Scott Eastwood, Riding Towards Movie Stardom

Scott Eastwood: 'The Longest Ride' Could
Courtesy of Fox

Scott Eastwood is starving. On a recent afternoon, the 29-year-old heartthrob barrels into a conference room at Twentieth Century Fox after a morning of press for his new movie, “The Longest Ride,” where he plays a bull-wrangling cowboy. He eyes the lunch buffet, unwrapping tinfoil and stacking two plates with chicken, fish and vegetables, a potluck for one. Then he sits down and realizes he might need to devour this meal with his bare hands. “I don’t have a fork,” says Eastwood, the son of screen legend Clint. “I don’t know what’s going on here.” A publicist rushes over with silverware. “Ah, ah, woo-hoo! You got some forks for us,” Eastwood says.

Even though he’s acted for 12 years, mostly in smaller roles, Eastwood’s career is now on the upswing. Eastwood has just arrived in New York from Hawaii, where he plays a NSA agent in the upcoming Oliver Stone drama about Edward Snowden. Then he’ll jet to Toronto for an unspecified part in David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad.” Eastwood has read the script, but he’s not able to divulge any details about the comic book tentpole, where he’s rumored to play Wonder Woman’s boyfriend Steve Trevor. “It’s going to be something that no one has seen before,” he says. “It’s so f—ing cool.”

But he’s happy to chat about “The Longest Ride” — which opens in theaters on Friday — his first lead role in a movie. “I’m really proud of it,” he says. The tearjerker about a cowboy who falls in love with a local Southern girl (Britt Robertson) is adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel, and could provide the same launching pad for Eastwood that “The Notebook” was for Ryan Gosling. Besides, Hollywood is experiencing a shortage of leading men, and Eastwood — with his strong screen presence (which he learned from his dad, who told him: “Don’t be afraid of doing nothing”) and pinup looks — fits the job description.

When asked about the kind of career he envisions for himself, Eastwood rolls through a list of A-listers that include his pal Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon. But his performance in “The Longest Ride” also brings to mind another young movie star on the verge of stardom — Channing Tatum in “Step Up.” “I think he will continue on this path,” says “Longest Ride” director George Tillman Jr.

Eastwood would have missed out on “The Longest Ride” if he’d landed a coveted part he auditioned for around the same time — as Chris Kyle’s brother in “American Sniper.” But the director of that film, who happens to be his dad, never contacted him after he submitted a tape. “I’ve auditioned for pretty much every one of my father’s movies,” says Eastwood, who appeared in “Flags of Our Father,” “Invictus” and “Gran Torino” (but got shot down for “J. Edgar”). For the movies where he’s not picked, he doesn’t even receive a gentle rejection letter. “You don’t get a phone call,” Eastwood says. “It’s nothing personal.”

When he was growing up in Monterey, Calif., where he discovered acting in high school, Eastwood was so conscious about not benefiting from nepotism, he took on his mom’s last name — as Scott Reeves. But he’s come to embrace the Eastwood brand. He was one of five leading men that Tillman Jr. saw for the part of Luke Collins. “When he came in, I thought it was his dad 25 years ago,” the director says. “He looked exactly like him. I said, ‘This isn’t going to work. People are going to think it’s Clint Eastwood in the movie.’” But Eastwood won him over after a chemistry test with his leading lady.

Despite his early film work, Eastwood was mostly anonymous until he appeared in a Town & Country cover shoot (baring his abs and biceps) in October 2013 that went viral. “For some reason, people made a big deal out of it, but I don’t see it,” Eastwood says. “There are a lot more in-shape guys, better-looking guys, than me.” Shortly after, he was in the running to play Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey” after Charlie Hunnam dropped out. But Eastwood refused to audition because Universal Pictures wouldn’t let him see the script first. “They wanted me to sign a deal before I went in and even tested for it, which to me is backwards,” Eastwood says. “I thought it could make a good movie. The problem is, if you don’t have a script, you don’t know what movie they are going to make.”

Even if he didn’t enter the Red Room, the Internet is swooning over his pictures on Instagram — where he’s often seen shirtless in San Diego. “I’m not trying to post shirtless photos,” Eastwood says. “The reality is, I’m from California, where it’s f—ing hot. I live by the beach. I’m at the beach all the time. I surf. I fish. I dive. These things on Instagram are really my life with my buddies doing my normal day-to-day stuff. I happen to be shirtless a lot.”

“The Longest Ride” benefits from his sex appeal. Eastwood appears sans shirt (and pants) in a love scene in the shower with Robertson. Tillman Jr. says that he wanted to make the scene racier than a typical Sparks movie, but ultimately had to tone down some of the footage — including nudity from Robertson — to land a PG-13 rating. The director made sure one important moment didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. “We kept Scott’s butt shot in the film,” Tillman Jr. says. “The test audience didn’t want to lose that.”

To play the part, Eastwood had to learn how to come across as a cowboy (his dad hasn’t seen the film yet). A stunt double was used for the bull-riding scenes, but Eastwood had to get on and off, which turned out to be a dangerous exercise. “You’re surrounded by metal,” Eastwood says. “There’s a 2,000 pound bull underneath your legs. It can buck up at any second with its horns.” After the three-month shoot in North Carolina wrapped, Eastwood convinced his stunt double to let him ride, ignoring the studio’s instructions not to do that. “They told me, ‘We need you to promote a movie and be alive,’” Eastwood says. He survived — for 2.5 seconds. But his time in Hollywood is sure to be a much longer ride.

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  1. S.M.Arana says:

    Diablo was the time I watched Scott Eastwood in a starring role. Eastwood is a natural. I am looking forward to watching every film this young Eastwood deems worthy of his time, and mine. Scott Eastwood has just got started, and I believe he has a the ability to create a list of films that we will enjoy for a long time.

  2. Diana Deiley says:

    Loved it. Watched the movie twice. Both times it just tugged at my heart. Wish I could have known Ruth & Ira. What a love story. Only seen that once in my lifetime.

  3. gingerlead says:

    Good acting, liked the movie though it didn’t leave me wanting to watch it over and over but I think that was due to the roll of the female counterpart. He did a great job, did’t know it was Clint’s son til now however, looks a lot like him. Nobody can take Clint’s place though, love you Clint. :)

    • Buck Brinton says:

      The Longest Rude …was the best love story that I have seen in a long time . A simultaneous sad and happy and deep ending: Engrossing ;Realistic ; True to life. If you are one of the fortunate few to have been embraced by true love …. You know that True love really does require one to make significant sacrifices. But Ira said it well …” When you truly love someone .. You would willingly give them up to ensure the others happiness ‘ … even if you ended up alone . It should have been 5 stars . The critic was not a romantic; He probably never had a true love . The movie was either beyond his emotional intellect …. Or he doesnt understand or appreciate the genetic macho style of Scott’s dad’s classic acting metondology ….”Doing nothing “.. Which is probably one of the most powerful factors in character projection . Scott will be a powerful leading man too . I look forward to his future endeavors . I did not know who Scott was Untile the end of the movie . Five stars ! The critic should move to Washington .

  4. Barbara says:

    Went to see The Longest Ride today,it was awesome. Scott Eastwood is a dream boat went and bought the book .

  5. Roscoe says:

    I ❤️ this movie!!! Have seen it twice already! Don’t know anything about the actors/actresses … I went to see it because of the bull riding … And absolutely fell in love with the whole thing from start to finish!

  6. mary lou may says:

    I loved the movie The Longest Ride…I am 74 years old and still love to see a movie that has a good love story in it, and this one had two. Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson were great. Was pleased with the ending of the movie. Had never seen Oona Chaplin before and I loved her in the movie also.

  7. ifirefly says:

    Nepotism is a very real thing, and because of it, many actors without pedigree will never win a role where they are seen. Others, with mum & dad’s celebrity sewn into their jammies, take roles audiences wish we’d never seen. The amount of time it has taken Scott to land a lead tells me he’s done it right. Having the genes and advice of one of the greats won’t hurt him, either. I love how his Dad said, “You don’t get a phone call; it’s nothing personal.” So very true, and something actors learn to live with, or they go sell insurance instead. By not casting his own son when he could have, my respect for Clint has grown over the years. Scott will be a better actor because of it.

  8. bretta72 says:

    For those of you complaining about seeing a HOT guy’s butt on the screen….WOW. Get some hormone replacement therapy. I pity your husbands/partner. Really? What a prude! I can name 20 movies off the top of my head where there were BUTT shots and those movies made RECORD BREAKING SALES! LOL

  9. G Dave says:

    Yeah, I agree with Tammy Kay who wants to see somebody’s rear end. Now if Scott could channel Rowdy Yates, I might pay to see the movie. I don’t think Rowdy would show his backside, and if Clint ever did, it was forgettable. Might take a cue from that, Rowdy Jr. Too much and it might go from the forgettable to the UNforgivable.

  10. radiods says:

    Just saw the longest ride with my wife who is a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. Excellent movie. Very entertaining. Well written, produced and acted. All actors did a great and believable job. Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson and Oona Chaplin just gained two new fans.

  11. Sam says:

    Glad to see Clint’s son comning in show biz. Clint is one of the last super stars still around,,there’s already to many females looking like their moms,,,,which ain’t really all that bad either.

  12. Tammy K says:

    Sorry but you lost me at the “butt shot’ being part of the movie.

    I won’t be seeing it now… If that’s what you have to yap about, the movie must suck . Besides, nudity offers nothing for a plot, it just proves the movie is going to be bad.

  13. scootie says:

    Just hope the man/boy ‘knows his limitations…’

  14. Rick Bruce says:

    I’ll have what he’s smoking. Thanks,

  15. X says:

    Wouldn’t call it nepotism. What Will Smith did was nepotism. Chelsea Clinton and Ronan Farrow were nepotism. This kid started in secondary character roles. But he can’t help it who his dad is. He may have it tougher being the son of a legend. His adolescent use of the F-bomb and liberal loser friends are a disappointment but hey, that’s rich Californians for you.

  16. Kayla says:

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. There will never be another Clint and trying to put this boy into his shoes is not fair to the boy.

    • ifirefly says:

      Kayla? It always helps to read the entire article before posting; that way, you don’t say something you may regret. Scott has worked hard for over 12 years to become an actor, and Clint never cast him in a large role, though he could have done so many times. This shows restraint, and something for Scott to work for by proving himself. It sounds like he has here in a film which is not one of Clint’s.

  17. zippy says:

    He is gorgeous!

  18. sparky57 says:

    When Clint goes,I go.Will Munny.
    I want to be in Heaven or Hell with this man.

  19. Love Movies says:

    Nudity is highly overrated! Wish they would leave it out. Won’t be seeing the movie as a result.

  20. Aristocrat says:


  21. Fred762 says:

    OK..OK..There’s the next James Flippin BOND!!

    perp: “Whatchew meen WE, Sukkah?”

    Bond: “Walther PPK and ME”

  22. JR says:

    Good for you, Scott. Don’t blow it. You have a great start with your life. Listen to your dad. It’s easy to screw up your life in Hollywood. You have a huge head start, great genes, and a great mentor (your dad). Good luck.

  23. katalin says:

    A real man like his dad…

  24. RAP says:

    Whew! He’s certainly easy on the eye! And if he has half the talent his Dad has…. he’s stardom-bound!

  25. Joe Cocker says:

    The guy didn’t have silverware …. please submit this important story for consideration for a journalism award … you folks nailed this one.

  26. Judlyne Gibnson says:

    The next time you do a piece on the child of a famous actress/actor, PLEASE mention their “other” parent’s full name. It’s a matter of respect. The way this article, and other’s I’ve read, was written, its as if Scott Eastwood’s mother was just a womb and not a real person.

    • Lana Churner says:

      I’ll try to remember that Judlyne.
      By the way, what has his mother done that warrants our noticing her?
      Other than having a womb that is.

      • ifirefly says:

        Lana, Judlyne is correct. I was also wondering which of Clint’s wives, partners or assorted females helped create this masterpiece. Leaving her name out of the article forced me to exit Variety for Wikipedia. It was Jacelyn Reeves; one of the lesser-knowns and barely acknowledged, but at least Clint supported them, which is more than can be said of many Hollywood fathers.

  27. smoking cigars is not sexy or cool. cigars stink loser

  28. Garr Obo says:

    If he’s one tenth the actor of his dad he’ll do OK.

  29. He won’t have any problems finding a women of choice.

  30. nadadhimmi says:

    Kid looks like Rowdy Yates.

  31. Jizz Cumonu says:

    The guy must have the best agents and marketing teams on the planet..Everywhere you look this guy is being promoted..Wow, he has abs, he dives, he swims, he has a modicum of acting ability, he’s nice looking, he eats lunch, he goes shirtless, he wipes his own ass, thrilling and scintillating PR. Give it a rest, who the F cares ?

  32. he’s a lot better looking than his dad. Hope he’s more talented too. Eastwood was a popular personality. Not a good actor

  33. anon says:

    this bogus nepotism reminds me of Royalty : this is meant to be an industry !!!

    the movies are suffering from the same dull reliance on the familiar,

    too many recent movies are superhero content, sequels, adapted TV, remakes etc….

    …premade content, is a symptom of the economy, investors will not invest in anything new and risky?………….there is no creativity or humanity anymore

    it all seems like an ATM machine for lazy producers using pre-existing content instead of making exciting REAL creative films and expecting everyone to give them money for being repetitive, uncreative and boring

  34. nicholas says:

    who cares about movies these days, and movie stars especially

  35. If one of today’s great directors has rejected him several times in recent years…that should tell you his acting skills are average and he’s riding on his dad’s name.

  36. I hope he does western’s like his dad did, they were great.

  37. sparky57 says:

    He may carry the last name,but his Dad is one of a kind,a mans man and a icon in every sense of the word.

  38. Drop the F-Bombs, kid.
    You were born on 3rd base. You didn’t hit a Triple.
    Show a little dignity to the good reputation your father has built up for 60 years to HIS family name.

  39. Ginny says:

    This article sexually objectifies this young man in the same manner as so many young women in Hollywood have been turned into sex objects. Don’t like it.

  40. joe Sockit says:

    If he is 1/2 as good as his dad he’s better than 80% of his contemporaries. Clint was not a great actor, he was Clint. People liked his Tough Guy man of few words rolls. Gotta find your niche/have the right look/get lucky. He is already lucky, has the look, just needs to find his niche.

  41. mhobart says:

    Not a very good actor…riding daddy’s coat tails for now….

    • Ted Sutton says:

      Clint Eastwood in person is very quiet. Not at all like his characters in the movies. I remember I was working “In The Line Of Fire” and at lunch. It was 10 minutes before I realized that he and his current girlfriend were eating right across the table from me. That is how not like his characters he is. He composes the music for the opening and closing credits for his movies. He is the most comfortable director to work for, and on set is treated like the pope of Hollywood. When he gets there everybody stops what they are doing and listens to see if he has anything to say. A kind gracious quiet man.

  42. No room for any new faces… just recycled actors and children of actors. A person like me does not have a chance.. so I have been told. There is a Hollywood click. Why not open the door for new faces, new people, new actors, New writers,?

    • Ted Sutton says:

      I’ve had a 30 year career as an actor in movies. My father was a mill superintendent. I knew nobody.
      You get yourself a headshot and an agent. Then you go audition. If you’re any good with a little luck someone will lay a scene in your hands that was written just for that thin slice of cheese you bring to the party. I was an east coast actor for years before I got invited to Hollywood. If it was easy everybody would be doing it. You have do want it bad, and you have to have a well paying 2nd job. I was a union editor for network TV news. In New York that pays $38.50 an hour. I was very lucky, but the point is you have to be able to live off the income of your 2nd job. Even established exceptional actors can go a year between films. You will too. Gotta have a great 2nd job. Preferably not as a waiter. You may be rejected for the role far more often than you book. Getting the work is harder then doing it. Long path.

  43. Wanda says:

    At first I would have guessed grandson.

  44. Hooter says:

    Slow news weekend I hope, variety story make drudge report..? If not damn Drudge has become Dailymail~a~tized

  45. Jesse says:

    Too stupid to pick-up silverware at a buffet table? He’ll do just fine. Good thing he has some butt-kissers to mind his every misstep, pick-up after and keep him on track. Let’s hope he matures and takes after his dad, instead of the trash that permeates that gutter industry and lifestyle..

    • S. Hill says:

      I found your comment about Scott Eastwood maturing and taking after his dad amusing. You should read up on Clint Eastwood. You’ll be surprised at how ‘mature’ he was and has been throughout his adult life. Most of his children are illegitimate from affairs and one night stands. He didn’t claim several of them for years – including Scott Eastwood.

  46. Fed Up says:

    Lets hope he has the same good sense as his father, I have always loved Clint Eastwood and the fact that he was a pretty decent person, stood for something AND rarely showed up in the tabloids. Good luck to his son sounds like he has worked hard to get here.

  47. Penny Lewis says:

    This guy couldn’t get himself a fork?

    • Ted Sutton says:

      Hey, calm down. A lot of the better craft services who put on lunch put silverware on the table. This is NOT an example of a lazy privileged kid wanting a fork. Why so upset Penny?

    • Max says:

      Sounds like he was in the middle of being interviewed at the time, we would’ve likely heard from whiners how rude he was to have walked away to get a fork …right in the middle of his interview.

  48. Marianne says:

    He could use less “f” words.

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