Spider-Man Returns to Marvel; New Movie Coming in 2017

Spider-Man Movies: Sony, Marvel Join Forces

Peter Parker is returning to Marvel. (Or will it be Miles Morales?)

In a reboot of the “Spider-Man” franchise, Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced a new partnership with Marvel Studios that brings the popular superhero into the Marvel universe.

A new Spider-Man film will hit theaters on July 28, 2017.

Sony has owned the feature rights to comic book character since 1999, when Marvel sold them for $7 million.

According to the deal, Sony and Marvel will cast a new Spidey after Andrew Garfield starred in the last two films, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Tobey Maguire played Peter Parker in the previous three installments for Sony.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige will produce the rebooted Spider-Man with Amy Pascal, who recently stepped down as co-chairman of Sony in a new producer deal. She oversaw the $4 billion Spider-Man franchise for over 13 years at the studio.

Sony will continue to distribute, finance, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man pics.

They’ll work with Marvel, owned by Disney, to weave Spider-Man’s character into Marvel’s upcoming superhero films, which includes the popular franchise “The Avengers.”

As Variety previously reported, Marvel plans on bringing the Civil War storyline from the comic books to launch the next phase of films. It’s very likely that Spider-Man will make his first appearance in “Captain America: Civil War” next year.

To make room for Spider-Man, Disney has rescheduled a number of Marvel tentpoles, including “Thor: Ragnorak,” which was originally planned to open on the July 28, 2017 date. It moves to Nov. 3, 2017. “Black Panther,” which had the Nov. 3 date, will now move up to July 6, 2017.

Marvel’s “Inhumans,” meanwhile, has now moved back to summer 2019 while “Captain Marvel” moves back to Nov. 2018.

Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company said in a statement: “Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s great characters, beloved around the world. We’re thrilled to work with Sony Pictures to bring the iconic web-slinger into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which opens up fantastic new opportunities for storytelling and franchise building.”

“I am thrilled to team with my friends at Sony Pictures along with Amy Pascal to produce the next Spider-Man movie,” said Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. “Amy has been deeply involved in the realization on film of one of the world’s most beloved characters.  Marvel’s involvement will hopefully deliver the creative continuity and authenticity that fans demand from the MCU.”Sony chairman Michael Lynton added: “This is the right decision for the franchise, for our business, for Marvel, and for the fans.”

Further details of the agreement are unknown.

The deal comes after a turbulent few months for Sony. The Culver City-based studio was recently the victim of a massive cyber-attack by North Korea in what devolved into a financial and publicity nightmare. And just last week, it was announced that Pascal — its veteran exec and face of the studio — would be stepping aside.“I have always wanted to be a producer,” she said at the time. “I have spent almost my entire professional life at Sony Pictures and I am energized to be starting this new chapter based at the company I call home.”

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  1. i miss the old spider man

  2. Johny Sins says:

    i miss the old spiderman

  3. Johny Sins says:

    i miss the old spider man :(

  4. Spider-man movie feels good to be me so i’m dying to see so please shooting the film quickly… i love that movie

  5. Sandile,Lucky says:

    Spider man is a very good movie but we want move movies at the time so mybe if they can only make us 2 movies each year

  6. Daruis Braswell says:

    Marvel should bring some more heroes like she hulk spider woman. Iron Spider etc.. Have Hulk vs Superman ..could be the biggest action movie ever..warner bros. and disney could make a lot of movie

    • Parker says:

      Well Hulk vs Superman won’t happen because Hulk and Superman are in 2 different worlds. By the way DC and MARVEL never combine their characters in a show, movie, film or comic

      • Tim says:

        That’s very much incorrect. Marvel and DC have done several comic book crossovers. I own the Spider-Man/Batman crossover from the mid-90s.

  7. This is fucking stupid how many times r they going to change the fucking character fuck the movies ill just download this shit illegally lol fuck paying for tickets only chumps do that

  8. Anthony says:

    Brock Lesnar as Venom/ Eddie Brock, make it happen please Sony!! :)

  9. Nikul says:

    It is a good movie.and very amazing

  10. ray felch says:

    please have black cat in the new spiderman please

  11. masibulele manqina says:

    Would like to know more about Spiderman

  12. chris says:

    How many times are they going to remake this. The originals are by far the best movies. The remake with andrew garfield was bitterly disappointing effort for a remake.

  13. How many times can they remake the same old crap over and over again?

  14. Ayyub says:

    I think Amy Pascal shouldn’t be involved at all seeing that she was involved in all the other Spiderman movies and they were all crap. I’m sure she didn’t collect comics as a child to even be passionate about Marvel Universe. I feel Marvel should have more say so on the project and Sony should just sit back and collect half the proceeds. Amy Pascal is trash.

    • twinghost27 says:

      lol spiderman 1 and 2 was great, what are you talking about? xD

    • hornacek says:

      So you are saying that Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2 were “all crap”?

      You’ve just invalidated anything else you could possibly say about Spider-Man.

      • Tobey for the electric chair 2016 says:

        Not quite. Considering the acting was horrendous. The plot was already a regurgitation. And the director couldnt have been saved by siddhartha himself. The tobey era was the worst spidey has ever seen. (luckily, im the objective one here and you are far too subjective to be taken seriously.)

  15. Alex says:


  16. Tim says:

    Ok, go dig him up and we’ll see what we can work with.

  17. Me says:


  18. Finbar Murphy says:

    Get Maguire back for the reboot.

  19. Nico buen says:

    AMAZING! I Just got myself 3620 Free Riot Points for League of Legends at http://www.riotgenerator.com Check it out it really works!

  20. Brandon Hall says:

    So I just want to say. This debate on the new Spider-Man. Toby Maguire was a decent Peter Parker and not a bad Spider-Man. Problem is the movies were way too kid friendly and the 3rd one just destroyed any hope it had. On to The Amazing Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield…Decent Spider-Man, but bad Peter Parker. Either way I actually enjoyed the movies. The 1st one more then the 2nd one, but either way I thought they were better. Now we are on to yet another reboot. I don’t like anyone they have in mind. I can only think of one person. Logan Lerman. He has played a dork and a cocky asshole. He is young, but not a kid, yet could still play a highschool student without looking weird. He is dorky looking, but yet cute at the same time. Why has he not been in consideration? Seriously

  21. tommysteal says:

    On Spiderman, what needs fixing ? Seriously, as a fan I’m tired of just loving a movie/the actor (s) and then hey! Let’s reboot. Really will never see the full scope of the history of the comic because of reboots. first spiderman was joke the last two were great but now your going the wrong way. If you want to not fail with on going spiderman then keep this spidy-ACTOR And let marvel do its thing. Sony stay out of the way because you got lucky these last two installments don’t push your luck.

  22. I read that Asa Butterfield may be the new Spider-Man

  23. I’ve seen every single Spider-Man movie and I’ve never seen Amy Pascal in the credits as a writer or anything of course I wasn’t looking for it. I still say that Sony should sell the rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel teaming with Marvel is completely pointless if Sony has the final say over what happens in the Spider-Man movies yes he can team up with the Avengers now but Sony has had 12 years to tell his story properly and they’ve failed miserably to do it we just get the beginnings of the relationships and the origin story over and over let’s move on there are way more other Spider-Man stories to tell. Spider-Man hasn’t survived in the comic book world for 50 years just by re-telling the origin story and the beginnings of the Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy story and Peter Parker/MJ story over and over. We’ve seen the Peter Parker Gwen Stacy story arc in TASM but we want a fully developed Peter Parker MJ story because MJ is the girl that Peter is supposed to be with and spends the rest of his life with. They could do a movie where Peter and MJ get married have them at the church at the beginning and then the Green Goblin crashes the party, Peter has to go be Spider-Man to stop him from hurting people and destroying the NY and then at the end have them get married hell if they really want a true original story I’d love to see a Spider-Girl movie that would be cool of course it would have to be May Parker Peter and MJ’s daughter. There are so many stories in the Spider-Man comics to tell and we just keep getting the same ones over and over please we want new stories not just origin stories and I’m sick of seeing Uncle Ben get killed over and over too twice was enough!

  24. Word on the street, is no name actor Drew Washington (no relation) will be Peter Parker and Alison Brie as Mary Jane. Eh might be good. I feel that Disney can do no wrong so I have faith.

  25. jeff says:

    Ignore mentallect they were both amazing

  26. Mentallect says:

    Spider-Man brings a lot to the table. I never liked Garfield in the role of SM, so now they can cast a better actor in the beloved role. I didn’t care much for Maguire either but he seemed a much better fit.

  27. Ali says:

    Hi I something about Tobey Maquire Spiderman I was wondering if you could go back to making Spiderman 4 and have Tobey Maquire still be Spiderman then after you make you should put it on dvd not in theatre because it was poss to come out in a couple of years. In the third Avengers movie can you put Tobey Maquire on the Avengers team. In case if you can not put him you could put Andrew Garfield Spiderman. When I grow up I am going to be a movie actor then when you do new Spiderman I hope I will be selected of the way I act.

  28. MD.Rejwan uz Zaman says:

    I want to be new asian born spider man.Please give me a chance

  29. Lou Renzo says:

    Now, if only Marvel can get back the Fantastic Four!

  30. josue says:

    Keep him a TEEN .start as a TEEN and see him fro old as Spider-Man

  31. josue says:

    I like the idea of Spider-Man joining the avengers but I don’t like how Sony never finishes what they started with the amazing Spider-Man it’s just another cliff hanger can you please finish a Spider-Man sequel please before making a new one ugh

  32. Rebecca says:

    Donald Glover for Spider-Man?

  33. Buggin Out! says:

    Tobey was the best Spider-Man
    Sony out, Marvel’s it
    Now we can get the proper shit
    Hey Hey- the future’s a lot less darker
    Ultron and Peter Parker
    Marvel’s got Spider-Maaaaaaan!

    • Tim says:

      Sony is far from out. Spiderman still belongs to them completely, with full creative control. Marvel just gets to include him in their movies and has a production credit.

      • hornacek says:

        Sorry, but it’s naive to think that Sony still has any creative control as a result of this deal. They tried to turn a series about a single super-hero into an Avengers-type franchise and they failed in an epic manner. Marvel saying that Sony still has creative control is just to make them look good and allow them to save face, when really this deal was all about Sony coming to Marvel hat-in-hand saying “we don’t know what we’re doing and we’re losing millions of dollars, we’ll do anything you say, please help us”.

  34. Tory Young says:

    I like to play a marvel character.

  35. Tim says:


    We are mostly in agreement, even though you have said its Marvel’s obsession then went on to explain in detail why it’s really Quesada’a obsession instead.

    I got out of the comic book game during the early days of the Clone Craziness, so it looks more and more like I saved myself a lot of headache and frustration. One universe for me, one mature and married Spiderman. I took great pleasure in seeing Peter mature and marry, differing so greatly from so many other heroes and their lives. So much character development thrown away.

    I’m not opposed to an origin story again. Nor am I opposed to the Norton Expierience if its done well. I feel that there needs to be something to help distinguish the franchises from one another for the benefit of the casual viewer though. I believe that’s why Sony changed the costume for AS1.

    I thought Sony had learned and had potential. Indeed, in recently reviewing this latest franchise, I think that omitting the Richard subplot/connection, a better Lizard design with a few plot tweaks, and the exclusion of The Green Goblin ascension would’ve been just enough to make these two films a great series with much potential for longevity and growth.

    • hornacek says:

      Quesada was the boss at Marvel up until a few years ago. So for many many years, Marvel was Quesada. He drove the decisions. I admit he made a lot of great business decisions, he was great at getting the Marvel name out there. But he was obsessed with getting rid of the Spider-marriage, he did it, and he wouldn’t admit it was a mistake even when readers said it was the worst Spidey story ever.

      And even when Quesada stepped down as the boss a few years ago, who replaced him? Axel Alonso, Quesada’s number two man. Any Spider-reader’s hopes that with Quesada gone that we might see the deal with the devil dealt with and the return of a mature Spider-Man were quashed when we realized that Alonso would be taking over.

  36. Jacob says:

    why are you guys getting mad that hes in high school. in the comics he was in high school so chill out and let them do it right. you guys don’t know anything about spiderman

    • hornacek says:

      I find it hilarious that someone who spells it “Spiderman” says that we don’t know anything about Spider-Man.

      • hornacek says:


        It was not Marvel’s intention to hyphenate it, it was Stan’s idea to help the name stand out from Superman. It didn’t work since Stan had Doc Ock call Spidey “Superman” in ASM #3!

      • Tim says:


        I, myself, am a lifelong fan. I don’t know or understand Marvel’s intention with hyphenating everything but, I, too, will always choose to type it “Spiderman”.

  37. Tim says:

    @ caronia99- Do you even know anything about what you’re talking about? You say “he needs to grow up already”. He’s been an adult in four out of his six existing films from Sony.

    You say he doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be relate-able. Then you say he isn’t relate-able as a high school student but shouldn’t be in high school Which is it? You’re objecting because you can’t relate to him as a student and yet you clearly state you don’t WANT to relate to him.

  38. Tim says:

    I hate this mobile site. There’s never a “reply” button next to who I want to reply to!

    @Hornacek- It’s really inaccurate to state the Marvel is obsessed with making Peter Parker a high school student. They aren’t. We’ve had two franchises so far. Each with a single origin tale. Each of those puts him in high school, so we’re talking 2 total films out of 5. That’s not obsession. It’s not even half. It’s simpsly putting the beginnings in proper context.

    • hornacek says:


      Marvel is so obsessed about de-aging the character and having him young and dating multiple women that they had Peter make a deal with the devil to trade away his marriage. How relatable is a character that makes bad decisions and instead of dealing with the consequences they make a deal with Satan to put everything back to the way it used to be?

      And after having Peter be i high school for SM1, and then deciding to reboot the series for ASM movies, do they continue with the character as a young adult? No, they put him in high school. Again. And now with him joining the MCU what are they doing with the character? They’re putting him in high school. Yet again.

      • hornacek says:


        The obsession is Marvel’s, you just have to read any of the issues since Brand New Day. Any maturity that Peter had built up at the hands of great writers like DeFalco, DeMatteis, Jenkins, and JMS was washed away by the whims of Joe Quesdada who wanted Peter to be single so that he could act like an immature kid who was dating a different girl every night.

        Joe Quesada was running Marvel and Spider-Man comics for a long time. Even though he has stepped down -er- aside to Creative Consultant (or whatever bs title he made up for himself) he still has his yes-man Alonso in there doing everything he ever told him to do. We’re never going to see a mature, adult and responsible Spider-Man again until there is brand new management brought in who can look at the last 10 years of Spider comics and say “What the hell were these guys thinking?”

        Quesada had so much power at Marvel that after he tried to break up Peter and MJ by having her be killed in a plane explosion, when the fans rebelled and the writers were forced to bring her back, Quesada waited until he was able to set plans in motion (Civil War, the unmasking, Back in Black, etc) so that the only possible way out for the character to continue was to do some kind of reboot, hence the deal with the devil to get rid of the marriage.

        Any other rational person who had tried once to get rid of the marriage but wasn’t able to do it because of the will of the fans would say “Ok, this isn’t what the readers want, therefore my own personal beliefs about the character should be kept out of the creative decisions.” But not Quesada. He lay in wait, and tried again. And this time he succeeded. And the character hasn’t been the same since – everything since One More Day has just taken the character further down the path of immaturity and selfishness and no direction. Spider-Man has not been the main character in his own book for a long time. Whether it’s the Avengers or Superior Spider-Man or Silk or the alternate Spideys in Spider-Verse, he is a supporting character in the Amazing Spider-Man comic.

        As for the movies rebooting, there was no reason to redo the origin story in ASM1. That took up half of the movie, and it didn’t give us anything we didn’t get from the origin in SM1 except adding in his parents, which isn’t even part of his origin (they took that from Ultimate, which is not Spider-Man, it’s an alternate Spider-Man, that’s not what people want to see).

        If they have to reboot it, do what they did the with Norton Hulk movie. Show the origin in clips during the credits. That’s all people need to see.

      • Tim says:

        Sadly, that obsession is not Marvel’s. That belongs to Joe Quesada, whom, unfortunately has the authority to dictate characters under his control. That was a bad decision on his part. The views of one man can’t be laid down on a company, nor can we lay the storyline at Peter’s feet either.

        On the other hand, you have to understand what a reboot is. When you reboot a story, you’re starting from scratch. Most every reboot has told the origin tale again (Batman, Superman, Hulk, Spiderman…). The only problem in this case is Sony dropping the ball too many times in too short a period, forcing two teboots. That’s too many resets in a franchise that represent the time gap typically between sequels.

        My view is that Sony/Marvel has a mess on their hands and there is no way to come out of it clean. Three franchises in 17 years is five-feeding us no matter how it’s packaged. I don’t think there is a satisfactory way to approach this that will leave anyone feeling really great about it at this point.

  39. Tim says:

    Right. Let’s just get rid of Peter Parker because Sony has made too many (inferiror) movies using the character, even though Peter has been Spiderman for 52 years.

    While we’re at it, we should sitch Kal El / Clark Kent as Superman because he’s been doing it for 76 years, also 6 (inferior) movies and 4 TV series plus a cartoon or three off the top of my head. Criminal! He should just be changed up for Kal El’s 1993 clone who became Superboy just because he hasn’t had any movies made about him yet, right?

    Oh, wait! We need to get rid of Bruce Wayne, too! He’s played Batman now in 7 (inferior) movies and counting, at least 2 TV series and at least 4 cartoon series, plus a handful of animated films in his 75 years! We should replace him with Jean-Paul Valley Jr., who was introduced and became Batman briefly in 1993. He hasn’t had any film time either.

    So yes, let’s throw away THE defining character behind the mask. Let’s move away from 52 years of history for a character most long time fans don’t know because he has only existed for 3.5 years and isn’t actually part of mainstream continuity.

    Good suggestion, genius!! O_O

  40. caronia99 says:

    GOSH GUYS move on from peter parker already! If they decide to go with Peter Parker again this’ll be the 6th movie about the SAME GUY! I love him as a character, but they’ve overused it already. It’s time for something new. Donald Glover is a bit old, but who says Miles Morales has to be a teenager? They could have it set later, after Peter Parker dies, AND after Miles Morales grows up (I don’t want to see some terrible child actor screw up my favorite superhero). Marvel will be too scared to shake things up and change it though…

  41. Brandy Clark says:

    For those not wanting an origin story but touting Miles Morales: you’d be getting an origin story. Just saying. And we don’t have to worry about a reboot: they’ll have him as Peter Parker and already being Spider-Man. And PLEASE, for the love of all things above and below do not cast a thirty year old man to play the role that Sony has trashed for a total of five movies already.

  42. Andrew and team started to grow on me in asm2 up til asm 1 i still looked at Toby maguire as true spiderman and watched asm1 with reservation but the conclusion of asm2 was good they should not just killoff the previous storyline and cast completely espcially since people start to have affiliations with them they should do a soft rebot with andrew and team connecting asm storyline with the civil war and it aint impossible

  43. Anonymous says:

    Please be Peter Parker, for fuck’s sakes, Steve Rogers will always be Captain America, Bruce Wayne will always be Batman, Spider-Man will ALWAYS be Peter Parker.

  44. Tim says:

    Variety has the sloppiest reporting of any entertainment news agency I have ever seen. Every article/blog (whatever they want to call them) is filled with typos, errors and inaccurate information. Do these writers not have editors? Does no one ever verify the information before they publish? It’s crazy!

  45. ertrtwertw says:

    bring tobey back

  46. Are they really going to reboot Spider-Man for the third time? I’d prefer it if they kept using Andrew Garfield.

  47. Gissel says:

    #LoganLerman for #SpiderMan

  48. They should just start the Spider-Man 4 project with Tobey Maguire….

  49. Matthew says:

    Do we really need to reboot spider man again when Andrew Garfield finally did him well in the last film?
    Why can’t he just play him in the avengers?

  50. Lex says:

    I’m totally sick of Spider-man in print or the movies. In the comics, they turned him into an idiot who doesn’t think for himself and abandons his friends for other friends just because he made a stupid decision. In the end, all he cared about was himself and his old Aunt. That was Civil War and I hope that he’s not in the movie version.

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