around until later down the road. I don’t think that the actor’s skin color matters, but Spider-Man unlike Batman, Cap and other legacy characters is irreplaceable. Peter Parker IS Spider-Man, so here is hoping that they’ll get it right this time around.

  45. James says:

    as long as it’s not another origin story and Spiderman is more likable than the Andrew Garfield version

  46. Angel Torres says:

    I hope they reconsider and don’t make him a high school kid. Am I to believe that a KID, super powers or not, knows how to fight? Putting him in Civil War while grown men Super Heros ( Iron Man, Captain America, umong others) are going through what they are going through is hard to believe. Civil War will continue after whatever events happen in Avengers 2 and I am to believe that some kid gains super powers and immediately can fight and keep up with Avengers while they get through post Avengers 2 dilemma? Then, as I have read, this same kid will go on to keep up with bad guys in Sinister Six and Venom movies? I think its a mistake, he should be a lil older and wiser or just past high school somehow

    • Aaron Kelley says:

      When Peter started as a kid didn’t know how to fight but his Spider Sense is a reflex and he moves so quickly and is so strong that no normal humans could stand against him. His strength starts out in the 10-15 ton range. Your average car is only 2 tons. He can throw them around like they are toys and he has to hold back so he doesn’t hurt normals. It takes him a few years to learn how to fight well.

    • Neoxon says:

      Marvel doesn’t have very many compelling young heroes, & a young Spider-Man would be a good contrast to the likes of Captain America & Iron Man.

  47. Glenn C. says:

    This is nuts. Sony keeps changing this and that and keeps rebooting this to no end. It makes the idea/projects look not stable. Which they are. Didn’t really like the Webb versions. Sam Raimi’s to me were the best. So far. He must be shaking his head with a grin at all of this!

    • Shariq says:

      In Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter Parker spent the entirety of his career as Spider-Man in high school. This was for 150+ issues too. It was a really good setting and a lot of the stuff he dealt with as a teenaged superhero was interesting. The stuff you say about him being a kid amongst adult heroes was actually something that they touched on near the end, prior to the Death of Spider-Man arc. Captain America had a lot of issues with Peter, a kid, running around doing all this stuff; then Peter took a bullet for him.

      The MCU actually draws a lot of inspiration from the Ultimate Universe; the Avengers feel a lot like the Ultimates, and Peter had a really interesting relationship with the Ultimates, in that he looked up to them and wanted to be a part of that, and they sort of took him under their wing.

      I don’t think Peter’s age is really an issue. High school Spider-Man is something that can really work if you do it right.

    • Hank Pym says:

      Sam Rami movies are average as well. Spider Man 3 was bad. Spider Man 1 has aged horribly!! Spider Man 2 is decent

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