New ‘Spider-Man’ Will Be Like ‘a John Hughes Movie,’ Feature New Villain, Says Kevin Feige

The Amazing Spiderman

New details about the upcoming “Spider-Man” reboot continue to emerge.

In addition to the recent casting news that Tom Holland will play Peter Parker, Marvel honcho Kevin Feige has revealed that the new film will explore Spider-Man in a firmly high-school setting.

“Spider-Man will be a ‘John Hughes’ movie,” Feige said in an interview with SlashFilm.

He added that Spidey’s age will set him apart from other Marvel characters. “Some of my favorite Spider-Man arcs and Spider-Man stories, he’s in high school for a lot of it. We want to explore that. That also makes him very, very different from any of our other characters in the MCU, which is something else we want to explore: how unique he is when now put against all these other characters.”

In an interview with Collider, Feige elaborated on the idea of pitting Parker against the other superheroes. Holland read against Robert Downey Jr. in a screen test, and reportedly held his own, which helped him cinch the part. “That was part of it,” Feige said. “When we’ll see that, I don’t know, but that was part of it.”

The Spidey reboot is likely to feature a comic-book villain who hasn’t been in any of the previous movies. “Right now we’re interested in seeing villains we haven’t seen before,” Feige told SlashFilm.

Feige also shared his rationale behind hiring Jon Watts to direct.

“We met with him four, five, or six times, and each time he had more and more interesting things to say,” Feige told Collider. “And at Marvel, it always comes down to ultimately, ‘We can make a movie with this person for two years, we could spend almost every day with this person for two years. Let’s go.'”

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  1. This is what people forget. The race to God’s kingdom is not to the strong or to those that are quick on their feet.

  2. Riki says:

    Why keep making reboots what happened to Toby maguire he was the original spiderman why didn’t they carry on the new movies with him in them,I like the spiderman movies but this is going to start getting boring, having to watch the same story line over and over again this time with an actor who looks like he is only 12 years of age,who is going to play uncle ben this time,shea la bouf.

  3. Roger Scully says:

    Will Macaulay Culkin play Uncle Ben ?

  4. Clyde Wright says:

    Spiderman used to be my favorite marvel character 2 decades ago. Now I’m sick to death of the perpetual reboots. Everybody and their mother have to try remaking a new one before the carcass of the last one is cold. It’s like hearing a song that you used to love remade by 5 new pop artists at the same time and each version saturates the world until you just want it to go away and leave you alone forever. Jumped the shark, Overdone. Whatever. Interested in the new movies for the marvel universe but not this one.

  5. filmsharks says:

    Cool, who is playing the villain in this John Hughes like Spider-Man… Long Duk Dong?

  6. Mr E says:

    “each time he had more and more interesting things to say,” — yah, that’ll change when Marvel gets their hands on the script. Chances are, he doesn’t do a 2nd one if he survives making just one cookie-cutter formula film for Marvel…

  7. Simon Macmar says:

    Please, please, no more origins I don’t want to see he uncle get killed again, again.

  8. dave says:

    shame they didnt decide to make a spiderMAN movie. we’ve already seen spidey as a high school kid…TWICE. but at least theyre promising new villians. lets give green goblin a rest for a change.

  9. Mel says:

    Shocker? Kraven? Mysterio? Vulture? Hobgoblin? Scorpion? Chameleon? Kraven could make for a cool movie. I’m just so sick of spending 45 minutes watching Uncle Ben die and Peter get bit by a Spider – please do that it in a five minute title sequence.

    • Patrick says:

      From your list I’d eliminate ONLY Hobgoblin, Green, Green II, Hob, Proto- their all the same when we’ve had 3 of them in 5 movies & this is from a fan of the comics! I’m NOT saying no to the Osbornes just to the Goblins @ this point.

      I’d say MARVEL STUDIOS should find a pair of actors who can pull-off the father/son dynamic & sign them BOTH to @ least 3 picture deal (possibly even go back to the 6-9 MCU original if they can) have Norman play the evil version of Nick Fury & make the Sinister Six the next lead-up after Thanos

  10. TOM says:

    And why isn’t it going to be more like a Tyler Perry movie? I’m going to need to speak to Amy Pascal.

  11. puputs says:

    they should stick to first spiderman, go further until peter parker grow old and die,

  12. graydude says:

    Hollywood never learns. If the first Spider-man reboot failed, what makes them think a second one will? They just keep hitting the reset button like it will make everything all right.

    • common sense says:

      Failed? They both made over 700 million dollars at the box office alone. That doesn’t even count anything like tv/cable rights, rentals, blu-ray sales/digital purchases or the all-important ancillary revenue like toys, games, books, apparel, etc. They were definitely successful.

  13. Guest says:

    Yaaaaaa no sorry Kev. No chance it’ll be a “john Hughes” movie. Nope. Bye. Ps stop trying to make Spider-Man a thing.

  14. James says:

    “Spider-Man will be a ‘John Hughes’ movie,” Feige said.

    Sometime’s executives/producers say the stupidest shit just so they can pitch their wares in one sentence. The only person who made John Hughes movies is John Hughes, moron.

  15. Paul Lane says:

    What a concept.. following the original comic.

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